Gordon Ramsay To Enter Canadian Culinary Scene

By Swatilekha Paul, Gaea News Network
Friday, November 12, 2010

MONTREAL, CANADA (GaeaTimes.com)- There is great news for all the foodies out there in Montreal as celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is all set to open his first eatery in Canada and the country’s second largest city would be his destination. According to reports, the much-acclaimed chef is going to buy the popular joint Rotisserie Laurier BBQ and the superstar chef would be taking over the restaurant in the month of February next year. Although the fact that Gordon Ramsay has decided to expand his restaurant empire in Canada with Montreal has come as a pleasant surprise to the food-lovers in the city, foodies in Toronto are indeed disappointed as many of them had hoped that the celebrated chef would chose the city for entering the culinary scene of Canada.

While talking about Gordon Ramsay’s association with the local landmark restaurant, Danielle Lord who is one of the new co-owners of the eatery has revealed to the media that the celebrity chef took the decision to be part owner of the restaurant while he was on a trip to the city last month to promote his latest line of cookware. Moreover, Danielle Lord went on to say that when Gordon Ramsay visited the Rotisserie Laurier BBQ in October, he was immensely charmed by the restaurant and thought that it would indeed be a challenging task to be associated with the team.

It has been reported that Gordon Ramsay is scheduled to meet with the local owners of the restaurants later this month to discuss how Rotisserie Laurier BBQ can be revamped and given a brand new look. After all the modification, the restaurant would open to the general public in 2011.

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