Raj Brandston Axed From ‘Hells Kitchen’

By Tias, Gaea News Network
Thursday, September 30, 2010

LOS ANGELES (GaeaTimes.com)- In a rather expected twist in Hell’s Kitchen, New York Chef Raj Brandston saw himself eliminated from the competition in spite of not being nominated or even in the losing team. The contestant showed shock when his elimination was announced but going by his performance in the latest episode, it was evident that he would not be lasting in the show.

Chef Gordon Ramsay said that he could not bear to stand around Raj Brandston one minute inside the kitchen and his opinion was echoed by the teammates of the personal chef. According to Trev who got into an ugly argument with Raj Brandston in the course of the episode, it was Raj Brandston who brought the team down and needed to go home. In the challenge round Raj Brandston found himself in a complete mess as he forgot to season his eggs and the rest of the team were quite critical of his work. The rest of the team members were also seen backing up Trev during his fight with Raj Brandston.

Apart from Raj Brandston being eliminated in the episode, there was also a lot of drama in the challenge round where the men’s team found themselves in deep trouble. It was the women who came to their rescue during the challenge and their team was rewarded with a pool side lunch at a luxury hotel and trapeze lessons. In the ‘Dinner Service’ round Raj Brandston promised to step up his performance but failed yet again as his fish was either raw or burnt. Plus the sauce that he served in, was not appreciated either.

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