Chef Joseph Cerniglia Died After Rachel Brown Hell’s Kitchen Death

By Mayuri, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, September 29, 2010

LOS ANGELES ( – Joseph Cerniglia, a 39 year old chef in New Jersey committed suicide by jumping from the Washington Bridge and was found floating in the Hudson river. His sudden death is linked to the death of another aspiring chef Rachel Brown in 2007 as they both appeared in shows that were based on struggling chefs and the show featured the harsh criticism by English foodie Gordon Ramsay.

Rachel Brown shot herself to death after she appeared on the show “Hell’s Kitchen”. After three years this time Joseph Cerniglia appeared on the show ” Kitchen Nightmares” where he was remarked criticized by Ramsay. Ramsay told him that

Your business is about to f - - king swim down the Hudson.

It seems that Ramsay’s premonition has become true as after a few days after the show Joseph committed suicide.

Joseph Cerniglia was going through a mental trauma as he was entrapped by debts and financial trouble. This might explain the reason for his death. According to reports it is just a coincidence and there is no reason to link the two deaths because of the shows.


September 29, 2010: 11:03 am

The show was not just on. This show was on a few years ago and after Gordon left Joe went back to his old ways. I’m a chef myself and its a highly stressful atmosphere not to mention when your a restaurant owner and your buying items praying the sell then they go bad then before you know it your in debt. I feel bad for the family but don’t blame it on the way Gordon talks to people cause thats bs.

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