Vince Neil Performance Disappoints Many

By Reema, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vince Neil

LOS ANGELES ( Vince Neil, the front man of the 80’s heavy metal band, Mtley Cre, disappointed many of his fans as he made his first performance in the new ABC show “Skating With The Stars” that was premiered yesterday. 49 year old Vince Neil has always been known as a wild performer, who usually sets the adrenalin rush high, whenever he takes over the stage. However, yesterday, his performance was too dry and unimpressive.

Not only the judges, but also his fans were disappointed with the way Vince Neil performed and got a humiliating score of 28 out of sixty, which was the lowest score for the day. This by default placed the rock star and his partner Jennifer Wester, right at the bottom, enhancing their chances of elimination next week. The elimination will be decided on the basis of the combined score of the judges and the audience poll. The rock star himself was also quite disappointed as he worked really hard to perform well on the show. He rehearsed for six hours in a day, fell down on the cold ice and yet struggled to make his moves as perfect and clean as possible. Although the entire rehearsal procedure of three hours was enjoyed by Vince Neil, probably the rest of the contestants had put in more effort than him.

His fans were all more disappointed because all through the promotion of this show, it was Vince Neil, who got the maximum attention and footage than any other contestants. His lowest score, right in the first episode was bound to make them upset. Now one can only wait and see whether the star gets a second chance to perform or bids adieu to his fans.

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