MUMBAI - Hospitalised for an allergic reaction to an antibiotic medicine, Hrithik Roshan says he's much better now though he admits that he reached hospital just in time and a delay of even 15 minutes could have proved fatal.
MUMBAI - Two of his books have been made into films, one of them the superhit "3 Idiots", while a producer is interested in his third book. Author Chetan Bhagat promises a fourth one next year and is happy that his work can be adapted to reach more people.
KARACHI - People in Pakistan swoon over Shah Rukh Khan's dimples and love the melodrama of a Karan Johar movie but like a typical Hindi film there's also a villian in the script - piracy.
LONDON - Singer Peter Andre will be performing with his five-year-old son Junior during his British tour next week.
LONDON - Actress Rachel Weisz believes her life is like a fairytale because it is all about "dressing up" for work.
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