Anne Hathaway Poses Nude

By Madhusmita, Gaea News Network
Sunday, November 21, 2010

LOS ANGELES ( “Love And Other Drugs” actress Anne Hathaway along with her co-star Jake Gyllenhaal have stripped off for the cover of a reputed celebrity and lifestyle magazine to promote their upcoming movie. The steamy photographs have already hogged limelight and the published cover of the magazine shows the on-screen pair sharing a sizzling chemistry. The pair appeared in the three different versions of the same magazine where they are seen without clothes and the actress hiding her modesty with her own hand.

The actress even gave an interview to the reputed magazine where she spoke about her experience while filming the steamy scenes with the actor. Even Jake Gyllenhaal also expressed how he felt while filming the movie. Anne Hathaway said that she told herself while shooting the movie that she would be in control though she admitted in public that she wanted to “dare” this time. However, she jokingly said that she and Jake Gyllenhaal did a little “hugging” on the cover of the reputed magazine but in the real movie they do “a little more”. The beautiful actress said that she enjoyed the photo-shoot thoroughly and it was a “great” photo-shoot.

Anne Hathaway said that the whole photo-shoot brought back her memory of “Brokeback Mountain” where she shared a great chemistry with Jake Gyllenhaal. The actor, however, said that his experience while filming the movie was great. He said that while shooting the steamy scenes, if they felt awkward, both the actors used to joke and make fun about things so that they feel comfortable. About Anne Hathaway, he said that the actress at times takes cooking tips from him.

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