Anne Hathaway desperate to land guest role on ‘Glee’

Sunday, November 21, 2010

LONDON - Anne Hathaway has revealed that she’s desperate to land a guest role on hit TV musical ‘Glee’.

The Devil Wears Prada star admits she’s a huge fan of the Ryan Murphy creation and would jump at the chance to appear alongside its leading stars Matthew Morrison and Lea Michele.

And the actress has already come up with her ideal role and planned out the entire episode in her mind.

“In my head I’ve written a part for me… That’s so arrogant and obnoxious! Ryan Murphy, like no one else wants to be on your show!” the Daily Express quoted her as saying.

“In my head, I’ve cast myself in Glee and I know what song I’m going to sing! I would wanna play Kurt’s long-lost aunt’s mother’s sister who is also gay, (who) comes back to help him deal with his sexuality, and I would sing You Are Not Alone from Steven Sondheim’s epic show Into the Woods,” she said.

Hathaway isn’t the only celebrity fan of Glee - Britney Spears and Gwyneth Paltrow are also regular viewers and have both made cameos in the show.

Paltrow received rave reviews for her portrayal of substitute teacher Holly Holliday in an episode, which aired in America on Tuesday. (ANI)

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