MUMBAI - Actor and stand up comedian Vir Das has rewritten history, but with a comic touch. His forthcoming show, called "History Of India - VIRitten", is set to tickle the funny bone of the audience with a journey from ancient times to modern day.
NEW DELHI - Durga Jasraj, music legend Pandit Jasraj's daughter who started her career as a classical vocalist when she was only seven, feels Bollywood is providing big opportunities to independent musicians and artists.
NEW DELHI - Children chasing one another in parks and playgrounds or playing outdoor games is a sight now rarely seen due to academic pressure and the lure of video games, say experts, warning of the dangers of neglecting physical activity.
MUMBAI - Anurag Basu had virtually gone missing after the debacle of "Kites". But the director has no plans of moving away from cinema -- he plans to make three films in 2011!
LOS ANGELES - British actor Daniel Radcliffe was left embarrassed after he tried to swipe a golden egg from the set of "Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire" but was caught.
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