Designer Nida Mahmood to showcase at London musuem

Friday, November 12, 2010

NEW DELHI - Fashion designer Nida Mahmood, best known for her quirky and Indian-kitsch inspired collections, has been invited to showcase her work at London’s popular Victoria and Albert Museum.

The project is scheduled for 2012, and the musuem is putting together a perspective on Indian pop art focusing on Mahmood’s collection. While the designer is yet to dig into all the details, she is quite excited about meeting the exhibition’s curator in the capital next week.

“I still have to know a lot of details. I just woke up groggily in the morning and saw this e-mail on my phone. I felt some friend was pulling a fast one on me…but then I found out it is for real! It is just as big as it gets, and its flattering,” Mahmood told IANS.

“The organisers told me that they have been following my work and feel that I truly represent Indian popular culture. The exhibit is quite huge, so they want to discuss and plan everything much ahead in advance,” she added.

Mahmood has in the past launched collections like High On Chai, Sadak Chhaap and Bioscope, taking cues from everyday life and represented the colourful flavours of India through saris, dresses and even accessories.

Her most recent collection, Maachis, was showcased at last month’s Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week (WIFW) spring-summer edition here. It had imprints of colourful matchboxes that are available at almost every nook and corner in the country.

“I find inspiration from all simple things of life. Like matchboxes, they are small and are priced at Rs.1 - but they have the power to destroy or celebrate. I like everything that is mundane and boring and try to make it dramatic,” Mahmood had said after showcasing her collection.

Now she is glad her work will be shown in London. “They want to take our work and fashion sensibilities to a global platform and I am glad we are being noticed for the right things. I do sell a lot in London. One of my collections was completely sold out in a London store. There is a big market for Indian designers abroad,” she added.

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