Women do cheat when it comes to weighing scales

Monday, November 22, 2010

LONDON - Women resort to a host of bizarre tricks to kid themselves to weigh less than they actually do, a new poll has revealed.

Many admit to standing on one leg when they hop on the scales in the hope it will reduce the reading by a few pounds. And more than half confess they take all their clothes off before getting weighed, reports express.co.uk.

Thousands even said they will only get on the scales before a meal for fear their undigested dinner would add a couple of extra pounds. And in desperation to convince themselves they are lighter, almost four in 10 go to the toilet first, while one in 10 admit to breathing in as they step on the scales.

But an astonishing three per cent which translates to approximately half a million women wait until a full moon to weigh themselves in the belief this is their lightest time of the month.

The survey by diet website Go Lower quizzed 3,000 women of all ages.

It found that nearly 90 percent of British women want to lose weight. But 85 percent admit they get depressed after a disastrous weigh-in.

Almost half of women who weigh themselves turn out to be heavier than they thought.

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