New Indian graphic novel ‘Untouchable’ launched on Apple iPad

By Arun Kumar, IANS
Monday, November 22, 2010

NEW YORK - Liquid Comics, an entertainment company founded by three Indians, has announced the digital iPad release of “Untouchable”, an original graphic novel exploring various themes of racial prejudice during the British Raj with a supernatural horror twist.

A printed edition of the novel by acclaimed writers Mike Carey (X-Men, Lucifer, The Unwritten) and Samit Basu (Devi, The Tall Tales of Vishnu Sharma, The Simoqin Prophecies), will also be released in North America through Liquid’s publishing partner, Dynamite Entertainment in early December.

“This is a horror story about the clash of cultures, and about a man whose mixed race left him without friends or shelter - until the day he met a demon who, in her way, was just as much of an outcast as him…,” said Mike


“This haunting tale by Mike and Samit is the result of two of the most creative minds from the East and West working together for the first time,” Liquid Comics Co-Founder & CEO, Sharad Devarajan added.

“The future of graphic novels is digital and as such, we are thrilled to launch this graphic novel digitally through the Apple iPad, in addition to bookstores through our publishing partner, Dynamite Entertainment.”

Untouchable focuses on Vimal, new to England from his home in India, as he attempts to find his place in a society that refuses to accept him. Having never met his father, he is mocked by his schoolmates that he’s the horrific offspring of a demon that impregnated his noble mother.

When he accidentally awakens Jara, an actual Rakshasa demon of sinister beauty and malevolent power, from a centuries-long slumber, Vimal’s life takes a turn for the evil. Fed by the boy’s anger and pain, Jara twists his trauma into a thirst for vengeance, offering him a ‘magic’ powder with which to exact revenge on his tormentors. But such gifts come with a price…

“Writing Untouchable was a dream come true for several reasons, the most important of which was getting to work with Mike Carey who has been one of my idols since I started reading comics, well before I started writing them,” added Samit Basu.

Liquid Comics, an entertainment company focused on creating original stories and modern myths for worldwide audiences, was founded by entrepreneurs, Gotham Chopra, Sharad Devarajan and Suresh Seetharaman.

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