Christine Aguilera’s Weight Gain Fuels Pregancy Rumors

By Tias, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, November 24, 2010

LOS ANGELES ( It looks like a busy week for Christine Aguilera as the star followed up her ‘Burlesque’ performance at the American Music Awards with another stellar performance at the ‘Dancing With The Stars’ finale. While the star goes from stage to stage promoting her new movie and at the same time proving that she still has the voice and the moves, fans and bloggers have been busy speculating about her recent weight gain. Going by the trailers of ‘Burlesque’, it looks like Christina Aguilera’s weight gain has been a recent phenomenon. Though some are speculating that the star might be pregnant, the recent divorce rumors with her husband raises some more questions for sure.

Some of the other bloggers feel that the weight gain might have been for other reasons altogether. Some reports indicate that the weight gain could have been a result of the depression that Christina Aguilera went through in light of her domestic problems. While none of the sources have confirmed whether the ‘Burlesque’ star is pregnant or not, more juicy gossip is expected to emerge if the weight gain continues.

Christina Aguilera gave a stellar performance at the AMAs earlier this week where she showed off her ‘Burlesque’ dance moves and immaculate vocals. The performance also provided the audience a sneak peek into the 2011 release which has received great hype for Christina Aguilera’s performance. At the ‘Dancing With The Stars’ finale too the performance was marked by some great vocals and skimpily clad dancers who performed on top of tables placed on the stage that was set up like a burlesque club.

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