Lil Wayne Release Date Creates Buzz

By Madhusmita, Gaea News Network
Thursday, November 4, 2010

LOS ANGELES ( “Cash Money Records” owner Lil Wayne’s camp is making sure that the rapper is welcomed with fanfare after he is released from the jail. As Lil Wayne’s release date is drawing near, his fans and his friends are already busy making plans for the his welcome party. His friend Mack Maine told a reputed media source has already confirmed a lavish party in order to honor him this Sunday.

Lil Wayne will be released from Rikers Island this Thursday in the morning and Mack Maine, the president of his “Young Money” group said that every body is happy that he is “coming home”. He said that there will be a party in Miami and it will be a “crazy” party. Mack Maine also said that the whole group will go to strip club after the party. He said that the experience would be “crazy”, extravagant and elegant. The president of “Young Money” said that he is waiting for that date when his friend would be released from jail.

Mack Maine said that everybody would treat him like a “king” when he is released from the jail and they would make feel like they really missed him. Hence, as the release date is drawing closer, his family is preparing for a gala party to welcome him after eight months. Lil Wayne’s representative said after the party the rapper would go directly to the studio to work on his next album. Lil Wayne was sentenced to prison back in March on the charges of possessing weapons. Despite being in prison, the rapper released the digital version of his new album ” “I Am Not A Human Being” on September.

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