Lil Wayne Out Of Jail On Thursday

By Reema, Gaea News Network
Friday, November 5, 2010

NEW YORK, ( Rapper Lil Wayne has been released out of jail on Thursday morning, after serving a sentence for eight long months in the Rikers Island Jail. He was put behind the bars as he was accused of loaded gun on his tour bus in 2007. He served eight months of his one year term.

As he was released, he was loaded with good wishes from several celebrities and well known figures including the ex- president, Bill Clinton, who congratulated him on starting anew life. 28 year old Lil Wayne is the father of four children, whom he missed during his term in jail. That is why, the first thing he would do is meet his children in him home town, reported Brian “Birdman” Williams, another ace rapper, who calls himself Lil Wayne’s father figure. His release out of the jail would also be celebrated by a grand party on Sunday, to be organized by event manager Colin Cowie, who would look after the food, the decor and the other glam touches. Brian “Birdman” Williams says that Lil Wayne loves steaks and therefore that would be included in the party as the rapper came out of jail. Other important guest in the part, apart from Brian “Birdman” Williams are Jay Sean and Drake amongst many others.

Cortez Bryant, his manager, was the most excited about Lil Wayne finally getting out of jail. He tweeted on Thursday morning, ” Free At last”. He is all set to welcome the rapper in his own way. Lil Wayne might have gone through a hard time, but he also utilized the time to the fullest as released his album, “I Am Not a Human Being”, in September, which became a super-hit.

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