Nadin Khoury Meets DeSean Jackson

By Naiwrita Sinha, Gaea News Network
Friday, February 4, 2011

LOS ANGELES ( Nadin Khoury on Thursday night received the most pleasant surprise he could have ever imagined of in his life. The child had appeared on ABC’s show “The View” where he was discussing the unfortunate incident that struck him last month. Never had he been able to guess that the show would bring him face to face with his icon DeSean Jackson. Yes, while the kid with his family shared his traumatic experiences, the Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver approached from behind going on to give the kid the sweetest surprise of his life.

The child was bullied and beaten by a gang of seven on January 11 in Pennsylvania while he was returning from school. The child who had no one for company fell a victim to the mischief of the gang members who continued harassing the boy for a long stretch of thirty minutes. While they continued beating and bullying him, one of the gang members in an attempt to capture the fun recorded the whole incident on a video tape. It was this video tape that busted the story of Nadin Khoury making it an issue of national concern. As the child and his family members talked of the incident, Elizabeth Hasselbeck mentioned that the 13 year old kid was a big fan of the Philadelphia Eagles and considered DeSean Jackson to be his idol.

No sooner had she mentioned it when Nadin Khoury’s icon himself appeared on the sets of “The View” along with two other team mates guard Todd Herremans and center Jamaal Jackson . The child could hardly believe that DeSean Jackson was actually standing in front of him. While DeSean Jackson presented the kid with an Eagles No. 10 Jackson autographed jersey, Jamaal Jackson gave Nadir khoury a gift basket, Todd Herremans offered the child an Eagles tickets to a game for the next season.

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