“Born This Way” Lady Gaga Updates

By Madhusmita, Gaea News Network
Monday, September 13, 2010

LOS ANGELES (GaeaTimes.com)- Lady Gaga aficionados must be happy to hear the news that their favorite singer is all set to release her upcoming album “Born This Way“. The singer the center of attention last night as she received 8 awards for her contributions in the music industry. The singer while announcing the news said that she promised her fans before that if she wins the award, she will would announce the name of her album.

Lady Gaga has been working on this project from March. The singer previously said that she has already finished writing the core theme of her album “Born This Way“. She even said that some artists work on their projects for months, however, she does’t take much time because she writes music everyday. Lady Gaga even sang some of the lines of her song and even the crowd joined her by singing the chorus of the song. The “Telephone” singer said that her song is the absolute “greatest” work she has ever done.

The widely anticipated album “Born This Way” is scheduled to be released next year. Lady Gaga said that she is excited about her yet to be released album. She added that the “message”, tunes, meaning and even the direction will surely woo his audience. “Born This Way” is about “liberation” as she was on the quest to create anthem for the new generations and she feels that the song has lived up to her expectations. However, Lady Gaga did not reveal anything about the producers she is working with as she feels that if she tells the name then everyone will start working with them. Even R&B singer Akon was all in praises for the singer and he said that Lady Gaga is an “icon” and he feels that she is the biggest artist ever.

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