Chelsea Handler In VMA Awards 2010

By Madhusmita, Gaea News Network
Monday, September 13, 2010

LOS ANGELES ( The “Chelsea Lately” host Chelsea Handler was the host of MTV Video Music Awards 2010. The host of the entertained the audience to its fullest with her quick witted humor and presence of mind. She started the show with a bang where she was seen in a skit with Lindsay Lohan. After the skit was presented at the show the host landed on the stage wearing a glittery outfit and a house on her head. The audience immediately understood that the whole deck-up was hinted at Lady Gaga.

In her opening remark Chelsea Handler said that she plans to stay “sober” on the entire show but she is high like a “kite”. She also added that she did her prayer last time when she was with Snoop Dogg. Chelsea Handler even spoke about Roseanne Barr who hosted Video Music Award in 1994. She even poked fun at some nominees’ activities of 2010. The most unexpected joke was hinted at Justin Timberlake. The host said that he was in the “Mickey Mouse” club and he pretended that he did not have sex with the “I’m Not A Girl” singer Britney Spears. The 16 year old Justin Bieber was also a subject of her joke as she said that the “Baby” singer’s mother had just given birth to her 401k plan.

The most hilarious incident was when Chelsea Handler joined the “Guido” and “Guidette”s of “Jersey Shore” and then comes out from their hot tub, she was seen impregnated. The host said that after watching the videos of Lady Gaga and Beyonce she felt that the singers do not like to wear “pants”. The other celebrities, who were not spared from her remarks are Kanye West, Taylor Swift and the list goes on.

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