Sydney Dalton Banished From Bieber Army

By Avik, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, August 31, 2010


LOS ANGELES ( — This is what happens when you go against the tide.

It all started off as a puppy love story starring Justin Bieber and Sydney Dalton. Things went wrong when Sydney woke up from her dream. She realized that being with Justin is but an infatuation. She wanted to break free. All this went right but the way she chose to get past Bieber created chaos. Now, what could a girl of her age do?

Nothing much, she along with two of her friends made a video and posted it to youtube, quite common for her age. The video content was objectionable, and hated by many. She actually ripped apart Justin Bieber posters to exhibit that it isn’t that hard to move on.

The elite Bieber Army, was totally taken aback by the set of events and immediately abandoned Sydney. She also lost membership at the Justin Bieber Fan Club. Her friends Gona and Stephanie also paid for being in the video and also ended up being dropped out of the group.

Stephanie, who suffered issues with Sydney could’nt take all this. She put an end to her friendship with Sydney following some heated arguments.

Justin, who is quite adept at handling controversies now took this very tactfully and exclaimed,

i haven’t forgiven or punished…ignored that nonsense…but i know to be aware now. love yah.

Reportedly, Sydney Dalton wanted to be a famed actress and clings to lime-light when and where possible. This was supposed to be yet another of her stunts to bag some attention. Only this time, she forgot to take into count the huge fan following Justin Bieber has and that led to her doom. Well, fame sure is good but not always. She may have succeeded in being the talk of the town but at the end of the day she lost more than what she gained.


The “Goodbye Justin Bieber” Video:

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