Erin Barry And Tony Parker Scandal Updates

By Tias, Gaea News Network
Friday, November 19, 2010

LOS ANGELES ( The Tony Parker-Erin Barry scandal just got weirder and spicier. The latest reports doing the rounds on the web indicate that the NBA star and the wife of his teammate did not have a physical relationship after all. In spite of stories circulating that Eva Longoria left Tony Parker after she found text messages in his phone that indicated that he was cheating on her, the new reports have surely managed to confuse the fans. Insiders have revealed that Eva Longoria and Tony Parker were contemplating separating for some months as their relationship had hit a rough patch. On the other hand Brent Barry and Erin Barry, who were close friends with the starry couple, were also in the middle of a divorce when the scandal broke out. Now some of the people close to the couples said that Tony Parker and Erin Barry might have used each other for emotional support at the difficult time in each other’s relationship. The two, reportedly, exchanged ‘naughty’ texts like friends and that too stopped months ago.

Tony Parker said in a statement on Wednesday that it was a difficult time for both him and Eva Longoria and remained tight-lipped about the details of the split. He also said that his main focus was his game and added that he received great support from his teammates and coach at the difficult time. Brent Barry’s father also spoke to the media and said that his son’s wife, Erin Barry, initiated the divorce and his son was devastated by it.

Eva Longoria reportedly confided in her friend Mario Lopez about the Tony Parker-Erin Barry alleged-affair. She also tweeted about the split and added that both of them are extremely heartbroken as they still love each other.

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