Tony Parker

Tony Parker & Eva Longoria were Caught having Lunch Together
LOS ANGELES ( -- Tony Parker and Eva Longoria were reportedly caught having lunch together despite having filed a divorce to end their marital status.

LOS ANGELES - Basketball player Tony Parker has opened up about his split with Eva Longoria Parker, saying he was aware the actress had planned to file divorce papers.

WASHINGTON - The marriage of Erin Barry, who allegedly exchanged hundreds of texts with Eva Longoria's husband Tony Parker, is also collapsing, it has emerged.
Erin Barry And Tony Parker Scandal Updates
LOS ANGELES ( The Tony Parker-Erin Barry scandal just got weirder and spicier.
Tony Parker and Eva Longoria Divorce Finalized
LOS ANGELES ( -- Desperate Housewives actress Eva Longoria filed a divorce at Los Angeles Superior Court with irreconcilable differences as grounds.
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