Malin Akerman Praises Jennifer Aniston

By Madhusmita, Gaea News Network
Saturday, November 20, 2010

NEW YORK ( The sizzling blond beauty Malin Akerman was all in praises for the “Friends” star Jennifer Aniston at party in Manhattan recently. Malin Akerman and Jennifer Aniston will be seen together in David Wain directed comedy film “Wanderlust” which is scheduled to hit theaters in 2011. When the journalist of a reputed celebrity and lifestyle magazine asked Malin Akerman about her experience, the actress had only words of appreciation for Jennifer Aniston.

In the interview, Malin Akerman said that she thoroughly enjoyed working with Jennifer Aniston. She said that the Emmy Award-winning actress is the dream of every man and asked every male to go and “nab her”. Malin Akerman said that the whole cast of “Wanderlust” became so comfortable with each other and spend so much time together that their location became a “huge lovefest”. Malin Akerman said that Jennifer Aniston has become one of her favorite people now and after working with the latter she knows that “The Good Girl” actress is just ‘amazing”. However, she also added that she knew it before that Jennifer Aniston would be amazing but she likes the “Bruce Almighty” actress because she is a great personality and an easy going, down-to-earth woman.

Malin Akerman also said that everybody would want Jennifer Aniston to be their best friend given the kind of woman she is. She calls Jennifer Aniston as loving, genuine and a fun loving woman. Although the ‘Friends’ star was unavailable for comments, it seems she has grabbed another celebrity in her long list of fans with her persona and loving nature. In the movie “Wanderlust”, Jennifer Aniston plays the role of Linda who leaves the high life in New York City with her husband Paul Rudd (George) and moves to a hippie commune.

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