Demi Moore’s Husband’s Sweater On Sale?

By Madhusmita, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, December 22, 2010

LOS ANGELES ( Demi Moore’s husband/actor Ashton Kutcher has threatened to sue Vivid Entertainment for using his name for one of their upcoming videos. The video features Brittney Jones, who claims to be the actor’s former mistress. However, in spite of the threats from the actor’s lawyers to block the release of the tape, the porn giant production company, reportedly plans to release the tape on December 29. On the other hand, Brittney Jones has announced that she is selling Ashton Kutcher’s sweater, which she got after she spent a night with him in absence of Demi Moore.

Brittney Jones previously claimed that she had an affair with Ashton Kutcher and she also visited his home when Demi Moore was not there. However, “The Guardian” actor denied all the rumors and said that the porn actress is trying to gain that 15 minutes fame through these wrong statements. On the other hand, the sex-tape “Brittney Jones Confidential” will have some some exclusive clips and Ashton Kutcher’s fans would like it, claimed the company. However, the actor’s lawyers said that the company is defaming their client’s reputation. On the other hand, Brittney Jones has taken to online web portal to sell a sweater of Demi Moore’s husband.

The photograph show that the porn actress wearing the sweater and she has also posted a statement along with it. The statement reads that she does not have any attachment with the sweater and she hopes that someone else would enjoy the sweater. A source close to Ashton Kutcher said that the sweater Brittney Jones is wearing could be a normal gray sweater and it should not necessarily be Ashton Kutcher’s. Demi Moore was not available for any comments.

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