Poonam Jhawar Heads To Tollywood

By Reema, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, December 21, 2010

MUMBAI, INDIA (GaeaTimes.com)- Many people who though that Poonam Jhawar was nobody, would now be proved wrong. The pseudo sensual babe is now getting all the more popular and somehow managing to make a mark in the internet (if not television) through her steamy photographs and scarily raunchy item videos, which rather went unnoticed all these days.

Ever since the news of Poonam Jhawar’s casting in “2G Radia-tion” came into the news, she has been one of the hottest search on the internet. People are now wondering, where this babe was all these days? Her so called “sizzling” and oozing sexuality can give a tough competition to most of the (struggling) stars in the industry. In that case, how could Tollywood not take any notice of her? After going unnoticed in few Bollywood item numbers, she would soon be relaunched in hot and steamy Telugu item number. Telugu movies seem to be extremely delighted to welcome this new hottie, as most of its dancers have lost their charm and gained too much weight, to appeal to their audiences. Moreover, most of the Telugu item girls do not come out of their typical generic dancing style, that has been creating a whole lot of boredom for several years.

Therefore, bringing Poonam Jhawar in raunchy Telugu videos, would be a breathe of fresh sensuality for the industry. As of now, she is concentrating more on “2G Radia-tion”, to radiate her oozing appeal to the audiences and the other directors, with the anticipation of bagging a few more meaty roles in the industry after fourteen years of struggle.

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