Parents Group Insists Lambert Cancellation Is An ‘overreaction’

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Officials at the U.S. parental advocacy group upset by gay star ADAM LAMBERT’s shocking American Music Awards performance on Sunday (22Nov09) have accused TV bosses who axed the AMERICAN IDOL star from a TV breakfast show of overreacting.

ABC heads chose to scrap Lambert’s live performance on Good Morning America on Wednesday morning (25Nov09), fearing his shocking three-song set would be inappropriate for breakfast TV viewers after the singer stunned America with a risque, sexually-charged finale at the AMAs.

But Dan Isett, spokesman for standards organisation Parents Television Council, insists the TV executives have been too harsh on the talent show star.

He says, “I do think it?s a little bit unfortunate… The idea that he should be scrubbed from TV completely is not where we?re going. It may be a bit of an overreaction on ABC?s part.”

And Isett insists his organisation was simply upset because the powers that be didn’t censor Lambert’s AMAs live performance, which was heavily edited when it aired three hours later on America’s west coast.

He adds, “The important thing is that networks have the easy ability to air on a delay to prevent this sort of thing.”

The PTC officials complained to ABC bosses, who aired the awards ceremony, stating they were sickened by Lambert’s “simulated sex and other demeaning behaviour” on the show. ABC bosses received over 1,500 complaints about Lambert’s provocative performance.

But ABC TV executives loss is rival network CBS’ gain - Lambert will perform live on that channel’s The Early Show.

The singer was billed to pre-tape a performance for the show after his ABC appearance; he’ll now play live.

Lambert will also appear on The Late Show With David Letterman on Wednesday night (25Nov09), when he’ll sing his Pink-penned song Whataya Want From Me. That performance was taped on Monday (23Nov09).

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