Paisley & Underwood Are A Comedy Hit At The Cmas

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Country stars BRAD PAISLEY and CARRIE UNDERWOOD turned into a hit comedy double act at the Country Music Awards in Nashville, Tennessee on Wednesday night (11Nov09) with a rapport that had stars including KEITH URBAN, NICOLE KIDMAN, TIM MCGRAW and FAITH HILL crying tears of laughter

The pair teamed up to host the 2008 awards and were invited back by impressed organisers - and their comedy routine at the top of the show was sensational.

After poking fun at nominee Taylor Swift’s MTV Video Music Awards encounter with Kanye West and Brooks & Dunn’s upcoming split in quirky songs, the singers turned their attentions to country couple McGraw and Hill - and their new fragrances.

Underwood told Paisley he smelled “amazing, fantastic,” prompting her co-host to quip, “Thank you, I’m wearing McGraw.”

Hill was caught wiping tears of laughter from her face as Underwood added, “What a coincidence, because I’m wearing Faith Hill Parfum.”

Paisley joked, “Y’know, musically those two go together so well, but I’m realising that aromatically, not so much.”

And they kept the aroma theme going, while introducing the ceremony’s first presenter, Kid Rock. Underwood suggested he had “a scent all of his own,” prompting her co-host to add, “It’s a pungent, yet fragrant blend, of whiskey and waffle house.”

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