Adrianne Palicki Stars In ‘Criminal Minds’

By Madhusmita, Gaea News Network
Thursday, January 27, 2011

LOS ANGELES ( Adrianne Palicki has found a unique way of venting her anger and resentment that she felt when her hit show, ‘Lone Star’, was taken off air. She admitted that she had enjoyed working in the series, and had been receiving quite an amount of critical acclaim for her performance, and it came as a nasty shock when it went off air. However, she admits that she was able to get over the shock when she donned the garb of a psychopath killer in ‘Criminal Minds’, in its latest episode. All as a joke, of course; she laughed as she recounted how she had got under the skin of the character by imagining that she was victimizing those who are responsible for taking ‘Lone Star’ off air.

Adrianne Palicki, known for her roles in ‘Lone Star’ and ‘Friday Night Lights’, said that she loved her character in ‘Criminal Minds’, an not only because it gave the the chance to avenge her enemies- albeit in her mind- but also because the character was so very different from what she had portrayed so far. She admitted that she had had to work pretty hard to get the role right, and it seems to have paid off, given that she received quite an amount of critical acclaim for her portrayal of the disturbed killer.

Adrianne Palicki admitted that although her character was an interesting one, she was also somewhat intimidated by its strength. The character has a history of abuse- mental and sexual- behind the imbalance. She grows up with murderous instincts, and once she comes across her boyfriend, she takes him along with her as she launches into a killing spree.

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