Critics’ Choice Awards 2011 Witnesses Red Carpet Extravaganza

By Reema, Gaea News Network
Sunday, January 16, 2011

LOS ANGELES ( Critics’ Choice Awards 2011 was a star studded event, and no such event can be imagined without elaborate and elegant outfits from the tinsel town hotties and hunks. Expensive designer clothes, sparkling jewelry, stunning make-up and oodles of attitude, that was the red carpet was about.

Critics’ Choice Awards 2011 saw the most desired and well dressed Hollywood beauty Kim Kardashian in a red gown, with her trade mark plunging neckline. With hardly any jewelry, except her earrings and a well manicured nails, perhaps she made herself all the more desirable and elegant. Keri Hilson, on the other hand, opted for a black gown. She looked tremendously hot as she posed for the paparazzi with her sensuous darkened eye and golden tresses. Natalie Portman, who needs no make-up at all to accentuate her beauty, took the right decision by keeping her make-up minimal. With that one shouldered dress with a black border, she looked just perfect to accept the Best Actress Award. Her dress was more appreciated, as her flowy loose dress modestly covered her tiny baby bumps, making her look more elegant than any other actress in the event. Amy Adams, who posed with Natalie Portman quite often was just the right contrast in her black medium length dress. However, sources say that it could have been more elegant, if she had opted for less sparkle in the dress.

Amongst the men, the person whose dress was the most bizarre at the Critics’ Choice Awards 2011 was teenage sensation Justin Bieber. He sported a fake, thick black mustache, with a weird sunglass. He wanted to disguise himself for the event. However, cute boys like him are always identified, no matter how much they try. Ryan Gosling, on the other hand, looked hot in his well coordinated black suit.

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