Nida Mahmood designs for Hollywood flick ‘PIA’

Monday, September 27, 2010

NEW DELHI - Nida Mahmood is riding high these days as she has designed for US-based Indian origin director Tanuj Chopra’s film “PIA” and the main costume has 5,000 battery cells.

Produced in Hollywood, the movie is a futuristic science film and Mahmood has designed the costume for the lead actress Pia Shah. The actres plays the role of a human android. She was seen in a cameo in Akshay Kumar starrer “Tasveer 8×10″.

“I got this project six-seven months back and I have been extensively working on it. I have used a lot of structured texture garments for the movie. A lot of time has been spend on its surface texturing,” Mahmood told IANS.

“This project just happened by chance. I got a call from the director who had seen my work and wanted me to design for it. So here I got my big ticket.”

Mahmood also said there are not too many garments in the movie as it is not a fashion-based film, but more about robots with a human feel.

Tanuj Chopra is known for winning an award at the Sundance International Film Festival for his film “Punching at the Sun”.

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