Stilettos, gladiators, wedges …for the well heeled!

By Shilpa Raina, IANS
Tuesday, September 7, 2010

NEW DELHI - Planning to wear a little black dress? Don’t forget to put on a pair of gladiator heels. Or if you prefer a backless gown, go for stilettos. Women can discover a whole world at their feet - with the right kind of heels!

“People generally ignore their footwear while dressing up. They end up wearing safe colours like black, silver and brown. But each dress has a different requirement and you can make a statement by wearing the right footwear with your favourite dress,” shoe designer Swati Mehrotra, who sells her products under the label Swati Modo, told IANS.

Women have the option of wearing heels like stilettos, wedges, kitten heels, cone heels or gladiators, also known as Roman sandals which are very popular these days.

“Wear chunky heels with a bright summer dress and flats with jumpsuits only if you are blessed with a good height, else opt for wedges,” suggests Mehrotra.

According to footwear brand Tresmode’s CEO Kapil Mahtani, heels not only add height but also define a woman’s personality. Though a woman wears footwear depending on the comfort level and attire, Mahtani dissects its wearability on the basis of personality.

“Fashion conscious and confident women prefer heels like stilettoes. Shoes such as wedges signify a more casual, relaxed and sporty personality while women who are bold prefer sky towering stilettos,” he said.

So how to match your dress with those shoes? Here are some tips.

According to Mehrotra, stilettos never go out of fashion. “The stiletto is considered to be the supreme erotic footwear and unbeatable compared to any other footwear,” she said.

But if it’s not your type, then opt for wedges which are comfortable and fashionable at the same time. Thick wedge heels with a flowing skirt can make the ankle look thin and when used with close-fitting attires can give a clunky look.

Age doesn’t matter when it comes to heels. You could grab a pair of kitten heels, or low heels.

Then comes the most stylish of all them all - gladiators - which date back to the ancient culture of the Greeks and Romans. From flats to heels and from ankle length to calf length - gladiators accessorised with zippers, buckles, studs and embroidery can be worn with almost everything.

You can also wear your cone heels with your little black dress or with a nice long top and tights.

But avoid matching your shoe with the exact colour of a solid summery dress and wear a comfortable yet stylish pair with your business suit.

“Pumps are appropriate for work wear as they add height and are stylish and comfortable,” said Mahtani.

Fashion designer Nida Mahmood reveals her love for gladiators and says these days she is busy collecting different types of Roman footwear in different colours and heels.

“I am in love with these gladiators - you can wear them with anything. If you are wearing something till the knee, they go very well with it, or else if you are in a super sexy dress, wear one with heels - they are just way too perfect,” said Mahmood.

So pick up your favourite footwear and match it with your sexy dress and set out for that perfect evening.

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