Akshay Khanna to surprise ‘Tees Maar Khan’ audience: Farah

By Dibyojyoti Baksi, IANS
Monday, November 15, 2010

MUMBAI - Actor Akshay Khanna, who plays a funny overdoing actor in “Tees Maar Khan”, would come as a jolt to the audience, says director Farah Khan.

“He is playing a bad actor in the film. He is playing a superstar but with full acting in it. He has worked so freely in the film that he is going to be the surprise factor of the film,” Farah told IANS in an interview.

“He has requested not to promote him and leave audience to watch him in the film. He is very reclusive and thats how he is, so I also respect him, she added.

The name of the film Tees Maar Khan is kept in alias to the lead character (Akshay Kumar) who plays a con as he believes himself to be the criminal ‘kalakar’ (artiste). Its not a negative character though.

Its not a negative character, its funny. He is half Robin Hood, because he robs the riches but keeps them for himself, said Farah.

Farah claimed the item number Sheela ki jawani” that she choreographed for her lead actress Katrina Kaif in the film, was very different from the recent hit “Munni Badnam Hui” of Dabangg.

There has to be obvious comparison with Munni but they are totally different type of songs. Munni is a very earthy, rustic rural India song, Sheela ki jawani is like a Chicago make of a Bhojpuri song, she said.

Farah said that Katrina worked hard to tone her figure to fit the image she had conceived and she is all praise for her performance.

She didnt have to lose weight, she actually toned her body. I told her, your stomach has to be seen and I told her that I would give her knotted cholis and low waist half saris. I explained her what she has to wear, so she toned herself so that she would be comfortable while dancing,” said Farah.

She has danced so fabulously that her performance is at par with any other heroine dancer down the ages, she said.

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