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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

“As a matter of fact, because I am so dominant and I am a control freak, I would go out on dates, order, pull out my own chair, and I would never see that guy again!” R&B singer KELLY ROWLAND needs a man who is comfortable with her independence and strong personality.

“Drake tries to be the suave dude and not seem pressed, but Wayne will straight-up ask: ‘Nick, you got something for me?’” Rapper LIL WAYNE is always asking NICKI MINAJ to help find him a date.

“I bought it for the last person I fell in love with and was gonna give it to him. You know the symbolism, key to my heart, whatever. He did not deserve the key. I will wear it until someone should have it.” Actress-turned-punk rocker JULIETTE LEWIS explains the meaning behind the antique key she wears around her neck.

“I married my first husband because we wanted to sleep together. It lasted six months and we were in bed for six months.” BETTY WHITE jokes about her short-lived marriage to Dick Barker in 1945.

“When I was a teenager and in my twenties, I had eating issues. I binged. I starved. I was one step from anorexia - a piece of toast and an apple would be all I would eat in a day.” Actress DANA DELANY admits her obsession with staying skinny during her youth was a hazard for her health.

“Being on the stage with Eminem and Jay-Z was one of the most incredible feelings I’ve felt in a long time. It inspired me, it made me want to hurry up and get back in the studio and put more effort and more work into my own project.” Hip-hop superproducer DR. DRE has been inspired to complete his long-awaited comeback album DETOX after hearing fans’ overwhelming response to his appearance at Eminem and Jay-Z’s Home and Home concerts, which took place in Detroit, Michigan and New York last month (Sep10).

“I’m of the age when you start thinking about it - not seriously, but you start thinking about having kids. Although I’m not going to be getting pregnant in the next nine months!” AMY WINEHOUSE sees motherhood in her future.

“I’ve been in this business now for how many years? 50. And who now do I see who could be (here) as long as I’ve been in it (showbusiness) that’s worthy? Who’s phenomenal?… Beyonce. She’s always going to be here.” Veteran singer PATTI LABELLE believes in Beyonce’s staying power.

“I’d love to make a living without shoving things up my butt.” JACKASS star STEVE-O wants to cut back on his stunts.

“I had three or four friends all do some weird stuff, and L.A. cracked for me. It just shrivelled up. And I’m like, ‘Babe, come home with me’.” ROBBIE WILLIAMS on his decision to leave Los Angeles and set up home with new wife AYDA FIELD in his native Britain.

“I don’t need those drugs, or the false affirmation I got from alcohol. It was slowing me down, and I was starting to get bitter and twisted, saying things that weren’t me.” RONNIE WOOD is glad his days of heavy boozing are behind him.

“It would have to be insane to have not wanted the role… An hour after I was hired, I was in motorcycle training. Five days later, I was in Sweden (shooting).” ROONEY MARA on landing the coveted role of Lisbeth Salander in THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO remake.

“I kept all my socks because they were really nice socks. They were woollen socks… from some Scottish woollen mill. I go camping a lot and I go walking, so they’re perfect.” Actor LUKE EVANS on the keepsakes he took home from the set of TAMARA DREWE.

“Penny and I have decided that, as long as I’m not on tour, then I’ll have to do my nappy duties, which I don’t mind. I did it with all the other kids so I’m cool with it.” ROD STEWART is happy to pitch in as a dad.

“We’ve had a go but it’s not sounding great… It’s good fun. It’s a pastime. It’s a pleasurable thing more than anything.” MAMMA MIA! star DOMINIC COOPER on reforming his teenage band Dagmar with brother Nathan. The siblings hope to perform at Glastonbury in 2011.

“I’d like to get a little tattoo. My make-up and hair lady are my really close friends and weirdly, they all have stars on their feet, and my stylist too, this whole little team, so I thought it could be like a dream team thing.” Actress CAREY MULLIGAN is contemplating getting her very own piece of skin art.

“I don’t drive. Cars terrify me. Lately, I have had a driver. Occasionally, within the last year I’ve taken a bus.” HARRY POTTER author J.K. ROWLING still likes to go incognito on public transport.

“It means I don’t have to buy new clothes anymore.” LIAM GALLAGHER on his Pretty Green clothing line.

“The movie industry is full of crazy people who think that they are God. You look around and think, ‘Oh, hide them from sharp objects.’ I’ve witnessed some lunatic people in this business. You have to take it with a sense of humour and stay sane.” SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS warns of the insane asylum that is Hollywood.

“I sing and play the ukelele. We’ve got this place in Hawaii so I’m partial to the ukelele. It’s got a sense of humour about it.” PIERCE BROSNAN on island life in Hawaii.

“I’ve been waiting for that phonecall since I was four years old. I think every skinny young boy across the world is waiting for that phonecall… I can’t believe it, how lucky I am.” British actor ANDREW GARFIELD on landing his dream role as SPIDER-MAN.

“I only took a high school acting class because there was no other class I wanted to take. I loved it, but I was always against acting as a profession. I didn’t like the monetary fluctuations I saw.” JOSH BROLIN never thought he’d become a full-time actor.

“Are you joking? Look at me. I’m nearly dead.” SIR MICHAEL GAMBON, 70, when asked if he plans to have any more children. The actor welcomed a son last year (09).

“I wanna hug and kiss my kids and after that I don’t think I’m allowed to say.” LIL WAYNE on plans for his release from prison on 14 November (10).

“I’m closing in on 60. I’m starting to smell 60… It’s not the worst smell but it’s not the most fragrant either.” TAXI star TONY DANZA worries about his age.

“I was obsessed with Han Solo and then it turned into an obsession of Indiana Jones, which turned into an obsession of archaeology… I thought I wanted to be an archaeologist… I thought that Indiana Jones could actually go with me to my first trip to Egypt, which actually is (where I’m going on) my next hiatus.” 90210 star ANNALYNNE McCORD on her childhood dreams to follow in Harrison Ford’s footsteps.

“It’s become completely mainstream, which is unacceptable to me.” HELEN MIRREN regrets having a Native American symbol tattooed onto her hand.

“I just went to the doctor and they said I was very healthy.” LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE star ABIGAIL BRESLIN insists she doesn’t have ‘Bieber Fever’ - she’s not a fan of teen pop sensation Justin Bieber.

“I could be a pie baker. I like to bake a blackberry pie. I am pretty proud of my pie skills. Pie could be my future.” BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN star MICHELLE WILLIAMS considers an alternative career.

“I love being British; I’m very proud of my country and my culture, but I don’t like to be what Americans think of as British. I feel very uncomfortable with that sort of cliche. I’d love to be able to not stick out like a sore pinky.” THE QUEEN star HELEN MIRREN wants to be more American.

“We have apple trees, we have a couple of giraffes - we just ride around on the giraffes… It’s, like, 70 acres so there’s a lot of nudity. I’m naked all the time… I ride around on my tractor and I sit and think and we drink moonshine… I just walk around and try to figure out where I can get wi-fi.” Funnyman ZACH GALIFIANAKIS jokes about life on his North Carolina farm.

“Seeing things clean and serene, I can make proper judgements, not just harebrained ones. Being sober makes a big difference to my artwork and music.” RONNIE WOOD can appreciate music more when he’s not had a drink.

“I’m very proud of the fact that we go out and sit at the same table. It’s what life should be like. And it often isn’t, because people take sides.” PHIL COLLINS is delighted he remains on good terms with his three ex-wives - and they all enjoy each others company.

“It’s like an annuity… I go out, they adore me, and then they pay you. What better job can you have?” LARRY HAGMAN on his appearances at conventions and get togethers for beloved 80s soap DALLAS.

“He’s insane, that’s it. The bottom line. The f**ker’s insane. I said it. OK, fine, f**k me… I try and try to be f**king so cool about him… I swear to God, he’s a nutball.” Rocker STEVEN ADLER on his former GUNS N’ ROSES bandmate AXL ROSE.

“Justin can be a terrifying killer - a guy killer. We always have these women who are getting killed, so I think we need more guys killed. He can kill them and then cut their hair like his. That’s how we’ll know it’s him.” Criminal Minds star KIRSTEN VANGSNESS on her plans to land Justin Bieber a killer role on her hit show.

“He leant in to give me a goodnight kiss and I turned my head - not only did he smack his lips into my hair, but I smacked my head into the window of the car!” GOSSIP GIRL star LEIGHTON MEESTER on her most disastrous date.

“There are no mobile phones, no emails, no stuff. It’s ten and a half hours of watching TV, getting stuff to eat. I treat it like being at a spa.” Jet-setter NADINE COYLE relishes her time spent in the air.

“I find it strange that many high-profile couples are reluctant to say they used IVF, but to each their own I guess. For us, it was a blessing and nothing short of a miracle!” SUGAR RAY frontman MARK McGRATH is an advocate of the in vitro fertilisation (IVF) process after welcoming twins Lydon Edward and Hartley Grace earlier this year (Apr10).

“At first they were jealous, they heard it through the press and not through me. But then I said to them, ‘Four months ago you were looking for another lead singer.’ So things go up and down.” AEROSMITH star STEVEN TYLER on how his bandmates reacted to news he was the new judge on TV talent show AMERICAN IDOL.

“I guess I work with some personalities they think are f**ked up, but I can’t imagine anyone trying to sing a vocal on acid or coke.” Superproducer MARK RONSON is adamant the stars he works with don’t use drugs during his recording sessions.

“I cannot play a scientist. I know who I am. I know how I look. I know how I sound. I’m not going to tell my agent, ‘Book me Schindler’s List 2.’” Sexy Colombian star SOFIA VERGARA isn’t expecting an Oscar anytime soon.

“My son is so beautiful, I love him so much. But before you have children, you have got to make sure you’ve got a great man. You can’t settle for less… someone you love, and someone who has the same beliefs.” Supermodel and new mum GISELE BUNDCHEN is thankful for her happy marriage to American footballer TOM BRADY.

“When I first became famous and an opportunity presented itself it felt disingenuous to take that fame and take it into maybe a rock ‘n’ roll star. It didn’t feel right.” TIM ROBBINS insists he was right to allow his film career to develop before trying his hand at music.

“I want to do a show about a woman and her friends. I loved Sex & The City… but I’ve never seen a show about me and my girlfriends… I’d also like to host a late-night talk show. I find it interesting talking to incredibly boring celebrity people.” Actress/writer MINDY KALING considers her options should she quit THE OFFICE.

“I’d sometimes watch the Peas’ show and think, I’ve just been on that stage performing. Then I’d be struggling to work out how I’d gone from singing their songs at home in my bedroom to supporting them on a European tour. Just bizarre.” British singer CHERYL COLE still can’t believe she toured with the BLACK EYED PEAS earlier this year (10).

“Last year I decided I was gonna be an alcoholic. I’m 84 and I’ve never been an alcoholic, you should be something in your life.” Actress CLORIS LEACHMAN on her new drinking habit.

“I’d like to be able to enjoy this premiere a little more than I am now.” Cancer-stricken MICHAEL DOUGLAS at the New York premiere of WALL STREET: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS on Monday night (20Sep10).

“Why would I need to look at anyone when I have the hottest boyfriend in the world? I don’t think about other guys like that.” Singer NICOLE SCHERZINGER only has eyes for her racing driver lover LEWIS HAMILTON.

“I adore Cheryl and it’s very possible she will be doing both shows. I want to make it work so don’t rule her out.” SIMON COWELL admits the rumours are true - he wants CHERYL COLE to join him on the American version of his hit talent contest THE X FACTOR after proving popular on the U.K. version.

“I don’t think so. I think Simon respected me for coming in as an artist and standing up for what I feel.” NICOLE SCHERZINGER is adamant SIMON COWELL did not harbour feelings for her when she appeared as a guest judge on his British talent show The X Factor earlier this year (10).

I was really sad when I heard she was sick. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. I know she’s loved and adored by her U.K. fans. I’m just glad she’s better. PUSSYCAT DOLL NICOLE SCHERZINGER is pleased British singer CHERYL COLE has overcome her bout of malaria.

He’s super busy but he wakes up every morning at 5.30 religiously to make sure to workout and he reads the paper and he works out at the same time. Then he comes home after work and goes to the gym and works out again. He’s crazy. I think it’s more psychological. Actor-turned-California Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER’s daughter KATHERINE reveals the muscle man still works out twice a day.

Her style is obviously a very Debbie Harry kind of thing. She’s pushing the envelope. I don’t know about that. But I’m not her real dad. GOSSIP GIRL star MATTHEW SETTLE isn’t a fan of his TV daughter TAYLOR MOMSEN’s gothic look for his real-life little girls.

“My love for her goes beyond anything. I wish I had the chance to meet her. I would’ve tried to marry her.” DRAKE goes public with his feelings for late R&B star AALIYAH.

“I have to stay hydrated so I don’t pass out onstage.” CARRIE UNDERWOOD insists she’s the perfect choice to become a spokesmodel for drinks firm VitaminWater.

“One Christmas I bought all my family gifts at the Cincinnati (Ohio) airport, and I’m still hearing about that… I thought it was charming and sweet but it’s not.” Actress ELLIE KEMPER confesses her biggest holiday goof.

“I don’t have time for a relationship… I don’t feel as though there’s anything missing from my life and I feel very fulfilled and incredibly happy.” Gay U.S. style guru and PROJECT RUNWAY star TIM GUNN on why he hasn’t had a relationship since 1982.

“My wife had breast cancer two years ago. Two years, she’s cancer free. Happy story. We’re just celebrating my wife, whose last name is Ho. I’m gonna shout out to my Ho… My Ho is clean.” THE HANGOVER star KEN JEONG had a very special reason to take part in Friday night’s (10Sep10) Stand Up 2 Cancer telethon in the U.S.

“I have a Nespresso espresso machine in my trailer. It helps with the long hours. There’s no clean-up, it makes fantastic coffee, and it’s immediate.” MAD MEN star JON HAMM on his on-set perk.

“Lady Gaga wants to do the show really bad. I don’t know if we’re going to get her or not, but it would be awesome. She doesn’t want to play herself from what I understand, she wants to be a character.” CSI: Miami star EVA LA RUE hopes rumours linking the pop superstar to the TV drama are true.

“I did something for the MTV Video Music Awards where I had to dress up in a tiger outfit and basically standards and practice (officials) deemed it was too bushy around the pubes, so I literally was trimming my pubes (pubic hair) right before we did that… Me and (The Hangover co-star) Ed Helms were sharing a dressing room and he goes to brush his teeth and goes, ‘Oh my God, are their pubes in the sink?’” KEN JEONG had some ‘manscaping’ to do before his 2009 VMAs performance.

“That’s what I was gonna wear and maybe if I wore that we would’ve won… I thought the meat was unique.” USHER on LADY GAGA’s meaty outfit at the MTV Video Music Awards.

“When I was 20 years old, I would have told you, ‘I hate the Beatles. There is no way I will listen to that.’ Now, I would tell you that I love the Beatles, and I didn’t figure it out until I was 27: ‘Oh, this is what everybody… talks about.’ It was weird. It was like all of a sudden I like broccoli. Now I love broccoli.” LINKIN PARK star CHESTER BENNINGTON discovers the Beatles.

“I’ve got Bieber fever… He’s the thing. I can see he’s the one… He’s got star power, he’s got know-how, he looks good, he’s young, he’s the one.” SNOOP DOGG is a big fan of JUSTIN BIEBER.

“They took away my licence, so Kitt drives me everywhere now.” DAVID HASSELHOFF jokes about using his Knight Rider car.

“I really believe it will take California to another level… I mean, this is the best piece of medicine that they’ve ever created… There’s nothing like medical marijuana.” SNOOP DOGG is hoping California lawmakers vote to legalise cannabis.

“Straight away it was no alcohol, but if I said I wasn’t drinking people would ask why and guess, so I’d ask for a glass of wine and sneakily pass it to Rod.” ROD STEWART’s wife PENNY LANCASTER went to extreme lengths to keep her pregnancy news secret.

“It hasn’t been some covert operation. I mean, certainly the wedding was, but I believe anyone should have the right to have a private wedding ceremony. I think if anything’s sacred it should be that… For the most part… I choose to remain as private as possible without being secretive.” RYAN REYNOLDS likes to keep details of his private life private.

“The fact that he got together with her and found this solace is such a coup and so wonderful. The guy was so frigging unhappy and lonely. She’s always like, ‘Come over. We’ll have cake or cocktails or soup or ice cream.’ I love her and I love what they’ve created together. I say thank God for her.” JOSH BROLIN is a big fan of his father JAMES BROLIN’s wife BARBRA STREISAND.

“I’ve got to say it’s a whole new world for me. I’ve never played a hunky guy. There was one day when I had to take my shirt off. I must have done 400 push-ups.” Former Beverly Hills, 90210 star BRIAN AUSTIN GREEN on playing a sweaty maintenance man on Desperate Housewives.

“Drink it out the bottle. Don’t mix it with anything. Don’t make it cold. Just drink it right out of the bottle. Not the whole bottle.” Tequila brand owner VINCE NEIL on how to avoid a hangover while drinking his Tres Rios Tequila.

“Absolutely. That’s all I knew. My dad was a preacher, all four of my uncles were preachers; it was the highest honour you could have.” KINGS OF LEON frontman CALEB FOLLOWILL wanted to become a preacher before he became a rock ‘n’ roll superstar.

“We don’t really have egos. It’s appropriate for the stage, it’s appropriate for certain moments, but egos are not attractive.” BEYONCE insists she and her hip-hop mogul husband JAY-Z keep each other’s egos in check away from the limelight.

“He’s the epitome of strength. He’s a wolf. He’s not looking for empathy or sympathy at all. Cancer picked the wrong guy when he picked him. He’s a strong man.” SHIA LABEOUF’s money is on Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps co-star Michael Douglas to win his cancer battle.

“For every 100 roles that come out for another actress, there are two that fit somebody like me. I mean, I cannot play a scientist. I know who I am. I know how I look. I know how I sound. I’m not going to tell my agent, ‘Book me for Schindler’s List 2.’” Curvy Colombian actress SOFIA VERGARA doesn’t fight against typecasting.

“Botox all the way. As soon as I hit 30, give me that! But I’ve never been interested in a boob job. A while ago, I lost a bit of weight while on tour and my boobs just went ‘Pfft’, from a D-cup right down to a B-cup. I was devastated.” British pop star TULISA CONTOSTAVLOS is proud of her curves, but insists she’ll smooth out her wrinkles when the time comes.

“I was supremely nervous in a way that I have never been nervous… because I wasn’t performing and I’m not used to just, like, going to accept awards and have my picture taken… I kept thinking to myself, ‘I can’t let my fans down tonight because then I’m just another bch in a dress at an awards show.” LADY GAGA felt awkward at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday (12Sep10).

“I’m at a new phase in my life. There are a lot of things you can do, short of surgery, that make you look better - good creams, not being in the sun, a little Botox. I’m not saying I would never have surgery, I just haven’t done it yet.” WONDER WOMAN star LYNDA CARTER knows all the tricks to remain youthful.

“There’s no ifs, ands or buts about it, we’re gonna shoot a movie next summer so the cancer is gonna have to get outta the way.” MATT DAMON is committed to making a much-anticipated Liberace biopic with cancer-stricken MICHAEL DOUGLAS.

“He’s usually a little tasty-cake, sweetie-pie but there are a few things that actually p**s him off, the main one being mistaken for a 28-year-old lesbian.” MTV Video Music Awards host CHELSEA HANDLER pokes fun at pop sensation Justin Bieber.

“It’s time to address the big black elephant in the room, where’s Kanye?” MTV Video Music Awards host CHELSEA HANDLER addresses the hangover from last year’s (09) event, before beating up a padded stage invader in an effort to show this year’s awards winners what to do if anyone interrupts their acceptance speech. West made headlines a year ago when he took to the stage to protest Taylor Swift’s Best Female Video win.

“If anybody wants to whip out a booby and give a nipple wink to the crowd, go ahead… I’m talking to you, Taylor Swift.” MTV Video Music Awards host CHELSEA HANDLER invites country sweetheart Swift to show off her wild side at the prizegiving.

“I think Russia would be amazing. The first Hangover worked because it was Vegas, but it was the dirty side of Vegas, not the glitzy one. You’ve got to put the characters against danger. So they could get involved in organised crime in Moscow, which I think is incredibly scary.” ZACH GALIFIANAKIS on his thoughts about a sequel for comedy hit The Hangover.

“Quantity is very important to me, I’m something of an eater; if I had the nerve… I think I would enter one of those eating competitions… (but) oysters I couldn’t do, I couldn’t do 500 oysters.” Actor HUGH LAURIE admits he’s quite greedy.

“I’ve got a mad cold… I’m sick as a dog, but I’m still here because I’m a pro.” KATY PERRY on the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles.

“I feel an immense sense of gratitude, but sometimes I think there should be room for more gratitude (in me), because I can still be bitchy in the morning.” Cancer fighter MAURA TIERNEY on battling the disease.

“On the first day of shooting when I put on my boots, my badge, my gun and my polyester outfit and I walked onto the set, I felt very absurd.” Mum-of-three ELISABETH SHUE felt a little ridiculous playing a sheriff on the set of PIRANHA 3D.

“I am a massive fan of Gaga. But there are some videos out there that don’t appeal to me because they are crass. I suppose I do portray myself in a certain way, but I try to do it where there is an elegance to it. I don’t do tacky.” KYLIE MINOGUE is inspired by the POKER FACE hitmaker.

“I don’t really have advice that anyone would take seriously, but they’re going to have to do something so people stop talking about it and take the air out of it.” MTV Video Music Awards host CHELSEA HANDLER hopes KANYE WEST and TAYLOR SWIFT poke fun at their unfortunate encounter at the event a year ago (09).

“Last week I recorded with Dr. John and it was the most extraordinary thing… I actually played the piano for him, which is a very peculiar thing, because, if I know anything about the piano…, I got it from him.” HOUSE star HUGH LAURIE on performing with his musical idol for his debut album, which will be released next year (11).

“The darker, more complex and emotional the role is, the easier it is for me. I don’t take any of that home with me.” Actress and mum ELISABETH SHUE has no problems playing dark characters.

“When you try to learn how to act, you approach it with respect. But if you just want to be famous…that’s not much different than porn. ‘I’m a movie star!’ Well, no, no you’re not. You’re a porn star, and that’s completely different.” MAD MEN star JON HAMM takes aim at fame-hungry reality TV stars.

“There was a feeling amongst all of us that what we were doing was going to be strange and was probably not going to go further than the pilot.” KYLE MacLACHLAN on his cult TV hit TWIN PEAKS, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

“I make decorative concrete - it’s a very artistic endeavour. It’s mainly concrete counter tops, kitchen counter tops. Me and a couple of guys go to your house.” Former THE BRADY BUNCH star MIKE LOOKINLAND on what he’s been doing since playing Bobby Brady on the hit 1970s U.S. TV show.

“I’d do it because they pay an awful lot of money. I would make a complete fool of myself though because I can’t even walk in heels, let alone dance!” Former child star SUSAN OLSEN wants to follow in the footsteps of former TV mum FLORENCE HENDERSON and turn hit U.S. TV show DANCING WITH THE STARS into a Brady Bunch affair.

“We’ve been on the receiving end of some cynicism from the Broadway media establishment, but really, who can blame them?” U2 star THE EDGE understands the negative remarks he and bandmate Bono have received for scoring Julie Taymor’s new Spider-Man musical.

“Chicken, tomato - whatever I can get. That’s all I’ve really been craving. I could have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’m serious - I just can’t get enough of it.” Mum-to-be LILY ALLEN has just one pregnancy craving: soup.

“I would typically cringe at a celebrity starting their own line, (but it) reflects what I wear. It’s basic and unpretentious - the right jeans and a T-shirt always win.” MAROON 5 star ADAM LEVINE defends his decision to launch new fashion range 222.

“I’ve just been blessed to be on a song with two living legends. In my book, Jay and Kanye are icons, and I never in a billion years would have thought I would be on a song with one of them, let alone both of them… It just feels exciting to be a part of that collab. Seriously.” Rap newcomer NICKI MINAJ was starstruck recording MONSTER with hip-hop heavyweights JAY-Z and KANYE WEST.

“The nation mourned. I had a lot of people who came up to me and were not as upset as I was - but were definitely upset. I did feel a sense of responsibility, because I knew that people had a certain idea of how I was and who we were… But on your deathbed, it’s not really going to matter how those people felt.” SUSAN SARANDON on the intense public interest surrounding her 2009 split with longterm partner TIM ROBBINS.

“I’m always single. I don’t date boys. I don’t like boys. It’s true. I don’t change. I think boys are yucky, and that’s it. Nothing more to say.” Rapper NICKI MINAJ steers clear of questions about her love life.

“Urgh, M People… It didn’t stick in my throat too much because Blur’s Parklife was up for it in the same year, so I really didn’t expect to win that one.” PAUL WELLER wasn’t surprised when house music stars M PEOPLE beat him to take the 1994 Mercury Prize best album award. The rocker is the bookmakers’ favourite to scoop the 2010 honour on Tuesday (07Sep10).

“I think a lot of evil things go on in the dark. I still have to cover my toes because I’m like that kid who thinks there’s a witch under my bed who’s going to eat my tootsies off. I sleep with lights on unless I’m with (fiance) Russell (Brand).” KATY PERRY is scared of the dark.

“I wanna be 21 again, doing shots… Those were the wild days.” Former SPICE GIRLS star MELANIE BROWN, 35, occasionally yearns for her youth.

“It’s scary, playing someone so iconic, whom everyone feels they know.” NAOMI WATTS on becoming the latest actress to tackle MARILYN MONROE. The star will play the tragic film icon in Blonde.

“Cheryl is ideal. There’s something about her accent that just does it for me. I’d love to take her for some good old-fashioned fish and chips. My dad is from the north-east and girls with those accents… well, they’re just amazing.” GOSSIP GIRL star ED WESTWICK has a crush on British pop star CHERYL COLE.

“I think after my grandma sees this video, she definitely won’t think we’re going to hell as fast as she did think we were going. Gospel music was a big part of us growing up, so to be able to come back to it is a pretty special thing.” KINGS OF LEON drummer NATHAN FOLLOWILL hopes the band’s new gospel-tinged single will redeem them after years of rock ‘n’ roll partying.

“Everything I say to my daughter, I sing, so I just have to set up a mic and press record, because it’s like we live in a musical. I could easily get an album out of that.” WEEZER star RIVERS CUOMO considers recording a solo children’s album.

“(Naviyd) worships the ground Usher walks on. If Usher gets something to eat, Naviyd wants the same thing. If Usher wants to watch something on TV, so does Naviyd.” R&B superstar USHER admits his youngest son, 20-month-old Naviyd, idolises his two-year-old brother Usher Raymond V.

“They say if you eat a lot of blueberries, you’ll stay healthy, so I’m doing that. I’m doing whatever it takes.” BRIAN WILSON is keen to stay healthy at 68.

“We’re working on it to be as intense as it is in the book. I don’t think it’s about the amount of blood you show; it’s about the intensity of it. It’s on their faces. It’s all from Bella’s point of view when you’re seeing what’s going. It should feel visceral. I think it’s going to be pretty intense.” Twilight screenwriter MELISSA ROSENBERG insists Bella’s baby delivery in BREAKING DAWN will not let fans of the book down.

“I have this crazy sense of smell. I do sniff. I’m notorious. I am big on smells. When they wrote that in there I just laughed because that’s what I do. It’s how I say hello.” Like his TRUE BLOOD character Alcide, JOE MANGANIELLO likes to sniff women.

“Pearl Jam, the biggest band of our generation, is doing Target (store) commercials and no one says that’s pathetic. Given that same opportunity would we be in that commercial? I don’t think I could. My soul feels good about Black Crowes culture.” Rocker CHRIS ROBINSON is proud of his band’s anti-commercial stance.

“I can’t pretend I haven’t thought about that a couple of times. I’ve already had people offering to set me up.” Single DANIEL RADCLIFFE is hoping to snag himself a New York girlfriend when he’s in the Big Apple for Broadway musical How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying next year (11).

“I’ve put my foot down and let him know under no circumstances are any of our kids going to be named after his favourite players.” Any future children KATY PERRY has with fiance RUSSELL BRAND won’t be named after players from the funnyman’s beloved soccer team, West Ham.

“It’s just too soon right now. Give us a few more years and we’ll see what happens. There are many things that tell me no, but I think about the energy of being with those girls on stage. When you put all of us together, it’s pretty electric. Maybe one day.” KIMBERLY WYATT refuses to rule out a reunion with the PUSSYCAT DOLLS in the future.

“I’ve been number one on the Top Blues Album chart for eight weeks in a row. I don’t think I’ve ever been number one at anything for that long.” CYNDI LAUPER is thrilled with the U.S. success of her new album Memphis Blues.

“You listen to Elvis tell you about his house. There’s something really surreal about that. It was very affecting for all of us. We were cynical when we went in, but we came out of it feeling like we had experienced something cool.” SHERYL CROW on her first visit to Elvis Presley’s Memphis, Tennessee mansion Graceland.

“I fell in love with him, so it’s easy to write songs about someone you’re thinking about all the time and having this correspondence with.” CHRISSIE HYNDE found writing new material with boyfriend and bandmate J.P. Jones really easy.

“I got arrested at the same time serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s story was breaking - and yet my story led the news. This man killed lots of people and drilled holes in their heads. And he got the second spot after me.” PEE-WEE HERMAN star PAUL REUBENS on his 1991 public indecency arrest for masturbating in a porn theatre.

“It was a great day. It couldn’t have been better.” STEPHEN MOYER on his wedding to TRUE BLOOD co-star ANNA PAQUIN last weekend (21-22Aug10).

“I think if you look you won’t find, as far as romance is concerned. I think when you’re looking you get more of the dregs.” Single girl KIM CATTRALL isn’t on the lookout for a new man, following her split from chef ALAN WYSE last year (09).

“I think he’s starting to get the (acting) bug but I think it’s so he can pick up girls. I think the girls are starting to pick up on that his mum is an actress and so they say, ‘That’s kind of cool!’ And so he thinks, ‘Wow! What if I’m an actor?!’ It starts young.” ANNE HECHE’s eight-year-old son Homer is keen to follow in his famous mum’s footsteps.

“I didn’t go into marriage looking for it to fail, but unfortunately it didn’t work out. I’m not looking forward to rushing into a new marriage. I’m just taking my time.” USHER won’t be re-marrying anytime soon following his divorce from TAMEKA FOSTER last year (09).

“I don’t do dope jokes. I don’t think dope’s funny or fun. My characters won’t smoke.” Funnywoman BETTY WHITE doesn’t think getting high makes for good comedy.

“Fifteen-year-olds tell me, ‘Betty, you really rock,’ and I’ll respond, ‘How do you even know me? You weren’t even born when I was on my shows!’” Veteran comedienne BETTY WHITE is surprised she has so many young fans.

“Once in a while I blow my wife’s hair out. I learned from watching some of those reality hairstyling shows like Shear Genius.” Actor JERRY O’CONNELL occasionally styles his wife, former model REBECCA ROMIJN.

“I’m very superstitious. I always scratch the roof of my car if I go under a yellow light. I don’t put new shoes on the table, and I never walk under ladders.” Actor JERRY O’CONNELL reveals his bizarre superstitious behaviour.

“We text way more than we talk because with texting… you just say what you need to say. And then when you see each other, you do what you need to do.” Country music star BLAKE SHELTON on keeping in touch with fiancee MIRANDA LAMBERT when he’s on the road.

“I’ve had 10 piercings in my ear, and a bellybutton pierce (sic), and a tongue ring. My tongue, as it turns out, is not really appropriate for piercing, because the webbing is too close to the font, and the bottom barbell kept hitting against my teeth… and it gave me a lisp, which isn’t great as an actress.” ANNA PAQUIN on her history of piercings.

“I was extremely moved by it… and I felt extremely connected with it and I said I would just love to be involved with this in any way.” Actor JOSH BROLIN jumped at the chance to narrate new documentary The Tillman Story, which chronicles the life of former American football star Pat Tillman, who turned his back on professional sport to serve in Afghanistan. He was killed in a friendly fire incident.

“I could be less messy at home and keep the clothes in my closet and off the floor.” BEYONCE struggles with tidiness around the house.

“I guess now there is that risk of someone throwing human poop at us. There’s probably someone out there who’s mad enough at us to come to a show and try to start round two.” KINGS OF LEON frontman CALEB FOLLOWILL fears fans will seek revenge after the band axed a gig in St. Louis, Missouri last month (Jul10) when a flock of pigeons pooped on them.

“I’m definitely someone who suffers from acne. I’m a teenage boy! I use Proactiv so my face doesn’t get like that. Proactiv is a great thing!” Pop sensation JUSTIN BIEBER admits he often succumbs to spots. The teenager is the fresh new face of acne treatment Proactiv.


“He’s a good friend. We went out a couple of times in London, but I’m completely single. Single and ready to mingle!” British model/actress KELLY BROOK continues to brush off reports she’s secretly dating GLEE star MATTHEW MORRISON.

“It was not love at first sight. In fact, it was the opposite. I thought, ‘This guy is very pretentious. Who does he think he is?’ But we got to know each other over time and I realised that he was not as he seemed.” Italian actress MONICA BELLUCCI fell for her husband VINCENT CASSEL over several months.

“I have mixed feelings. It was great to see the U.S. team get to the second round. But having got there I started to get my hopes up and think we could go really deep in this tournament, and then we didn’t.” WEEZER frontman RIVERS CUOMO is disappointed by the U.S. national soccer team’s efforts in the World Cup.


“I’m not a big drinker and I don’t know what people do when they go to bars. I mean, they go to meet girls. But I’m just not comfortable in that scene, which is fine.” SUPERBAD star MICHAEL CERA isn’t a fan of boozing.

“She should! At least she will be taking the pressure off me.” KYLIE MINOGUE is hoping her little sister DANNII announces plans to marry her partner, KRIS SMITH.

“I bought him an archery set. I thought it would be nice. But I’d forgotten that whenever I give him anything with a blade, he hurts himself. He’s 44 but that’s practically 12 in my book. He cut himself badly and was bleeding profusely. I don’t expect him to last much longer.” EMMA THOMPSON’s present for her husband GREG WISE on their seventh wedding anniversary wasn’t a great success.

“I always knew John Lennon had a very gentle side, otherwise I couldn’t live with him. He was always very nice to me. But when Sean was born, he was a totally different person, not just nice. He was so much into bringing Sean up.” YOKO ONO insists her late husband, JOHN LENNON, was a changed man after the birth of their only child, Sean Lennon, in 1975.

“I haven’t gone back to vegetarian.” Actor ORLANDO BLOOM admits he’s still enjoying a meaty diet after quiting his vegetarian lifestyle during filming for THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING in 2001.

“I thought it would be funny.” Rapper-turned-actor MARK WAHLBERG regrets dedicating his 1992 memoir, Marky Mark, to his penis.

“I used to have eyelash extensions, but those only work for three weeks, or maybe a month if you really baby them. You can never blink and must lie very carefully at night on your little geisha pillow.” Pop star KATY PERRY now relies on fake eyelashes to achieve her sexy look after struggling to maintain the eyelash extensions.

“My children are actually worse than the terrible twos; they’re the horrifically terrible twos!” Actor JERRY O’CONNELL admits his twin baby girls with wife REBECCA ROMIJN are not the best behaved of kids.

“I just ordered some nice slacks. I finally got them and they’re too big now.” Actor JOHN GOODMAN needs a whole new wardrobe after dropping more than 100 pounds (45 kilograms) of body fat.

“Ghostbusters is the most influential movie of my childhood. And I would not want to be the reason that Ghostbusters was all of a sudden bad.” SUPERBAD star MICHAEL CERA puts to rest rumours he will appear in the third Ghostbusters film.

“I took mushrooms once while dressed up like a robot at a Daft Punk concert, and I had to throw myself into the shower fully clothed afterward.” Singer KATY PERRY steers clear of drugs after a bad experience during her youth.

“Whenever I went to a friend’s house, I would immediately turn on MTV. The other kids would say, ‘Why are you watching this? Let’s do something else’, and I would be like, ‘No. I have to watch.’ It was all about Gwen Stefani’s Don’t Speak and Just a Girl, Alanis Morissette and Shirley Manson for me.” KATY PERRY was determined to catch up on pop hits whenever she was around a TV as a kid - the singer was banned from watching the cable channel by her religious parents when she was a child.

“I think he’s going to change people’s lives. He’s going to help them remember why we exist… His pilgrimage is spiritual. I think his destination will be complete nirvana.” KATY PERRY has complete faith in her fiance, British funnyman RUSSELL BRAND’s purpose in life.

“I think it’s really important to be able to talk when something’s wrong. I learned at a really young age that if you don’t talk about it, it can drive you insane.” Former child star MARY-KATE OLSEN likes to discuss her problems.

“If the right track came up I’d love to work with Gaga. She’s one of the most exciting artists around.” TOM JONES is eyeing a collaboration with LADY GAGA.

“I’d go to Burger King and get three f**king cheeseburgers for myself and several cheeseburgers for them, then take the buns off. We’d all eat the same meal.” MICKEY ROURKE admits he used to feed his beloved pet dogs unhealthy treats.

“Apparently MTV doesn’t care that I have two massive stadium shows on the other side of the country the day after the VMAs. F me, right?!?! I mean, I’ll be there but don’t expect me to be nice about it.” EMINEM isn’t happy about the timing of the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles on 12 September (10). The rapper - who secured eight nominations this year (10), including the Best Male and Best Hip Hop Video categories - is due to perform with Jay-Z in New York on 13 and 14 September (10).

“She never does (have an off day). She’s like one of those waxworks at Madame Tussauds. Flawless.” DEV PATEL insists his girlfriend FREIDA PINTO is always beautiful to him.

“I’m actually a very moral guy. No horses, no reptiles.” Playboy boss HUGH HEFNER has some rules when it comes to getting naughty in the bedroom.

“I’m perpetually lonely. I’m lonely when I’m in relationships. It’s my condition as an artist.” Pop phenomenon LADY GAGA admits it’s lonely at the top.

“Deviled eggs were called ‘angeled’ eggs.” KATY PERRY’s parents were so religious they refused to call the boiled egg dish by its given name.

“I’m going to grad school for film directing. It’s really hard, there’s like essays to write… who would think?!” Actress JORDANA SPIRO, star of U.S. TV sitcom My Boys, admits going back to school wasn’t quite as easy as she thought it would be.

“I’m from New York, I’m not supposed to have a driver’s licence!” PRECIOUS star GABOUREY SIDIBE is in no rush to obtain her driver’s permit after years of living in the metropolitan area.

“She went behind my back and auditioned. She’s sneaky! I think she was just too nervous to tell me about it then she went on and rocked it. I’m very proud of her.” Actress GABOUREY SIDIBE had no idea her singer mother, Alice Tan Ridley, planned to try out for U.S. reality show America’s Got Talent earlier this year (10). She’s since progressed to the semi-finals of the TV competition.

“Now people want me to be naked and sexy! And I’m like, ‘Where was that when everything was up high?!’” Actress PATRICIA CLARKSON, 50, wonders why she never landed racy acting roles when she was young and fit.

“My mom has me on a tight leash and (she’s) being real protective. The girls show up wearing nothing. I can’t lie, I’m 16, I don’t hate it.(But) I don’t have a girlfriend.” Teen pop sensation JUSTIN BIEBER on his legions of female fans.

“I’m a bit overwhelmed… I came today and there was 900 people. I came the other day and there was nothing here.” LIAM GALLAGHER was stunned by the number of fans who flocked to London’s Carnaby Street on Friday (30Jul10) to see him open a new pop-up store for his Pretty Green fashion range.

“I had to get rid of it for the kids. I have a scooter now.” Hollywood actor LIEV SCHREIBER has had to trade in his powerful motorcycle for a more road-friendly vehicle.

“Bath time’s pretty great - it’s fun to take a bath with your kids. I’d like to get Sasha to stop turning the cold water on (though)!” Actor LIEV SCHREIBER loves bonding with his two young sons in the bathtub.

“Dora the Explorer. Anything to do with kids, I’m pretty sharp on.” Hollywood star and father-of-four MARK WAHLBERG is an expert on children’s entertainment.

“I’m not really good at making money… Do you know what the word perception means? It’s perception, it’s not fact at all.” Hollywood veteran MORGAN FREEMAN insists his blockbuster films haven’t made him as rich a man as people think.

“What they neglected to tell me is vultures will snap off any part of your body that they care to - because they eat carcases. They will break bones with their beaks. And so I’m doing stuff… not knowing I could lose an appendage.” Funnyman STEVE CARELL on the risks of acting next to a snappy vulture in new movie DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS.

“I would love to have her do the show but she’s constantly employed. I’m just trying to see if I can get her for dinner.” DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES executive producer MARC CHERRY, who also worked on Golden Girls, wants red-hot comedic veteran BETTY WHITE to make a cameo on the hit TV drama.

“I adore Jake. He can’t be my gay husband as Willy has that title. So Jake is one of my gay flings. But the straight husband has to get along with gay husband. We all have to be one big happy family and thankfully I’ve got that with Andres.” KYLIE MINOGUE’s model lover Andres Velencoso has to contend with singer Jake Shears and her stylist William Baker for the singer’s attention.

“I had to make out with a boy, which was very traumatising. I was kinda mean to him because I would be the one to call ‘Cut’ because I was like, ‘I can’t do this, I feel so horrible’.” KATY PERRY struggled with kissing scenes in her new video Teenage Dream - because she felt like she was cheating on her fiance Russell Brand.

“I’m atwitter! He’s so comfortable in his own skin and has that sort of out there sexuality. Don’t tell him I said that!” MARCIA CROSS can’t wait to work with hunky new DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES recruit, BRIAN AUSTIN GREEN, who will star as her love interest.

“I think he’s one of the most poetic, ballsy and hilarious people this industry has ever seen. I was always afraid he’d pick me as a target, but he’s always been nice to me and finally approached me to be on the album, so I must have done something right.” PINK was thrilled to be asked to be part of EMINEM’s new album Recovery; she joins the rapper on the song Won’t Back Down.

“I would go downstairs and eat a bunch of nachos or popcorn, just sitting around getting fat. I just gave up.” EMINEM on his drug-fuelled low between 2005 and 2008.

“If you want to know which rehab to go to, ask me. I’m the Conde Nast Traveller guide to rehabs.” Rock hellraiser COURTNEY LOVE knows all the best treatment centres.

“It was horrendous. People were serving me food with masks and rubber gloves. It was like ET in the quarantine chamber. I was gripped with fear.” KASABIAN rocker TOM MEIGHAN on his bout of swine flu last year (09).

“I think it’s saving her life. I think that the judge has been the only one to give tough love and that’s what she needs right now.” SHARON OSBOURNE applauds Judge Marsha Revel’s decision to put Lindsy Lohan behind bars.

“I got AnnaLynne an iPad. She’s been wanting one forever and she’s been using mine. She’s obsessed with it.” TWILIGHT star KELLAN LUTZ on what he bought girlfriend AnnaLynne McCord for her recent 23rd birthday.

“There’s rumours about anything and everyone the whole time. You just roll with the stuff. Some things are more daft than others, and some things can strike home. You’ve just got to go about your business, that’s all.” Rocker GAVIN ROSSDALE on how he handles gossip about his family.

“The show’s going to be great. The show has been very consistent and I’m just one part of this ensemble. The show is so strong and has such good writers, it will continue to be great. So the show’s not going anywhere.” STEVE CARELL insists THE OFFICE will continue after he departs the U.S. version of the comedy series at the end of the next season.

“He’s in a really crazy position because he’s quarter black, quarter Jewish and half Tamil. It’s like oppression baby central.” M.I.A. on her baby son Ikhyd.

“Rumours are bound to happen. (The cast is) all so incestuous and close that we figure anything will come out.” GLEE star JENNA USHKOWITZ continues to dodge questions about her rumoured romance with TV co-star KEVIN McHALE.

“You have this crazy ball of inconditional love and good times. I don’t ever have to go to the cinema ever again because I just watch him all the time. I don’t have to look at art because I stare at him all the time.” M.I.A. is fascinated by her one-year-old son Ikhyd.

“I’m a one-guy girl and I’ve never played the field. I’ve only had one previous boyfriend. I’ve just had two good, healthy relationships in my life.” GIRLS ALOUD star KIMBERLEY WALSH isn’t interested in the single life.

“I think initially they were there to camouflage the fact that I didn’t look too good.” MOTT THE HOOPLE star IAN HUNTER on his trademark sunglasses.

“I need three or four years to go by before I watch stuff, because if I see something I don’t like I’ll call the director up and producers in the middle of the night and raise hell - and then I’ll be out of work for another 14 years.” MICKEY ROURKE refuses to watch any of his movies for several years for fear he won’t like the final cut.

“She’s down in my phone as ‘Posh’. She will always be ‘Posh’. And every now and then I’m ‘Goldenballs’.” DAVID BECKHAM and his wife VICTORIA still use their favourite pet names for each other.

“You never really get used to it. I think it’s one of those things that always amazes me when you walk past people and there’s a double-take.” DAVID BECKHAM is still surprised when he’s recognised.

“The first time you do it, you’re deeply considering an adult diaper.” RYAN REYNOLDS’ high-flying stuntwork in new DC Comics film THE GREEN LANTERN left him shaken.

“In a word, miserable. I thought they would be excited about the effort I put into speaking it, but that was not the case. It made me feel very uncool. But uncool is the new cool.” Actress ELLEN PAGE’s attempts to speak French while filming new thriller INCEPTION in Paris failed to impress the locals.

“I can sit. I can stand. I can move around a bit. Feeling strong, feeling confident. I’m ready - rebuilt by German engineering, better design I’m told.” U2 star BONO insists he’s ready to rock again after recent back surgery, which forced the group to scrap U.S. shows and a headlining spot at the Glastonbury festival. The band will return to the road in Turin, Italy on 6 August (10).

“Listen, I’m a tax-paying citizen and I have the right to believe what I want to believe, freedom of expression and all of that. It doesn’t matter that I have a few more people paying attention.” Outspoken rocker STING brushes off criticism levelled at celebrities who express their beliefs on social, political and environmental issues.

“I turned down the lead role in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, because that idiot Oliver Stone didn’t think the character should play the alto sax.” MICHAEL CERA.

“We never claimed to be the best singers or the best dancers. But we definitely had an energy and a belief and sometimes that is just as important.” Singer EMMA BUNTON admits the SPICE GIRLS didn’t survive on talent alone.

“I don’t even have a tattoo. I’m so untrendy. I think maybe I should have one.” KYLIE MINOGUE is eyeing a permanent body inking to fit in with her pop peers.

“When it finished, I was so shell-shocked. I was pretty speechless and people were trying to talk to me. I needed to get in my car and leave because I needed to go think about what I just saw. It’s more than a film, I think it’s an experience.” ELLEN PAGE’s mind was blown after watching her sci-fi thriller INCEPTION.

“I have an absolutely lovely life. I’m still alive, which is a good start, still working, surrounded by children. Isn’t it nice to not be consumed with anxiety about that pimple on the end of your nose that seemed so important in your teenage years?” THE PARENT TRAP star HAYLEY MILLS is blissfully happy at 64.

“I applaud my Young Money family for what they’re doing. As I’m not surprised. This is what we’re supposed to do. Congrats to Drake and Nicki for all their recent success. Those 2 are going to have me retiring early.” Rap superstar LIL WAYNE is proud of the chart success his two proteges Drake and Nicki Minaj have achieved while he serves jail time for gun possession.

“The childbirth…, I feel, should be on screen.” TWILIGHT screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg hopes the birth of Bella and Edward’s baby in sequel Breaking Dawn will be graphic.

“He’s more excited about this project than he was about the Beatles or Tina Turner. He is so, so proud, and he really believes in me.” Jailed hitmaker PHIL SPECTOR has a great deal of faith in his wife RACHELLE’s talent.

“When you write a really good pop song, you get this feeling of euphoria. When you’re solving a math equation, it’s the same feeling. Swear to God.” Clever pop star KE$HA insists songwriting is just like solving mathematics puzzles.

“I wake up around 11am. Have some coffee. Call my kids, and my wonderful mother. I then shower up. Read fan mail. Have lunch. Back on the phone. Read a book or write some thoughts down. Have dinner. Phone. Push-ups. Then I listen to (sports station) ESPN on the radio. Read the bible, then sleep. That’s my day.” Incarcerated rapper LIL WAYNE describes his daily routine behind bars. The star is serving time in New York’s Rikers Island jail on a weapons possession charge.

“I come off as being pretentious and all that stuff. Don’t care.” Former Police rocker STING shrugs off critics who have panned him for transforming his songs into orchestral pieces for his new tour, Symphonicities.

“Big news - Deanna and I are havin’ a boy and a girl. We’re very excited about that. We do have names picked out but we’re going to keep them to ourselves until further notice.” Singer CHRIS DAUGHTRY reveals the sex of the twins he is expecting with his wife Deanna. The babies, conceived via surrogate, are due in November (10).

“When she saw Twilight for the first time she thought I was Skype-ing her. She was talking to the TV and she was like, ‘Why is Daddy not talking back to me?’ I got on the phone and she was mad at me.” Actor PETER FACINELLI admits his three-year-old daughter, Fiona, is confused by her dad’s vampire role in the hit film franchise.

“I can’t imagine anything grosser to me than making love to someone with myself singing in the background. It just gives me the creeps. Not sex - just my own music during sex!” SCISSOR SISTERS star JAKE SHEARS won’t be getting intimate to his own songs.

“I would be happy and very excited to appear on one of Simon Cowell’s shows… There’s a lot of people who just think they’re game shows but people develop amazing careers out of shows like X Factor, Pop Idol and American Idol.” SCISSOR SISTERS star JAKE SHEARS wants to stand in for British singer CHERYL COLE on the judging panel of THE X FACTOR while she battles malaria.

“I wish I could explain, but I have no clue. Even the song’s writer, Max Martin, can’t give us an explanation. I think it’s just such an easily singable song.” A.J. McLEAN has no idea what the BACKSTREET BOYS’ hit I WANT IT THAT WAY is about.

“I’d love to do a tune with JAY-Z. We don’t need him and he probably doesn’t need us but it would be good to collaborate with someone like him.” British rocker TOM MEIGHAN is keen for his band KASABIAN to team up with the rap superstar.

“Things seemed to go by so fast. I’ll try not to do it this tour.” Producer MARK RONSON is cutting down on his alcohol intake after admitting he downed a bottle of whisky every night on his last trek.

“I’ve only been in this one play recently and no one in the audience was under 85. But these old people were on the edge of their seats. Broadway audiences, which are basically old people, are just electric. They really understand theatre.” RUPERT EVERETT loved the mature fans who came to see him perform in BLITHE SPIRIT with ANGELA LANSBURY.

“It’s just been one great big merry-go-round and I don’t want to get off.” Scottish singer SUSAN BOYLE on her rise from nobody to global superstar in 14 months.

“When Ozzy calls and asks you to go on tour, you say, ‘When do I start?’ Over 25 years ago, Ozzy took Motley Crüe on, what some say, was one of the greatest tours in rock history. When he asked us to co-headline OzzFest with him this year, we were flattered and ecstatic. It is an honour and a privilege to share the stage with him again.” Rocker NIKKI SIXX can’t wait to hit the road with Ozzy Osbourne again this summer (10).

“She’s bilingual. When I want to be very, very strict with her, I talk to her in French!” SEX AND THE CITY movie actor GILLES MARINI scolds his young daughter Juliana in his native language.

“They talk about her all the time. Initially, it was difficult, but she seems to be a positive influence in their life.” LEANN RIMES is a hit with her one-time love rival Brandi Glanville because the country singer is good with the kids she shares with actor Eddie Cibrian. Cibrian left Glanville after embarking on a romance with Rimes.

“No one is sweating, no one is dancing. People don’t ever dance anymore.” Singer KELIS wants to make people get back on their feet and dance to her new album FLESH TONE.

“People are like, ‘How does Julianne Moore look naked?’ I don’t know. She was pressed up against me the whole time. I couldn’t look at her.” MARK RUFFALO didn’t get an eyeful of the star during their steamy love scenes in 2008 film Blindness.

“Puffy wants to be the hot b**ch in the group… You know how an ugly b**ch always has pretty friends? That’s how he’s built his group. He wants to be the hot b**ch in the group. He wants to make sure he gets all the attention.” 50 CENT takes aim at fellow rapper SEAN ‘DIDDY’ COMBS.

“I know the economy really sucks right now, and you spent your money on hanging out with me on the Fourth of July, so I thank you.” LADY GAGA thanked fans for giving up the holiday weekend (03-04Jul10) to catch her show in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

“I have absolutely no time for Wayne Rooney right now. He should be shot. So there you go. He was terrible in the World Cup. He let us all down.” Soccer-mad GOSSIP GIRL star ED WESTWICK was not impressed with the English striker’s performance during the 2010 World Cup. England was knocked out of the competition by Germany last month (27Jun10).

“Aww, I mean you know. It’s a little like this and a little like that. Look, I’m 23. How tied down can somebody be at 23 these days?” GOSSIP GIRL star ED WESTWICK continues to dodge speculation about his love life. The British actor was recently rumoured to have split from his longterm girlfriend and TV co-star JESSICA SZOHR in April (10).

“I wrote a couple of songs on my sister’s last album and if there’s a line she doesn’t like, she changes it and we keep on moving.” Singer/songwriter SOLANGE KNOWLES shares a good working relationship with big sister BEYONCE.

“These days it’s so easy for couples to just walk away when they’ve had a simple row (argument). Work at it, kids. Give it a proper go before you throw in the towel, for goodness’ sake.” Movie hardman RAY WINSTONE urges young couples to fight to make their relationships work.

“I want to hang out with my kids. I don’t want them to forget who their dad is. I have worked really hard these past two years. I think I need to recharge my batteries.” Director TIM BURTON is ready for a rest from filmmaking to concentrate on being a parent.

“Someone told me recently they saw me at my peak, but how do they know when my peak is? I think I’m improving all the time. When I listen to my old records I’m ashamed of how I played them.” Pop superstar PRINCE holds himself to a high standard.

“I also hear, ‘You don’t get enough respect… you don’t get enough love.’ And I always tell those people that I’m getting your love. And to me that’s enough. As long as I’m artistically free, my son is able to go to the best schools and financially we are good that’s all that matters.” Singer SOLANGE KNOWLES insists she has no desire to reach superstar status like her older sister BEYONCE.

“This kid (Drake) is a phenomenon. He’s like a young pharaoh with a great talent. I call him the male version of Lauryn Hill.” WU-TANG CLAN star RAEKWON tips rap newcomer DRAKE for big success.

“It’s nice to have a bit of help around the place. But generally speaking, personal assistants and all of that? If you can’t phone up a restaurant and book a table for yourself, you’re in big trouble.” British actor RAY WINSTONE isn’t one for an entourage.

“I’ll miss our family, our family reunions, every time we get to film another film.” TWILIGHT actor JACKSON RATHBONE will be sad when filming for the vampire franchise comes to an end.

“He is hilarious! He claps, he snaps and he waves. He is a shrunken little person and has a lot of personality.” R&B star KELIS treasures every moment with her son Knight, her baby boy with ex-husband Nas. The tot celebrates his first birthday on 22 July (10).

“I can’t just shave my head. There’s a lot more that goes into it than with the normal 20 year old. But I will, for sure. I’ve always wanted to.” THE JONAS BROTHERS singer JOE JONAS worries that plans to shave his head could hurt his Disney image.

“There is this vegan bakery in NYC called BabyCakes. I just bought its cookbook, and I’m having so much fun. The apple pie is heaven.” ANNE HATHAWAY is mastering vegan cuisine.

“Christina’s very attached. She doesn’t let anybody near that baby. Not even me sometimes!” R&B singer/producer THE-DREAM has his wife CHRISTINA MILIAN to contend with when he wants to spend time with their four-month-old baby daughter Violet.

“Not any time soon! He’s only 21! The way things are going, things are working perfectly. I’ll wait for him.” KIMBERLY WYATT, 28, won’t be marrying her toyboy lover KEVIN SCHMIDT in the near future.

“No, not this year!” Actor EDWARD NORTON has no plans to repeat his success at the 2009 New York Marathon, when he completed the 26.2 mile (42.2 kilometre) race in three hours, 48 minutes and one second, raising $300,000 (£200,000) for the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust.

“I still live in Australia at the moment but I spend a lot of time here (in America). No plans (to move) at the moment, but we’ll see.” ALICE IN WONDERLAND star MIA WASIKOWSKA has no intention of relocating from her native Australia to America to boost her budding Hollywood career.

“My mum in the ’70s and ’80s! She was a bad b**ch. Sex and the City totally jacked her steez (style) on the camels. I have a pic of her on a camel ride in Egypt in the ’80s serving the hell out of that desert!” Singer SOLANGE KNOWLES credits her mother TINA as her style icon.

“Don’t be afraid to be yourself just because you’re not like everybody else in class. If you want to dye your hair green and that’s what makes you happy, then dye your hair green, no matter what other people might say about it. Not everybody is going to like you - that’s the world we live in; that’s reality.” RIHANNA offers up advice to teen fans.

“Helen doesn’t put tops back on bottles - how many times do I have to tell her?” DAME HELEN MIRREN’s husband TAYLOR HACKFORD on his pet hate.

“Back when I was modelling, the first time I went to Italy I was having cappuccinos every day, and I gained 15 pounds. And I felt gorgeous! I would take my clothes off in front of the mirror and be like, ‘Oh, I look like a woman’. And I felt beautiful, and I never tried to lose it, ’cause I loved it!” MAD MEN star CHRISTINA HENDRICKS loves her full figure.

“I’m always in trouble for being tanned… They, like, exfoliate (my skin)… I was in Greece for the summer before we went back to shoot… Right now I’m tanned, so I’m not a vampire anymore.” NIKKI REED struggles to stay pale and interesting for the TWILIGHT movies.

“I’m all about the shoes! I order a ton of them online and play with my entire wardrobe until I find the right shoe. Unfortunately, so many people get it right from the head until the ankles. The shoe is very important. I can’t even f**k with you if your shoe game is slacking.” Fashionable singer SOLANGE KNOWLES has an extensive footwear collection.

“I quit smoking a year ago and July 5th is, like, my one-year (anniversary)… I’m probably most proud of that… I became more athletic after… A lot of water sports, I surf, I water ski, I box.” TWILIGHT star NIKKI REED is preparing to celebrate the first anniversary of her self-imposed smoking ban.

“I wouldn’t mind running for political office - if only I could dispose of incriminating photos from my youth.” ENTOURAGE star ADRIAN GRENIER harbours a passion for politics.

“It was a little embarrassing - five guys in their 40s and nobody in the movie wanted to take their shirts off… We all had different reasons; I’m outta shape… and (David) Spade only has one nipple… and, oddly enough, (Rob) Schneider has six… He’s like a mother pig… Sandler has a lot of chest hair and it’s very straight… (and) Chris (Rock) is in good shape if you’re a thermometer… He weighs 35 pounds.” KEVIN JAMES admits the male cast of Grown Ups covered up for water park scenes in the film.

“The human race is hypocritical. Sex will always be with us. Prostitution will always be with us. Hookers, w**res, prostitutes, whatever you may call them, are some of the most ignobled people in the world.” DAME HELEN MIRREN on her sympathy for sex workers. The actress plays a madam in new movie LOVE RANCH.

“I wasn’t familiar with the book. My character appears in the first 20 pages, so I read those 20 pages!” Actor JAMES FRANCO confesses he only read part of the book his new film EAT PRAY LOVE is based on.

“It was actually really liberating and amazing and I think everyone should try it… Literally, once a week, throw your phone (in the toilet).” Actor JEREMY PIVEN on learning to live without communication technology after dropping his cellphone into the toilet at a restaurant.

“I get drunk when I’m at home with my parents at a bar down the street.” LADY GAGA snubs celebrity parties for nights out with her mum and dad.

“In Canada I had a strict piano teacher who was a nun and even now when I make a mistake I imagine the nun will come out and spank me.” Singer RUFUS WAINWRIGHT still lives in fear of his childhood music tutor.

“I texted her about five weeks ago - I just had the idea. I was pulling into an airport somewhere and it just popped into my head, and I sent her a text saying, ‘Do you want to do a song with us at Glasto?’, and two minutes later I got a text back with capital letters being like, ‘Hell yeah!’” JAKE SHEARS reveals how he persuaded KYLIE MINOGUE to duet with the SCISSOR SISTERS at Britain’s Glastonbury festival over the weekend (26Jun10).

“I love Ecstasy but I don’t take it very much. Well, I like MDMA. I don’t like Ecstasy.” LADY GAGA is confused about her drug intake.

“I was working on my Wonder Woman twirl and I twirled right into the end of a glass table… It looks like there’s a centipede on my leg just permanently. It’s fine though… I am a popstar, I have to do my job!” KATY PERRY jokes about her recent dancing injury which required 17 stitches.

“Mel B can’t stand wearing dresses - she’s got more balls than a man.” MELANIE BROWN is not a fan of feminine clothes, according to fashion designer JULIEN MACDONALD.

“It was a nice kiss and I’ve kissed a few people on camera.” JAMIE FOXX on having to kiss JENNIFER HUDSON the moment they met on the set of DREAMGIRLS.

“I just think it’s time. I want to fulfil my contract. When I first signed on, I had a contract for seven seasons, and this coming year is my seventh. I just thought it was time for my character to go…. It doesn’t certainly mean the end of the show. I think it’s just a dynamic change to the show, which could be a good thing, actually. Add some new life and some new energy to the show.” STEVE CARELL on his decision to quit THE OFFICE.

“I think the daytime is ugly. I don’t want to look out and see a rainbow of sunburns. It’s not very rock ‘n’ roll.” The DEAD WEATHER star ALISON MOSSHART hates performing at festivals.

“I’ve, like, spoken to spiritual guides and things. I’m terrified of therapy because I don’t want it to mess with my creativity.” LADY GAGA doesn’t need help containing her wild demons.

“I’m glad that I started out in theatre. Doing eight shows a week instills a good work ethic. You’re much more mollycoddled on a film set and I wouldn’t have wanted to start my career that way.” Oscar nominee ANNA KENDRICK loved her stint on Broadway in the show High Society, which she starred in when she was just 12 years old.

“I lost the top of my finger playing on my grandma’s mobility stair lift. It was terrifying, but could have been so much worse - and it has bestowed on me an ability to be a more compassionate person.” DARYL HANNAH admits she’s a little clumsy.

“I had to literally rip my top off halfway through because it was too hot.” British singer ELLIE GOULDING suffered from the scorching weather during her set at the U.K.s Glastonbury Festival on Friday (25Jun10).

“I never did like the fact that he put scarves or veils over their faces… so that’s why I didn’t do it. As long as we have them protected with security guards, I think that’s fine.” KATHERINE JACKSON admits she never approved of her late son Michael covering up his children’s faces.

“It’s like Sex & The City but, if you’re a guy, you won’t throw up.” CHRIS ROCK on his new buddy comedy Grown-Ups.

“The Christmas dinner scene, when he spikes his wife’s new lover’s dinner with hash. That really happened; that came from Baxter. There’s a letter on screen that Ian writes to (his daughter) Jemima; that’s the actual letter he wrote to her. They went to the lockup where they put all his costumes and stuff and brought it all out for the film.” ANDY SERKIS had a lot of help from IAN DURY’s son Baxter and the Dury family as he prepared to play the late punk icon in biopic Sex & Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll.

“A lot of people don’t know I’m a budding ventriloquist. I’ve been working on it for the past three years.” OZZY OSBOURNE discovers a new talent.

“I actually had the chance to meet him in the mid-’90s. The meeting wasn’t great, I have to say. He was very much out of order. He didn’t suffer fools, put it that way, and he’d had a few to drink. But I was very glad, when I got to play the role, that I’d seen that side of him.” LORD OF THE RINGS star ANDY SERKIS on his less than friendly meeting with punk icon IAN DURY, who he plays in biopic Sex & Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll.

“Now everyone one understands why we’re not together - because we don’t see things the same. She has a blog where she can put her thoughts and feelings, and I respect that.” Rocker MELISSA ETHERIDGE on former partner TAMI LYNN MICHAELS’ online outburst about the couple’s “mutual” split. The singer/songwriter appeared on TV show Oprah and confirmed her marriage to the actress was over, but Michaels has since insisted there was nothing mutual about it, as her ex had suggested.

“I’m sick of being a ‘legend’. People like (Motorhead frontman) Lemmy and I don’t go, ‘Right, I’m 60 now, I’m a legend’, that’s f**king bulls**t. I don’t want to be a f**king legend, I want to be a guy that’s actively having fun and giving fun.” OZZY OSBOURNE doesn’t like his ‘legend’ tag.

“Sometimes I wish I could have alcohol, but I know that’s no longer an option for me.” Reformed rock wildman OZZY OSBOURNE still craves a drink from time to time, years after kicking his longtime drug and alcohol addictions.

“This woman’s a jerk. I hate her. I can’t believe they put her in my box, which I paid for. You give people the finger and you get upgraded? Is that the world we’re living in right now?” Comedian JERRY SEINFELD jokes about LADY GAGA getting upgraded to his vacant private box at a recent New York Mets baseball game.

“He made them put about four or five bottles of brandy in the cake because Ozzy was on his brandy phase in the early ’80s, so everything had to be covered in brandy… and he ate the whole cake and was laid out… in the hallway; he never made it into our bedroom on our wedding night.” Not all of SHARON OSBOURNE’s wedding memories are fond ones. The rock matriarch celebrates her 28th anniversary with husband Ozzy this week (begs21Jun10).

“I think I’m gonna get the album title tattooed on me and put out the photo.” LADY GAGA on how she’s going to announce the title of her new album.

“It would be fun to play Little Richard in a movie.” PRINCE wants to portray the rock ‘n’ roll legend on the big screen.

“One guy wrote in and said, ‘I’m on, like, 24 pints of beer a day and I can knock back six brandies after dinner, do I need help?’ And Ozzy said, ‘No, it’s normal…’ He’s not the best expert, but you like talking to him… He does give good advice, he’s always diagnosing me.” SHARON OSBOURNE insists husband Ozzy might not be the best person to write a health advice column. The rocker has been commissioned to pen a weekly column for Britain’s The Times.

“The two guys in rock with the best noses were Axl Rose and Kurt Cobain and I certainly wasn’t going to mate with Axl Rose… I was all about mating for a nose.” COURTNEY LOVE on what drew her to Kurt Cobain.

“I don’t like it, it kind of grosses me out. I don’t like it feeling sticky on my hands, it smells.” Actress MARIA BELLO steers clear of anti-bacterial hand gel.

“That is so exciting. Good for them. They are both lovely people. They deserve that. That’s wonderful.” Soul singer and new father ROBIN THICKE is delighted for his pal ALICIA KEYS following the news she is expecting a child with her fiance, producer SWIZZ BEATZ.

“I have a team that can be relied upon to to filter out anything too strange. One thing that did get through was a car manual. I’m still trying to figure out why a guy would send me that in the post.” TWILIGHT actress ASHLEY GREENE reveals her most unusual piece of fan mail.

“We do a lot of scheduling. That’s probably one of our biggest debates, I guess, is like saying, ‘Oh, I’ll show up here in Europe.’ Or he’ll be in New York and I’ll be there (elsewhere). We have to work on a lot of scheduling, like pre-planning.” Singer KATY PERRY and her fiance RUSSELL BRAND often find themselves embroiled in “debate” about their relationship - because the two stars have such hectic work schedules.

“There have been three times. Once I got in a car accident and shattered my finger. A few years ago I didn’t feel like being alive. That’s all I can say.” RACONTEURS frontman JACK WHITE on his closest encounters with death.

“It’s karma… I’m nothing but a driving wallet, that’s it.” Outspoken supermodel-turned-reality TV star JANICE DICKINSON on raising her two kids, Savannah, 16, and Nathan, 22.

“I literally fell asleep in class - that’s how tired I was after all the training… and nobody spoke English.” Child star JADEN SMITH admits work on his new movie THE KARATE KID in China was tough and tiring.

“I love GLEE, are you kidding? If I didn’t watch that show the world would stop spinning on its axis.” KYLIE MINOGUE is a massive fan of the hit U.S. TV musical.

“I really like the Twilight movies… (and) I’m on the last book… I’m Team Edward all the way.” Child star JADEN SMITH would love to land a cameo in the final Twilight films.

“It’s healthy and it sort of becomes addictive. It’s addicting to get into the gym and work to get that muscle.” TAYLOR LAUTNER is hooked on maintaining his buff TWILIGHT body.

“If I see those words attached to me I feel like banging my head against the wall. There’s this perception of me that I can only be in a film if I have a glass of champagne in my hand and a stately home in the background.” KRISTIN SCOTT THOMAS is tired of being labelled an ‘Ice Queen’.

“Prince likes electronics. He can hook up just about anything. He also likes karate.” MARLON JACKSON is impressed by the talents of his late brother MICHAEL’s eldest son.

“I did something stupid. Don’t drink and drive.” Rapper EVE warns fans not to make the same mistake she did after crashing her car following a night out in Hollywood in 2007. She escaped punishment after pleading no contest to a charge of driving under the influence.

“When I used to drink and get stoned all the time, the longer the journey, the more I liked it. Now, I don’t do that stuff, f**king 12 hours on a bus and I want to poke my eyes out.” Touring isn’t as much fun anymore for clean and sober OZZY OSBOURNE.

“I live alone and my electricity went out and I ran and got in my bed and got in the covers and called one of my friends to come over… this was about a month ago.” EMMA ROBERTS is anxious about starring in the upcoming SCREAM sequel - because she’s so easily scared.

“There’s a lot of mental illness in my family. Seriously, the Sedgwick side is a whole bunch of crazies.” KYRA SEDGWICK admits mental illness runs in her family.

“I truly believe that God blessed this family with the gift of music to make people happy all over the world. If they want to become performers, that’s fine with me and my mom, but they also have to get an education.” MARLON JACKSON will have no problems if late brother Michael’s three kids decide they want to follow their dad into showbusiness.

“It’s set for September (10). You’ll see how my family life is, and how we cope - three kids with three different fathers.” Former SPICE GIRLS star MELANIE BROWN’s reality TV show is taking shape.

“The wildest tour I ever did in my career was in 1984 with Motley Crue. It was insane. They were f**king nuts. I reckon I did more time in jail than I did in the hotel with them.” OZZY OSBOURNE suggests his upcoming Ozzfest dates with old mates Motley Crue could be a recipe for disaster.

“I couldn’t strip. Maybe when I’m 40 I’ll change my mind. I grew up on the north coast of Colombia, where life is traditional. There are things I’m not brave enough to do.” SHAKIRA is dubious about ever posing nude.

“I love tea. Yorkshire Gold Tea. That’s my only luxury.” OZZY OSBOURNE on his backstage must-have.

“(I Am Ozzy writer) Chris Ayres has people who take your DNA and can tell you when you’re going to die and what you’re going to die from. I don’t want to find out that. If I find out I’m gonna avoid it like the plague.” Hell-raising rocker OZZY OSBOURNE was quick to reject offers from the writer of his memoir to determine when he will die.

“I don’t date guys that I have a feeling are only interested in arm candy.” HUGH HEFNER’s former number one girlfriend, HOLLY MADISON, wants future suitors to look past her assets.

“He’s a good poker player.” SLASH loves spending time with British pop star ROBBIE WILLIAMS in Los Angeles. The two stars both hail from the same town in England.

“I’ve never looked up to anybody famous, any stars, anything like that. My mum has been, always will be, is to this day, the woman I aspire to be.” Rapper/actress EVE is in awe of her hardworking single mother Julie Wilch.

“I was at this club in Dallas for an event. Real crowded. I was kind of jammed against a wall and every so often this guy walks by and sort of nods, like he’s not going to let anybody else know that he knows me… Then, finally, he stops by me, sticks up his thumb, and goes, ‘Yeah! Terry Bradshaw!’” ROBERT DUVALL is mistaken for the American football great.

“I had an A-Team gang when I was 11 years old… and there’s another gang that starts in the same class… We couldn’t have that, because there could only be one, so we went and had a fight to settle who could be the A-Team… We went down and had a war on the field… and my gang won.” THE A-TEAM star SHARLTO COPLEY was a huge fan of the 1980s TV series. On U.S. TV show Lopez Tonight on Monday (14Jun10), the South African actor showed a photo of his childhood B.A. Baracus birthday cake that was duplicated for his birthday cake on the set of the new film.

“Old friends will come up (to me) and I kinda don’t recognise them.” Aged actress BETTY WHITE on pals who overdo the cosmetic surgery.

“I deal with racism every day. I deal with racism with Sean John. I deal with racism with Ciroc. When we first started, people were saying, because I’m African-American, Ciroc (vodka) must be a black drink. It’s 2010!” Rap mogul SEAN ‘DIDDY’ COMBS is constantly surprised by the racist attitudes he encounters in the business world.

“It took me 20, 21 years to write that album, really. So it is very personal and it is autobiographical because it is my whole life. I am talking about my dad, I’m talking about how I felt being in my room at certain times crying myself to sleep. I’m talking about dancing.” Rapper EVE admits her 1999 debut, Let There Be Eve… Ruff Ryders’ First Lady, was a long time in the making.

“I’m not a great driver. You have to get in some kind of fender bender when you move to Los Angeles. I got into more than a fender bender, so I’m happy to come back to New York and use subways and trains.” GLEE star LEA MICHELE is looking forward to spending the summer (10) in her native New York City, where she won’t have to rely on her poor driving skills to get around.

“Until this day I have not seen him face to face physically since I was 12 years old.” Rapper/actress EVE on her non-existent relationship with her estranged father Jerry, who was 19 when the star was born.

“People thought I was crazy. They were like, ‘That will never work.’” Rapper EVE was delighted to prove her critics wrong after landing GWEN STEFANI as a guest star on her 2001 single Let Me Blow Ya Mind.

“She asked for a giant stage. So we spent like $100,000 (£66,670) to give her a giant stage. We spent close to $150,000 (£100,000) to house the production she’s gonna do. And I say yeah, let’s do it.” Lollapalooza festival founder PERRY FARRELL has granted LADY GAGA her wish to have a giant stage erected for her headlining slot at the annual event in Chicago, Illinois this August (10).

“I thought I wanted to be a lawyer. I found out, thank God, that I like the act of being on trial. I liked being up there in front of the class pretending to be a lawyer. What better field to go into if you like pretending to be a lawyer, than acting?” TWILIGHT actress ASHLEY GREENE discovered her love of acting in a high school mock courtroom.

“We do Days Inn trips, we do motel trips, we drink wine in Dixie Cups and stuff like that.” Hollywood movie star JOSH BROLIN saves money by taking modest trips with his family during his time off.

“I don’t take my shirt off, I don’t pride myself on the physical conditioning aspect of it. But I get on stage and I start singing the words to a song, and they do throw bras and panties. They do cry and faint, and I truly believe it has a lot do with my music.” Rapper DRAKE is convinced his legions of screaming female fans are seduced by his lyricism more than his looks.

“I can’t keep a secret. People won’t be friends with me because they’re afraid its going on Twitter.” ASHTON KUTCHER sacrifices friendship to keep followers on social networking website Twitter.com in the know.

“It irritates me that I end up giving him so much attention when he had so little to do with my life… One of those times, when he came home, he didn’t even know what I was called.” M.I.A. on the difficulties of being the daughter of Tamil separatist leader Arul Pragasam.

“You know what my trademark would be? Not saying nothing (sic). They’d come on and be like, ‘Sean?’ and I would be like… (silence).” SEAN ‘DIDDY’ COMBS already has a tactic in mind if TV bosses choose him to replace SIMON COWELL on AMERICAN IDOL.

“I thought they had a good balance between being professional and being parents. Jada was more the parent than Will; she would go, ‘My child ain’t jumping off no building!’” Actress TARAJI P. HENSON was full of admiration for WILL and JADA PINKETT SMITH as they mentored their actor son JADEN while filming THE KARATE KID.

“I did get nervous when I met Beyonce. I was shaking! I was afraid I’d say something stupid. But she calmed me down. She’s awesome.” JUSTIN BIEBER was starstruck and speechless when he met his pop idol.

“If she’s going to marry me, she’s going to bloody learn how to cook.” Comedian RUSSELL BRAND has one condition for fiancee KATY PERRY.

“They were so excited by the other artists. After he saw Muse, he kept asking me for (singer) Matt Bellamy’s email: ‘Wow, that was dynamic, the sound, the attention to detail.’” Music mogul LYOR COHEN was shocked by pal JAY-Z’s interest in the other bands on the bill at this year’s Coachella festival in California.

“I was going to make the fragrance you put on, the clothes you wear to work. I was going to have the television shows you watched, before you went out to the club, to listen to the music I produced - to buy the vodka that I promote.” Rap mogul and entrepreneur DIDDY once dreamed of being part of everyone’s daily lives.

“I don’t want to stop listening to hip-hop when I’m 50 years old. But I don’t want to listen to something I can’t relate to. I can’t relate to some guy in a big mansion telling me that he’s going to shoot me. You’re not believing that.” JAY-Z has no interest in listening to younger rappers unless their stories are relevant to him.

“(It) didn’t go well. That’s the understatement of the year. I wanted to help him, and I’d tell him things that were maybe not my place to say. It was sad to see.” JAY-Z on his tempestuous 2003 tour with R. Kelly.

“I think it’s appropriate to give my kids whatever I want to give my kids. I feel the way I raise my children, I don’t have to explain to you or anyone else, ’cause nobody knows the way I raise my children… It’s what I wanted to do. I could do whatever I want to do and you can’t question me about it.” DIDDY on buying his son Justin a $400,000 (£266,600) car for his 16th birthday.

“I don’t like talking about it. It makes the guy who got the job look like the second choice. I’m sure Harrison Ford is sick of hearing about this.” TOM SELLECK on missing the chance to play INDIANA JONES because he was contracted to play MAGNUM, P.I. on TV.

“There’s something very claustrophobic about the idea of marriage for me. I feel that men can get comfortable. I like Antonio to think of me like his eternal girlfriend.” SHAKIRA is putting off plans to marry her fiance, ANTONIO DE LA RUA to keep romance alive in their 10-year relationship.

“It’s definitely no doubt a humanity song, and I’m hoping that everybody feels the same way when they hear it. (I’m) hoping they can be as touched by it as I was when I heard it in my head.” R&B superstar R. KELLY hopes his World Cup anthem Sign of a Victory will inspire listeners.

“They say it’s a party. I get to host a party, and I’ve had a lot of experience hosting those. I think I have been training for this my whole life. I’m looking forward to it. It should be fun.” KID ROCK has no worries about hosting country music’s CMT Awards on Wednesday night (09Jun10).

“A year ago, I was very confused because he was my best friend. All of a sudden, one night changed our whole lives - not only our friendship, but our lives.” Pop singer RIHANNA on taking her relationship with boyfriend MATT KEMP to the next level.

“I do some things for myself! For example I read the instructions of, er… things.” KYLIE MINOGUE is adamant her life is not run entirely by her aides.

“I love being married. I think every day gets better and better. I didn’t really know my husband when we got married so it’s fun… I always want to be a newlywed.” Reality TV star KHLOE KARDASHIAN on her whirlwind romance with her basketball star husband, LAMAR ODOM.

“For a while I was e-mailing my friends pictures of me, saying, ‘Dude, check this out!’” Actor BRADLEY COOPER enjoyed showing off his buff body while shooting action movie THE A-TEAM.

“GUNS N’ ROSES was all the really great bands I was turned onto as a kid. If I hadn’t been in Guns, it would have been my favourite band.” SLASH would have been a fan of Guns N’ Roses even if he wasn’t in the band.

“I have no idea how that’s supposed to go. If Axl (Rose), Duff (McKagan), Izzy (Stradlin) and myself start communicating, it could go one way. If we don’t, God knows.” SLASH contemplates a possible GUNS N’ ROSES reunion at the 2013 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, when the group first becomes eligible to enter the hallowed home of music greats.

“At first it was shocking how untrue everything was. Dates with women I’ve never had, houses I’ve never owned in areas I could never afford. I was one of those people who believed what they read (in the tabloids), except for the aliens and stuff.” Actor BRADLEY COOPER has lost faith in the media now his personal life is constantly scrutinised in the press.

“I love Twitter, I love Facebook, but even I don’t deny, the reason I like Facebook - what it’s really about - is making sure that that girl who dumped you in high school is, like, married to some fat guy who’s going bald. I want her miserable.” ASHTON KUTCHER reveals the real reason why online social networks are so popular.

“I’ve always loved babies. I love children. I don’t know if I’ll definitely be pregnant this summer, but you never know… I’m trying to get my body into tip-top shape because they say that after you have a baby, your body bounces back to how it was right before you were pregnant. I pray I’ll be a fit pregnant woman, but I’ll do what’s best for the child.” Socialite-turned-reality TV star KHLOE KARDASHIAN is making baby plans just a week after dismissing reports she’s pregnant with basketball ace Lamar Odom’s child.

“He’s perfect in every way. At this stage, he’s the perfect little blob who eats, sleeps and poops - just precious, hardly ever cries. Wyatt actually loves him and loves being a big brother, so so far, so great.” SHERYL CROW on her new family addition, adopted son Levi James.

“I scream for my mom. She usually takes Willow’s side. My dad takes Willow’s side, too. That’s why I usually hang out with my brother (Trey). I don’t bully anyone.” THE KARATE KID star JADEN SMITH insists his parents WILL and JADA PINKETT SMITH favour his younger sister.

“It’s been a year and some change, you know. Like, I’m over it. There’s no bad blood. I wish her nothing but the best in her future endeavours. I’m not the type to hold grudges. Why would I? Our time together was awesome and it’s time to move on. And we both have gone our separate ways so it is what it is.” Rapper TRAVIS McCOY insists he is happy for his ex-girlfriend KATY PERRY and her engagement to British comedian RUSSELL BRAND.

“If you take crack, sometimes you think that you are a butcher. I’m a vegetarian as well. But the pig was already dead… I think I was making a point about something.” RUSSELL BRAND recalls cutting up a pig’s head during a comedy routine onstage in England.

“I have a major crush on President Obama… I think he’s so fine.” GLEE star AMBER RILEY has feelings for the U.S. leader.

“What I want to happen is for her to give me a bath… and then when I’m in the bath, it just gets a bit confusing. It starts off with a wash and then there’s eye contact… I well would.” RUSSELL BRAND dreams of a little saucy bathtime fun with his ARTHUR star DAME HELEN MIRREN.

“They are making money off my son all over the world. Even those who didn’t like him have jumped on the bandwagon. They like him now. They like the money they are bringing in.” Jackson family patriarch JOE JACKSON is disappointed to see his son MICHAEL’s legacy exploited following his death last year (Jun09).

“It was dangerous… Bradley’s an ex-smoker too. He was like, ‘Blow that over here, give me a puff of that.’” Ex-smoker LIAM NEESON on puffing cigars with another former nicotine addict, Bradley Cooper, on the set of The A-Team.

“He said, ‘I love you and my head hurts.’ Those were the last (words) he said to me - because he was in a lot of pain.” GARY COLEMAN’s ex-wife SHANNON PRICE reveals what the tragic actor’s last words were before he died last month (28May10).

“People were screaming at me to sign scratch boards of guitars and then I’d see it on eBay for $3,000… so I decided that day, I’m gonna end it on my website… On reflection, I could’ve done it nicer, but it was the mood I was in.” RINGO STARR on his 2009 decision not to sign any more autographs.

“I used to be extremely carnivorous but I needed to change my life completely. In order to do that, I have to be in the best physical and emotional state possible. I would call it a paradigm shift in my life. Because I was going to kill myself, or kill some people.” Retired former heavyweight boxing champion MIKE TYSON on his decision to convert to veganism.

“My regrets are I haven’t slept with enough famous people. If I slept with really famous people my book could be on the best-seller list.” Oscar-nominated actress JENNIFER TILLY contemplates ways to boost her literary career.

“He’s really well-behaved… He goes to bed at nine at night and (gets up) at 6.30… It’s unbelievable to the point I was nearly gonna take him to the doctor to see if he was OK… and the doctor said he had an acute case of being really generous and cool.” COLIN FARRELL on his baby boy HENRY’s sleep patterns.

“I’m always ready, always ready. The whole thing is, Wayne’s not here, so when he’s here we’re ready.” Hip-hop star JUVENILE insists the HOT BOYS group reunion will be back on track as soon as crewmember LIL WAYNE completes his one-year jail term for weapons possession. The Lollipop hitmaker began his sentence in March (10).

“She’s like a meteor that just came from outer space and landed on the pop landscape… there was dust in everyone’s face… She’s an absolute force to be reckoned with and I’m a great admirer.” KYLIE MINOGUE respects LADY GAGA’s impact on the world of pop music.

“The most foolish thing I did was put soap up my nose - because I liked the smell of it so much. I had to go to hospital… because it got right up there… It was before I knew coke (cocaine) was invented.” COLIN FARRELL on one of the craziest things he did as a kid growing up in Ireland.

“It’s a very unique thing for a cat to use your name. I don’t know nobody that named their record after another hip-hop artist ever. The name of the record is MC Hammer. That’s crazy… You can’t help but be honoured by that.” Rap veteran MC HAMMER is delighted with RICK ROSS’s musical tribute.

“I only saw a picture of it and when I spoke to him on the phone last week he said he had gained most of it back. But it’s crazy - that’s dedication.” EMINEM was impressed when his pal 50 CENT shed 54 pounds (24 kilograms) for his role in new movie THINGS FALL APART.

“It’s been seven weeks but I’ve only got like three or four more days, so I’m excited. We’re just gonna be chillin’ around the house… but we’ll come up with something.” Baseball star MATT KEMP on hooking up with girlfriend RIHANNA after a lengthy separation. Rihanna has been on tour, while Kemp is in action daily with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

“The only time now I get to really get emotionally involved (in sport) is when Ireland… are playing… We didn’t get into the World Cup because Thierry Henry handled the ball.” COLIN FARRELL is still upset his national team won’t be part of the World Cup.

“I warm my voice up, I don’t eat… I drink a lot of water, meditate a little bit, stretch, do a bit of yoga, go and see the band - make sure they’re there.” STING on his pre-show ritual before Symphonicity Tour concerts with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

“I had a big party when I turned 17 and it was kinda this huge extravaganza and I was a little overwhelmed, so I think I’ll just keep it close friends and family.” Singer/actress DEMI LOVATO is planning a quiet celebration for her upcoming 18th birthday in August (20Aug10).

“I don’t cook. I can toast in the toaster. I can pour and set the table. No, Gavin is the one. It’s not even an option, he is so passionate about it. He cooks every day. He loves to go grocery shopping and find different things. I’m really lucky.” GWEN STEFANI has no need to prove her culinary prowess as her husband GAVIN ROSSDALE is a natural in the kitchen.

“No, it’s the women who say I have that many.” Legendary blues icon B.B. KING laughs off rumours he’s fathered 15 children.

“We didn’t like Vegas because we felt like we were in a neon palace.” Comedian RUSSELL BRAND hated filming new movie GET HIM TO THE GREEK in Sin City.

“I meditate. I cycle for hours. It’s not a physical activity for me as much as it’s a mental activity. I practice kung fu and wing chun.” Actor JAKE GYLLENHAAL enjoys working out to clear his mind.

“The problem was I slept with all of my husbands on the first date. He’d ask me and I’d say ‘yes’. At this moment in time, the kitty is officially being held hostage.” Actress STACEY DASH is abstaining from sex after splitting from her third husband earlier this year (10).

“For an English kid growing up in Liverpool, the White House - that’s pretty special.” SIR PAUL McCARTNEY is more than a little excited about his Wednesday night (02Jun10) performance for the U.S. President and specially invited guests. The music legend will become only the third star to claim the Gershwin Prize for Popular Song at the gala in his honour.

“My husband should be sainted. He’s been there for me. He saw the person underneath all that stuff (drink and drugs).” Eighties pop star BELINDA CARLISLE is forever grateful to her husband of 24 years, Morgan Mason, for standing by her throughout her 30-year battle with substance and alcohol abuse.

“Some of the songs you write, you don’t know where they come from. So I have to believe in the magic.” BEATLES legend SIR PAUL McCARTNEY is baffled by his own songwriting genius.

“I love to play R. Kelly when writing a sex scene.” The sexy R&B star puts writer JACKIE COLLINS in the mood for love.

“We’re the most popular MLS (Major League Soccer) team in America.” Comedian DREW CAREY’s Seattle Sounders have replaced David Beckham’s L.A. Galaxy as the top U.S. soccer squad.

“I was so out of control with desperation… I was looking for quick fixes in the places I wouldn’t normally look. I think I’ve been a huge over-trusting, idiotic, stupid woman.” Duchess of York SARAH FERGUSON on her cash-for-chat scandal. The former royal was filmed offering a bogus businessman the chance to meet her ex-husband Prince Andrew in return for cash.

“I’m not into promoting. I give you a date, and if you’re a Game fan, then you’ll get the album. I don’t sell myself. This is my fourth album. I don’t think I need to do all that.” Rapper THE GAME is refusing to promote his upcoming album R.E.D.

“I struggle because I don’t feel really passionate about anything. I don’t have a hobby. And I wish I could get more excited about things, and be less cynical. I got a Brit award earlier this year and it meant absolutely nothing to me.” British pop star LILY ALLEN is worried about her lack of passion.

“People thought I was a girl when I was little, because I looked like a girl - maybe because my mother would keep my hair really long in a bowl cut. I was in a coffee shop once and the waitress was like, ‘What do you want, Miss?’ I was 10 or 11 - the worst age to have that happen. I thought I was really cool.” Actor BRADLEY COOPER has an embarrassing childhood secret.

“We had goats, you saw snakes there. It’s cool. When I was a little kid I used to ride the goats like they were horses. I’m just waiting for Ikhyd to get old enough to do that.” M.I.A. hopes her son will experience the same fun she had as a child on her family’s farm in Sri Lanka.

“Of late everyone’s dropping dead. This happens every so often, you know. I’m only hoping my number don’t come up soon… I’m lucky I’m not one of the dead ones.” OZZY OSBOURNE feels lucky to be alive following the deaths of Ronnie James Dio and Paul Gray.

“Dudes want to hug you. I roll around with sweaty dudes all day, I don’t want to touch no dudes.” Wrestler QUINTON JACKSON on how his fan base has changed since landing the role of B.A. Baracus in The A-Team remake.

“Given that Katy and I both have good jobs, we don’t want any presents. It would be a massive indulgence.” British comic RUSSELL BRAND and his pop star fiancee KATY PERRY are refusing to accept gifts when they wed later this year (10).

“I really want Julie Andrews to play Kurt’s grandmother.” GLEE star CHRIS COLFER would love The Sound of Music star to make a guest appearance on the hit TV musical.

“Nope, there’s not another album, this is it. Nobody appreciates music so I’m out. I’m out. I’m good, so take that… So it’s out.” R&B star THE-DREAM is sticking by his promise to retire as a singer after the release of his third album LOVE KING in June (10).

“It’s unfortunate. It’s a sad day… It’s sad that I’m the last kid alive from the show.” Former child star TODD BRIDGES is distraught at the death of his DIFF’RENT STROKES co-star GARY COLEMAN, who passed away at the age of 42 on Friday (28May10). Their castmate Dana Plato died from a drug overdose in 1999, aged 34.

“When I got my first pay cheque ever, I blew it all on a hand puppet, which was a rabbit. I think it maybe cost £15.” Singer/actress SHIRLEY MANSON bought herself a new toy with earnings from her first job as a teenager.

“It was the best thing I’ve been offered this year. I did a scene with Elmo and a couple of the other characters. The word of the day was ‘investigation’. We did a scene with a couple of talking carrots and s**t. It was genius!” Irish actor COLIN FARRELL had a blast filming a guest appearance on longrunning children’s TV show SESAME STREET in March (10).

“I’m writing a book of short stories for children. The stories aren’t like Roald Dahl, though - more like Bret Easton Ellis.” BOB GELDOF’s wildchild daughter PEACHES GELDOF is working on her first book.

“I’m the cliche of the bad boyfriend, and they seemed like the cliche of the difficult in-laws. But, just as I’m actually a rather sweet, sort of sensitive person who’s striving for self-improvement, they’re really sweet and I respect them.” RUSSELL BRAND really likes fiancee Katy Perry’s pastor father and her mum.

“She’s fantastic. I was surprising her by singing badly but she sings like a nightingale!” JEFF GOLDBLUM reveals GABOUREY SIDIBE has a secret talent.

“I’m at a loss for words upon learning of Gary Coleman’s passing. I want to remember him as the fun, playful, adorable and affectionate man he was. He has left a lasting legacy. I know he is finally at peace.” JANET JACKSON has fond memories of her former GOOD TIMES co-star GARY COLEMAN, who passed away on Friday (28May10).

“I worked with Daniel Radcliffe last year and we were doing a press conference for My Boy Jack, and he let slip that he’d never seen an episode. So, I sent him a boxset. I said, ‘This could be for you, or maybe a girl you’re interested in’. He’s 18, he’s ready!” KIM CATTRALLeducated young actor DANIEL RADCLIFFE when they worked together by introducing him to SEX AND THE CITY.

“I’m very much in work mode. If I was in a relationship it wouldn’t be a happy one because I wouldn’t be there.” SEX AND THE CITY star KIM CATTRALL is too busy with work to be in a relationship.

“This promoter had a show… in South Africa and it’s like 4-5,000 seat (theatre), fairly small people, and it was not me, it was someone else. It was a sold out show… She looks nothing like me, first of all she’s tall… And they’re booing her… They arrested her. She’s in jail for four months.” TONI BRAXTON on the impersonator who conned fans at a recent concert in South Africa.

“She’s a perfectly decent, lovely person, good fun and engaging, easy to be around and interesting. But meeting her changed me. With her, I don’t feel like I’m fulfilling some bizarre psychological fetish.” RUSSELL BRAND on his fiancee KATY PERRY.

“Courtney is an audiophile; she’s a big fan of music. I’ll text her with things that I’ve heard that I think she’ll like. Whatever is in her past is in her past but I’ve always had a really good solid relationship with her.” GREEN DAY’s BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG defends his friendship with COURTNEY LOVE.

“I don’t really exercise. I’m not even a walker. You always hear about people dropping dead all the time all around the hills of L.A. I’m sedentary. I got over the idea of jogging very early. I don’t know why people persist. They’re always red in the face, sloggin’ up the hill, on their last gasp.” Rocker LEMMY doesn’t really have a fitness regime.

“The lead actress in it, Candice Nicole, is a proper porn actress… You can watch the music video, then go to a website and watch her covered in c**e.” RUSSELL BRAND on his co-star in new video JUST SAY YES.

“He’s different, unique, a sweetheart, a rogue, a bad boy, he’s completely honest and I think he lives on another dimension.” Moviemaker OLIVER STONE has high praise for funnyman RUSSELL BRAND. Stone is producing Brand’s upcoming documentary about happiness.

“There’s one bit when my bum was out. I had to take my trousers and pants down and they were shooting me from behind. And in the middle of the scene, in this sensitive, close situation, the cameraman went, ‘Can we stop now because this is horrible’ - talking about my bottom. I felt shy about it”. RUSSELL BRAND was left red-faced while shooting a bottom-bearing scene in upcoming movie GET HIM TO THE GREEK.

“I was performing at the Grand Prix and I was really excited and I was introduced to JOHN TRAVOLTA by the Mayor and he gave me a kiss on the cheek, three kisses. All I could see were his eyes, ’cause he was wearing a hat, so I could just see these bright blue eyes.” Singer GABRIELLA CILMI was delighted to meet the GREASE star during the sporting event in Melbourne, Australia in March (10).

“I do feel a little bit like a Priscilla Presley… young, in love, getting married, crazy.” KATY PERRY feels just like Elvis Presley’s young bride as she prepares to marry funnyman Russell Brand.

“I do feel strange without it. If I have to shave it off for a role I sort of stare at my upper lip and it looks very big and feels funny and just wrong… it’s a little like losing an arm.” TOM SELLECK is proud of his trademark moustache.

“The first time I had a job at a pizza place, I saved up my own money to buy my own Jimi Hendrix tape at this, like, hippie shop. I picked up Electric Ladyland… I went on this camping trip with my dad and just listened to that album over and over. When I hear that album now, it just takes me back to those old camping trips with my dad.” JACK JOHNSON on his first big musical purchase.

“I am playing the most amazing role ever written for a woman. She’s confident, she’s smart, she’s savvy, she rules the world!” SEX AND THE CITY star KIM CATTRALL is delighted to have landed the role of Cleopatra in a new production of Anthony & Cleopatra in Liverpool, England. The play opens in October (10).

“I feel like I’ve made it when the cheerleaders are flipping to the song.” KATY PERRY is thrilled to hear her tunes are hits among cheerleaders.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would go from the small screen to the big screen.” KIM CATTRALL is still overwhelmed by the worldwide success of SEX AND THE CITY.

“It’s going to be rock-star crazy. Especially for me, a vegan, recovering heroin addict and alcoholic. It will be a crazy night full of me consuming insane amounts of vegetables!” RUSSELL BRAND is convinced the bachelor party ahead of his upcoming wedding to KATY PERRY will be a sober affair.

“I feel like I should, like, get a ribbon cutting from Arnold Schwarzenegger.” KATY PERRY thinks she should be rewarded for penning the summer’s (10) California anthem, CALIFORNIA GURLS.

“I like to live in the country and my wife likes to live in the town. The compromise is we live in town.” QUEEN star BRIAN MAY on life with partner ANITA DOBSON.

“He’s like Oscar Wilde meets Dudley Moore meets Jim Morrison meets a little Elvis Presley meets Charles Manson.” KATY PERRY on her fiance Russell Brand.

“After a show I play (videogame) Halo, watch a film, or read from Kindle. I call the kids and they cry and say, ‘When are you going to be home, daddy?’ It’s a job. It’s not a party anymore.” Rocker SCOTT WEILAND insists touring isn’t as much fun as it used to be.

“Whatever position I’m in now, my brain just won’t let my body pay £5,000 for a bag. I get sent some really gorgeous, expensive stuff I couldn’t ever justify buying. I’m in a really fortunate position where I can get gifts like that. Even now I get this rush of guilt when I open the bag.” CHERYL COLE is still frugal, despite her superstar status.

“Those pictures were hot… They were just awesome pictures. She doesn’t make it a regular thing - it’s been at least 10 years (of marriage) - so I was very proud.” MICHAEL DOUGLAS was delighted to see his wife CATHERINE ZETA-JONES bare all for a nude photoshoot to mark her 40th birthday.

“You know what I spend most of my money on? Disappearing. I hate the paparazzi. Because the truth is - no matter what people tell you - you can control it. People who say they can’t get away are lying. They must just like the… big flashes.” LADY GAGA has no desire to live life in the public eye all the time.

“I can have as many falafels and chips as I can eat.” SIR BEN KINGSLEY jokes about how he’s getting paid for his role in upcoming action film PRINCE OF PERSIA: THE SANDS OF TIME.

“He’s my local MP (Member of Parliament)… He’s my man. I live in Oxfordshire and he’s the MP for Witney, and I’m delighted… His wife’s pretty pregnant and it was all about her during the campaign; the way he helped her out of the car, the way he guided her across the street, the way he was protecting her… It’s genuine affection and I judge men by that.” SIR BEN KINGSLEY is a big fan of new British Prime Minister David Cameron.

“I’m body confident and I don’t really have to work for it which will make people annoyed. But it’s kind of true!” Fit at 41, KYLIE MINOGUE insists she never works out in the gym.

“I was deeply impressed by his professionalism as an actor. He seemed to be a natural. It was through performing in the role of Tommy with The Who that Roger discovered his ability to be a true frontman in a rock band. He almost invented the pseudo-messianic role taken up later by Jim Morrison and Robert Plant.” PETE TOWNSHEND has high praise for bandmate Roger Daltrey’s performance in Tommy.

“I’m not worried about a job after LOST because apparently I’m Kid Rock everywhere I go… Shout out to you, Kid, I hope I’m representing you well.” Lost star JOSH HOLLOWAY is often mistaken for Kid Rock.

“I think we all had a moment where we were freaking out. It got really hot in there.” JOE JONAS admits he and his brothers NICK and KEVIN panicked when they found themselves trapped in an elevator after a concert in Los Angeles earlier this week (begs17May10).

“I’ve spent a great many years being deeply, deeply in love with Princess Leia. There’s still a part of my heart that is quite deeply in love with her, both as a character and an actress!” STAR WARS actor EWAN McGREGOR has always been fond of CARRIE FISHER’s princess.

“On The Waterfront. It’s obvious why. Marlon Brando. Suddenly, there was a whole new tension on screen. When I witnessed that extraordinary, painful performance on screen I was so blown away I knew what path I wanted to try.” PATRICK STEWART credits the late actor with inspiring his screen career.

“I struggle standing next to him because he is so tall. When he’s horizontal it’s not a problem, it’s just when we’re standing up I have to crane my neck.” KYLIE MINOGUE on the problems she faces in her relationship with Spanish model Andres Velencoso Segura.

“I didn’t know anything about dice playing (so) I asked my housekeeper in Los Angeles if she played dice. She did and she told me these terms.” SIR MICK JAGGER admits the ROLLING STONES song TUMBLING DICE was inspired by his maid.

“It was films like Zulu or watching Richard Burton that inspired me. Then years later you find yourself working with people like Michael Caine and that gives you a thrill. It brings back those early days of watching them on screen.” British actor RAY WINSTONE’s acting dreams have come true.

“It would be amazing if Charlene rocked up on Ramsay Street in a shiny new Mini and and I jumped out, flicked my hair and said, ‘Hey, what’s going on?’” KYLIE MINOGUE jokes about a return to Australian soap opera NEIGHBOURS, which made her famous in the 1980s.

“Actually, I don’t really want to get an American. Americans don’t do a very good English accent.” OZZY OSBOURNE insists the actor portraying him in a planned biopic should be British.

“(We’ve had) 14 years together… We got written bets in newspaper that we were not gonna last more than six months; I should have taken those bets, I’d have made some money there.” ANTONIO BANDERAS on his 14-year marriage to actress MELANIE GRIFFITH.

“I got chills the first time I heard it. I could tell he meant every word. It’s really cool to see my brother digging deep and writing from the heart… He’s born to be a rock star, but he’s also the best father I know… He’s really found himself through his family. When I have a family, and I definitely want to, I want it to be like his.” GOOD CHARLOTTE star BENJI MADDEN is a big fan of brother Joel’s new track Harlow’s Song, which he wrote about his daughter.

“I was going back and forth from (U.S. cable show) SportsCenter to Busty Cops 3. Maybe that’s what did it!” BRET MICHAELS jokes about what may have caused his near-fatal brain haemorrhage.

“We were young, good-looking and stupid then. Now we’re just stupid.” SIR MICK JAGGER jokes about how the ROLLING STONES have changed since the release of their 1972 album EXILE ON MAIN STREET.

“I feel she’s a little inappropriate for an eight year old, but I lost the battle on that one… I trust she just likes the beat.” Singer/songwriter SARAH McLACHLAN can’t understand her daughter’s obsession with LADY GAGA.

“When I heard lines like, ‘This’ll be the day that I die’… I get chills just thinking about it.” DON McLEAN’s classic AMERICAN PIE has a new-found meaning for rocker BRET MICHAELS after he survived a brain haemorrhage.

“In my head, I am still the same weight I was before. It takes a while to get used to it.” JENNIFER HUDSON is still getting used to her slimmer figure after shedding pounds following the birth of her son David Jr. in August (09).

“I said to Dannii, ‘I think I’m a rational person and I’ve just felt the baby kick. I know that’s all reality. But at the same time, as your sister, it’s just so surreal. It’s like someone’s just put a balloon up your jumper.’” KYLIE MINOGUE loves feeling her pop star sister’s baby bump.

“They’re like an old ’60s waterbed flopping around on my chest.” SHARON OSBOURNE hates her breast implants.

“It even has the mustard stain from the night we shot the drive-in movie scene.” Actress DIDI CONN has kept hold of the Pink Ladies jacket she wore in Grease and plans to wear it when she hosts a sing-a-long version of the movie at the Hollywood Bowl next month (Jun10).

“I’m a closet comedy nerd. I’ve watched every episode of SNL since I was 13.” Hollywood star RYAN PHILLIPPE was overjoyed to land a role alongside SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE TV comedians WILL FORTE and KRISTEN WIIG in new movie MacGRUBER.

“I sit here and watch the History Channel. I have Adolf Hitler’s family now for company.” OZZY OSBOURNE on how he spends his time when his wife Sharon is out of town working.

“I was always surprised when someone knew my dad. I can’t imagine being Damian. Bob being my dad would just be a whole other level for me.” Rapper NAS, whose father is jazz star dad OLU DARA, is astounded by how humble reggae star DAMIAN MARLEY is considering his father is music legend BOB MARLEY.

“I just did a five-day raw-food diet… I’d wake up in the morning feeling great and go to bed feeling miserable because dinner would be cucumbers, kale and dressing.” MAMMA MIA! star AMANDA SEYFRIED isn’t a big fan of fad diets.

“Believe me, there was plenty of motion going on. Our Winnebagos were rocking and rolling.” GREASE star DIDI CONN reveals there was a lot of romance going on behind the scenes of the hit movie musical.

“It’s amazing being with your best friend every day… That partnership is amazing.” Pop star KEVIN JONAS is enjoying life as a married man. The singer wed Danielle Deleasa in December (09).

“I could tell by how fast everyone was moving around, something was bad and a doctor… I could overhear him telling (girlfriend) Kristi, ‘If you have children, you should bring them to the hospital now’.” BRET MICHAELS on his lowest moment after suffering a brain haemorrhage last month (Apr10).

“They just want to be around him. He makes you feel really good. He’s very sweet and he doesn’t take himself too seriously, which is very refreshing.” GEMMA ARTERTON loved working with PRINCE OF PERSIA co-star JAKE GYLLENHAAL.

“I can’t imagine anyone having a conversation about 21st-century television and not mentioning LOST.” Actor DANIEL DAE KIM is proud of his involvement with the hit show.

“It is like Superman without the cape… I said, ‘If I’m going out, I’m going out rocking’.” BRET MICHAELS on his ever-present bandana.

“Anything with a brain the size of a pea which can tear your face off is terrifying.” JAKE GYLLENHAAL confirms reports he’s terrified of ostriches are true.

“I just rear-ended my mom on Mother’s Day.” TWILIGHT star NIKKI REED gave her mum a big bang on Mother’s Day.

“I just felt sorry for the poor guy. I wonder if he’ll get into trouble if we send him this cover. We should send him a signed cover! He can read the magazine at home instead of at work on the Internet.” Supermodel MIRANDA KERR is offering to send her new cover for GQ magazine to an Aussie banker who almost lost his job for looking at saucy snaps of the beauty online while camera crews were in his office.

“I think there’s another album there. They have to make one more… They don’t have to like each other, they just have to work together. No girlband really gets on well, because they all want to be skinniest, they all want to be doing lead vocals and they all want to go out with the most famous footballer.” GIRLS ALOUD’s former manager LOUIS WALSH urges the singers to put their troubles behind them and return to the recording studio.

“I was fired by SHIRLEY BASSEY for playing the piano in my own house on New Year’s Eve. I played one of my own songs and she said, ‘It doesn’t go like that!’ and I said, ‘It does, I wrote it’, and she said, ‘You’re barred!’” Not everyone is a fan of SIR ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER’s piano playing.

“I’ve actually been focusing on becoming a household name in Russia and China, because that’s the future.” British funnyman RUSSELL BRAND is hoping to become a comedian for the communists and former communists.

“I’d much rather be acting than sitting around in my trailer, thinking of new ways to masturbate.” RUSSELL BRAND is thrilled to be a leading man in movies.

“It’s coming up. Everything’s all ready to go.” Singer/actress JENNIFER HUDSON will be a married woman in a matter of months - but she’s refusing to reveal further details about her upcoming wedding to wrestler David Otunga.

“I have a tattoo. It’s a rose. Without being too intimate, it’s below the waist.” Veteran actress BRITT EKLAND reveals she has a little saucy body art.

“I think Michael was terrified I would come in and change the decor. But I said, ‘Keep everything the same, just change the photographs.’” CATHERINE ZETA-JONES had no problems moving into the New York City home which her husband MICHAEL DOUGLAS once shared with his first wife, Diandra.

“I studied economics, did it (worked) for a day-and-a-half and on day two, I hated it. I remember calling my mum in my cubicle and I was like, ‘I’ve got to quit… I called her everyday on the way to work.” ONE TREE HILL star ROBERT BUCKLEY left a steady career as an economics consultant behind to pursue his dream of becoming an actor.

“There’s every chance I will. I’m dying to.” Scottish actor JAMES MCAVOY is desperate to land a role on Broadway.

“I try to just go to malls and stuff when kids are at school… but sometimes moms are a little more crazy than the kids.” JUSTIN BIEBER has to time his shopping trips carefully.

“It’s quite a compliment that you let Bush run things for as long as you did. In my country he wouldn’t have been trusted with a pair of scissors.” RUSSELL BRAND still can’t believe George W. Bush served two terms as America’s leader.

“At this point, we’re still trying not to (fall pregnant), but I can’t wait to not try not to.” PINK is almost ready to start a family with husband CAREY HART.

“I was there for hours, just soaking up the atmosphere. Luckily, I don’t think customers recognised me. It’s very dark in those places.” HELEN MIRREN on researching her new role as a brothel madam at Nevada’s Mustang Ranch.

“It becomes routine and a little humdrum. You start unthinkingly raising your wrists to be cuffed. And you bow your head automatically as they put you into the back of a police car. Occasionally you’ll encounter an overly vicious policeman who perhaps gets a bit rough with you, and that’s when it gets exciting again.” British funnyman RUSSELL BRAND on his record of 11 arrests.

“Her father is about two years younger than I am, so I really like to call him ‘Pops’.” MICHAEL DOUGLAS on his relationship with wife CATHERINE ZETA-JONES’ father.

“Mick Taylor was such a virtuoso… He still amazes me. If I had my way, he’d still be in the band.” KEITH RICHARDS on former Rolling Stones bandmate Taylor, who briefly rejoined the band for work on the remastered re-release Exile on Main Street.

“I’ve had songs written about me, which is pretty amazing. It doesn’t even matter if it’s good; if a guy says, ‘I wrote a song for you’ and then sings it, your heart is going to melt.” MEAN GIRLS star AMANDA SEYFRIED has inspired lovestruck men to write music.

“I did not do the movie poster and that’s why it didn’t look like it should. I guess they didn’t want to pay my price!” SEX & THE CITY 2 fashion consultant and designer PATRICIA FIELDS isn’t impressed with the sequel’s billboards.

“On the red carpet it happened once… and they said, ‘Can you howl for us?’ I was like, ‘No!’” TWILIGHT star TAYLOR LAUTNER is sick of being asked to howl like a werewolf.

“It was very, very murky and dusty. It wasn’t a great environment for, like, breathing… It was very Hitleresque - the last days of Berlin sort of thing.” KEITH RICHARDS on the airless basement in his Nellcote, France home where the Rolling Stones recorded Exile on Main Street.

“He’s so cool, I’m just such a kid when I’m around him… Keith is the real deal. It was a reggae tune and he, of course, has a place on the islands. He just rocks it.” SHERYL CROW was star struck working with ROLLING STONE KEITH RICHARDS on a song for her upcoming album, 100 Miles from Memphis.

“It looked like a very expensive hooker’s room. It had some sort of pink motif and a very large bed. I remember bonking some bird in there one night and getting discovered.” Engineer ANDY JOHNS recalls CHARLIE WATTS’ bedroom at KEITH RICHARDS French chateau - where the ROLLING STONES recorded the Exile on Main Street album.

“I have really, really bad eyesight and I wear these horrible huge glasses when I’m at home.” Not everything about pretty TAYLOR SWIFT is perfect.

“I would love to be a daddy one day. That would be the biggest honour.” JAKE GYLLENHAAL sees children in his future.

“Ok, so I cried on telly. Shame. Still very proud of the boys even though they lost. Here’s to next season.” LILY ALLEN isn’t ashamed of the fact she was caught sobbing on TV after watching her beloved soccer team Fulham lose the Europa League final in Hamburg, Germany.

“I could only hope and pray that I could have a career like MARK WAHLBERG.” TWILIGHT hunk KELLAN LUTZ wants to emulate the Hollywood star’s career success after following in his footsteps by becoming a Calvin Klein underwear model.

“I always wanted to be Robin Hood rather than Maid Marion, but the part was taken.” CATE BLANCHETT was eyeing a different role in RIDLEY SCOTT’s epic.

“He didn’t get fresh, he just got desperate I guess! He walked by and patted me… not on the shoulder!” Veteran actress BETTY WHITE jokes about flirting with rap superstar JAY-Z during her guest hosting spot on U.S. comedy sketch show SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE last weekend (08May10).

“When I was a school teacher I made $17,000 (£11,330) the first year, $18,100 (£12,000) the next year. And on that one commercial I made about $47,000 (£31,330). And this was 20 years ago. One 45 minute session in the studio I made more than in two years of teaching.” Teacher-turned-rocker SHERYL CROW is stunned by the royalty payments she received from a jingle she made for McDonald’s in the early 1990s.

“Oh, yeah, like everyone else I took a hit in 2008, yeah. I couldn’t escape it because it was almost a comprehensive hit. I mean, the system is out of control. The solution has got to be regulation but there are other issues at stake…This is a crazy system.” WALL STREET director OLIVER STONE lost money in the global economic crisis of 2008.

“I’ve been staring at those sexy costumes, working out a way to get into them. I’ll just eat ice cubes to get into them, even if I’m hungry.” TONI BRAXTON will go to extreme lengths to prepare for her tour later this year (10).

“It was my first job. I got paid, it was exciting and I was independent. At one point I was in the kitchen eating and I thought, ‘I could really do this forever.’ I was in love with the chef… (the patrons) were very sweet.” AMANDA SEYFRIED had a back-up plan before she landed her first major acting roles as a teen - her first aspiration was to be a career waitress.

“He is one of the best people I’ve met in life. He is a goodhearted guy who tries to help out a lot of people… He wants to do well by people, but he still has his own confidence and his own flaws like we all do. Kanye’s definitely a good guy, that’s why I can say that he’s my friend.” Rapper COMMON insists his pal KANYE WEST always has the best intentions at heart.

“Bring it on. Susan, give us a call. I’d happily sing with you.” JOHN BARROWMAN is eyeing a duet with SUSAN BOYLE.

“It’s a responsibility I’m proud to have.” JAKE GYLLENHAAL takes his role as godfather to his late pal HEATH LEDGER’s daughter MATILDA seriously.

“Besides Van Halen, I’ve never seen a band recover from losing their singer.” Rocker SCOTT WEILAND isn’t surprised his former bandmates in Velvet Revolver are struggling to find his replacement two years after they sacked him.

“I would totally take my clothes off. No problem.” Former SEINFELD star JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS, 49, is just waiting for the right opportunity to bare all onscreen.

“I’m not a prude at all. I shot a very, very graphic scene two days ago with a man. I am from Sweden, and it’s different there. If it makes sense, I’ll just do it. And to me, so far, it’s made sense every single time I’ve got naked or made out on the show.” TRUE BLOOD actor ALEXANDER SKARSGARD is eager to take on nudity and same-sex trysts if the role calls for it.

“There’s a lot about the Nineties, when I lived longer in rehab than I did at home.” Stone Temple Pilots star SCOTT WEILAND on his upcoming memoir.

“When you’re a widow of a suicide you always get some sort of blame, whereas widowers don’t get quite as much. There’s a huge amount of guilt that I feel.” Rocker COURTNEY LOVE on the emotional weight of her husband KURT COBAIN’s death since the former NIRVANA frontman was found dead in his Seattle, Washington home in 1994.

“I’ve still got a piece of her wedding cake. It’s in a box with her name on it. I imagine it has decayed happily inside there.” CHARLES EARL SPENCER still has a very special keepsake from his sister PRINCESS DIANA’s royal wedding.

“The secret is to believe. To believe that it’s going to get stronger. Patience is not a bad thing, it’s a very underrated virtue, but it holds big virtues.” ANTONIO BANDERAS reveals the secret to his 14-year marriage to actress MELANIE GRIFFITH.

“Slash just made a record all Santana-style, Matt (Sorum) had a gimmick in Vegas with bordello dancers (and) Duff (McKagan) doesn’t need money because he invested early in Starbucks.” SCOTT WEILAND insists his former Velvet Revolver bandmates will be just fine without him. The trio sacked him from the band in 2008 and has yet to find his replacement.

“I do something called sofa therapy. I just lay down and watch how other people work.” Actor ANTONIO BANDERAS likes to relax in front of the TV.

“You have to have a gun under your bed. I don’t have security.” ASHTON KUTCHER knows how to look after himself.

“I’m going to enjoy Sabbath on Saturday, so on Friday at sunset I’m going to turn off my TV, my radio - I’m not going to do anything. And then when the sun sets on Saturday night, I’m going to raise hell!” Rapper Q-TIP, who plays a drug dealer in a Hasidic community in new movie HOLY ROLLERS, is taking a religious cue from his castmates on the predominantly Jewish set.

“That one we’re skipping right over. AMERICAN PYSCHO 2 didn’t exist.” MILA KUNIS hates talking about her flop 2002 movie.

“I’m a stable person. I’m steady as a rock. I can be counted on to show up, I can be counted on to be loyal, I can be counted on to be honourable. Even when I was on drugs - I am stable in the sense that I am there for the people that I love.” Sober HOLE rocker COURTNEY LOVE is adamant she maintained a sense of stability even through her years of drug addiction.

“I usually wait for a call from him saying ‘Let’s make something, let’s do something’, because without his actual ‘want to do it’, there’s not much point. I’m always working. I’ve got ideas for stuff but I haven’t put them together yet with Mick. But I’m seeing him next week.” KEITH RICHARDS hints he will be talking to his bandmate MICK JAGGER about the possibility of making a new ROLLING STONES album.

“I lost an obscene amount of money in Las Vegas. I got c**p.” Actress MILA KUNIS quit playing poker after a disastrous trip to Sin City.

“I usually have to be home by, like, 10 o’clock. My mom takes my computer away at 10.30 every night.” Even pop star JUSTIN BIEBER has a curfew.

“He’s Iron Man, I’m God. We will sooner or later be crossing paths one way or another.” SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS is hoping to work with ROBERT DOWNEY, JR on a comic book blockbuster. Hopkins plays Norse god Odin in Kenneth Branagh’s new film Thor.

“I don’t really have an allowance; when I wanna get something I just have to ask my mom.” JUSTIN BIEBER relies on mum for life’s little luxuries.

“My brother had read Harry Potter and told me I reminded him of Ginny, so, when I was nine, I asked my mum if I could audition.” HARRY POTTER star BONNIE WRIGHT had a feeling she’d be a good fit for the boy wizard film franchise.

“I can’t think of anything worse than sitting there and having all your clips on a loop: ‘And now, Golden Palace’. There are things that I don’t want to ever know that I’ve been in… If I see it coming on the horizon, I’m gonna sabotage my career.” Movie star DON CHEADLE has no interest in celebrating his career at a gala even with his peers.

“It’s a group of drug addicts who watch films and they pick their favourite actors… I know him and he’s full of himself. There’s, like, two Matt Damons in there… and they’re both just full of themselves.” DON CHEADLE jokes about pal Matt Damon’s recent American Cinematheque honour.

“Most days my glass is half full, I think I’m fortunate and blessed in all that I have. But if there are things that bug you, they will always bug you. I wouldn’t mind being a few inches taller.” Diminutive pop star KYLIE MINOGUE has always longed to change her height.

“She was reaching out to me (in) the first few years of my career. And her elegance, her stage presence, the way that she would sing a song, I mean, I was enraptured. She was just a great lady in every way, shape and form.” NATALIE COLE honours veteran singer LENA HORNE, who died on Sunday (09May10).

“I love his style. I love his writing and I think he’s an amazing player too, so any kind of collaboration there would be really awesome.” TAYLOR SWIFT dreams of duetting with WHITE STRIPES rocker JACK WHITE.

“I am not anybody’s daughter, my mother was nobody’s daughter - she was adopted, my grandmother was put in the Hollywood orphanage and obviously (my daughter) Frances is somebody’s daughter and she’s trying to be nobody’s daughter.” COURTNEY LOVE explains the title of the new Hole album, Nobody’s Daughter.

“I wish I could go back and tell that eight-year-old kid who was playing the game that, one day, twentysome odd years later, he would be playing the lead in a Jerry Bruckheimer blockbuster movie based on that video game, and just see how his eyes would pop out of his head and how excited he would be. For me, that’s kind of how I felt while I was making the movie; I felt like I was unlocking that piece of my childhood again. It was fun every day, running and jumping and fighting bad guys.” JAKE GYLLENHAAL’s childhood dreams came true when he landed the lead role in new action film PRINCE OF PERSIA: THE SANDS OF TIME.

“I’m not sure what that phrase means. I have high cheekbones - that helps. I dye my hair, as most women do. I’m not blonde, I’m dark-haired. I exercise and keep myself in good shape. Not just for my job but for me. I want to have a really long life. So I take good care of myself and, if I can’t, then I get people who can help me.” KIM CATTRALL, 53, doesn’t like to be told she ‘looks good for her age’.

“I used to sound like a Hobbit. I had a really deep voice.” Teenage pop star AJ MICAHLKA didn’t always sound so sweet.

“Once I did something for him and he cut me out of the movie… I flew out from Miami, didn’t get paid, worked in 104 degrees and then he cut me out.” JAMES CAAN on working with his son Scott.

“I hired a camel in Los Angeles and I rode it around for 15 hours a day and I would only eat twigs and berries… and drink water from the sewers, which really (helps you} drop weight.” JAKE GYLLENHAAL jokes about his bulked-up look for new movie Prince of Persia.

“It’s nice dating another actor. With our job, there are so many things that don’t make sense to people. It’s nice not having to explain everything, and our passion inspires each other to want to work.” HARRY POTTER star BONNIE WRIGHT on her romance with actor Jamie Campbell Bower.

“He’s obviously had some failed attempts at marriages. But there’s a lot of people that do that and they go, ‘I’m never doing that again’. My dad is a good example of someone who digs into life and goes, ‘Yeah, that tore my heart out, but I’m going to try again’.” Actor SCOTT CAAN on his father, movie legend James Caan.

“I haven’t seen that in years. November Rain is still one of the most expensive videos ever made. I hate videos. So that’s right up at the top - the epitome of the kind of thing I cannot stand.” Former GUNS N’ ROSES guitarist SLASH objects to the band’s iconic music video.

“I’ve lost my voice for maybe a day or two but it was horrendous - I had to walk around with a notepad and pencil and it wasn’t fun. I’m a big talker and a singer.” MELANIE BROWN’s biggest fear is losing her voice.

“Here’s a thing I’m actually embarrassed about. I met Justin Bieber… I was like ‘Hey, my little sister really likes you, and she’s 12, would you take a picture?’ He was like, ‘Cool.’ And then he walks away, and I was like, ‘Wow.’ All of a sudden, ‘Bieber Fever’ swept over me and I got hot and started sweating. I was like, ‘What’s happening to me? Justin Bieber did it!’” PRECIOUS star GABOUREY SIDIBE is now a JUSTIN BIEBER fan after meeting the teen pop star at a White House dinner.

“I went up in their estimation from the first night on set, when I was called on to shoot a flaming arrow, missed my mark and hit a light, which duly exploded. How many mums do stuff like that?” CATE BLANCHETT’s three young sons were impressed with her role in new movie ROBIN HOOD.

“There is a very early entry in my diary from when I was six and it says, ‘Soccer is my life!’ I played school soccer and it became my obsession. Of course, I’ll be watching the games. I would really like to go to the World Cup finals.” JAKE GYLLENHAAL has always loved soccer.

“You have to be very careful when you’re naming the kids; you don’t want there to be an ’s’ (sound) at the end of the first name. We loved the name Alice for a girl - Alice Platt!” OLIVER PLATT on naming his three kids.

“I love the work. It’s the only way I know how to make a living. It’s not like I’m ready to hang it up. But in this business, sooner or later, the phone stops ringing. I’ve had a fairly long career, and those are rare.” MAGNUM, P.I. star TOM SELLECK is grateful he’s still landing new roles at the age of 65, after more than four decades in showbusiness.

“It was hot but it was fun. The desert is really cleansing, the sand exfoliates your skin and there is a nice, warm, dry sun.” Being on the set of PRINCE OF PERSIA: THE SANDS OF TIME had beauty benefits for JAKE GYLLENHAAL.

“John Travolta… is my financial advisor. He always asks me, ‘How much money do you have… and what do you spend that on?’ He’s got more (money) than I have.” KIRSTIE ALLEY on taking money advice from her pal Travolta.

“It’s the unforgivable. Historically, country music would rather an artist be a drunk… They would rather you were a drug addict than be gay. They will forgive you if you beat your wife, lose your kids to the state, get six divorces, make a sex tape, get labelled as a tramp - any and all of it is better than being gay.” Country star CHELY WRIGHT fears the backlash after ‘coming out’ as gay.

“Jay-Z has 99 Problems… This b**ch ain’t one of them.” Actress BETTY WHITE on hosting U.S. TV show SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE with the rap mogul as her musical guest.

“Better The Devil You Know was a turning point for me. I was 21, I’d just started dating Michael Hutchence and a different world had opened up.” KYLIE MINOGUE has fond memories of releasing her 1990 hit.

“I’m a serial monogamist, not shy but it takes a lot for me to initiate anything. My preference is for a clean-shaven man who smells fresh and clean.” Eligible bachelors should shower before approaching SEX AND THE CITY’s KIM CATTRALL for a date.

“I’m afraid of the ocean. It’s terrible because I like the beach lifestyle… But if I can’t see my feet I lose it completely. I have a really vivid imagination and I always think of sharks and corpses underneath me so I can’t go out in the water further than four feet… It’s disgusting to me.” Actress MINDY KALING, star of U.S. TV’s THE OFFICE, is terrified of the sea.

“Whenever you step out for a drink or dinner, whoever you’re with becomes your latest beau, which is a bit of a laugh for my gay friends.” KIM CATTRALL giggles when she’s linked to male pals.

“They wouldn’t let me see the original. Scary movies are way too scary for me. I like romantic comedies.” Teenage KICK-ASS star CHLOE MORETZ’s parents wouldn’t let her see 2008 Swedish vampire movie Let The Right One In before signing up for the Hollywood remake.

“I’ve actually met the guy that does my voice in France - he works a lot. He loves me… The guy in Germany sounds a little strange. Somebody there has an opinion about what I sound like and what I should sound like and they try and mess with my voice.” SAMUEL L. JACKSON on meeting the men who give him a voice on screen in Europe at the recent Thriller Film Awards in France.

“I was crouched by the stage door, getting some air, my bowler hat at my feet. Seeing an unkempt old man down on his luck, a passerby said, ‘Need some help brother?’ and put $1 in my hat.” SIR IAN McKELLEN was mistaken for a tramp during a break from starring in Waiting for Godot in Australia.

“I don’t even drink… so I was like the weird guy.” SAMUEL L. JACKSON on his recent trip to France’s wine-drinking Bordeaux region, where he received a lifetime achievement honour at the Thriller Film Awards.

“If it’s a boy… it’s definitely going to be called Carlos, or just Tevez. Tevez Gallagher. Carlito Gallagher. She doesn’t know this, but I’ll nip out to the Marylebone Registry Office (in London) while she’s having a nap.” Former OASIS star NOEL GALLAGHER plans to name his new baby with girlfriend Sara McDonald after his favourite soccer play, Argentine Manchester City hero Carlos Tevez.

“It’s weird when you get something like braces because it’s technically cosmetic enhancement and I feel like it’s awesome. It’s a really slippery slope because now I’m like, ‘What else should I get done?’ I’m like, ‘Should I get my boobs done?’” Actress MINDY KALING, star of the U.S. version of The Office, is open to the idea of plastic surgery after having her teeth straightened.

“I love Greece. Mykonos makes me happy.” QUEEN LATIFAH on her favourite retreat.

“I was never pretty. Pretty girls just lie there. Us girls who grew up a little more homely have to try a lot harder. That’s why pretty girls never threaten me - it’s like, yeah, you want to take me on? Take me on. Go for it.” COURTNEY LOVE explains why she’s great in bed.

“Well I’ve threatened to several times but I’ve always chickened out.” Country music legend WILLIE NELSON refuses to cut his long hair.

“To be honest, I don’t even notice it anymore. It was really sexy at first and I still find it so attractive on other British men - but I’ve been with him now for so long, I dont hear it. He’s like an extension of me.” AMANDA SEYFRIED has become immune to her British boyfriend DOMINIC COOPER’s accent.

“I got a bobblehead (doll)… There was a paparazzi chasing my girlfriend and she was getting really upset and I went after him and he held up the bobblehead and I stopped and went, ‘Give me that’.” MICKEY ROURKE on the toy keepsake he has of his IRON MAN 2 villain WHIPLASH.

“I have three different brushes in my house, one for each bathroom. The first thing I did when I moved was take a big trip to (U.S. store) Target. I bought a lot of cleaning supplies.” Supermodel BROOKLYN DECKER likes to clean toilets.

“I’m not a kid anymore. I feel my age, and it’s had a very grounding effect… Truth be told, I’m kind of beat up.” IRON MAN star ROBERT DOWNEY JR. on the pitfalls of being an action hero at 45.

“It’s my mum’s favourite show and I love being in things my mum likes.” THE WIRE star IDRIS ELBA is eyeing a cameo on long-running British soap opera EASTENDERS - to please his mum.

“We had a bit of wine and I managed to convince two of the cast members to go and get tattoos. So we all have little tattoos on our feet now. It says Imagine. It made a lot of sense that night. They didn’t take too long to do, in fact it took so little time I had enough time to get another one too, but I won’t talk about that one. GLEE star LEA MICHELE will have a permanent reminder of her time on the show after having an inking with castmates.

“People seem to think we’re interchangeable: blonde and pale.” EASY VIRTUE star KIMBERLEY NIXON is often mistaken for 2010 Oscars nominee Carey Mulligan.

“It’s always nice to go where you don’t have to stay… My favourite place was the bakery, they had a really great bakery there… It was very quiet there… I met my girlfriend in the prison; she was in the women’s detention centre.” MICKEY ROURKE on the time he spent behind bars in a Russian jail researching his IRON MAN 2 villain WHIPLASH.

“I can’t really get away from them. I live in America and they’re on the radio all the time. It doesn’t get on my nerves but I don’t hear them the same way as everybody else - I hear all the mistakes.” Rocker DAVE STEWART can’t escape his EURYTHMICS hits.

“I’m going to be honest - it’s not easy!” Supermodel ADRIANA LIMA admits she’s struggling to lose the 40 pounds (18 kilograms) she piled on while pregnant with baby daughter Valentina last year (09).

“I told her that in two years I’ll learn Russian. It’s been about a year now and… it’s not happening.” MICKEY ROURKE is trying to impress his Russian girlfriend with his language skills.

“It was funny because both of us got a second chance, and you don’t get second chances a lot in life, especially in the movie business. We both had two strikes, two-and-a-half strikes, really… I think he was worse than me.” MICKEY ROURKE is adamant he and his IRON MAN 2 co-star ROBERT DOWNEY, Jr. are lucky to still be working after their past wild ways almost ruined their careers.

“I was chatting to a friend about speed-dating and JDate.com… I have a bunch of different accounts that no one even knows about.” GOSSIP GIRL star CHACE CRAWFORD dates anonymously online.

“I was walking (on the treadmill) during my lunch break and Robert was over there doing these strange movements - kung fu he called it - and he walks around with a satchel of vitamins, and I thought, ‘Wow, we’ve come a long way’. I would have been showing up about noon and he wouldn’t even have been there.” MICKEY ROURKE on working with fellow former Hollywood wildman ROBERT DOWNEY, JR. on IRON MAN 2.

“I’d love to play Cleopatra.” British actress ALICE EVE wants a royal role.

“I had to channel my inner Martha Stewart because anybody who knows me knows I don’t know anything about baking!” Actress KERRY WASHINGTON admits she fakes her culinary skills as a baker in new movie Mother and Child.

“I’ve got six or seven hundred… They’re on stuff. I got cabinets full of hats, I got shelves full of hats, they’re on top of my wardrobe, in boxes. They’re all over the place.” SAMUEL L. JACKSON on his hat collection.

“I will let you into a little secret. She used to fancy me and she finally got off with me. I saw her a few weeks ago and she’s in very good form - and she’s still trying to get intimate!” RONNIE WOOD insists PRETENDERS star CHRISSIE HYNDE has always had a crush on him.

“Last week I was reversing on Robertson (Boulevard) and almost hit Jon Bon Jovi… That would have been bad… He smiled nicely.” GLEE star LEA MICHELE is struggling with her driving skills in Los Angeles.

“As I roll into my forties, I’m making an effort to work out. For the first 20 minutes, you’re thinking, this is hell. The next 20 you survive and the last 20 you’re in pain! But afterwards you feel good.” BENICIO DEL TORO is hitting the gym to get in shape.

“I remember Nick Fury when he was a white guy.” SAMUEL L. JACKSON on playing comic book superhero leader Nick Fury on the big screen.

“I’ve gone from Betty Boop to more Bettie Page. It’s less cute and more meow.” KATY PERRY on her grown-up new look.

“It’s very loud. If you’re not scared of guitars screaming at you and a 16-year-old girl yelling at you, then you’ll like the record.” GOSSIP GIRL-star-turned rock singer TAYLOR MOMSEN on her debut release with new band THE PRETTY RECKLESS.

“I’ll hold off having kids. For sure. I think 40-something is a good age. But maybe a little old to have your first one, but there’s no rush.’” British pop star LEONA LEWIS, 25, has no immediate plans to start a family with longtime boyfriend LOU AL-CHAMAA.

“Because of my past… I will be sometimes pointed at and said, ‘She hit me’ and I’ve got no proof of saying any different (sic).” NAOMI CAMPBELL accepts she’ll always be a victim of opportunists who want to take advantage of her much-publicised bad temper.

“The fans downloading for free are responsible for killing the next Kiss, U2 or The Beatles. It destroys hope.” KISS rocker GENE SIMMONS is disgusted by illegal file-sharing on the internet.

“I’ve been asking Will to put us together. She’s beautiful. I would love to work with her. That would be as cool as hell. She’s so classic.” R&B superstar USHER is keen to have some studio time with will.i.am’s collaborator CHERYL COLE.

“Some people are born stylish. It’s not for me to say whether I was or not - but I was.” Rocker LIAM GALLAGHER is confident in his outfit choices.

“I’ve lived a great life and I’ve lived a reckless part of my life and… I just thought, ‘I may never get to 40.’” NAOMI CAMPBELL can’t believe she has lived to be 40. The supermodel celebrates her big birthday later this month (22May10).

“I’m writing my autobiography, and there are several (films) that I’ve had to look up because they were so bloody awful. I type ‘Michael Caine films’ into Google.” Acting legend SIR MICHAEL CAINE has banished bad movie roles from his memory.

“I never really thought about it until I was on the Today show recently, and I had a 103-degree temperature. I was completely out of it, but I realised, why don’t I have a video for You’re So Vain?” CARLY SIMON decided to make a promo for her classic 1972 track after falling ill with a fever.

“No, there won’t be any musical numbers.” DREAMGIRLS director BILL CONDON jokes about his latest movie project THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN - insisting he won’t be inserting any songs into the vampire franchise.

“Yesterday, with Dappy, we were looking for dancers for our tour. I wasn’t having him choosing women he wants to sleep with. We’re choosing them because they’re dancers.” N-DUBZ singer TULISA ensured dancers for the rap group’s tour were chosen for their talent and not for her bandmate DAPPY’s pleasure.

“You don’t know who you’ve got in the audience. It can be people who really don’t like rock ‘n’ roll and just chat to each other.” SIR PAUL McCARTNEY still battles nerves before stepping onstage.

“I’ve tried doing movies for the wrong reasons in the hope that it will (further) my career and it never works. You know that you hate it and you have nothing to offer and you just couldn’t care less if it got made because it’s not something in a million years you’d go and see yourself.” EMILY MORTIMER admits she has made a few shameful movie decisions in her career.

“If you thought Simon Cowell was harsh with the contestants, you haven’t seen anything yet. Amy would probably get arrested for verbal assault or something. She wouldn’t mind telling someone exactly what she thought of their performance.” AMY WINEHOUSE’s father MITCH is convinced his daughter would never be considered as a guest judge on THE X FACTOR.

“There was an early cut of the movie where everybody hated Tony (Stark). We tested it for an audience and they had to wipe the screen down.” ROBERT DOWNEY, JR. had to re-shoot scenes for the IRON MAN sequel because early audiences hated his portrayal of egotistical playboy Stark.

“Avatar, I had to take a break. It’s a little tough.” ROBERT DOWNEY, JR. didn’t enjoy the 3D experience during his Avatar screening.

“He does look good in ruby slippers.” IRON MAN director JON FAVREAU pokes fun at reports suggesting ROBERT DOWNEY, JR. is set to play the Wizard in a prequel to The Wizard of Oz.

“I rap really well. I can sound like LIL WAYNE or LUDACRIS. I’m dead serious…I can spit!” Actor RYAN PHILLIPPE is confident about his rap skills.

“I thought it would be more interesting than having a cat.” MICKEY ROURKE on his evil character Ivan Vanko’s pet cockatoo in IRON MAN 2.

“It’s so important to be on it! It’s the Big Mac of festivals.” EMPIRE OF THE SUN singer LUKE STEELE is excited about the band’s upcoming appearance at Britain’s legendary Glastonbury Festival this year (10).

“Woody Allen is one in a long list of men I might go gay for. Gary Shandling is someone I’ve publicly gone gay for, for jokes. Oh and anybody in the Twilight movies. I don’t know any of their names, but all of them. The wolves, vampires - they’re all fantastic.” DAVID DUCHOVNY jokes about men he finds attractive.

“I go into the crowd and before you know it there’s girls pulling their tops down going, ‘Sign this one! And the second one!’ And it’s like, ‘What am I supposed to do here?’” EMPIRE OF THE SUN singer LUKE STEELE is embarrassed by saucy fans.

“There’s this big mall with a multiplex there, and in the summertime I like to go and spend 10 minutes in 10 movies - unless I get into one, then I stay - but usually I stay for like 10 minutes.” Former THE X-FILES star DAVID DUCHOVNY is a multiple movie-watcher.

“I’d like to be involved in a design team making better glasses. I’ve seen some recently that actually have tech in the glasses that assist the experience.” ROBERT DOWNEY, JR. is keen to be part of the 3D movie revolution.

“I’d like to have a fight with Liam whichever way he wants - physically or mentally, I’d beat him in any way, shape or form.” Veteran pop star ADAM ANT challenges former OASIS frontman LIAM GALLAGHER to a fight.

“They’re very musical. They’re quite funny in how intently they listen to things. We listen to 78rpm records a lot together. I’ll show them how to wind up the gramophone and they’ll put things on. Scarlett really loves Edith Piaf.” JACK WHITE is convinced his two children, Scarlett, four, and Henry, two, will grow up to be musical.

“With Sherlock Holmes, I said, ‘We’re blowing Avatar out of the water.’ I was personally shocked at the cosmos when it did not respond to my incantations. I’m doing the same garbage this time, because most of the time I win.” ROBERT DOWNEY, JR. has very high hopes for his new movie IRON MAN 2.

“There are things I’ve said that maybe made Bono worse and more like the showman… He obviously isn’t a buffoon. He’s a clever bloke and he’s written some good tunes - nothing with any profundity, I don’t think - but some decent melodies… (and) he’s got at least one more private jet than me.” ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN star IAN McCULLOCH on his decades-long feud with the U2 frontman.

“When I look in the mirror I see that I brush up quite well. It’s a bit like a cygnet to a swan. Now, I see a sophisticated lady. Even though the outwardness has changed, inside I’m still the same, but now I’m a bit more refined in some ways.” Scottish singing sensation SUSAN BOYLE on her style transformation since shooting to fame on BRITAIN’S GOT TALENT.

“Jack is who Jack is, and I was very nervous to even play him my songs at first. Jack would overhear me over the course of a year and wouldn’t tell me. Eventually he said ‘Play me the songs, we’re going into the studio tomorrow.’” Rocker JACK WHITE convinced his model/singer wife KAREN ELSON to record an album with him after secretly listening to her music for more than a year.

“It’s probably not suitable, but I find myself singing FAIRYTALE OF NEW YORK to him quite often.” COLIN FARRELL loves singing Irish band THE POGUES’ classic to his six-month-old son Henry.

“We were at the bar, and Bruce was talking to Paul, and he turned to me and said, ‘I can’t believe I’m talking to Paul McCartney!’ I thought, ‘I can’t believe I’m talking to Bruce Springsteen, who’s talking to Paul McCartney.’” MELISSA ETHERIDGE on an all-star meeting with her heroes at the 1999 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

“I don’t know how I’m going to watch it… I’m scared to death. I don’t like being scared. I don’t like horror movies. I don’t like having anything to do with horror movies. I don’t know what I was thinking.” A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET actress CONNIE BRITTON is too scared to watch her performance in the re-imagining of the iconic horror film.

“No sooner had he been cast, he went to a Russian prison… I mean the guy is committed.” MICKEY ROURKE’s dangerous research tactics for his villainous role in IRON MAN 2 impressed the film’s star ROBERT DOWNEY, JR..

“Elton has sold out Madison Square Garden more than anyone ever has, more than the Knicks and the Rangers. Even though he doesn’t know what either of those things are.” BETTE MIDLER is a big fan of SIR ELTON JOHN.

“I had the gag reel from the film with every take of me being humiliated and smashed and trashed. So I’d use it as a reward to get my kids to eat their vegetables. I’d be like, ‘Eat your broccoli and you can watch dad fall down again.’” BRENDAN FRASER uses his movie outtakes to coax his kids into eating healthily.

“Now I think, ‘Oh, my God, me and the missus will be (here) until the grandkids attend our funerals.’ We’ll always be here. We’ll never f**king move from here. Crazy.” ROBERT DOWNEY, JR is convinced he will never move out of his Los Angeles home.

“We had an opportunity to play, but there were all kinds of crazy rules going on about lip-syncing and stuff like that. That’s just not our bag, man.” RUSH star GEDDY LEE on why Canada’s most famous rock act weren’t part of the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

“I listen to her as a mother, and in that way I really appreciate her music. I was scared about my kids listening to the radio, but thankfully Taylor Swift is one of the artists that my daughter really hung on to. She’s real.” MELISSA ETHERIDGE gives TAYLOR SWIFT the thumbs up.

“We had very similar backgrounds when it came to our parents. Thank God that I had a strong mother that I was able to make it back. Unfortunately, Dana didn’t have that and Gary can’t find his way back because he doesn’t have any solid foundation to work from… It’s not a curse; if it was a curse, I’d still be doing it. I’m 17 years sober.” Former child star TODD BRIDGES dismisses reports of a DIFF’RENT STROKES curse, despite the drug overdose death of co-star Dana Plato, TV brother Gary Coleman’s ongoing personal problems and his own past drug abuse issues.

“It takes a village for me, honestly. I have a psychopharma therapist, I have a psychiatrist, I have therapists on the west coast and east coast… I have a life coach. I have four members in a band. I have a crew. I have a vocal coach. I have a lot.” Rocker COURTNEY LOVE relies on a large number of minders to stay sober.

“There’s RYAN GOSLING and then there’s JAMES McAVOY. They’re both really good. I watch them on different chat shows to see what they’re really like.” Rocker COURTNEY LOVE is dissecting the actors’ behaviour before assigning the coveted role of her late husband KURT COBAIN in a new biopic.

“He was just Grandpa to me. He taught me how to float in a swimming pool. He passed when I was 17, and I don’t recall ever having a conversation with him about acting. I have so many questions for him now.” Actor ETHAN PECK on his late grandfather, movie legend GREGORY PECK.

“It’s not often you have a movie where both leads are bald, hairy men.” OMID DJALILI on his starring role alongside THE WEST WING’s RICHARD SCHIFF in comedy THE INFIDEL.

“I did tell her about the show right before I started, but I didn’t tell her about the Single Ladies (dance). I’m sure she knows about it, though. She always does her homework on stuff like that and watches over people. Knowing her, she probably knows exactly what I’m doing all the time.” GLEE star HEATHER MORRIS is convinced BEYONCE will be pleased with the musical series’ tribute to her SINGLE LADIES video. Morris was once the R&B superstar’s back-up dancer.

“People always like to make you all very cut and dried and simple - ‘Oh, he’s a maniac.’ And I can be, when I have the time for it, but I’m also growing up. I pace myself. Even I couldn’t be that kind of Keith Richards all the time.” ROLLING STONES rocker KEITH RICHARDS, 66, is finally acting his age.

“This is ultimately a hilarious way to make a living. It’s not like a proper job at all.” Singer KATE NASH loves showbusiness.

“I was really into MTV’s JERSEY SHORE. Oh my God. I got really obsessed. I would count down until the next episode - literally, like, ‘OK, four more days…’ I was into it.

I’m from the East Coast and I knew guys like that growing up, so it was fascinating. I could relate to it in some strange way.”

RYAN PHILLIPPE is a big fan of the hit reality show.

“He really had turned his life around and then something changed. He was just an inspiration, a gifted guy, really optimistic and he just got caught flat-footed. It’s a horrible tragedy.” ROBERT DOWNEY, JR. is still upset about the
death of pal ADAM ‘DJ AM’ GOLDSTEIN, who has a cameo in IRON MAN 2.

The DJ died from an accidental drug overdose last year (09).

“There have been rumours, but nothing solid. Of course it would be a huge compliment to be asked. But I wouldn’t be interested if it was simply a case of them deciding it was time for a black James Bond. I can do without the ‘black James Bond’ label.” THE WIRE star IDRIS ELBA would be wary of taking on the role of 007.

“Men always say women talk too much but I think it’s the other way around. They used to ask me stupid questions to help them get laid. But now guys are terrified of me. I guess that’s better than them hitting on me all the time.” Singer KE$HA is convinced fame has alienated her from the opposite sex.

“I’m a Google fiend. I’ve had an insatiable curiosity all my life, so Google is the best thing to happen to me. I know everything now. I typed ‘Michael Caine films’ into Google and there were several I looked up that were so bl**dy awful. The worst was probably The Swarm.” SIR MICHAEL CAINE loves the internet.

“What’s really cool (is)… the ring’s a bezel, so I can take the diamonds off when I want to. People don’t know that!” KEVIN JONAS on his wedding ring.

“Musically and creatively it’s gonna be better for everyone. Noel and Liam are both gonna turn into something great.” PAUL WELLER is convinced the break-up of British band OASIS is for the best.

“I’m looking forward to having a rest from running. The training has been hard work. I started training in December and for the past few months I made it my job. I run, repair and run again. Now it’s time to ditch the trainers for a bit.” Australian singer NATALIE IMBRUGLIA is taking a break from running after completing the London Marathon on Sunday (25Apr10) with a time of five hours two minutes.

“The Russian teacher would come over every day and it was really hard working on the accent. I would hear her pulling up on the driveway and go, ‘Ugh, she’s here.’ It was three hours of messing up the Russian language. It’s really hard on the English tongue to wrap the vowels the right way.” MICKEY ROURKE dreaded playing a Russian character in IRON MAN 2.

“I’d love to work with KATHRYN BIGELOW; I’d love it if she’d do the next Thomas Crown (Affair). I’d love to step out with her. I think she’s fantastic.” PIERCE BROSNAN wants to work with Oscar winner Bigelow.

“I have Bieber fever. I’m 13… I was on Twitter and I sent him, like, five different tweets. I was like, ‘Hey Justin, it’s me Chloe. I play Hit Girl. Hi.’” Teenage KICK-ASS star CHLOE MORETZ is in love with pop sensation JUSTIN BIEBER.

“It’s very disappointing… To have a little moonshine, in North Carolina, I thought they put that in baby bottles. I didn’t know that was a problem.” WILLIE NELSON on plans to prosecute members of his band for possession of moonshine and marijuana.

“My feet hurt… They made me some special shoes and they sort of crafted the shoes so they would eventually break my feet… I’m numb.” KELSEY GRAMMER is suffering for his art on the New York stage in his first musical La Cage Aux Folles.

“I certainly wasn’t trying to cultivate a Charles Manson persona, given some of his atrocious behaviour in the late ’60s. But I do acknowledge I have long hair and a beard… I don’t mind looking like him, and actually, that acoustic album of his is not that bad.” RUSSELL BRAND on fiancee Katy Perry’s comments the Brit looks like murderer Manson.

“When it’s hot in the summer, I have to have my ice cream. One trick I’ve learned is that if I have an ice cream bar, I’m OK having four bites and then throwing it away. I don’t need to eat the whole thing to feel satisfied.” Actress KRISTIN DAVIS on how she stays trim while treating herself.

“I spoke to Noel about that. Look, it’s not like you’re in a band for years and then you start hanging out with Russell Brand and it’s over - as if the two things are mutually exclusive. The only people responsible for the break-up of Oasis are in Oasis. I don’t want to be the Oasis Yoko Ono without even getting to have sex with John Lennon!” RUSSELL BRAND is confused by Liam Gallagher’s claims he is responsible for the break-up of Oasis.

“I lost her kind of early. She had cancer, and she also had epilepsy, which was brought on by a car accident. We had to watch her fade out slowly. It was very painful.” TOM PETTY on the death of his mother.

“I don’t know why they say there’s no gay marriage; I have two ex-wives.” Rocker MELISSA ETHERIDGE puts a funny spin on her recent split from partner Tammy Lynn Michaels.

“I could live in Los Angeles. That could be OK, I suppose. But every time I’m in L.A. I think, ‘What am I doing here?” MELANIE GRIFFITH’s acting legend mother TIPPI HEDREN prefers a quiet life in the desert community of Acton, California - where she founded wildlife habitat, the Shambala Preserve.

“It was like watching a wildlife documentary, when the leopard goes to kill the little antelope and you’re like, ‘Why wouldn’t the cameraman stop it?’ That’s not their duty, theirs is to observe.” RUSSELL BRAND on why he didn’t step in to save Taylor Swift’s blushes when Kanye West invaded the stage to protest her Best Female Video win at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, which he hosted.

“Pete Doherty… is a poetic person. He gets a horrible rap in all of the British tabloids, but he’s one of those sweet, ethereal people - who you should never get in a car with.” RUSSELL BRAND on troubled rocker Doherty.

“I don’t even know what to think! She’s a nutter. I think my dad will probably enjoy it more than anyone else!” KELLY OSBOURNE is almost speechless about her mother Sharon’s plans to turn her breast implants into paperweights for her father Ozzy

“Dave Davies from The Kinks - his mum caught him in bed with five women when he was 16. He shouldn’t have been allowed out after nine o’clock at that age, and he’s in bed with five women.” RUSSELL BRAND insists Britain has always been known for its sexually-active stars.

“I have pieces of it but it’s a pretty costly item. Maybe they don’t trust me. It’s not like I would do something kinky with it.” ROBERT DOWNEY JR. dreams of owning his full IRON MAN costume.

“The hand’s doing better. I’ve got a rotator cuff that’s torn, and it’s cutting down on my golf.” Country music legend WILLIE NELSON on his aches and pains.

“I have hips! I’m never going to be the thinnest actress, and I don’t want to be. When you’re at peace with yourself and your body, you’re automatically more confident.” SEX & THE CITY star KRISTIN DAVIS loves her curvy look.

“It’ s called Rokstarr… (It’s) for men and women… I just love the classic black and white, really slick, really elegant sort of thing, so it will be a lot of fun.” British hip-hop star TAIO CRUZ is launching his own clothing line.

“Dre’s my man. I did a song called Drink the Cool Aid and a lot of people (took it too far)… It’s all compliments… I was in the studio with Dre a couple of days ago; he’s working on Detox. It’s off the hook… He’s working on my album too.” Rapper ICE CUBE insists reports of a feud between himself and former N.W.A. partner Dr. Dre have been blown out of proportion.

“She’s a dude, she’s a very attractive dude… (and) she cusses like a sailor, and loud and aggressive.” Actor COLUMBUS SHORT on The Losers co-star Zoe Saldana.

“(Chris is the) right guy. Not a problem. They seem to be making great steps in the right direction to make all these films happen in the right way. So I’m looking forward to going to London and meeting Captain America.” SAMUEL L. JACKSON is backing CHRIS EVANS in his role as Captain America. Jackson will appear alongside the actor in the superhero movie, which begins filming in June (10), as Nick Fury.

“It’s a drag because my balance is really wacky. I hear myself on TV sometimes slurring my words and people always go: ‘Is he drunk or on drugs?’ It’s like when people have strokes and it can happen at any time, but I’m not stoned.” MEAT LOAF struggles to accept the symptoms of his vertigo attacks.

“We’re kind of on the last stretch now. It’s a weird feeling. It’s been half my life and suddenly it’s going to come to one shot and its all over. I’m kind of sad. I will miss it. It’s been a massive part of my life and all the people I’ve met over the years - saying goodbye (will be hard).” RUPERT GRINT is struggling to come to terms with the end of the HARRY POTTER movies - because he’s spent half his life filming the wizard franchise.

“There is an unwritten law - never go out with Paul Weller - he’s a nightmare. He’s hardcore. If you go out with him… if you come home at all, there will be bumps and bruises, scuffles in the street.” NOEL GALLAGHER struggles to keep up with pal PAUL WELLER’s partying.

“I think he’s physically one of the most gorgeous human beings I’ve ever seen in my life, and spiritually his soul matches his body.” ROSIE O’DONNELL salutes RICKY MARTIN following his decision to ‘come out’ as a homosexual.

“The only time I don’t have to pee now is when I’m peeing.” Funnyman MARTIN SHORT on life at 60.

“Tony Hawk was there. I couldn’t stop staring at him for the first two days because I grew up skateboarding in Los Angeles and I owned his boards and he’s just the nicest guy.” Former BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 star BRIAN AUSTIN GREEN was starstruck meeting his childhood idol at the Toyota Celebrity/Pro Race at the weekend (17Apr10). The actor was the first driver to cross the finish line at the Long Beach, California event.

“I still keep in touch with Susan. We always get a kick out of walking the street together and seeing how people look at us. It’s fun.” GEENA DAVIS often reunites with her THELMA AND LOUISE co-star SUSAN SARANDON.

“We were at a Jay-Z concert right before he went away, and he said, ‘Yo, Nick, how come you never bring any bad b**ches around with you?’ I said, ‘My fault. I’ve got you next time!’ So I’ll send him a poster of a bad b**ch to put up in his cell.” Rapper NICKI MINAJ has vowed to look after her mentor LIL WAYNE while he’s behind bars - by sending him raunchy photos of women.

“I try to be as vain as I reasonably can without losing sight of the fact that I’m not great-looking.” Veteran rocker IGGY POP is realistic about his looks.

“I love women, but I’ve never had a relationship with a woman. Having a threesome is fun, but never a relationship.” GRACE JONES is candid about her sex life.

“March 20 was a year since I started taking testosterone… I’m very happy (and) feeling really good.” CHER’s former daughter CHAZ BONO celebrates his first year as a man.

“I might have to get myself a fat suit. I can’t play the little funny fat guy any more.” British funnyman RICKY GERVAIS on his shrinking waistline.

“The first thing I do after breakfast is I go to the park and start drawing or painting.” Legendary crooner TONY BENNETT likes to get creative in his spare time.

“My sister travels with me. She plays keyboard. I like for her to boss me around, slap me around a little bit. We’re close. We have our own thing going!” Country music legend WILLIE NELSON loves working and touring with his musician sister.

“I wish I could get into them again. It was a part of my life that was so much fun.” SIR ELTON JOHN is very fond of the wild stage costumes he was famed for early on in his career.

“I don’t think me or my parents ever read the small print. And I got really into firing managers, which is expensive.” British actress BILLIE PIPER made hardly any money from her pop career in the late 1990s.

“We’re all cordial and nice to each other, but we’re not really friends outside of the set.” TAYLOR MOMSEN isn’t close to her GOSSIP GIRL co-stars.

“I like getting hurt. I don’t have tattoos, so my bruises and scars are my tattoos.” Actor KELLAN LUTZ is proud of his injuries.

“It’s COACHELLA. Don’t be drunk on Twitter.” KATY PERRY vows to stay away from her Twitter account while partying at California’s Coachella music festival this weekend (17-18Apr10).

“I love Justin. I think he’s gorgeous. It’s kind of that you feel wrong for fancying him. I’m 27. His songs are amazing. I’d be a cougar for him. But it is wrong.” British actress BILLIE PIPER has a crush on U.S. teen sensation JUSTIN BIEBER.

“I got sober in a hospital in Chicago. It was the best six weeks I ever did for myself.” The city of Chicago, Illinois holds a special place in SIR ELTON JOHN’s heart.

“My mom knew I could sing… We’d watch American Idol, and I’d be like, ‘I could make that show.’ But I was too young to try out.” Teenager JUSTIN BIEBER was aware he had talent at a very young age

“She’ll say, ‘I think you could gain 10 more pounds.’ She would rather have me heavier than thinner, and she really hates that I ever doubt myself. She loves how I look. She wants me to be happy and never think about it.” Comedienne ELLEN DEGENERES enjoys staying fit for her actress wife PORTIA DE ROSSI.

“I have a hard time getting rid of stuff… I’m not that bad but we do have a lot of stuff in storage.” Rocker SLASH admits he’s a closet hoarder.

“It is one of the things that I’m a bit nervous about in life in general. It wouldn’t be my first choice of travel if I had to go somewhere.” Jet-setting JONAS BROTHERS star NICK JONAS admits he’s a nervous flier.

“I love Twitter. My fans have made me a trending topic every day… It’s pretty incredible.” Teenage pop star JUSTIN BIEBER is in awe of his fans’ dedication on the social networking website.

“I haven’t liked jeans for years - probably because their ubiquity has become terribly boring. Do people really want to conform to looking just like everyone else? It astounds me to hear some of my friends talking about their designer jeans that cost upwards of £500 - what a waste of money!” Veteran actress JOAN COLLINS urges women to stay clear of denim.

“The amazing memories I have of them as children and watching them become who they are today truly outweigh any disagreements we may have had - and every family has them. But there were never any serious difficulties with my girls. We always kept them well-protected and maintained family as a priority in our lives.” BEYONCE’s and SOLANGE KNOWLES’ mum TINA KNOWLES insists her daughters have always been good girls.

“Sometimes when you say controversial things that are not quite ready, you can get in trouble for them… Michael Richards was probably funny that night but on YouTube he was in the Ku Klux Klan.” Comedian CHRIS ROCK fears Seinfeld star Richards was a victim of the Internet when he made his racist comments during a 2006 stand-up routine in Los Angeles.

“I do not eat pork and he shouldn’t either.” TLC star ROZANDA ‘CHILLI’ THOMAS’ search for love will be dictated in part by her suitor’s diet. The singer is documenting her search for Mr. Right on new VH1 reality show WHAT CHILLI WANTS.

“An attractive brunette came up to me in a bar in L.A. last week and purred sweet nothings in my ear about how wonderful I was. She rather spoilt it by saying at the end, ‘Lovely to meet you Simon.’” AMERICA’S GOT TALENT judge PIERS MORGAN wasn’t happy about being mistaken for TV mogul SIMON COWELL.

“I try to be grateful for the interest - and sometimes I try to think of it as people actually caring.” DAVID DUCHOVNY tries to view the public interest in his personal life in a positive light.

“I have an ugly day every month; pimples on my face, I’m fat and in a bad mood. It’s more like an ugly week!” Every day isn’t glamourous for pop star RIHANNA.

“I am a Led Zeppelin fan. I’ve listened to their music since I was a child, and it’s always moved me, especially Stairway To Heaven. I make songs my own by going deep inside myself and translating them to ‘what would Mary do.’” Hip-hop/soul queen MARY J. BLIGE explains her decision to record covers of LED ZEPPELIN classics STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN and WHOLE LOTTA LOVE as part of a new project.

“I think that when you are in a relationship, you should be honest. The real immorality of infidelity is lying.” PLAYBOY boss HUGH HEFNER, 84, is open about his sexual escapades with multiple girlfriends.

“I see myself as any other working woman. Every day I’m struggling to get it right, do the best I can, make the right choices for work, be a good mother and have time for my relationship with Liev. I’m never sure whether I’m doing any of it right, but I’ve finally got to the age where at least I know that I’m just doing my best.” Actress NAOMI WATTS struggles to balance her chaotic work schedule with family life.

“My daughter is a magician on my computer. My jaw drops open when she’s on it. If anything ever goes wrong on our computer, both Tea and I call West - she’s 10 - to fix it and she does it.” DAVID DUCHOVNY is in awe of his daughter’s technical talents.

“Man, I really wanted to meet him. That’s one person that they always said that’s somebody that you can work with and that ain’t here right now.” SNOOP DOGG wishes his late icon BOB MARLEY was still alive so they could record music together.

“There’ll be something to hear quite soon. That’s all I can say. There’s something good coming.” Producer MARK RONSON is promising big things from his recent studio time with AMY WINEHOUSE.

“There was a period when it happened. I have some funny stories. There’s one where a high-end, Fifth Avenue society woman started hitting on me. She was in her thirties, and I was, like, 20. She got really trashed and said, ‘You know, girls like it up the wazoo, too!’” Gay singer RUFUS WAINWRIGHT had to fight off women eager to turn him ’straight’.

“It was a joke at first. Then I thought, ‘Man, it would be cool to run for President one day.’ I’ve always been quite driven.” NICK JONAS likes his family nickname, Mr. Prez, and admits he has political ambitions.

“I have to be very disciplined in order to preserve my voice, but when I’m old I’m going to drink and smoke a lot of pot. Perhaps I’ll eat meat. I may even sleep with a man. When my working years are over, I’d like to go a little crazy.” Singer k.d. lang is looking forward to an eventful retirement.

“We were trying to be the Cheech & Chong of punk rock for a while.” BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG on GREEN DAY’s drug-related early days, which inspired the band’s name.

“When THE RUNAWAYS broke up, I was so devastated and didn’t know what to do with my life, and for a very short period of time I contemplated joining the military, just to get myself straightened out.” Rocker JOAN JETT almost became a soldier after the 1979 break-up of the all-girl band.

“When you’re in the public eye, you’re a role model whether you want to be or not. And I want to be. I’m not one of those self-obsessed artists who don’t care about their fans. It’s not just about the music. I look out into the O2 and there are 18,000 screaming young people and I have a responsibility to them - and you’re an idiot if you don’t know that.” LADY GAGA is determined to positively inspire her young devotees.

“Bono’s a performer pretty much like I am. He’s not a dancer; he’s not jumping around. He’s having a conversation. He’s using his stillness as movement.” JAY-Z likens himself to U2 star BONO onstage.

“That was the old guard standing in the way, saying, ‘This is rock music. This is sacred’. It was one of those hurdles we had to break down.” Rapper JAY-Z on criticism the organisers of the Glastonbury festival in England faced for booking him as a 2008 headliner.

“My kids don’t watch Lost. It’s a little too hardcore. I think my daughter at some point in a few years will probably get a kick out of watching the box set with her girlfriends.” MATTHEW FOX doesn’t let his kids watch his desert island drama.

“I will say goodbye to some members of the cast privately, in my own way, without the crowds looking on. It will be very tough to say goodbye to everybody, but, at the same time, it’s going to be incredible.” Actor MATTHEW FOX admits the end of LOST will be emotional.

“Someone to play me? Probably Chuck Norris!” JUSTIN BIEBER is convinced his action idol would be perfect to play the teen star in a future biopic of his life.

“At my age why am I working so hard, people ask? Three or four years ago I was constantly saying to myself, ‘You don’t need to act, there are other things in life - relationships, the weather, books, travel.’” SIR IAN McKELLEN has no plans to slow down his acting career, despite turning 71 next month (May10).

“We write it, we mix it, we produce it. It’s like ABBA - we’re the younger version of ABBA.” N-DUBZ star DAPPY compares the British hip-hop group to Swedish pop stars ABBA.

“There are people building houses and having babies based on me not getting tired.” Country star KENNY CHESNEY has a lot of people depending on his continued success.

“I just didn’t want it on demand in a hotel room. It was a bit of a nightmare, and an expensive 14 minutes, but, at the end of the day, it was something to be laughed at.” COLIN FARRELL on the battle to keep a sex tape, featuring a romp with himself and Playboy model Nicole Narain, off the market.

“There’s not enough money in the world to get me singing again. I would be happy to turn down a million.” British actress, and former pop star, BILLIE PIPER is adamant she won’t be returning to music.

“I took her to the spot where we fell in love. I was so nervous, I forgot my dress pants, my shoes!” BROTHERS & SISTERS star DAVE ANNABLE made a mess of his proposal plans when he asked girlfriend ODETTE YUSTMAN to marry him in February (10).

“One night we ended up having a little too much fun and not remembering a whole lot. The details I do remember are kind of random, like Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas.” THE HURT LOCKER star JEREMY RENNER on a wild night in Mexico with pal Colin Farrell.

“It’s been, like, 11 months and I’m still chewing this gum religiously, but I’m about to go on the road and that’s where the true test is gonna be… I quit all the drugs and I haven’t been drinking, so I don’t have any real vices left.” SLASH fears he’ll slip back into his bad habits on tour.

“We always have this moment of hesitation where we don’t know if Keith’s going to get the intro right.” ROLLING STONES rocker RONNIE WOOD admits his bandmate KEITH RICHARDS often forgets what song he’s supposed to be playing.

“I just went in the back door and was home on the couch in my pyjamas by the time they called Best Picture.” Reformed wildman COLIN FARRELL snubbed the post-Oscars parties to chill out at home after paying tribute to Best Actor nominee and pal Jeremy Renner onstage at the Academy Awards.

“I don’t sing, not even in the shower.” Actor ANTHONY LaPAGLIA admits he never thought he’d star in a Broadway opera. The WITHOUT A TRACE star shows off his vocals on the New York stage in LEND ME A TENOR, directed by Stanley Tucci.

“I feel like in a way I’m starting over, with everything. This is a very personal experience that I think is important to share. This is an experience of recovery. I was in a very deep, dark slump, and I needed to find a way to get myself out of it. I had to force myself back out into life, back out into experiencing things.” SHANIA TWAIN is happy to share her life with fans in a new reality TV show, two years after her world was shattered by her husband Robert ‘Mutt’ Lange’s infidelity.

“If you’re walking down the street in L.A. people do sort of look at you like you’re a hooker because it’s so rare to see someone just walking.” British actress CAREY MULLIGAN is staying in the car during future visits to Los Angeles.

“It’s funny to think that after all these years I’ve finally met my soulmate - and at my age. All I can say is that I am very, very much in love.” Veteran rocker PAUL WELLER declares his love for 24-year-old girlfriend Hannah Andrews.

“There are some questions that are just too big for me, and one of them is, why me? I was a kid from Dublin. What the f**k am I doing in Hollywood?” Irish actor COLIN FARRELL still struggles with fame.

“We’re hanging out. We’re getting to know each other. He’s really an awesome guy, but he’s in L.A. and I’m here. And he works a lot. My problem is I’m always attracted to workaholics and I’m a workaholic, so that doesn’t make a lot of time for togetherness.” Former Playboy Playmate HOLLY MADISON admits her romance with rocker BENJI MADDEN isn’t exclusive - yet.

“It’s an extremely young country and it has every chance of being a most amazing one.” SEX PISTOLS star JOHN LYDON on his love affair with America.

“I have absolutely no trouble taking my clothes off… It’s fun to do something others think is outrageous.” LOST star MATTHEW FOX likes to get naked.

“Right now it’s difficult ’cause I’m travelling so much. I like girls who are outgoing and funny, someone who’s smart that I can have a good conversation with.” Teen pop sensation JUSTIN BIEBER describes his ideal girl.

“I hate healthy food… It has no taste… I’m from Barbados, so everything has extra flavour, extra salt, extra anything that fattens you and salad is just not one of the things I grew up eating. There’s vegetables, but it’s not such a big part of our culture.” RIHANNA isn’t a fan of diet food.

“The footage looks like it was shot yesterday. We put a disclaimer on the film for the Berlin Film Festival to let audiences know that there are no actors or re-creations. People still couldn’t believe it.” Producer PETER JANKOWSKI admits the quality of outtakes from JIM MORRISON’s 1970 movie HWY: An American Pastoral caused problems for the director of new The Doors documentary When You’re Strange.

“I always wanted to learn how to play the drums and I started talking about it… and he saw the interview and he said, ‘You can’t have anybody else teach you,’ so I started rocking out with him… It’s so difficult… but he makes it really clear to understand.” RIHANNA on her drumming lessons with BLINK-182 star TRAVIS BARKER.

“Instead of moosehunting, she should put that gun up her rear end.” Punk icon JOHN LYDON is no fan of former U.S. vice-presidential candidate and ex-Alaska Governor Sarah Palin

“Quite honestly I needed a hit. I mean I was one bad movie away from CSI: El Paso.” LUKE WILSON hopes his new movie Death At A Funeral is a hit.

“I’ve been totally in love with (her) since I was seven. She kinda broke my heart when she married JAY-Z.” Teen pop star JUSTIN BIEBER was devastated when BEYONCE became the rap superstar’s wife.

“I tell her that I love her, and I will make her breakfast at times or at least coffee. I will also take out the garbage and empty the dishwasher. She definitely likes that.” Funnyman STEVE CARELL on keeping the romance alive in his relationship with wife Nancy Wells.

“Looking at Mark Wahlberg’s chest is like looking at the sun. If you stare too long, you go blind.” STEVE CARELL on seeing his DATE NIGHT co-star MARK WAHLBERG strip off during filming.

“They are for overweight Aunt Millies and girls who wear gym pants to the mall. Why? Do you actually watch that garbage?” WHITE STRIPES rocker JACK WHITE is not a fan of TV talent shows such as AMERICAN IDOL and THE X FACTOR.

“I am not a fool. I realised when I came along, I wasn’t Meryl Streep who had been put into a bikini. I was somebody that got rocketed into the spotlight and superstardom overnight. I knew this was going to give me an opportunity and I should make the best of it.” RAQUEL WELCH on her early sex kitten roles.

“Raising them is my wife’s and my principal focus. In recognition of that, being a father informs the choices I make in terms of the roles I take on, where those jobs are… As a good parent, you have to be there.” Actor BENJAMIN BRATT chooses roles based on what’s best for his family. The star shares two children with his actress wife Talisa Soto - four-year-old son, Mateo, and seven-year-old daughter, Sophia.

“In a list of fears of the movie, number one would be ostriches, number two would be the accent, number three would be sword fighting.” Hollywood star JAKE GYLLENHAAL on filming new action movie PRINCE OF PERSIA: THE SANDS OF TIME.

“I’d like six months of a one night stand with the same person - a medium affair. Until my kids are gone and moved out I’m not looking for something more.” Actress KIRSTIE ALLEY isn’t looking for a serious relationship.

“Don’t ever Google yourself, ever. I really avoid it. Another thing I can’t look at is Wikipedia. There was a thing on it that my mother was Irish and that I’ve got bipolar disorder!” FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE star FLORENCE WELCH is annoyed by incorrect online information.

“I like going to the little Chinese lady down the road for manicures and pedicures. It all comes down to hygiene. I’m very big on lotions and I’m obsessed with aftershaves. Back home I’ve got an 18-foot shelf covered from one end to the other in aftershaves.” British movie tough guy VINNIE JONES has become obsessed with beauty products while living in Los Angeles.

“It seems to me that Margaret Thatcher, who was a pretty tough cookie, had a lot of class and a low volume kind of approach to things. (She was) authoritative without acting like a man.” RAQUEL WELCH admires Britain’s former Prime Minister for thriving in male-dominated politics.

“I’m disgusted with myself! I let myself down and, worse than that, I let other people down. People were looking up to me for losing all that weight and then I went and got all chub on them. And I set a bad example for my children. I’m finally ready to pay everybody back.” Actress KIRSTIE ALLEY regrets piling on the pounds after her much-publicised weightloss as a Jenny Craig diet plan spokesmodel.

“Overall, people haven’t been chasing me down the street. But someone once asked me to sign their baby. I mean, tell me what goes further than that?” GLEE star CORY MONTEITH on his craziest fan encounter.

“There was the nagging question of how I was going to direct myself. Would I be able to give guidance, instruction, encouragement to myself and then reject those things with my usual sullen bad temper? How would I talk myself out of my own trailer?” HUGH LAURIE on the problems he faced directing himself on TV drama HOUSE.

“I grew up with cheap refrigerators, so I never knew when the milk was fresh. To this day I will only drink milk the day I buy it and then get rid of it because I’m so frightened that it won’t be good the next day.” Actor and comedian CHRIS ROCK has a fear of bad milk.

“Any addict will tell you that every day is like a running battle. But the Tai Chi is great for me. It’s all about balance and serenity.” Troubled LIBERTINES star PETE DOHERTY has a newfound passion for the ancient martial art.

“My feet look horrible.” NICOLE SCHERZINGER is struggling with extreme dance lessons for TV show Dancing With The Stars.

“You might not recognise me because I actually sound like I’m eating Alice Cooper alive. It’s real rock.” NICOLE SCHERZINGER on her duet with SCHOOL’S OUT rocker Cooper on guitarist Slash’s new album.

“I had a little high school girlfriend and I remember seeing her (Bo Derek) and I almost said this out loud: ‘I wish I had a girlfriend that pretty.’” JOHN CORBETT on seeing his future girlfriend on the big screen for the first time when he was a child.

“It’s a lot harder than it sounds! The skirt flies up all the time, so a lot of the shots get ruined because they don’t want to show your butt cheeks.” SAM WORTHINGTON struggled with his costume on the set of CLASH OF THE TITANS.

“He has a nail gun and if your mobile phone goes off on set, he’ll nail it to the wall.” SAM WORTHINGTON found JAMES CAMERON a tough taskmaster on the set of AVATAR.

“Most of the books written about me and The Band may have been done with good meaning but they’re incredibly inaccurate.” ROBBIE ROBERTSON on plans to pen his autobiography.

“We were nervous to be working together again but as soon as we started playing, it was fine. We didn’t talk about the past.” PAUL WELLER on reteaming with former THE JAM bandmate BRUCE FOXTON on his new album Wake Up The Nation.

“If you want to punish me, send me to get a manicure or pedicure, or dress me in a skirt or shorts, and I would die. But, if you dress me in jeans and a button down blouse, I feel very sexy, feminine and powerful.” Actress ZOE SALDANA isn’t interested in girlie pursuits.

“Those scenes changed me chemically. When I sweated, I didn’t smell like myself. My chemistry just became so acidy that I stunk. It was like Dead Man Walking; when I finished that movie, my skin actually hurt.” SUSAN SARANDON admits starring in hard-hitting new film The Greatest as a grieving mum was tough for her.

“I love my facials. My wife turned me on (to them)… I always said to my wife, ‘That’s for sissies. Girls get facials.’ The first time I tried it I said, ‘Oh man, what the hell have I been missing all these years?’” Former VAN HALEN bassist MICHAEL ANTHONY enjoys visits to the beauty salon.

“I like that I sleep in Mike Tyson’s old bedroom. That’s a legendary place to get a little nap.” 50 CENT loves owning ex-boxing champ MIKE TYSON’s former house.

“When I think of my fans, I think of how I feel about Beyonce. I really love Beyonce and I would want her to say (to me), ‘Hey, sweetheart, give me a hug’ to make me feel good.” Canadian teen sensation JUSTIN BIEBER is crazy in love with his idol BEYONCE.

“I try not to read the signs because I am thinking about the lyrics and the notes - but sometimes you can’t help but look. At this one show in Europe I read this one sign which this guy held up and it said, ‘I’ll swap my wife for your pick.’ I looked down and thought about it… no I was just joking, I carried on.” SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY tries not to get distracted by fans’ banners during his concerts.

“I am as blind as a bat. To try and stitch or suture without any glasses is impossible - it’s like Mr. Magoo does surgery.” Actor JEREMY NORTHAM insists he’s not cut out to be a surgeon, despite the fact he plays one on producer Jerry Bruckheimer’s new TV drama Miami Medical.

“He was my (James) Bond when we played Nintendo 64 when I was a kid… He was my Goldeneye.” CAREY MULLIGAN on meeting PIERCE BROSNAN on the set of new film THE GREATEST.

“I’m glad they didn’t go on forever. But I think it’s sad to see them split with a fight.” Former OASIS rocker PAUL ‘BONEHEAD’ ARTHURS, who quit in 1999, on the band’s split last year (09).

“She’s amazing and I’m so lucky to be her business partner. We have a great relationship… She’s one of my closest friends now. But as far as a romantic relationship, we are not having one. I’m flattered people think that we might be.” SUSAN SARANDON’s partner in New York ping-pong club SPiN Jonathan Bricklin insists he isn’t romancing the actress, who recently split from longtime partner Tim Robbins.

“It’s me in a rubber dress with a rubber sword, killing a bunch of rubber monsters.” SAM WORTHINGTON had a rubbery time shooting the CLASH OF THE TITANS remake.

“When we were filming, we were drinking every night. It helped the bonding.” RUPERT GRINT on getting to know his CHERRYBOMB co-stars.

“We got a phone call from Liam Neeson’s agent… and he wanted to meet with us. He was like, ‘My kids are nuts about Greek mythology. If I played Zeus, they’d think I was so f**king cool!’” Clash of the Titans producer BASIL IWANYK recalls Neeson’s eagerness to play Zeus in the movie remake.

“I can see what she was going for… If you go to the (Paris art gallery) Louvre, all of art is based on naked women. I mean, I don’t think it’s anything new to see a naked woman.” Shock rocker ALICE COOPER defends ERYKAH BADU’s right to strip in public for her provocative new video Window Seat

“I never thought I was number one. I actually thought I was always number two, to Emma, because I think Emma was much easier to like.” GERI HALLIWELL is convinced EMMA BUNTON was the most popular Spice Girl.

“She’s a personal home organiser… and she’s incredible at it. As a matter of fact I had her work for Courtney Love when she first came to town because I was afraid she might think I was crazy and I wanted her to know that I wasn’t the craziest… She had a good time.” Comedian TOM ARNOLD on his fourth wife Ashley Groussman. The couple wed last year (09).

“He taught me how to shop at the grocery store… I know how to shop, it’s just how to stop… They’ve got everything… He’s just real calm and knows what side of the cash register to stand on.” TOM ARNOLD thanks actor pal Dax Shepard for helping him organise his shopping trips.

“My first thought was, ‘They have to get Sean Connery for Zeus.’” LIAM NEESON felt sure his god-like role in Clash of the Titans should have gone to Connery.

“We talked about it a few years ago, but it didn’t feel right. You don’t want to end up looking like The Who at the Super Bowl. Sometimes it’s better to let things lie.” TWIN PEAKS co-creator MARK FROST insists there are no plans to revive the cult TV series as its 20th anniversary approaches. The show debuted in America on 8 April, 1990.

“It is just sort of insulting… that all I will probably be remembered for is the fact that a very famous dude casually dropped my name in an interview. That this is as good as it will get for me, that I will always be subservient to that remark.” THE PIXIES frontman FRANK BLACK fears his biggest legacy will be inspiring NIRVANA legend KURT COBAIN.

“My hearing isn’t all that. I have to stand very, very close to you and watch your lips. Otherwise I’m f**ked.” OZZY OSBOURNE now has to lip-read to understand a conversation.

“I didn’t wear the sandals. I wore Nikes and I painted the toes on my Nikes. I was sprinting off and doing a lot bigger stunts while others had dirt in their sandals and were tripping all over the place. I was the smart one who thought ahead.” SAM WORTHINGTON swapped his gladiator sandals for sneakers while playing a warrior in new movie CLASH OF THE TITANS.

“I can think back to when… I wanted to put Seven Nation Army out as a single. The label in England and the label in America both didn’t want to. Can you imagine not putting Seven Nation Army out as a single?” JACK WHITE defied executives to score a hit with his WHITE STRIPES track.

“It’s called Book Club. It’s with my sister… We make tea and curl each other’s hair.” Actress OLIVIA MUNN on the book club she has created with her sister.

“The first time we came here, we were little kids… We thought we were great big men… You couldn’t hear anything we were singing because of the girls screaming… Nowadays, we are louder.” SIR PAUL McCARTNEY on returning to the Hollywood Bowl for two dates without the BEATLES. The Fab Four played at the historic venue in 1964 and 1965.

“Willie actually has a Woody wing from all the gambling we’ve done. I’ve surely built a wing on his house, no question.” WOODY HARRELSON feels sure his gambling losses have paid for pal WILLIE NELSON’s guest house extension.

“I’m a godfather several times and I have so many mates with children I just wanted to do something where I could bring all these kids in my lives to watch, where I’m not sleeping naked or swearing. It’s my present to them.” Welsh actor RHYS IFANS on his decision to star in family movie NANNY MCPHEE AND THE BIG BANG.

“Every now and then I’ll see one but I try not to read too many. You get caught up in it and sometimes if it’s a bad review it can really mess you up.” Country music singer ALAN JACKSON tries to ignore his critics.

“They’re at that age where they’re slamming doors, they’re unimpressed, embarrassed, and it’s not a big deal.” LEE DANIELS admits his two teenage children aren’t impressed by his Best Director Oscar nomination for PRECIOUS: BASED ON THE NOVEL PUSH BY SAPPHIRE.

“Sometimes people say I’m fearless but I’m not. I just don’t feel like acting is particularly scary. I love it. When things are going well on set, it makes me feel excited, and it’s fun - not scary. Being scared for me, that would be bungee jumping or diving or skiing.” JULIANNE MOORE on her biggest fear.

“If you’re ill, it’s just tough. I think your head would have to be falling off before you could take a day off.” British actor MATT SMITH on the punishing filming schedule for cult sci-fi show DOCTOR WHO.

“I’m naked, kicking a, firing guns. I fking loved it.” ZOE SALDANA enjoyed her new all-action role in THE LOSERS.

“We have an apartment together but the whole 10 months I’ve been here, we haven’t stayed there together. When I got here he was shooting a film and when he got back to L.A. I went and shot The Last Song.” Aussie star LIAM HEMSWORTH hasn’t seen much of his brother Chris in the last year (09) - even though they live together in Los Angeles.

“It’s great to be on there - it’s going to be a good, dance music-based album.” CALVIN HARRIS has composed a new track for KYLIE MINOGUE’s next album.

“You can be called a porno slut… but if you’re called old, you feel like it’s over.” RAQUEL WELCH hates being called ‘old’.

“He was like high-octane energy… He had all this stuff in him and he was, like, charged up… He invited me some place that I decided not to go; I just didn’t want to be another notch in his gun.” RAQUEL WELCH dismisses reports she romanced ELVIS PRESLEY - but she was a big fan of the music icon.

“The biggest role I probably turned down was Avatar. I turned that down because of scheduling reasons.” MATT DAMON reveals he almost played the lead in the biggest film of all time.

“It wasn’t common knowledge. It was not something that I paraded around a lot because when I first came to Hollywood it was really clear that no actresses really had children… I didn’t really know what path my career would take.” Movie icon RAQUEL WELCH didn’t go public with the fact she was a young mum-of-two when she first started acting.

“I like American Idol. I think I’d be the perfect host to fill in because I understand the dynamics of music and I see stars before they’re made. I feel like sometimes they pass on some good people ’cause they don’t really have it together that first show.” SNOOP DOGG wants to join the judging panel of hit TV talent show AMERICAN IDOL.

“I’d like to start a chain of Snoopamarkets. I’d sell everything. Everything would be under $20.” Rap mogul SNOOP DOGG has big plans for his own brand of supermarkets.

“My dad’s a hairdresser and when I was nine, he gave me a Posh bob. I threw a tantrum because I wanted a Geri Halliwell layered cut!” GABRIELLA CILMI took style tips from the SPICE GIRLS when she was growing up.

“I’ve never had a stylist in my life. I do it all myself.” JOAN COLLINS on her fashion sense.

“We’ve never actually stepped out and held hands until today. You know, in front of people. It’s fun though - he’s really special.” DEMI LOVATO showed off new boyfriend JOE JONAS on the red carpet at Saturday’s (27Mar10) Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards in Los Angeles.

“My own family doesn’t recognise me. The thing is in voiceovers you’re not meant to sound like you’re from anywhere. I’m from New York, I have a New York accent so I kinda get rid of that. So my mum would call me up about a show she saw and I’d be like, ‘Yeah mum, I narrated that.’ (She’d say), ‘That was you?!’” LIEV SCHREIBER disguises his accent so well when he narrates documentaries, his own family can’t believe it’s him.

“We have a young lad called Jeff who funnily enough is in Liam’s new band. I just thought that was quite funny.” Former BLUR frontman DAMON ALBARN has recruited a member of LIAM GALLAGHER’s new band to play with GORILLAZ. Gallagher previously fronted Blur’s arch-rivals OASIS.

“I got a lot of celebrity letters, but not visitors… Stephen Fry, Holly Johnson, quite a few lovely letters.” BOY GEORGE received a number of celebrity offers of support while he was in jail last year (09) for the false imprisonment and assault of a male escort in 2007.

“There is actually a Jerry Butler, who’s a porn star; Jerry Butler was a soul singer, and then, I have a dialect coach called Jerry Butler… There are a lot of Gerry Butlers about.” Movie star GERARD BUTLER insists his name is quite common in showbusiness.

“One of the greatest things I can see is that my wife stepped into the role of being a mother. It gave me a whole new appreciation and attraction to my wife to see the mother inside of her.” PETE WENTZ is full of admiration and love for his wife ASHLEE SIMPSON-WENTZ after seeing her tend to their baby son BRONX.

“I’ve got too much I want to do and I don’t believe you can have it all at once. If you’re going to get married, you have to have the time to devote to your marriage. I don’t believe that you can have an amazing career, an amazing marriage and a great social life.” Marriage is a long way off for GIRLS ALOUD star SARAH HARDING, who is dating British DJ Tom Crane.

“At my kids’ school I’m Presley and Kaia’s mom. I did do Wizards of Waverly Place and now all of a sudden all the kids knew who I was.” Supermodel CINDY CRAWFORD shot to fame at her children’s school when she made a guest appearance in the hit kids’ TV show.

“There’s Elvis, then there’s me. I couldn’t say which of the two is best.” Former OASIS frontman LIAM GALLAGHER is convinced of his own talent.

“When I hit 35, I was like, ‘I’m 15 years from 50.’ I was a terrible math student, but when it comes to age, I’ll count the days.” GREEN DAY star BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG, now 38, fears becoming an old punk.

I’m mistaken for J.Lo every other day. It’s flattering. I’m always like, ‘Thank you, but I’m not’.” America’s DANCING WITH THE STARS TV judge CARRIE ANN INABA on her famous lookalike.

“I went to (record store) HMV the other week and it was all computer s**t. The entire record stock is a little shelf. There’s some good music around, but it’s hard to find. Radio is f**king rubbish over here, man.” PAUL WELLER is upset with the state of the British music industry.

“The worst thing about being a rock star dad is when my daughters see the bags being packed and they don’t want me to go - that rips my heart out. I’ve cried many a time in the airport. My daughters are my true loves and they always will be.” Rocker BRET MICHAELS fights back tears every time he has to leave his two kids.

“They wouldn’t believe that somebody like this who had the accent, the attitude, the body and blonde? They didn’t know where to put me! So as soon as I made my hair dark, I went to a casting agent and I got the job immediately.” Colombian actress SOFIA VERGARA only found fame after dying her natural blonde locks brown.

“The only time I really listen to my music is when I’m putting together a show (concert), and when I heard it, I was like, ‘Wow, this is a really impressive body of work.’” R&B superstar JANET JACKSON is proud of her career achievements following the release of her new greatest hits album, NUMBER ONES.

“(I like listening to) DRAKE. I enjoy listening to (LADY) GAGA as well.” R&B icon JANET JACKSON is a fan of the rap newcomer and the Poker Face hitmaker.

“I don’t think I could have done this film if I wasn’t a mother.” MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL accepted her role in the new NANNY MCPHEE movie because of her young daughter, RAMONA.

“We’re just enjoying the run.” AVATAR star SAM WORTHINGTON is in no rush to marry longterm girlfriend Natalie Mark.

AMY WINEHOUSE and her goddaughter DIONNE BROMFIELD have signed up to star in an upcoming British documentary series. The pair will appear in an as-yet-untitled show which chronicles stars mentoring a young protege.

“We’re building a house down there in Malibu, my wife and I… I’ll be working away until I’m 90. It’s big. We came home after the summer and it was up. We put the windows in there last week and the roof’s coming in next.” PIERCE BROSNAN jokes about having to keep working to pay for his new beach house.

“It’s so hard. I pinch myself, I poke my cuticles, I bite my tongue. You have to come up with creative ways.” Actress DIANNA AGRON struggles to keep a straight face when filming GLEE scenes with comedy star JANE LYNCH.

“We’re like brothers and sisters… it’s like any dysfunctional family, just like the one I grew up in.” Actor CORY MONTEITH on his relationship with his GLEE co-stars.

“I legally can’t right now. The limit is 800cc and I have 700cc. I think I’m good for a while. I’m surger-ied out.” Cosmetically enhanced reality TV star HEIDI MONTAG has reached the legal silicone limit with her new breast implants.

GORILLAZ have announced their first U.K. gigs in five years. The British band, led by former BLUR frontman DAMON ALBARN, will play at London’s Roundhouse on 29 and 30 April (30), with guest spots from DE LA SOUL and SHAUN RYDER.

“I’d like my own Superman but I never even get asked out”. Singer GABRIELLA CILMI is looking for a man.

“He made a lot of guys feel good about themselves. (They thought) ‘If he can do that, I can’.” SHARON OSBOURNE applauds late BOYZONE singer STEPHEN GATELY for ‘coming out’ as gay in 1999 and encouraging other homosexuals to announce their sexual orientation.

“I’ve been married to those guys for nearly 40 years.” STEVEN TYLER insists his relationship with his AEROSMITH bandmates is like a marriage. The group almost split over Christmas (09) after the frontman announced plans to take a two-year hiatus before checking into rehab to tackle painkiller issues.

“My first advice would be to hydrate. Drink more water. You do need to drink a lot of water onstage. We also have a substance that we drink during a show that has electrolytes.” BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN’s sidekick STEVEN VAN ZANDT offers advice to touring acts.

“I’d kiss her every day.” SAM WORTHINGTON on his AVATAR co-star ZOE SALDANA.

“I’d work with him again for a bucket of fish.” SAM WORTHINGTON can’t wait to team up with his AVATAR director JAMES CAMERON again.”

“They know I have a job. They’re all right. For now they have no interest in seeing anything I do.” JULIANNE MOORE’s children aren’t fans of her films.

“It all came out of nowhere. Somebody put (it on) Facebook. And they began to get hits. Years and years ago, I turned it down like three times because it’s so New York and I’m not New York. I just thought the safe way to play it was not to do it. Well, then all of a sudden, this thing came and the next thing I know I’m going to be doing it in May.” BETTY WHITE on the internet campaign which landed her a guest spot on U.S. TV show SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.

“I’m not scared of much but I am scared of that thing and it knows it. It can smell the fear.” SAM WORTHINGTON hated working with a horse while shooting CLASH OF THE TITANS.

“It is the yawning abyss. I will fight and scratch and claw to keep from falling into that abyss.” UP star ED ASNER has no plans to retire.

“I get scripts in all the time. It would really have to be the right thing. I’m not going to kid myself and pretend that I’m an actress, because I’m not, but if something ever came up that was just fun, something that it would be fun to look on when I’m older, I’d be into that.” Country music star CARRIE UNDERWOOD isn’t in a rush to kickstart an acting career after making her debut in U.S. TV sitcom How I Met Your Mother.

“It’s a lot of fun. It’s a bunch of guys in dresses. We’re in rubber skirts killing monsters!” Avatar star SAM WORTHINGTON on his upcoming action epic CLASH OF THE TITANS.

“They wanted a bigger car so if I got in an accident I’m not going to get as hurt.” Pop star JUSTIN BIEBER on the reason why USHER and members of his management team bought him a Range Rover for his recent 16th birthday.

“He would come over and lend me a guitar. He became my friend… He helped me a lot.” THE KINKS star RAY DAVIES paid tribute to late rocker ALEX CHILTON during his South By Southwest festival showcase on Thursday night (18Mar10) before dedicating his Till the End of the Day, which Chilton once covered, to the Big Star leader. Davies recalled Chilton came to the Brit’s aid when he was shot in January 2004 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

“They do come to me for advice or just to listen about relationships. I’ve been married twice and divorced twice so I don’t know if I’m the greatest at that one! I’ve learned a lot. I don’t mind it at all, I love being there for my friends, that’s part of true love and friendship.” R&B superstar JANET JACKSON is a good listener, despite her poor relationship history.

“I remember the ‘85 (Chicago) Bears won the Super Bowl, and I was there, I think, on mushrooms… That was my problem.” JOHN CUSACK on his hazy memories about 1986, where his new movie, HOT TUB TIME MACHINE, is set.

“We happened to be staying at a hotel that had no electricity and no indoor plumbing. We always had to run out to trailers to go to the bathroom.” KRISTIN DAVIS on the hardship of shooting the SEX & THE CITY: THE MOVIE sequel in Morocco.

“One of the interns let us in and sneak around. We hung out on the roof and got in trouble.” GREEN DAY star MIKE DIRNT on the band’s first visit to the fabled Abbey Road studios in London.

“This song was written the same year that Elvis died and Elvis was supposed to do this song. Elvis went on to the Graceland in the sky and I got to do it, so thanks King.” JIMMY BUFFETT on the story behind his Margaritaville hit.

“We end up there. It’s the part I look forward to the most.” Funnyman STEVE CARELL loves to dine out at Hollywood’s In-&-Out Burger fast food restaurants after awards shows.

“We’ve got no backing, no record company, no sponsors, nothing like that. The only way we can make money is the touring… It’s sort of like the old days of PiL, when the Pistols went kaput; I had to scrimp and scrape out of my own pocket. Not much has changed.” JOHN LYDON insists the upcoming Public Image Limited reunion won’t be a big money maker.

“My grandmother is always checking up on me, saying, ‘Don’t do the drugs. You be a good girl.’ If I did an Amy Winehouse my grandparents would both pull me by the hair.” Singer GABRIELLA CILMI on her clean-cut living.

“I really like it. It’s fun. It’s very liberating… There have been other people on the plane; they’re not so happy about me flying.” NICOLE RICHIE is taking flying lessons.

“My boobs hang pretty low. I might get a little breast lift. Maybe in my thirties or forties.” AMANDA SEYFRIED is planning breast-enhancement surgery in the future.

“There used to be a rumour that the (Rolling) Stones would go in and wreck the hotel rooms, and then The Hollies would check in later and tidy them up again, but that’s not really true.” THE HOLLIES star BOBBY ELLIOTT on the band’s clean-cut image.

“I was backstage all day spotting U2, no way would I have the guts to approach them. Then I got back to my dressing room and there was a note saying, ‘Come and say hello to your fanclub - love U2.’ I’ve since had that note framed.” Scottish singer AMY MACDONALD on meeting the Irish rockers at an awards show in Germany.

“All going to plan, it will happen. She’s fabulous - I think she can win it.” SHARON OSBOURNE reveals her daughter KELLY is going to follow up her stint on DANCING WITH THE STARS with a run on the show’s British counter-part - STRICTLY COME DANCING.

“I think we’d both be excellent parents, but we’ve only been married a couple of months. One step at a time.” MAD MEN star CHRISTINA HENDRICKS is looking forward to motherhood in the future. She married actor Geoffrey Arend in New York in October (09).

“As a kid, I was in hand-me-down clothes - but then that’s handy when your sister starts getting her entire wardrobe from Dolce & Gabbana.” Australian singer DANNII MINOGUE loves raiding her sister KYLIE’s closet.

“Been there, done that!” SHARON OSBOURNE dismisses speculation she will reprise her role as a judge on THE X FACTOR when SIMON COWELL transfers the British show to America next year (11).

“All I have to do when I meet children around the world is tell them that I’m in HARRY POTTER and it’s like a bolt of lightning goes through them. To be able to give that kind of pleasure when you have no discernible talent is magical.” Actor JASON ISAACS is best known for his portrayal of evil Lucius Malfoy in the wizard franchise.

“I sleep in nothing. Nothing gets between me and my sheets. There really shouldn’t be anything between the two of you. Otherwise, you might as well just get two twin beds!” SEX & THE CITY hunk JASON LEWIS wears nothing to bed.

“It was really amazing. I’m a huge fan of his, so to hear his voice directly in my left ear… that’ll never happen again.” NICOLE RICHIE was thrilled to be standing next to Beach Boys star Brian Wilson during the recent 25th anniversary recording of charity anthem We Are The World.

“I’ve been making a list of all the things I’ve always wanted to do and tap lessons is one of them. I’m just so excited to do other things, and all of the things I’ve always wanted to do.” UGLY BETTY star AMERICA FERRERA looks forward to having free time after filming the fourth and final season of the U.S. TV series, which was abruptly cancelled by network executives this year (10).

“It’s like asking Huckleberry Finn what’s happening in the next Mark Twain book. I have no idea. I’m a fictional character, I turn up, I do my work, I get paid my wages.” Actor DOMINIC MONAGHAN has no idea how hit show LOST will end.

“I’d be up for it if the Coen brothers were.” JEFF BRIDGES would love to reprise his role as The Dude for a sequel to THE BIG LEBOWSKI.

“I never wanted to do this… I wanted to be an aid relief worker in Africa and save the dying children.” ROBIN WRIGHT never thought she’d make acting her career.

“I’ve lost 50 pounds since I made the movie.” Funnyman MATT LUCAS isn’t surprised Americans don’t recognise him as ALICE IN WONDERLAND’s chubby twins Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum.

“I would love to win (the World Series of Poker)… I’d rather have that than the Oscar.” DON CHEADLE has his sights set on a poker prize.

“I let all my growths on my body grow between parts, and then I shape them for the (next) part. Susan takes me however I am - hairless, a lot of hair.” JEFF BRIDGES’ wife of 33 years, Susan, accepts the Oscar-winner no matter how long his hair grows.

“I think she’s waking up people, giving them a sense of fun and a sense of flamboyance and creativity. It makes people want to party.” BLONDIE star DEBORAH HARRY is a big fan of LADY GAGA.

“I want them to bring back Dynasty so I can play the butler… I want to only do trash.” Funnyman MATT LUCAS jokes about his Hollywood future.

“I would like him to play me in a movie as well.” ROBERT DOWNEY, JR. on news OZZY OSBOURNE wants the IRON MAN star to play him in a biopic.

“Some days I think it would be great, but other days I don’t because my job takes me all over the place. I wouldn’t necessarily be around for them that much. But I can definitely imagine it happening one day. I love being an uncle and I get on well with kids.” Scottish actor GERARD BUTLER plans to have a family one day.

“Every day he turns me into a fine cottage cheese, curd-like pudding and that’s for Green Lantern… The movie’s gonna be fantastic.” RYAN REYNOLDS on his tough trainer who is getting him into shape for his upcoming superhero film.

“I couldn’t wait to live by the beach and enjoy the weather. Then they dye my hair and make me stay out of the sun. I was banned from sunbathing!” Brit STEPHEN MOYER’s plans to enjoy the Los Angeles sunshine were ruined by TRUE BLOOD bosses.

“I have no interest in supporting her in any way, shape or form. You can’t throw enough things down the abyss with a person like that.” SMASHING PUMPKINS star BILLY CORGAN still dislikes his former pal COURTNEY LOVE.

“Tips were always brows, lashes, lips - frame the face. It’s simple, it’s five minutes, in and out and you look good.” Oscar nominee JEREMY RENNER on what he learned during his time as a department store make-up salesman.

“I saw her on TV saying that she purposely kept messing up her lines so I would have to kiss her again.” LENNY KRAVITZ on his kissing scenes with GABOUREY SIDIBE in PRECIOUS.

“They said, ‘Lift your shirt.’ Then they said, ‘Her t**s aren’t big enough.’ I was pulverised!” ROBIN WRIGHT PENN knew it was time to quit modelling for acting when she was asked to expose herself for modelling agents.

“A thousand years from now they’re going to look back on the 20th Century and what have the countries of the world given us? The United States gave the world atomic weapons. England gave the world music.” KISS rocker GENE SIMMONS is convinced Britain has a greater musical legacy than America.

“Our relationship is not conventional. He’s 13 years older than me. We have our own separate properties and we’re not married. He’s my best friend. We have great conversations. I can ask him about anything and he’ll always have the answer. He’s smart and talented, two things that I’m attracted to.” ANNA FRIEL ’s relationship with DAVID THEWLIS is far from traditional.

“We stay away from food products. One person chokes and sues you, then you go out of business.” KISS star GENE SIMMONS refused to lend his name to food brands.

“The rumours of my sobriety are greatly exaggerated.” KEITH RICHARDS dismisses reports he has quit drinking.

“I didn’t grow up wanting to be a movie actor. I wasn’t concerned with becoming famous or making money either. I hadn’t known what I wanted to do. I only knew I wanted to be creative. I wanted to expand. Maybe teach.” American actor ETHAN HAWKE insists he didn’t seek out celebrity.

“I loved it (acting), but I thought it was frivolous. I remember thinking, ‘OK, this is stupid. Oh yeah, you’re going to be an actress, sure. I’m going to do something serious with my life. I’m going to be an environmental lawyer’. Then I slept through the LSAT (Law School Admissions Test) so I took it as a sign from heaven to stay in drama school.” Veteran actress MERYL STREEP insists her iconic Hollywood career happened by chance.

“The only thing that bothered me was the rabbit… I thought it was over the top.” GLENN CLOSE had problems with the FATAL ATTRACTION script.

“My son would ask, ‘Dad, are you going to be the next Doctor?’ and I’d say, ‘Do your homework and I might tell you.’ ‘If you go to bed, if you turn off your Playstation, I might tell you.” British actor DAVID MORRISSEY used rumours he was set to become the next DR WHO to persuade his son to do his chores.

“Maybe we’ll search for a different way for the Stones to go back on the road. Maybe not the football stadiums anymore. Maybe something different. You can’t go around there in lemon-yellow tights forever.” KEITH RICHARDS pokes fun at Rolling Stones bandmate Mick Jagger’s stage attire as he considers a 2010 tour.

“The world knows a little too much about me at the moment. I don’t think they need to know any more.” Pop star RIHANNA on why she won’t be putting pen to paper for an autobiography.

“To be honest, I’m surprised I wasn’t nominated for an Oscar this year. I mean, did they see Ugly Truth? Did they see Gamer? But I have the honour of presenting at the Oscars, and I had this genius idea that I was going to record it on my DVR, and then just watch it backwards, and then I’m going to feel like I won. Who’s going to know the difference?” Scottish GERARD BUTLER on presenting a prize at the upcoming Academy Awards on Sunday (07Mar10).

“There is no Courtney Harrison. If someone were to write a biography of me you would find that there is no birth certificate bearing the name Courtney Harrison and my mother went through a custody battle - I was born into custody battles.” COURTNEY LOVE attempts to clear up the mystery about her birth name.

“Like quite a few performers, I’m quite a shy, socially inept person.” Rocker PETER GABRIEL.

“He did wear the 3D glasses… I don’t think anybody got a photo of that.” ANNE HATHAWAY reveals British royal Prince Charles really got into new movie Alice in Wonderland at the London premiere.

“I want to have more sex, travel more, drink more wine and love life.” Actress ZOE SALDANA hopes to make the most of her celebrity.

“He’d pretend to be jealous because I kind of liked it. That’s a normal reaction, right? I don’t get it when people aren’t. When he wouldn’t be jealous, I’d wonder how he felt about me.” AMANDA SEYFRIED wanted her actor boyfriend DOMINIC COOPER to feel envious of her love scenes with CHANNING TATUM in new movie DEAR JOHN.

“I am not in the slightest bit interested in watching it or any other awards ceremony. They are all random. That one is about cash, and how much cash you can make and lots of people sitting around patting themselves on the back for making cash.” Electro-pop singer ALISON GOLDFRAPP is not a fan of the BRIT Awards, or any other mainstream music prizegivings.

“He said when I turn 16 he was going to give me his Lamborghini. But we all know Diddy’s not gonna give me his Lamborghini. He’s all talk.” Teen sensation JUSTIN BIEBER is still waiting for SEAN ‘DIDDY’ COMBS to fulfil his promise after he turned 16 on Monday (01Mar10).

“I get panic attacks. I won’t drive on the freeways any more.” Actress AMANDA SEYFRIED is a nervous driver.

“He loves the hairy legs and if Sid likes the hairy legs, there you go. I tried shaving one time, and it was so uncomfortable and painful. I said never again would I do that to myself. I’m 42 and I’m very hairy.” Actress/comedienne MO’NIQUE refuses to shave for husband, SIDNEY HICKS.

“I’m marrying one of the most scandalous men in the world. How is that toning down?” KATY PERRY on reports her comeback will be a quiet affair. She’s set to wed outrageous funnyman RUSSELL BRAND.

“It was the first time I had to do a very specific accent. Before, when I’ve had to do an American accent, I have done my general American accent, which I picked up from watching Friends.” CAREY MULLIGAN on nailing her performance in OLIVER STONE’s upcoming WALL STREET: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS.

“It was somewhat unusual. I never used it. I have no idea where it is.” Former BOND girl JANE SEYMOUR was baffled when she received an antique chastity belt as a wedding gift during her 1977 nuptials to second husband Geoffrey Planer. She is now married to her fourth husband, James Keach.

“(Kenneth) Branagh is an extraordinary man. He’s such an inspiration to work with because he’s so fundamentally basic. He doesn’t get lost in all the clouds of nonsense. He just does his job.” SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS is looking forward to working with actor/director Branagh on new film THOR.

“I’ve known Ozzy for 40 years now and he has so many hilarious stories to tell. He should write more. I hope he’ll do a second book.” SHARON OSBOURNE wants her rocker husband to pen a follow-up to his hit autobiography, I AM OZZY.

“Every time he gets arrested, people call me up as if we’re still living in the same house together.” THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY actor DAVID CASSIDY distances himself from his former TV brother DANNY BONADUCE’s multiple drug arrests.

“I wanted to sleep with as many rock ‘n’ roll guys as I could, and I’ve certainly had my fun.” LADY GAGA has taken full advantage of her newfound fame.

“I like the naked and water; the combination is good.” DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star DANA DELANY enjoys going skinny-dipping.

“I went to hold his hand while we were presenting an award but he said no. I felt like a dirty old cougar.” Pop sensation KE$HA was snubbed by teenage singer JUSTIN BIEBER.

“Some women choose to follow men, and some women choose to follow their dreams. If you’re wondering which way to go, remember that your career will never wake up and tell you that it doesn’t love you anymore.” Pop star LADY GAGA will never jeopardise her career for a man.

“They’re a little too big now. I’ve considered getting a breast reduction.” Former Playboy Playmate KENDRA WILKINSON wants to have her 34D breast implants removed after marrying American footballer Hank Baskett and giving birth to baby boy Hank Baskett, Jr. in December (09).

“There are no discussions, only orders. It’s a dictatorship on her side. It’s all about her and no one else.” HELENA BONHAM CARTER on her two-year-old daughter Nell, with partner TIM BURTON.

“A hot hand with dice is my idea of heaven. I can’t describe it. Anyone who thinks gambling isn’t for them would instantly change if they caught a winning streak playing craps.” Actor JOHN CUSACK on his gambling habit.

“They’re pretty rare to come by.” MATT DAMON is flattered have landed a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination for his role in INVICTUS. The star will learn if he’s won gold on 7 March (10).

“Men - I just love them! The male of the species has been keeping women young since the dawn of time… I guess you could say I’m Hollywood’s oldest cougar. And I’m damn proud of it!” Veteran actress/comedienne PHYLLIS DILLER still enjoys dating younger men at the age of 92.

“I told them to give me a couple of month’s notice so I can run around (the) park. Otherwise I’ll be (nicknamed) McGut!” TV hunk JESSE WILLIAMS wants to know in advance if his GREY’S ANATOMY character Dr. Jackson Avery is expected to strip off on the show.

“If I was BONO I’d be driving around Dublin in a chariot with a laurel leaf crown.” COLIN FARRELL would love to be a rocker like the U2 star.

“Crashing your plane is like scraping your bumper. One time when I was landing I got caught in a dramatic wind shear, which resulted in about $9,000 worth of damage. That’s small change.” HARRISON FORD isn’t bothered about damage to his fleet of aircraft.

“Can you imagine it? Can you put yourself in that position? It’s just odd. It’s odd, it’s tense, and I don’t like being tense, I don’t like being anxious.” JEFF BRIDGES isn’t looking forward to the Academy Awards next month (Mar10), where he is nominated for Best Actor for his part in CRAZY HEART.

“I brushed my teeth at Starbucks today. It was one of those humbling moments.” Oscar-nominated THE HURT LOCKER star JEREMY RENNER is still getting used to living out of a suitcase while on the road.

“I can certainly imagine it, in a way I couldn’t have done before. It held no appeal for me, but I do have an affection for the place now.” British actor HUGH LAURIE hasn’t ruled out continuing to live in Los Angeles when medical drama HOUSE finishes.

“I used to have a boss - I used to work in construction and one day I said to my boss, ‘I’m moving to Nashville to write songs.’ He said to me, ‘You’ll be back.’ You know what that guy does now? He fixes the fence on my farm.” KINGS OF LEON frontman CALEB FOLLOWILL relishes the band’s success.

“I have almost been playing House long enough to have qualified to become a doctor.” HUGH LAURIE on his long-running role as Dr. Gregory House in the medical drama.

“You don’t look cute when you’re in pain. It is the worst accident I’ve ever been in. Everything was hurting like anything.” Australian actress SOPHIE MONK is still in pain after suffering a broken a vertebrae in her back, bruising her hip and fracturing her foot in a car accident earlier this month (Feb10).

“There’s a snoring issue. I talk, he snores. The other thing is, he’s an insomniac, so he needs to watch television to get to sleep. I need silence.” British actress HELENA BONHAM CARTER on why she lives in a co-joined, but separate house to her long term partner, film director TIM BURTON.

“He’s a villain, he’s a bad guy. He’s going to affect all the women on Wisteria Lane.” Actor JOHN BARROWMAN on his upcoming role on hit U.S. TV show DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.

“He kept leaving me messages on my MySpace, but I didn’t believe it was him so I didn’t respond. Finally, he called me from Japan and I was like, ‘Oh wow, this really is SEAN KINGSTON. Sorry buddy.’” Caribbean rapper IYAZ admits he snubbed the Beautiful Girls hitmaker before his rise to fame.

“I’ve just gone stage one with the wardrobe where no jeans fit. I can’t get any of them on and you buy jeans with stretchy bits at the front. I don’t even know how it works.” Pregnant pop star DANNII MINOGUE is baffled by maternity clothing.

“That’s definitely the most ridiculous rumour!” LEONA LEWIS denies reports she’s had a nose job.

“Can you imagine the kind of responsibility I have with his reputation? Jeez, I’m bedridden most of the week.” KATY PERRY jokes about her fiance RUSSELL BRAND’s reputation as a Lothario.

“I don’t really believe Liam is that upset all the time. You can’t pretend to be a 20-year-old angry young man when you’re pushing 40. Someone’s pretending. But it’s image and we’re in showbusiness. Ninety five per cent is bulls**t, the other five per cent is bulls**t.” STATUS QUO star FRANCES ROSSI on feisty former OASIS frontman LIAM GALLAGHER.

“I can’t make anything. I can make cocktails.” KE$HA on her lack of culinary skills.

“I am such a huge fan of hers. We just filmed her video… in Los Angeles, and it’s gonna be so crazy. I don’t want to give too much away, because I don’t want her to be upset but it’s a part two of Paparazzi. She’s just so smart and she’s becoming an icon in her own right.” BEYONCE teases fans about her new video with LADY GAGA for their latest collaboration, TELEPHONE.

“I am fending for myself more but I am really bad with the boys situation. When I like someone I act like we are still on the playground. I hit them or start calling them names.” Aussie singer GABRIELLA CILMI, 18, is still too immature to approach men.

“Children are the most beautiful gifts you can have in your life. I love being a mother. Definitely, we’d love to have more kids.” ASHLEE SIMPSON-WENTZ wants to expand her family with husband PETE WENTZ.

“I go from being very anxious about it to being very excited, which is sort of my m.o. (method of operating) about most things in life.” Veteran actor JEFF BRIDGES on turning 60 last December (09).

“When a mate saw it, he walked out of the cinema halfway through just to tell me I looked like a prat. I liked the film but it wasn’t his thing.” JAMES MCAVOY’s friends weren’t impressed with his turn in 2005 film THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE.

“Think about it - all movies, everything is about love. And having a family. Then you have a purpose for making the money and doing the things you do. It gives you a grounding, to go off and do your stuff. The kite has a string.” JEFF BRIDGES works hard for his family.

“I was wearing a cream-coloured leather suit. The pants were too low, so every time I sat down behind the piano, it felt like my whole a*would be exposed. And I had a ridiculous hat on.” ALICIA KEYS recalls her first gig at Joe’s Pub in New York.

“He didn’t feel he could be honest singing things like, ‘Imagine there’s no heaven’.” Producer RICK RUBIN admits JOHNNY CASH felt uncomfortable tempting fate while recording his final album tracks before he died.

“You stop any guy in the street and ask who Eric Clapton is - they know. They don’t know who I am.” Guitar great JEFF BECK is convinced most people who come out to see the two Brits in concert this year (10) will be there to see Clapton.

“I didn’t really understand, but then I started getting calls from random people. I am part of a songbook that is deep and long and legendary. I thought, ‘This is kind of hot’.” ALICIA KEYS on coming to terms with the fact BOB DYLAN namechecked her in his song Thunder on the Mountain.

“I’d love to have my own collection. It’s something I want to accomplish. I find DONATELLA (VERSACE) a fashion icon and in many ways fashion and music go together.” Eccentric dresser LADY GAGA is eyeing her own fashion range.

“I’m sure half of the America’s guitar players think we all lived above the same sweets shop and played guitar all day long.” JEFF BECK on the belief he, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Mick Taylor and the other 1960s guitar greats all lived together.

“She’s a magnificent performer! I steal routines from her, she stole many things from me. I actually created that Single Ladies dance, it was me. I said, ‘You should do this, and she did it!” JAY-Z jokes about inspiring his superstar wife BEYONCE’s trademark stage moves.

“If my hearing is going to be a problem, we’re not delaying shows. We’re finished. I can’t really see any way around the issue.” PETE TOWNSHEND confirms THE WHO’s concert future rests on pioneering new live equipment that will help him combat tinnitus while playing live.

“I pretty much laser my whole body… I’m like a little hairless Chihuahua.” Reality TV star KIM KARDASHIAN has no time for body hair.

“It’s only a studio and they’re kind of not needed any more, really, are they?” THE WHO frontman ROGER DALTREY is indifferent about the future of London’s iconic Abbey Road recording studios. The property was put up for sale this week (beg15Feb10) by bosses at music label EMI, sparking fears over the future of the facility.

“One time Frances was being mean and said, ‘What are you going to do if the record fails?’ Well, Frances, it can’t fail because I love it and I’ve worked really hard to make sure I love it.” COURTNEY LOVE’s estranged daughter FRANCES BEAN has expressed doubts over the HOLE rocker’s music comeback.

“I’d (love) to be able to give him to somebody else. In fact I’d love to plan his wedding.” Pop star SINITTA is thrilled her ex-boyfriend SIMON COWELL is settled with girlfriend MEZHGAN HUSSAINY. The American Idol judge is rumoured to have proposed to the make-up artist.

“Just took cold and flu night time medicine at 7am by mistake. It’s gonna be a slow day.” JAMIE CULLUM is nursing a nasty illness.

“I think it’s a triumph. I can’t believe I got there!” British actor COLIN FIRTH on turning 50 in September (10).

“Richard O’Brien is really talented and, if anybody can do it, Richard can… but Eddie’s dead and gone.” MEAT LOAF has high hopes for a ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW film sequel - but he won’t reprise his delivery boy character from the 1975 movie musical.

“Only in London. They don’t do that very much over in America.” British actress CAREY MULLIGAN will remain sober during the Academy Awards in Los Angeles next month (Mar10).

“After almost 20 years of friendship, I have decided to break all ties to Courtney. I don’t want anything to do with her.” Rocker BILLY CORGAN distances himself from ex-pal Courtney Love via email when asked to comment on her comeback record as part of a Spin magazine article.

“My career has seen the highest highs and most crashing lows… trips to rehab and trips to the stage to win awards. There’s definitely a book in there and definitely a film. Overall, it’s been magical.” British pop star ROBBIE WILLIAMS is keen to document his turbulent life.

“It was sad, but these things happen and we all parted on good terms.” RACHEL WEISZ on RYAN GOSLING’s departure from THE LOVELY BONES. The actor was replaced by MARK WAHLBERG in the movie.

“She cursed us. She’s always had demonic powers.” COURTNEY LOVE accuses her former mother-in-law, late husband KURT COBAIN’s mother WENDY O’CONNOR, of ruining her life. O’Connor currently has legal custody of the rocker’s teenage daughter, Frances Bean.

“She’s huge. She’s a big woman. I used to think she was a man. I used to look at her and think, ‘Something isn’t right here.’” JANICE DICKINSON takes another swipe at her former AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL host TYRA BANKS, who allegedly sacked her from the show after Dickinson labelled her “fat”.

“Everytime I sing The Ballad of the Boy in the Red Shoes onstage (in the U.S.), I say that this is a song written about a time when people in America started getting AIDS and your president, Ronald Reagan, did nothing about it. I get boos. There’s a lot of hate in the world.” ELTON JOHN on courting controversy when he tours America.

“I was attracted to David immediately. He was very well dressed, very shy. The next night we had dinner. After it, we consummated our relationship. We fell in love very quickly.” ELTON JOHN’s romance with husband David Furnish was a love-at-first-sight deal.

“I’ve known him for less than a year so I don’t feel I should comment, it’s none of my business.” Scottish actor EWAN McGREGOR is refusing to pass judgement on THE GHOST WRITER director ROMAN POLANSKI’s legal problems. The Polish filmmaker is currently under house arrest in Switzerland on an unlawful sex charge dating back to 1977.

“I quite enjoy watching it. People give it a bad rap (reputation) here but it’s great.” STAR WARS actor EWAN McGREGOR is strangely fascinated by the curling events at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada.

“I took (sleeping pill) Ambien for a few years, but I hated waking up with f**king eggs benedict on my face and a 1,000-page letter I didn’t remember writing.” COURTNEY LOVE prefers bouts of insomnia to sleeping pills.

“Every Saturday for 16 years, we’ve sent each other a card, no matter where we are in the world, to say how much we love each other.” ELTON JOHN on how he and husband David Furnish keep their romance on track.

“One time, Frances was being mean and said, ‘What are you going to do if the record fails?’ (I said), ‘Well, Frances, it can’t fail because I love it, and I’ve worked really hard to make sure that I love it.’” COURTNEY LOVE’s estranged daughter, Frances Bean, doesn’t share her mother’s enthusiasm for her upcoming Hole comeback album, Nobody’s Daughter.

“I like to be prepared and in all seriousness it’s a matter of respect. You have a fair chance - you are nominated and some of these shows are televised. You’re standing in front of possibly (millions of) people.” INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS star CHRISTOPH WALTZ is writing up an Oscar-winning speech after receiving a best supporting actor nod ahead of next month’s (07Mar10) ceremony.

“What clothes I had on would freeze to my body and they’d have to pour a kettle of hot water over me to defrost me.” British actor JAMES PUREFOY on shooting new movie SOLOMON KANE in freezing temperatures.

“I spend $20,000 (£12,500) a week on security. My home is surrounded by cameras. I need surveillance not only to look out for me but also to protect me. You get all these crazy lawsuits and I need cameras to check on things.” Rapper 50 CENT on the high price of protecting his assets.

“I’ve been in class with other girls and our teacher would say to another little girl, ‘You can be a model and you can be an actress… Gabby, thank God you’re so smart.’ It’s like, ‘Really?’” PRECIOUS star GABOUREY SIDIBE has always felt like an outsider.

“I bought a Porsche. That was as crazy as I get. I thought, ‘Boy, I’m that middle-aged guy now, with the mid-life crisis car, the guy I used to laugh at when I was younger…’ Shortly after I bought it, I felt embarrassed… (but) I drive it every day.” Funnyman STEVE CARELL on his latest treat.

“Hollywood is ready to anoint her with the first Oscar for a female director, but Kathryn hates that because she doesn’t want to be a woman director, she wants to be a director. It’s all about the work for her.” AVATAR filmmaker JAMES CAMERON predicts his ex-wife KATHRYN BIGELOW will not appreciate being labelled if she wins the Best Director Oscar for war drama THE HURT LOCKER. The former couple will battle it out for the prestigious honour when the Academy Awards are handed out on 7 March (10).

“I was trying to have a child and I was going through some in vitro treatments and it’s a choice - that was my choice.” CELINE DION confirms she put motherhood before her country when she was asked to headline the performances at the Vancouver Winter Olympics on Friday (12Feb10). The singer thought she’d be pregnant, but she suffered a miscarriage last year (09).

“I’ve had a lot of emails from people. The word they use most is ‘amazing’, followed closely by ‘nice hat’.” PETE TOWNSHEND on the feedback he’s received from fans about THE WHO’s Super Bowl halftime performance.

“I went to RADA and they were like, ‘You should look into something else…!’” Oscar nominated actress CAREY MULLIGAN is proud to have proved her talents after she was denied the chance to study at London’s prestigious acting school, the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA). Sir Michael Caine, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Clive Owen and Bond girl Gemma Arterton are all former students of the institution.

“The other day my wife told me she doesn’t want to have an affair, she just wants to go away and be by herself sometimes… Married life as a mother can be hard.” STEVE CARELL on his wife Nancy Walls’ simple pleasures.

“(I’ll get) ‘Weren’t you too fat to fly?’ I can’t dodge this bullet - even if I get thin… It is kind of the worst thing that ever happened to me.” Moviemaker KEVIN SMITH is still struggling to come to terms with the humiliation of getting kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight for being too fat.

“I have a lot of friends that I haven’t called in three years!” DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star MARCIA CROSS admits her social life is no longer a priority after becoming a mum to twins Eden and Savannah in 2007.

“I like kissing boys on screen. As a straight guy, it’s quite an interesting proposition. Anything on a film set that takes you by surprise like that, that gets your blood up, is good.” EWAN McGREGOR likes testing his sexuality on film sets.

“The best thing about being a married woman is sleeping naked everyday and still liking the guy that I’m with.” Singer NATASHA BEDINGFIELD is loving married life with husband Matthew Robinson. The couple will celebrate its first wedding anniversary next month (Mar10).

“They got a bit confused when I put out RUDEBOX, it scared the majority of them.” ROBBIE WILLIAMS on fans’ reaction to his 2006 album.

“I had the good fortune of playing a florist in this movie, and one of my best friends is a florist so I got to work with him.” ASHTON KUTCHER on how he researched his role for VALENTINE’S DAY.

“I do memory tests. I memorise lists of 450 to 500 words in sequence and link them together with mental images so they flow easily. Then I’ll write a story using those words, just to exercise my imagination and brain cells.” SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS, 72, on how he keeps his mind young.

“I like working. It is where I feel useful. I have no plans to cut down. I am happy with what I do. There will be a lot more of me yet, that’s for sure.” HARRISON FORD has no plans to step out of the limelight at age 67.

“I might go on my own. I got a dog, Sid. I’ve trained him to ride in my side car and I thought we could do a trip together.” EWAN MCGREGOR is considering another motorcycle adventure - with his dog as his sidekick.

“I can’t imagine what the horror is like. It shows up every blemish - and I’ve got a lot of them! I don’t get any joy out of seeing my fat face anyway.” RICKY GERVAIS isn’t looking forward to the new Blu-ray (high definition) release of his movie THE INVENTION OF LYING.

“I wore this spiked bracelet. I saw so many people I knew and everyone I hugged were flinching. It took (hugging) four people before I realised what was happening. And then my earring started to stab me on my shoulder. That was dangerous.” RIHANNA admits her edgy fashion choices are often painful.

“The plastic surgeon did the most incredible job - there’s no scar at all.” British movie hunk JAMES PUREFOY downplays the injury to his forehead he received when a fight scene on upcoming movie SOLOMON KANE went wrong.

“News or history for us, or Antiques Roadshow.” HARRISON FORD and longterm partner CALISTA FLOCKHART prefer to watch serious programmes rather than action or drama shows.

“I think The People vs. Larry Flynt really holds up… Someone said they use that film in civics classes in Slovenia… The film is a great portrait of the messiness of a true democratic society.” EDWARD NORTON on his favourite film experience.

“He’s not the most gorgeous movie star, but he has a sincerity and likability that people can relate to.” Actress BAI LING on her CRANK 2: HIGH VOLTAGE co-star JASON STATHAM.

“I’m happily married now because I know what’s out there. I experienced the lot. I think I’ve experienced every man’s fantasy in every respect.” THE PRODIGY star KEITH FLINT on his experiences with groupies.

“I’ve never had a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. I’ve never been on a date on Valentine’s Day. I usually hang out with my girlfriends and we go and get sushi and see a movie and, like, do nothing… Valentine’s Day doesn’t like me.” VALENTINE’S DAY star EMMA ROBERTS.

“I always believe that I’m from the moon… There is an alien spirit living in me.” Eccentric Chinese actress BAI LING is convinced she’s not of this world.

“I was so mad. I was thinking, ‘Oh, it’s so great. I met this guy and he’s close to my age’ - because the men who went after me were usually 10 years younger and actually I didn’t want that. I thought Nick was about three or four years younger, so when he told me he was 29, I almost crashed the car. I was like, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me!’” MEGAN MULLALLY, 51, on the 11-year age gap with her husband NICK OFFERMAN.

“We had to kiss 30 or 40 times while filming. That was my only job, kissing Hugh Jackman! Nobody on set gave us any direction, we were just told we were going to kiss. We never talked about how long, short or passionate the kiss had to be. I kept thinking, ‘What should I do with my hands while we’re kissing? Or my mouth? Is he going to think I’m a good kisser?’” Actress ANA DE LA REGUERA on kissing HUGH JACKMAN for a new Lipton Iced Tea commercial, shot on location in Brazil.

“I’ve had no plastic surgery or Botox. I’m a member of a very select club of actresses and I’m proud of that.” MEGAN MULLALLY is all natural.

“Actors are rogues and vagabonds - or they ought to be. I can’t stand it when they behave like solicitors.” DAME HELEN MIRREN likes to keep her work fun.

“The script for the second one is funny. It’s a romp. I sent a text to Michael (Patrick King, the director) saying, ‘Flawless, fabulous, f**king funny’.” KIM CATTRALL is a big fan of the SEX AND THE CITY movie sequel.

“Home is London because that’s where my cat, Kobi, is. I brought her over here. There is nothing better when you are single than you come home and you have a cat waiting for you.” SEX AND THE CITY star KIM CATTRALL insisted on bringing her beloved pet with her to London while working on a West End play.

“I didn’t have a proper boyfriend until I was 19. I was a bit of a geek, a bit like a tomboy growing up with my brother and his friends, so I was nervous about all that stuff. I’m much more romantic now and more easily swept away than I was when I was 16.” CAREY MULLIGAN was a late starter in her love life. The 24 year old is currently dating TRANSFORMERS star SHIA LABEOUF.

“It’s not something I think about, but it’s welcome. When one feels really wanted, it’s something so intimate.” KYLIE MINOGUE loves her pin-up status.

“Let’s put it this way, something big is on its way.” ROBBIE WILLIAMS is coy about rumours he’ll rejoin TAKE THAT, after leaving the band in 1995 to go solo.

“I love Lady Gaga and the performance of sexuality. The mysterious, the artistic and the slightly perverse. I’m interested in all that.” Oscar-winning British actress HELEN MIRREN is a fan of the quirky POKER FACE singer.

“I keep getting people coming up to me speaking in strange languages. It is wonderful how people have embraced this character.” CHRISTOPH WALTZ has gained a cult following since appearing as a Nazi leader in INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS.

“My kids really care about other people. When the earthquake happened my daughter wanted to give all her stuff to Haiti. They are really aware of people who are less fortunate.” Actor MARK WAHLBERG is raising his children to appreciate their good fortune.

“On Twitter I get thousands of messages a day and I see all of them as a gift as it’s somebody going out of their way with kindness.” ASHTON KUTCHER is grateful to have a loyal following on the microblogging site.

“Steven Seagal. Meeting him would be the best. I want him to teach me how to kill without messing up my suit.” Rapper/actor KID CUDI reveals the celebrity he’d most like to meet.

“I married a guy, he killed himself, I inherited everything. That’s the way it goes.” COURTNEY LOVE is blunt when it comes to discussing how she inherited her late husband KURT COBAIN’s fortune following his suicide in 1994.

“I’ve always been into acting and I know it’s such a cliche: ‘Oh wow, he’s doing the films. Surprise, surprise.’ But that’s what I used to do in school, I used to write screenplays when I was a little kid, so for me acting is something I definitely want to go into.” Chart-topper JAY SEAN’s has set his sights on conquering the movie industry.

“My wife has banned Valentine’s Day. She wants me to be romantic every day of the year but she doesn’t want to be sitting in a restaurant with all these other couples on Valentine’s Day.” GREY’S ANATOMY star KEVIN McKIDD doesn’t celebrate St. Valentine’s Day (14Feb) with his wife of 11 years, Jane Parker.

“I can’t even do one month. If we had to go past a month I don’t know if I could do it.” American actress AMANDA SEYFRIED can’t bear to be apart from her boyfriend and MAMMA MIA! co-star, British actor DOMINIC COOPER.

“It was nice to have police come to my house and, for once, I didn’t have to leave with them.” Troubled actor CHARLIE SHEEN jokes about his stolen car saga on Friday morning (05Feb10). The star’s sports utility vehicle (SUV) was found crashed at the bottom of a cliff after a thief took it for a joyride in the Hollywood Hills. Sheen is reportedly facing misdemeanour assault and felony menacing charges following his Christmas Day (25Dec09) arrest in Aspen, Colorado, after a domestic dispute with wife Brooke Mueller.

“I don’t really want to be part of a perpetual franchise, but we’re all getting so old! I think the idea of Mark D’Arcy and Daniel Cleaver and Bridget Jones in advanced stages of deterioration could be quite fun. We’re making a comedy after all.” COLIN FIRTH is keen for a second BRIDGET JONES’S DIARY sequel.

“To say that I truly thought I was ‘it’ is perhaps the biggest understatement ever.” ANNE HATHAWAY insists she got carried away at the start of her career.

“I think one thing sort of defines (a relationship) which is, it’s not how much you love someone when you love them, but it’s how much you love them when you hate them. It’s when you’re in that moment where you cannot stand what the person you’re with is doing, but you still love them. That’s when you need to show it - not just say it but show it.” Actor ASHTON KUTCHER hands out relationship advice.

“The best thing about my age and stage (in life) is not having to bother too much about things. I bother about how I look but although I bother I don’t really care.” DAME HELEN MIRREN loves being 64.

“I’m just grateful that between Star Trek II and Avatar II, I’m employed.” ZOE SALDANA is looking forward to a couple of major blockbuster sequels.

“I thought I looked like a bad tranny (transvestite), not even a cute one. If you’re going to make me look like a tranny, at least make me look like a cute tranny.” JANET JACKSON was not impressed with her October cover of W magazine.

“They always have something new. That’s why there’s never been a greatest hits. We’ve been asked plenty of times but they just shake their heads and go ‘No, I’ve got some new riffs, let’s get into the studio.”’ AC/DC frontman BRIAN JOHNSON admits his bandmates are resisting offers to release a compilation album.

“It’s not my usual glamorous role, but I liked being so unadorned. It was great to spend very little time in the make-up chair.” Actress CLAIRE DANES on playing an autistic woman in U.S. TV movie TEMPLE GRANDIN.

“I’ll have an iPod, and I’ll make sure they keep sending me beats. I’ll still be rapping in there, have a gang of raps ready when I come back home.” LIL WAYNE plans to stay busy while serving a 12-month jail sentence on weapons charges.

“I got to sing the Billy Joel part, which was an honour.” NICK JONAS on his performance on the reworked We Are The World charity anthem.

“I heard her brother told her to sing this song. He probably said ‘You’ll slay them in Vegas.’ I bet he’s still looking for his left testicle. Jesus! Talk about bad decision-making. Never get your family involved in music. Oh, and Celine - why the long face?” AC/DC frontman BRIAN JOHNSON on CELINE DION’s notorious cover version of the band’s hit YOU SHOOK ME ALL NIGHT LONG.

“I’ve never felt more of a flow of support and love as I have in the past year, and we needed it… You’re kind of a sinking ship and you need all the kings horses and all the kings men to keep your head afloat. And we had it… It’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to me - bar none. But I think the help is helping us.” JOHN TRAVOLTA will forever be grateful to his friends and fans for helping him overcome the tragic death of his son Jett. The 16 year old died last January (09) after suffering a seizure during a family holiday in the Bahamas.

“I like making out with girls from time to time. I have this curiosity at the back of my mind. I’ve never had sex with a woman and I’m a little bit curious about it.” Gay AMERICAN IDOL star ADAM LAMBERT is keen to experiment with his sexuality.

“They wanted to use chemical smoke. I told them, not since (concentration camp) Auschwitz will a Jew go into a shower with chemical smoke.” HOUSE star LISA EDELSTEIN refused to take a fake shower in her steamy, upcoming reveal all.

“Since I was a little kid I wanted to work for Disney - and I didn’t need to be the princess, I would have been a tick or a flea!” ANIKA NONI ROSE is delighted with her voiceover role in THE PRINCESS & THE FROG.

“I’ve been a fan of his work for so long. He’s just, like, one of the best ever. You learn from him and feel like a kid all over again. And he let me call him Anthony rather than Sir Anthony.” BENICIO DEL TORO was thrilled to co-star with his idol SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS in THE WOLFMAN.

“This is LIL WAYNE going to jail. Nobody I can talk to can tell me what that?s like. I just say I?m looking forward to it.” Rapper Lil Wayne on his impending 12-month jail spell on weapons charges.

“I play the White Queen. When I was trying to work her out, I kept saying to myself, ?She is a punk-rock, vegan pacifist.? So I listened to a lot of Blondie, I watched a lot of Greta Garbo movies.” ANNE HATHAWAY on how she got into character for her role in new movie ALICE IN WONDERLAND.

“(That was) probably one of the most horrendous moments of my life. It would take an army, or Martin Scorsese, to ever get me naked again.” Actress MICHELLE TRACHTENBERG on baring all for scenes in Beautiful Ohio.

“It was probably the best move of my life - kicking a midget in the neck.” NAPOLEON DYNAMITE star JON HEDER on tackling pint-sized fighter Hornswoggle during a recent WWE guest appearance. Heder took to the ring as The Flame.

“There’s a big voice in that big body, and I think it’s really brave of him, as an actor, to be in a room with all singers and belt it out that way.” JOSH GROBAN was pleasantly surprised to hear VINCE VAUGHN’s singing voice during the all-star WE ARE THE WORLD re-recording in Los Angeles on Monday night (01Feb10).

“You’re honoured that they picked you for the hardest part of the song, but, at the same time, it gives you a lot of pressure. Thanks a lot.” CELINE DION on having to mimic CYNDI LAUPER on the new recording of WE ARE THE WORLD.

“It sounds like a really nice February 14th love story, but it isn’t!” Irish actor JONATHAN RHYS MEYERS warns romantics not to take their loved ones to see his new action thriller FROM PARIS WITH LOVE on St. Valentine’s Day (14Feb10).

“I don’t (have a Twitter account) but I do have someone who pretends to be me and one tweet says ‘Hey sweetie!’ I’m not sure who ’sweetie’ is!” Actor JONATHAN RHYS MEYERS is baffled by the tweets sent out by his impostor on the social networking site.

“I’m double jointed everywhere… I could have been in Cirque du Soleil.” Actress MICHELLE TRACHTENBERG is multi-talented.

“I’m not a big Valentine’s Day person. I believe romance should be an everyday thing.” JONATHAN RHYS MEYERS has no big plans for St. Valentine’s Day (14Feb10) with his longterm girlfriend Reena Hammer.

“I felt like I wanted to being doing something other than just sitting in front of the TV, waiting and feeling awkward… I went for a run. I just wanted to be out of the house… Then my roommate texted me.” ANNA KENDRICK grabbed a little early morning exercise as the Oscar nominations were announced on Tuesday (02Feb10). She landed a Best Supporting Actress nod for her role in Up In The Air.

“I wish I could say we had some big, dramatic fights on set, but we didn’t.” AMERICA FERRERA on shooting new movie THE DRY LAND with writer/director boyfriend RYAN PIERS WILLIAMS.

“Women find any man on the TV sexy. You can’t take it seriously. If a guy goes on television then there are women out there who will find them attractive. I don’t buy into the sex-symbol thing. It’s a compliment but that’s it. I’m not interested. I’m a married man.” LOST actor MATTHEW FOX isn’t impressed by his legions of female fans.

“When I think of Roman. I think of his nose. He smells the truth. He is very intense. Sometimes because he’s French and Polish, the frustration to explain what he wants comes out and he’s like No, no! Terrible!’ And you think, ‘I’m more than terrible.’ In some ways it was very tense and in some exhilarating.” Actress KIM CATTRALL on working with director ROMAN POLANSKI on new movie THE GHOST WRITER.

“He’s a lovely, lovely man and his family’s great as well.” OZZY OSBOURNE has a lot of love for SLASH and jumped at the chance to guest on the guitarist’s new solo album.

“My goal is to play on every continent so I’m trying to set up a gig in Antarctica… We’ve already played a show in the North Sea, above the Arctic Circle.” METALLICA star JAMES HETFIELD dreams of a gig at the South Pole.

“I don’t go for really dressy women. My family has a small cottage in the middle of nowhere in Sweden, it has no phone, TV or even shower - you have to swim in the lake to wash. I love it. Taking a girl there is a good indicator of whether she’s right for me.” TRUE BLOOD star ALEXANDER SKARSGARD on how he chooses his girlfriends.

“We just want it to mean something. It doesn’t matter if it’s just me and him or if it’s a big, fat ordeal.” KATY PERRY refuses to rule out eloping with fiance RUSSELL BRAND after becoming engaged on New Year’s Eve (31Dec09).

“Literally, any person who is within proximity to me and not more than 10 inches away gets pressed into running lines with me and that includes my wife.” Actor HUGH DANCY memorises his lines with wife CLAIRE DANES - whether she wants to or not.

“We know it’s not twins - the doctor said this morning that there’s only one in there and Kris and I just sighed with relief. I’m so tiny, I’m not big enough to fit twins in there, I wouldn’t be able to stand up.” Pregnant singer DANNII MINOGUE is pleased she’s only having one baby with her rugby player boyfriend KRIS SMITH.

“I am single. Not ready to mingle, but I’m ready to take my time when the time is right. I am single and I am focused.” R&B singer CIARA, who was most recently linked to rap superstar 50 CENT, doesn’t want to rush into romance.

“I drink and smoke to excess at times. I can’t help it. It’s part of who I am. The wildness never quite goes. What I’ve discovered is to have periods of drinking and smoking (and) the periods of total abstinence. I wish I could stop smoking. I’d like to give up but I’m an addict.” MATTHEW FOX can’t shake off the vices he picked up as a rebellious teen.

?Sometimes I think why do I have to do these scary things? It would be much easier just to play Sam for the rest of my life. You?ve been looking forward to working with this director and these actors and this play and then it comes and you think, ?Oh, f***!? Like, ?Oh no! It?s here!? You very much feel the blood coursing through your veins.? KIM CATTRALL is terrified of her upcoming stint in PRIVATE LIES on London’s West End stage after so playing her man-eating character Samantha Jones in SEX AND THE CITY for so long.

“Every time I read a negative review now I think it’s great because being hated as much as you are loved is what makes careers. Nobody ever got anywhere by everyone liking them. Yes, you become a national treasure, but you didn’t do anything. I want the people who hate me to hate the fact that so many people love me. It’s my mission.” Funnyman RICKY GERVAIS on his cult status.

“I’d love to do another Fletch. I don’t think anybody else is going to do it any better than me, frankly. But I’m not hopeful.” CHEVY CHASE on reprising his bumbling reporter.

“I have two friends who are donating two $500,000 power generators. Another friend is going to rebuild the (presidential) palace. All his money, his crew and his design so they don’t even have to think about it.” Music mogul QUINCY JONES on what inspired him to re-record his We Are The World anthem to raise funds for the Haiti earthquake relief effort.

“People can talk about me all they want, but it really hurts me when they start to talk about my friends - I get really protective about that, that’s when I think it goes too far.” SELENA GOMEZ is fed up with gossip about her love life.

“As soon as we heard, we were just hoping we’d be asked. It’s one of those things you don’t have to think about. We’ve never done anything like this before, but music has been a great way of generating money for good causes.” TAKE THAT star GARY BARLOW was overjoyed when the group was asked to take part in SIMON COWELL’s Haiti charity single.

“Don’t diet. Ever. January is depressing enough without existing on grapefruit and eggs in a fit of penitence. Take your resolutions, send them packing and resolve instead to eat wonderful food in the face of bitter, rain-soaked evenings.” Curvy SOPHIE DAHL refuses to cut calories.

“JAMES EARL JONES just blows me away. He’s like the youngest person in the cast. He comes to the theatre every day with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye. He encourages you to keep your spirit open and to be curious.” Actress SANAA LATHAN is in awe of her Cat on a Hot Tin Roof co-star. She’s currently working alongside the acting veteran in London’s West End.

“He’s the best, he’s great. He has adult conversations. He reminds me that I need to grow up sometime!” Rapper/actor 50 CENT enjoyed working with movie director JOEL SCHUMACHER on his new drama TWELVE.

“I didn’t really make anybody cry, but I did tell the truth to some kids that might have needed to hear it.” KATY PERRY on her stint as a guest judge on TV talent show AMERICAN IDOL.

“You may call me a hoarder. I keep things others wouldn’t. I call it recycling.” HOUSE star JESSE SPENCER has trouble throwing useless items away.

“I watch Family Guy every day. I don’t go to sleep until I watch Family Guy.” UP IN THE AIR director JASON REITMAN is a big fan of the cartoon TV series.

“We’ve got really tough competition now. Now I got competition from Susan Boyle! I think it’s the age. People around 40 are in that age group who are still conditioned to buying CDs. The younger kids are on the computer, they’ll download it.” Rap superstar 50 CENT has his own theory about the success of the Scottish singing sensation.

“She has all the toys… (but) it wasn’t age appropriate for her. She was nine when it came out… I’ll put it in the vows and the pre-nup.” HARRISON FORD, 67, reveals his fiancee, CALISTA FLOCKHART, 45, has never seen STAR WARS.

“I got the f**k out of there. I went there to accomplish something. I made it through, I made a record about it, but I’m so done. It’s so gross. There was a morning when I woke up and said, ‘All right, I need to get out of here, the soul-sucking has begun.’” Pop star KE$HA hates Los Angeles.

“I was only in college for like five minutes. I actually was quite good, I had good grades, but I was a real wise a*to all my teachers. I said to my English teacher once, ‘How come we’re only reading all these papers and essays by middle-aged white men?’ So naturally, my teachers really hated me.” LADY GAGA on her schooling before she became a pop star.

“He thinks I’m the guy in the robe.” HARRISON FORD’s adopted nine-year-old son, Liam, has no idea dad is Han Solo and Indiana Jones.

“I’ll eat the weird stuff no one wants to. Bugs, mystery meat - bring it on!” HOUSE star JESSE SPENCER has a hearty appetite.

“I would have been a dentist, married, (living in) Barranquilla, Colombia. I went to dentist school… I had, like, two more years to go to finish.” Sexy Latina SOFIA VERGARA on what she would have become if she hadn’t been discovered by a talent agent on a beach.

“I don’t want to see this body. Nobody does. I went down to my boxer shorts in my last film. Yes, there were some breasts - but they were big, hairy and mine.” RICKY GERVAIS refuses to do a nude scene.

“It’s full of blue-ar**d Barbie dolls trying to catch rubber turkeys. It was the most gorgeous pile of nonsense I have ever seen.” TROY actor PETER O’TOOLE on JAMES CAMERON’s epic movie AVATAR.

“I think it’s cool that people test it out. I think that’s a good thing. How would you know what something tastes like if they didn’t allow you to test it?” Hip-hop star PHARRELL WILLIAMS is happy for fans to download his music illegally - as long as it’s just to sample his work.

“I was just hoping to become a pop star before the world ends in 2012.” KE$HA on what drove her at the beginning of her career.

“We both look like frogs, with our wide-set eyes, we’re both indecisive and neither of us has a lot of willpower. When we met, I just found him funny. It was like we were the same person - except he’s British, and a man!” AMANDA SEYFRIED knows boyfriend DOMINIC COOPER is her soulmate.

“I fell in love with that miserable character. I don’t necessarily agree with a lot of his ideas, but he’s affected my life more than I affected his. He’s made me more cynical.” JACKIE EARLE HALEY on playing twisted crimefighter Rorschach in Watchmen.

“Geena would have jacked up Charlie’s Angels, Lara Croft, any movie chick that’s been out there in the last 15 years, Charly Baltimore would have jacked ‘em… She was bad.” SAMUEL L. JACKSON urges fans to check his 1996 movie The Long Kiss Goodnight for Geena Davis’ portrayal as an all-action woman.

“I have a thing about Chinese folk music.” DAVID BOWIE on what’s on his iPod.

“I did kick a*in the last decade; I was the highest-grossing actor of the last decade… I get to hold on to that.” SAMUEL L. JACKSON might not always be the highest-grossing movie star in Hollywood - a title he currently holds - but he’ll never be replaced as the biggest blockbuster name of the first decade of the new century.

“It’s hard when you’re on television and you always have the beautiful gown on and you’re always politically correct.” BEYONCE finds it difficult living up to her public image of perfection.

“She was a bit overweight and looked like something out of GoodFellas. But when she started to sing, I’m telling you, it was 10 seconds in and I was texting my management.” LADY GAGA hasn’t always been a style queen, according to producer ROB FUSARI, who signed the Poker Face hitmaker in 2006.

“Cheryl has a great sound and a great look and is somebody I’d be interested in working with. I can also introduce her to some of the biggest names in hip-hop. Dido became well-known in the U.S. after appearing on Eminem’s album. The same could happen for Cheryl.” 50 CENT is keen to help British singer CHERYL COLE launch her career in America.

“I am a little bit upset for Susan Boyle, but I am not surprised - they are so snobby. She has sold 10 million records and at least deserves a nomination.” SIMON COWELL isn’t happy that his protege SUSAN BOYLE was left out of the nominations for the upcoming Brit Awards.

“The show was so much fun! I got to hang out with the whole cast, dress up like a flight attendant, play a cavewoman, and had a baby pig poop on me… jealous?” Singer CARRIE UNDERWOOD on her cameo role in U.S. TV show HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER.

“If designers want to dress me then I am at the larger end of the Hollywood scale so they have to be fine with that.” ANNE HATHAWAY refuses to follow the size zero trend.

“It’s tough for young British actresses to come to the U.S. and be in a film and be appreciated so I’m pleased for Carey. She took my breath away in An Education.” EMILY BLUNT is a big fan of upcoming British star CAREY MULLIGAN.

“I’m 24 in New York City, so I’m not exactly coming home every night plucking the violin strings.” GOSSIP GIRL star CHACE CRAWFORD enjoys being a young and single celebrity.

“I’m just a sassy b**ch with a big mouth. I talk a lot of s**t.” Pop star KE$HA doesn’t take herself too seriously.

“We got sprayed… We were supposed to be guys who lived in California… and we live in places where you just don’t turn that colour.” COLIN FIRTH on his sprayed-on tan for new movie A SINGLE MAN.

“I remember lying in my bed in the hospital, and the other guys came in one by one, and they all looked so concerned and sad and scared. I was just thinking, ‘What’s wrong with you guys? It’s not like I’m dead or something. I feel fine!’ I recently saw video of myself that day, and I looked so terrible. I looked like I was on the verge of dying. I think at the time I was on so much morphine, I felt that everything was A-OK.” WEEZER frontman RIVERS CUOMO on his recent stint in hospital following a bus crash.

?I don?t think so. Ellen is there, and I think she?ll do a great job. We?d probably be too similar. She?s gonna be nice; I would be nice. She would say ?Oh my God, you?re great,? then there would be two mean people and then there?d be me going ?Oh my God, you?re great.?? ROSIE O’DONNELL doesn’t want to replace SIMON COWELL on AMERICAN IDOL alongside ELLEN DeGENERES when the music mogul leaves the show later this year (10).

“When Parker was (younger), he used to say, ?I wish I had a dad.’ I?d be like, ?Yeah, that?d be really good if we did, but if you had a dad you wouldn?t have me as a mommy, ?cause I?m the kind of mommy that wants another mommy. I?m not the kind of mommy who wants a daddy. So then you would have a different mommy.? And he said, ?Hmm, alright then. I?ll just keep you.? I was like, ?Phew! Close one.?? Gay U.S. TV personality ROSIE O’DONNELL on explaining her sexual orientation to her children.

“Nicole was hilarious. I really liked her, but it?s just kind of like, what does an apple and a penguin talk about?” Pop sensation KE$HA got on well with NICOLE RICHIE when she appeared on an episode of the socialite’s reality TV show THE SIMPLE LIFE - but they didn’t have much in common.

“I can?t interview an angel and say, ‘What?s it like?’ So I went to museums. What I noticed about angels, often they have swords and spears, and they?re ripped… What I needed to do is go to the gym.” PAUL BETTANY on how he prepared to play an angel in horror action film LEGION.

“Spoke to Ashton Kutcher at The Globes. He told me he’s been getting grief on Twitter because of what I said about it being a bit undignified for adults. I pointed out that he is young and cool and I am 48. He seemed like a very nice chap.” RICKY GERVAIS has been causing trouble for Twitter.com fan ASHTON KUTCHER with his negative comments about the social networking site.

“It was the first time I had seen them for five weeks and they came in their Liverpool tops. It was so sweet.” British actor CLIVE OWEN got a surprise from his young daughters when they came to visit him on the Australian set of THE BOYS ARE BACK wearing his favourite soccer team’s jerseys.

“People always ask me if I snorted a line of ants. I can’t remember whether I did or not, but it’s quite possible.” OZZY OSBOURNE can’t remember his wildest days.

“I can be grumpy. There was a time in my career when some people might have called me that. It was a combination of fighting for my beliefs and that youthful intensity that scares some people.” HARRISON FORD on how he was perceived at the start of his career.

“The first time any of them used irony was a great joy in my life. Sofia made a joke when she was less than two. She was barely talking. One of our nannies is named Marta, and she would say ?Adios, Marta? early on. She was eating her cereal, called Oatie-os. She looked at the cereal, and she looked at Marta and said ?Oatie-os, Marta.?? WILLIAM H. MACY is delighted his daughter Sofia, now nine, has developed a strong sense of humour.

“She’s a good sort. Russell’s done well there.” British movie tough guy RAY WINSTONE is a big fan of RUSSELL BRAND’s sexy pop star fiancee KATY PERRY.

“I would know when I have gone too far. I know now that for a long time I’m good and it’s just maintenance. As I get older I’ll probably keep up with it. I definitely think that enough is enough. This is as far as I want to go for a long time. I don’t want to look like Cat Lady.” Cosmetically overhauled THE HILLS star HEIDI MONTAG is on a surgery hiatus after undergoing 10 operations to enhance her body - over fears she’ll end up like socialite JOCELYN WILDENSTEIN.

“I was nervous out of my mind. I was sitting in the parking lot thinking, ‘Are you going to do this or are you going to walk away?’” GLEE star DIANNA AGRON nearly pulled out of auditions for the now-hit musical TV series.

“I still can’t believe it! It’s hilarious. I actually wish it was another word that I created. I wish it didn’t have ‘booty’ in it.” BEYONCE is still shocked BOOTYLICIOUS has been added to the Oxford Dictionary after she coined the term for her former R&B group DESTINY’S CHILD’s hit single.

“I think I?m a very attractive person, but I don?t put myself in the realm of the beauty. That?s not where I get my esteem. I?m a size eight, and I feel proud of that, because it?s healthy. I?ve never felt compelled to be a skinny actress… A guy (TV executive) told me to change my name and get a nose job. I said, ‘You get a nose job’.” Actress MARISKA HARGITAY, the daughter of movie icon Jayne Mansfield, isn’t tempted to seek cosmetic surgery.

“Michael Buble snogged (kissed) me at the Royal Variety Performance - not on the mouth, I wouldn’t let him - I don’t have a crush on him.” Singer MIKA shared an intimate moment with MICHAEL BUBLE at the U.K. gala event.

“I broke someone’s nose. My friends used to come to my house and chase my rabbit round the garden. This one kid kicked my rabbit,so I broke his nose. He had it coming - you don’t kick a rabbit. The rabbit was named Pussy, so we called the game ‘Chasing Pussy’.” Quirky pop star MIKA is a pacifist - until it comes to his rabbit Pussy.

“I think I was kinda cute.” Fashion designer-turned-director TOM FORD on how he became a close friend of artist ANDY WARHOL just two weeks after moving to New York from New Mexico in the late 1970s.

“It’s very humbling… because a lot of people took the time and trouble to get out there and spend money on an album from an unknown artist; they don’t know what they’re gonna get for their money. I’m glad they’re pleased with the result.” Scottish singing sensation SUSAN BOYLE is “astounded” after selling eight million copies of her debut album I DREAMED A DREAM worldwide.

“As you get older naked stuff gets easier. It?s more to do with the role than what men in the audience think. There?s a liberation about it.? DAME HELEN MIRREN has no qualms about stripping off at 64.

“I haven’t said anything about retiring and I’m not thinking about it. It’s something that’s definitely not true and it’s not going to happen. I am sure my wife will be fed up with me being at home when I stop. But I’m trying not to think about it yet.” Soccer superstar DAVID BECKHAM dismisses recent reports he is preparing to quit the sport.

“It got to the point where it was just really crazy. I remember thinking one day, ‘I don’t know if I enjoy this any more. I don’t feel safe.’ I just wanted to go to the shop and buy a pint of milk and not speak to anybody. I hated going out, and it’s really awful to feel like that.” British singer DUNCAN JAMES on the pitfalls of achieving fame with boyband BLUE.

“We travelled cross-country last summer, and just watching them relate to new people and new experiences. It?s great to see them as little people.? DAVID DUCHOVNY is enjoying watching his children, 10-year-old Madelaine and Kyd, seven, grow up.

“It’s funny when mum’s yelling at one of us, because she always gets our names mixed up.” KRIS JENNER gets her daughters confused, according to KIM KARDASHIAN.

“We’re not surprised. There’s something hymnal about their music, religious even. Incidentally, they’re all Satanists.” A FLEET FOXES publicist notes the irony of the Vatican including the band’s He Doesn’t Know Why on a recent MySpace select songs list.

“Continental tried to make it up - today, they sent me a one-way ticket to Haiti.” Comedienne JOAN RIVERS makes light of her ongoing dispute with airline officials after she was detained by airport security in Costa Rica over a passport mix up and missed a flight back to the U.S.

“I used to be so impulsive, but I’m not so much now. I have no regrets. There’s nothing in my life I’ve seriously ever regretted. Sure, I’d love to get married again, though, and have a couple of kids.” Reality TV star KIM KARDASHIAN has no regrets over her short-lived marriage to music producer Damon Thomas in 2000, when she was 19 years old. The union ended in divorce in 2004.

“This is the longest I’ve ever been single actually. I love it. I still date and things like that but just not committed, which is nice.” JONAS BROTHERS star JOE JONAS has been enjoying single life for the last eight months.

“I think we’re gonna keep it really small… People will be upset, but if we say it’s gonna be small, it’s more forgivable.” Actress EMILY BLUNT on her marriage plans to fiance JOHN KRASINSKI.

“I got tired of hearing that same white lady telling me to ‘turn left’.” SNOOP DOGG on why he agreed to put his voice on navigation system Tom-Tom.

“I’d like to apologise to the hippies for being considered someone who can speak on their behalf; I don’t wear patchouli, and I smell too good to be a hippie.” DEVENDRA BANHART is tied of his folk-hippie label.

“She loves me now but it took me 15 years. I had to bring her flowers every weekend… but she’s like my (own) mum now.” EMILIO ESTEFAN’s mother-in-law wasn’t a fan when he wed her daughter GLORIA the day after she turned 21.

“When I was nominated (for and Oscar) a few years ago, they had this poster… and they actually spelled my name wrong.” SAOIRSE RONAN reveals the Academy Awards bosses boobed on her name.

“People are always giving me weed after shows, and I don’t want to let them down.” DEVENDRA BANHART insists he isn’t the pothead he’s portrayed as.

“I wanted to paint myself blue for a performance for the longest time… and I’ve been preparing to do it and then Avatar came out.” LADY GAGA fears Avatar has ruined her plans to go blue.

“I can’t watch it because it’s too embarrassing. (U.K. TV network) ITV shows it all the time but they need to stop now!” NICHOLAS HOULT can’t bear to watch his movie debut in ABOUT A BOY, filmed when he was just 12.

?I lost 25 pounds. I?m now very conscious of what I eat. My brother Jack told me you don?t feel full until 20 minutes after eating. I eat really slowly now.? KELLY OSBOURNE’s stint on U.S. reality show DANCING WITH THE STARS worked wonders for her waistline.

“The first time I saw him he was wearing a pink fairy tutu and wings, and he still looked gorgeous.” DAME JULIE ANDREWS insists wrestler-turned-actor DWAYNE JOHNSON looks good in spandex, after filming the pair’s new movie TOOTH FAIRY.

“Our threshold was always, ‘If we make money, we make a sequel,’ so I think we might have to make a sequel.” Moviemaker JAMES CAMERON is planning to follow up his AVATAR success. After just four weeks, the film has become the second most successful film ever - behind Cameron’s Titanic.

“Funnily enough, just recently I suddenly felt like I really would like to (get married). It?s just a feeling - I know it?s a funny thing.? British actress RACHEL WEISZ is beginning to make wedding plans with fiance DARREN ARONOFSKY.

“Noel used to take the p**s out of me constantly and it really, really hurt at the time. Oasis were like the bullies I had to put up with at school.” BLUR frontman DAMON ALBARN on the band’s Britpop rivals OASIS.

“I’m having a tiny bit of practise with Mason. I can only hope I have a baby as good as he is. He never cries - ever!” Reality TV star KHLOE KARDASHIAN is feeling broody after taking care of her sister KOURTNEY’s newborn son Mason.

“I’ll just have to re-release TITANIC in 3-D.” Director JAMES CAMERON jokes about his plans to revamp the biggest box office hit of all time if his current movie Avatar surpasses the $1.8 billion it made at cinemas a decade ago.

“A lot of my friends lost their virginity to R. Kelly, 12 Play. I sang Your Body’s Callin’ at a talent show when I was 14. Everyone just looked at me like, ‘Is he serious?’” ROBIN THICKE left his classmates red-faced when he sang the sexually charged R. KELLY hit as a teenager.

“Brazilian waxing is a positive like you wouldn’t believe!” Actress ZOE SALDANA is a big fan of the intimate beauty treatment.

“He believed ‘Single Ladies’ was a better video. I believed that. I think a lot of people believed that.” JAY-Z insists he understood why pal KANYE WEST stormed the stage to protest in support of BEYONCE at last year’s (Sep09) MTV Music Video Awards.

“I’m sure I’d botch it up somehow if I did meet the Queen. I’d forget to curtsy. I don’t know what I’d do. And I’d probably say the wrong thing. I might drop an F-bomb. It could all go horribly wrong.” THE YOUNG VICTORIA star EMILY BLUNT fears she would embarrass herself if she met Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II.

“My mate said to me, ‘They didn’t have buzz cuts in those days’ and I said, ‘It ain’t a history lesson!’ This is a romp, it is a friggin’ Saturday morning popcorn movie. I don’t have any illusions that we’re trying to say this is how Greek mythology was.” SAM WORTHINGTON defends his upcoming film CLASH OF THE TITANS.

“I found out that our two fourth-graders, our nine year olds, are at opposing schools, and their basketball teams compete.” NCIS: LOS ANGELES star LL COOL J has discovered he and co-star CHRIS O’DONNELL are rival dads.

“I’m going to have to do more movies where people see my face and won’t go, ‘Oh look, that’s Thandie Newton!’” STAR TREK beauty ZOE SALDANA is often mistaken for the British actress.

“I grew up with not a lot of money. We never owned a house. I want to buy my mum a house.” Teenage pop sensation JUSTIN BIEBER is determined to treat his mother to a new home.

“My wife and I are involved in EnlightenNext, a global movement dedicated to awakening the deepest potential in human consciousness.” Actor LINUS ROACHE.

“Go backpacking through Europe and just sleep with random strangers. A couple of friends and I wanted to - and thank God we never got to do it. I realised that it’s not really what I wanted to do at all!” STAR TREK actress ZOE SALDANA is relieved she never followed through with a New Year’s resolution she made during her youth.

“I don’t really like to watch myself much. I don’t find it very valuable and I guess I’m self conscious about it. I like to pretend it’s not happening. In plays, I never have to watch myself. I just do them. So that’s kind of how I like to do movies. I sort of just pretend it’s a play.” MATTHEW BRODERICK avoids watching himself on the big screen.

“They’re on pencil sharpeners, T-shirts, the sides of buses. And there’s even a doll!” Country star TAYLOR SWIFT finds it hard to forget her famous ex-boyfriends JOE JONAS and TAYLOR LAUTNER.

“I watch too much FAWLTY TOWERS.” Rocker MEAT LOAF is a huge fan of the classic British TV comedy.

“I’m in love with SIMON COWELL. I kind of want him to be my mentor in life. If I wasn’t married, I’d like for him to ask for my hand in marriage.” British actress BILLIE PIPER is infatuated with the music mogul.

“I can snap into Serena very easily. The way I dress as Serena is pretty much the way I dress as me. I’m living in New York City, shooting in New York City. I’m in a comfort zone.” GOSSIP GIRL star BLAKE LIVELY shares the same fashion sense as her TV character SERENA VAN DER WOODSEN.

“We were watching the show and my son walked in, and on screen I was in bed with someone who was not my wife - I can’t even remember who. And he turned around and went, ‘Dad!’ I jumped up and said, ‘I’ve never seen that woman in my life,’ and flipped the channel.” MAD MEN actor JOHN SLATTERY refuses to allow his young kids to watch his racy on-screen sex scenes.

“I’d love to see a development of the relationship between him and his son and him and his new wife. I think it’d be fun.” HARRISON FORD would love to swing back into action for a fifth INDIANA JONES movie.

“I’ve received royalty cheques with the wrong name on it, and Universal has misspelled it on the album cover. In the early days, people would come up to me and go, ‘Where’s the food?’” Even JIMMY BUFFETT’s record label bosses think he’s Jimmy Buffet.

“I don’t blame him… Rod’s voice is different now. Roger Daltrey’s voice isn’t the same. Same for Robert Plant. If you can’t hit the notes, then it’s time to think about another form of music.” JEFF BECK understands why former bandmate ROD STEWART has turned his back on rock music to concentrate on recording soul classics and standards.

“I’ve tried to reach Amy. I think we could do something incredible, but only when she’s in a better place.” MARY J. BLIGE would love to duet with troubled singer AMY WINEHOUSE.

“When I’m on stage, I’m the most important person in the room. But backstage, I can become very quiet and withdrawn. It’s like I’m switching between two extremes of my personality.” British singer LITTLE BOOTS doesn’t stay in pop star mode when she steps off stage.

“THE OFFICE is shown in about 90 countries, so I’ve been promising myself I’ll visit some of them. I’m going to do the first world live comedy tour.” British funnyman RICKY GERVAIS wants to take his stand-up show around the world.

“I’m so tired I think I just wanna lie down.” BETTE MIDLER’s Las Vegas show has left her exhausted.

“Mention the word Yardbirds to Eric and he’ll turn purple. I don’t know why. They didn’t serve him badly.” JEFF BECK insists tourmate ERIC CLAPTON doesn’t have fond memories of his time in the 60s supergroup. Beck replaced Clapton in the band.

“I thought about it - at one point I was gonna stay on and do both shows and then I genuinely thought people would be sick and tired of me.” SIMON COWELL considered judging both AMERICAN IDOL and new U.S. version of his British hit THE X FACTOR before deciding to quit the former after nine seasons.

“Oh my God, please, I’ve been performing for queens my whole life… I know them all, but I never met the real one… I’ve been a fan of hers… It was the most frightened I’ve ever been in my whole life. I was absolutely petrified.” BETTE MIDLER on her recent meeting with The Queen.

“Growing up in Alabama, that was the only way to get surf. You know those surfing idiots you see on the news when the hurricanes come? I was one of those.” JIMMY BUFFETT on his wild past.

“I was a little embarrassed coming back to the States. It’s ‘Work! Work! Work! Die! Die! Die working!’ in the U.S., but in England it’s more, ‘Would you like a spot of tea?’” ROBERT DOWNEY JR. enjoyed working in England while filming SHERLOCK HOLMES.

“Where I grew up you don’t think you’re going to be on a billboard… My mates are kind of excited because they can throw darts at my head! And they’re proud. I fly my mates everywhere. I brought 20 of them over for the premiere of Avatar. They’re all amped up. Some of them didn’t even have passports.” SAM WORTHINGTON’s friends are enjoying his fame.

“Probably less than people think. I slept around a lot but was still fairly selective. It wouldn’t be in the thousands, maybe in the hundreds, and probably not over 500.” Former GUNS N’ ROSES rocker SLASH on the number of women he’s slept with throughout his rock and roll career.

“It’s amazing. I’m so happy to have her (be) a part of our family. It’s kind of hard to believe I’ve got a sister-in-law and it’s wonderful.” Pop star NICK JONAS is overjoyed to welcome his brother KEVIN JONAS’ new wife, DANIELLE, into the family. The couple wed last month (Dec09).

“God, he gave me so much. I remember I auditioned for something and didn’t get the job and was very disappointed and he said, ‘You always say you messed up. Why does it never occur to you that they might have messed up? Maybe you were the best one but they didn’t recognise it.’ It sounds obvious, but you forget stuff like that.” MATTHEW BRODERICK on the advice his actor dad JAMES passed on to him.

“I never got good-looking chicks. We’d get beer bottles thrown at us, not frilly underwear.” OZZY OSBOURNE mourns his lack of female fans during his BLACK SABBATH days.

“I adore Paula. Whatever happens, I will be working with her in some capacity. Because I miss her.” SIMON COWELL hints he could be teaming up with fellow former AMERICAN IDOL judge when he takes his THE X FACTOR talent show Stateside.

“I drive a little baby scooter. I look like Big Bird in it.” Comedian JASON SEGAL is oversized on his Vespa scooter.

“I do think Elvis would have watched American Idol.” PRISCILLA PRESLEY is sure her late ex-husband would have been a fan of America’s number one talent show.

“I wish I did have faith. I think it would make life much easier. I just have not discovered God in my life. I mean, I don’t see him. It’s not that I’m closed off to the argument, but I do feel the burden of proof.” THE DA VINCI CODE actor PAUL BETTANY professes his atheism.

“I got a girl?s name tattooed on my ring finger because I was in love. We?ve broken up, but I don?t live in regret.” Actor ALEX PETTYFER admits he’s done crazy things for love.

“The ambience of a restaurant is very important. You won’t hear Barry Manilow in here; you won’t hear Rod Stewart, Kiss or Guns N’ Roses, sorry boys and girls. All you will hear is classical, beautiful metal.” Iron Maiden star NICKO McBRAIN on the music diners will hear at his new Rock N Roll Ribs diner in Coral Springs, Florida.

“We’re happy the way things are. We?re not really putting that added, extra pressure on the relationship.” Model/actress CARMEN ELECTRA has yet to start making wedding plans, almost two years after accepting KORN rocker ROB PATTERSON’s proposal.

“I am so glad I got the part. Seeing someone else play Matt LeBlanc would have been devastating.” Actor MATT LeBLANC is pleased he was hired to play himself in new U.S. comedy, EPISODES.

“It’s the greatest thing ever. They’re an amazing couple.” JASON SEGAL is overjoyed for his FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL co-star RUSSELL BRAND, who recently got engaged to his pop star girlfriend KATY PERRY.

“I try to be romantic. Having kids means once they’re in bed, being romantic is cuddling on the couch and watching TV. But we do have date nights every week. I have one with my daughter and one with mommy.” MARK WAHLBERG on family life with his wife RHEA DURHAM.

“I would never want to design clothes, it’s just not something I feel passionate about. I would love to have a perfume, though - how amazing to have your own smell!” GIRLS ALOUD star CHERYL COLE on her future career ambitions.

“I have never thought about it because it takes too much time. It doesn’t stop at 6pm. I like to have a life.” Hollywood actress MERYL STREEP has never considered stepping behind the camera to direct.

“For me, it’s a hundred times harder than acting in film or television. It’s so much anxiety. When I did Three Days of Rain, I lost 17 pounds in rehearsal.” BRADLEY COOPER on the pressures of acting on the stage.

“I want one before I’m 30. I’m not going to be one of those women who let their career take over. I think your body is designed to have them around that age - too many women are putting it off for too long.” British singer CHERYL COLE wants to start a family in the next few years.

“I remember the first year I acted, I did five bits on TV shows. I called all my friends to watch, and each one, they cut all my stuff out! So after that, I thought, ‘I’m never going to say anything.’” THE HANGOVER star BRADLEY COOPER’s first foray into acting wasn’t a success.

“I got 40 years in me yet. I ain’t going nowhere. A lot of these heiresses and a lot of these multi-billionaire people, you know, they’re dying here lately. I don’t understand that… It’s certainly not happening on my side of the street.” Former child star GARY COLEMAN dismisses concerns for his health after suffering two seizures this year (10).

“There is one scene where we are stoned. It was all imagination but I liked it. We came into work and we all had to do stupid things to make the other person laugh. It was heaven.” MERYL STREEP loved pretending to be high for romantic comedy IT’S COMPLICATED.

“I gained seven pounds of love weight. I’m not pregnant but I definitely want kids.” Reality TV star KHLOE KARDASHIAN laughs off rumours she’s expecting a baby with husband LAMAR ODOM.

“I didn’t really know how to handle it. I didn’t want it to turn into this Girls Gone Wild song. I had been through the experience - many times - (but) didn’t want to get specific. I didn’t want guys to be w**king off. For me, it was a song about the magic and mystery of a woman that makes every man - and some women - get on their knees.” KATY PERRY on her hit track I KISSED A GIRL.

“People always ask me, ?You have so much confidence. Where did that come from?? It came from me. One day I decided that I was beautiful, and so I carried out my life as if I was a beautiful girl. I wear colours that I really like, I wear make-up that makes me feel pretty, and it really helps. It doesn?t have anything to do with how the world perceives you. What matters is what you see.? PRECIOUS star GABOUREY SIDIBE reveals her secret to feeling good about herself.

“I have some resolutions like losing some pounds. I also need to get married and have children. I need a new house.” HUGH GRANT on his goals for 2010.

“A lot of people loved Paula, and I don?t want to be the person that took Paula?s job away from her. Which I wasn?t. I?m not going to be able to please everyone. I gave up trying to do that a long time ago.? Newly-appointed AMERICAN IDOL judge ELLEN DEGENERES defends her new role on the hit talent contest, following PAULA ADBUL’s departure last year (09).

“People thought we were dating. It was all over the internet. It was the first time I read a rumour like that about me, and I just thought it was fantastic.” BRADLEY COOPER on his friendship with ALIAS star VICTOR GARBER

“The game is great, the graphics are great. I haven’t played it. I’ve tried. I get too crazy watching that guitar arm and the things coming towards you.” RINGO STARR has yet to master videogame Rock Star: The Beatles.

“I can’t draw The Simpsons strictly to template. If I walked into The Simpsons animation studio in disguise and took the test, they wouldn’t hire me. There are now rules to drawing The Simpsons, but I don’t actually draw that way. I don’t know if Bart has nine points of hair or whatever.” THE SIMPSONS creator MATT GROENING is out of practice.

“Oscar’s all, ‘I hate the paparazzi!’ And my daughter’s (excited) like, ‘Paparazzi!’ I say, ‘Go this way.’ And she’s like, ‘Dad, the paparazzi are this (the other) way.’” Actor HUGH JACKMAN’s kids are at odds over how to treat celebrity snappers lurking around their famous dad.

“Last time I was in the desert, it involved a sandstorm and explosive diarrhoea!” THE HURT LOCKER star JEREMY RENNER jokes about his experience filming the war drama while picking up his Best Actor award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival on Tuesday (05Jan10).

?When I was meeting people in L.A., guys always thought if they paid for dinner they deserved a b**w job. But generally, I?ll say this - and I?ll say it proudly - I can?t sleep with someone if I don?t have a connection with them.? Singer KATY PERRY, who is now engaged to RUSSELL BRAND, isn’t a fan of the dating scene in Los Angeles.

“He’s not going anywhere and I’ve kinda got to keep my opinions to myself… It is what it is. Why make it a miserable situation when it’s not gonna change.” KHLOE KARDASHIAN on the father of her new baby nephew, sister Kourtney’s boyfriend Scott Disick.

“Between being foreign born, an action star and People’s Choice, there’s only one thing left for me to do and that’s run for the Governor of California, so…” HUGH JACKMAN joked about following ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER into politics during his Favourite Action Star acceptance speech at the People’s Choice Awards in Los Angeles.

My doctors believe I had swine flu before it was considered an epidemic.” Singer KATHERINE McPHEE insists she’s a swine flu pioneer.

“I don?t like travelling. Which is ridiculous. And it?s not because I?m afraid of dying on the plane or anything. I just like to stay at home. It?s a pretty hilarious problem to have.” British actress RACHEL WEISZ is a real homebody.

“It’s probably a life’s work - a work of art that’s gonna take the rest of our lives to finish.” DAME HELEN MIRREN on her newly-acquired run-down Italian castle.

“Like the presidents have their libraries, I’m going to build an extension… with lights, and you walk in and you can hear all my acceptance speeches.” DAME HELEN MIRREN jokes about creating a space for all her awards and accolades at her new Italian castle home.

“Both cars have a very low mileage because I only go up and down our drive. We live in this gated community, so I cruise around there. I don’t think I can drive outside just yet.” OZZY OSBOURNE has yet to hit the road after passing his driving test in September (09).

“My relationship with fashion is shaky and sketch (sic) at best - I manage, at the behest of my friends and advisers, to get a shirt and jacket on when I go to fancy events such as film festivals and premieres, but, if I was left to my own devices, I think I’d end up looking pretty shoddy.” Scottish actor JAMES McAVOY has no interest in designer clothes.

“If I could be doing anything else, I’d be a psychiatrist.” GOSSIP GIRL star LEIGHTON MEESTER ponders life after acting.

“I’m not a gym person. I used to be very sporty at school, but it’s hard for me to go to a gym and just run. I could do with being more toned. I have definite insecurities about my body. I’m small but I’m not firm any more.” British actress SIENNA MILLER has to diet to maintain her figure because she hates exercise.

“Kids have no clue who I am. When I do personal appearances at colleges, I have to sort of backtrack and say, ‘In case you didn’t know, I was on after
THE FRESH PRINCE for five years.’” Former child actress MAYIM BIALIK admits her fame has fizzled. She was the star of beloved early 1990s U.S. TV
series BLOSSOM.

“Our schedules don’t provide us that much time to get married… We’re trying to work it out and move stuff around.” CARRIE UNDERWOOD on her plans to wed ice hockey star Mike Fisher.

“The honeymoon was amazing: the place, the people and the food. All of it was a dream come true.” Newlywed KEVIN JONAS on his Mexican honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas with his wife DANIELLE.

“I couldn’t go into a bar and pick up a man. That is predatory behaviour and I don’t consider myself a predator. Sometimes I am the pursued.” KIM CATTRALL insists she’s nothing like her man-eater SEX AND THE CITY character.

“I started thinking about radio a few years ago as something that would make sense for my career… There’s been a lot to learn in radio, but audiences seem to like what I do. It’s been a good look for me.” R&B singer-turned-radio disc jockey KEITH SWEAT on changing career paths.

“I prefer not to speak for 36 hours before a show.” Welsh opera star KATHERINE JENKINS likes to keep her voice in shape.

“Going back to play Samantha - with the story line I have - I wanted to look really fit. I lost 10lbs by eating a little less over three months, and I have kept it off.” KIM CATTRALL was determined to shed the pounds for the second SEX AND THE CITY movie, which is set to hit the big screen in May (10).

“My new year’s resolution was to be a vegetarian for six months out of this year. I did three months and stopped and then I’m almost done with my second three months commitment.” R&B star MYA boasts about keeping her 2009 resolution.

“It’s a miracle to have such a beautiful baby. His name is Jalen. Also, my son, the oldest one, Josh, is going to graduate from high school. That’s a dream that is coming true.” BLACK EYED PEAS rapper TABOO reveals his highlights of 2009. The star and his wife Jaime Gomez welcomed little Jalen in July (09).

“Recently I’ve spent a lot of time with CYNDI LAUPER, and she’s a legend. She gave me the advice: Never sell your publishing, so I’ll take that.” GOSSIP GIRL star LEIGHTON MEESTER has been taking tips from the singer as she progresses with her music career.

“It’s tricky going into a big store or an airport, but conversely I get spoilt rotten sometimes. One thing I’d love is to get the bus and take my whole family for beans on toast and a milkshake.” Former JAMES BOND star SIR ROGER MOORE on the ups and downs of fame.

“To not make any resolutions. Whenever I make them, I wind up ultimately breaking them. I think a lot of people are that way, so I am going to try and avoid inevitable disappointment next year and just not make any.” Actress EMILY BLUNT isn’t making any New Year’s resolutions for 2010.

“My New Year’s resolution is just to let go of the things in the past and accept those things that are new.” USHER is looking forward to putting his troubled 2009 behind him, which saw him divorce his wife TAMEKA FOSTER in November (09).

“My legs are really long and that’s cool apparently, but I’m totally klutzy. I mean, I’m like Bambi. I fall all over myself because I can’t control my arms and my really long legs.” GOSSIP GIRL star TAYLOR MOMSEN is unimpressed with her willowy figure.

“Christmas was where I started coming into my own as a performer… All the relatives would storm our house because it was the Jim Carrey show. I was a kid, but I’d throw myself down stairways and do all kinds of characters. That’s how I got popular in my family.” JIM CARREY made sure Christmas was never dull when he was young.

“At my screening of THE ROAD, I actually heard the projectionist sobbing.” Author and Entertainment Weekly columnist STEPHEN KING in his end-of-year best films list. The writer has named The Hurt Locker ahead of The Last House on The Left and The Road as his movie of 2009.

“It’s hard for me when we’re not touring or anything. I bought a karate outfit - a Cobra Kai outfit from the Karate Kid. It’s not actually from the film, it’s a copy.” KASABIAN frontman TOM MEIGHAN is hooked on auction website eBay.com.

“The breast milk down both sides - it would have been inappropriate.” Actress VERA FARMIGA used a body double for a nude scene in new movie UP IN THE AIR, because she had recently given birth.

“I never make resolutions. It’s not one of the things that I do. I have lots of desires and rules and things that I want to figure out, but New Year’s resolutions don’t pan out for me.” Actress JULIANNE MOORE refuses to set new life rules every year.

“The feather epaulettes were my most fabulous style statement. When I get into the jacket, I feel good and very triumphant. I don’t know if I could get up in front of 70,000 people at festivals without my feathers on.” THE KILLERS frontman BRANDON FLOWERS loves his flamboyant feathered cape.

“I like to look like I’m having a thought.” LISA KUDROW has no plans for face-freezing Botox.

“I just finished 10 miles of cross-country skiing in 10 degrees below zero. You’ve got to love the cold. I’ll probably be in bed exhausted.” Actor CHRIS NOTH admits he will probably be too tired to celebrate on New Year’s Eve (31Dec09) because of his gruelling exercise regime to get in shape for the upcoming SEX AND THE CITY movie sequel.

“The only part that I don’t really like is when a person sees me on the street they say, ‘Mini Me, I’m your greatest fan.’ And it’s like, ‘If you’re my greatest fan you should know my name.’” AUSTIN POWERS star VERNE TROYER is getting sick of his Mini Me moniker.

“I did three films in a row wearing a corset. I think my inner organs by the end of it were like: ‘Are you kidding? You’ve got to stop. You have to give us a break.’ It’s sweat pants from here on out.” EMILY BLUNT is fed up with the tight-fitting costumes she’s donned on-screen.

“Women that wear too much perfume put me off. I can’t stand it when she puts too much scent on.” ENRIQUE IGLESIAS hates women who overspray.

“I don’t think about it. It’s probably not a good thing to obsess on. Anything can happen, anywhere, anytime. I’ve prepared myself… We’ve all gotta go, right?” Actor/rocker JARED LETO refuses to worry about overly-obsessed fans trying to kill him.

“It’s borderline pathetic how well we’re all getting along.” METALLICA drummer LARS ULRICH insists the formerly feuding rockers have had a great 2009.

“If I hear one more person cover that song, I’m gonna f**kin’ rip my throat out.” KINGS OF LEON star CALEB FOLLOWILL hates hearing other people tackle the band’s 2009 megahit USE SOMEBODY.

“Ever since I was a little girl, my fashion icon has been (Aerosmith frontman) Steven Tyler. When you’ve grown up with a little boy’s body, you gotta figure something out.” 90210 star SHENAE GRIMES talks style.

“I just get up there in a tuxedo with a keyboard and sing, like, five songs.” Funnyman JASON SEGEL on his musical career. The I Love You, Man star will support Maroon 5 onstage in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve (31Dec09).

“I just remember after we hit that last note, I couldn’t have a beer fast enough.” KINGS OF LEON star CALEB FOLLOWILL was a wreck after the band played their first show at Madison Square Garden in New York in January (09).

“My mom found my placenta and she?s crushing it up and making it into a necklace because I think it makes you psychic.” Singer KE$HA on her most unusual Christmas present this year (09).

“One of the princes of England came to the show - Harry. He was cool. We had a beer, played ping-pong. Maybe we’ll be sirs one day.” KINGS OF LEON star MATTHEW FOLLOWILL has high hopes after meeting Prince Harry backstage at the O2 Arena in London.

“I had to pinch myself. Diddy said how much he liked the song.” Singer KE$HA was thrilled after SEAN ‘DIDDY’ COMBS - who she namechecked in her hit song TIK TOK - gave his seal of approval.

“I want to visit Prince Harry - Harry’s the man. He’s in the tabloids all the time in the States. People give him flak but he seems like a cool kid, somebody I’d hang out with.” THE HILLS star BRODY JENNER is a big fan of the British royal.

“Welfare isn’t supposed to be used for hairdos. If you need food stamps, eat the f**king pet.” Rocker and outdoorsman TED NUGENT has little sympathy for America’s poor, who squander welfare cheques.

“It’s been an absolutely brilliant year and I can’t thank everyone enough for the support. I am the happiest I have ever been and truly enjoying myself.” Scottish singing sensation SUSAN BOYLE reflects on the year (09) that changed her life.

“I would never go to a show where the person was lip synching. When you grow up listening to Janis Joplin, you’re not going to want to see somebody mime.” PINK likes live performances to be just that.

I was looking forward to working with him. Time is transient. You think you?ve got a lot of it. Who knows how much time we all have left? Tick, tick, tick.” Singer/actor TOM WAITS never got the chance to work with HEATH LEDGER on the set of THE IMAGINARIUM OF DOCTOR PARNASSUS.

“I usually get him something to do with smoking. That’s all Simon does - work and smoke. But he says I’m trying to kill him by encouraging it!” Singer DANNII MINOGUE on what she’s going to buy her THE X FACTOR co-star SIMON COWELL for Christmas.

“Why doesn’t it snow at the right time any more, like it did in the 60s? If it could snow on Christmas Eve, that would be perfect.” Pop star GEORGE MICHAEL wants a white Christmas.

“We have a one present rule. And in the desire to make Christmas as simple and hassle-free as possible, we spend the year looking. The thing with Elton is he doesn’t have a wish list, so if he sees something he likes, then he usually goes and buys it for himself. I have to get there before he does and snap it up before he does.” DAVID FURNISH has real problems finding presents for his partner SIR ELTON JOHN.

“We came back from the U.K., and having been speaking proper-perceived pronunciation, the Queen’s English as they call it, it was the most grating thing I ever heard in my life - and that’s my accent.” ROBERT DOWNEY JR. has been turned off by his speaking voice since returning home to the U.S. after filming SHERLOCK HOLMES in Britain.

“I?ve always had a big crush on Prince William since I was a little girl.” ORLANDO BLOOM’s girlfriend MIRANDA KERR is a big fan of the young British royal.

“It’s actually easier when you get older because then with your body you figure, how many more years (do I have left)?” Tattooed actress SUSAN SARANDON contemplates getting more body art at the age of 63.

“I turned him down a few times before I got with him. I had a preconceived idea of what footballers were like. Ashley is ridiculously, painfully shy. You can’t tar everyone with the same brush.” British singer CHERYL COLE on meeting her soccer star husband ASHLEY.

“I remember listening to LOVE MACHINE and thinking, ‘We cannot put this c**p out’. That’s what I said to the label. Then it went to number 2. I was, like, ‘Oh right. OK. I’ll keep quiet.’” GIRLS ALOUD star CHERYL COLE was unimpressed with the British girl band’s hit 2004 single.

“Sex scenes, love scenes. Yes, at this age it’s unusual for somebody to do a love scene, to be making love. Yeah that is unusual. But that is just how benighted we are. Because, you know, we still are alive.” Actress MERYL STREEP still enjoys filming love scenes at the age of 60.

“I hate doing photo sessions, that’s my worst thing to do because I feel like I’m not very good behind the camera in terms of posing if you like… I’m not very good at it, and I hate looking at photos of myself.” British singer CHERYL COLE dislikes stepping in front of the camera.

“I always get inspired back from the Rihannas and the Beyonces. You just have to be open enough to learn from another generation.” MARY J. BLIGE keeps her sound up to date by listening to music by younger pop stars.

“I want to date a blind woman so she can see me exactly the way I want her to.” 50 CENT reveals his ideal woman.

“I’m on such a diet now. I want to stay in great shape so no candy for me.” Controversial rocker ADAM LAMBERT has no plans to eat junk over the festive period.

“I’m up against that b**ch Meryl Streep! Ooh, you can’t say that, can you?! I’m out of control, totally!” MERYL STREEP accidentally lets slip a curse word on U.S. TV’s GOOD MORNING AMERICA while joking about her double Golden Globe nominations on Monday (21Dec09). The star is nominated in the Best Actress (Comedy or Musical) category for her roles in Julie & Julia and It’s Complicated.

“I was going to lie to you about that. But then I thought, ‘No, best to be honest.’ I may (have been) the only person on the planet that hadn’t read the book.” British actress RACHEL WEISZ didn’t read best-selling book THE LOVELY BONES before she was offered a part in the movie adaptation.

“I’m the last one to understand about these things but I would be greatly surprised if Saoirse doesn’t get nominated (for an Academy Award).” Veteran actress SUSAN SARANDON insists her 15-year-old THE LOVELY BONES co-star SAOIRSE RONAN deserves an Oscar nomination for her performance in the upcoming drama.

“She has a very bold, fearless image. I have to say, I have so much respect for original artists and artists who aren’t afraid to do what they want to do. That’s what I respect most, so she’s awesome.” LADY GAGA can add RIHANNA to her long list of famous fans.

“They’re talking a lot more and they’re very demanding. ‘Sit down. Don’t go anywhere, stay here, do this.’ They give me a lot of orders.” Rap mogul SEAN ‘DIDDY’ COMBS on his three-year-old twin daughters, D’Lila Star and Jessie James, with ex-girlfriend Kim Porter.

“There was a man in prison in England who used to send me his underwear. I promise you it was unwanted.” HUGH GRANT on the strangest thing he has received from a fan.

“My house is hardly subtle - I’ve got a huge tree and wreaths everywhere. I love Christmas but I do get superstitious about taking the decorations down. My mum always told me they have to be down by the sixth of January or it’s bad luck!” GEORGE MICHAEL is getting into the holiday spirit.

“Time is a great healer. You surround yourself by your loved ones around Christmas, then we can try to find the good out of the bad. We all miss him terribly, but we’ve got to crack on (move on). Life doesn’t stand still for nobody (sic).” BOYZONE star SHANE LYNCH will use the holidays to help deal with his grief following the death of his bandmate STEPHEN GATELY in October (09).

“We were doing a backing vocal and it went horribly wrong, someone said an expletive and suddenly we did the mix, it was finished and it was out. It was only afterwards we noticed.” SIR PAUL McCARTNEY on how a swear word ended up on the BEATLES’ HEY JUDE record.

“I’ve run out of things to give up. I don’t know what to do.” ROBERT DOWNEY JR. has a New Year’s resolution dilemma.

“I don’t take it too seriously because I think it’s enjoyment, it’s a luxury.” AMERICAN IDOL judge SIMON COWELL isn’t a big music fan.

“I get to be on the ride whenever I feel like it. But then I get to go back to my real life and not have people follow me around and write horrendous things about me. I get to be in this crazy mega-franchise and reap all of the benefits with almost none of the bulls**t that the other cast have to deal with.” TWILIGHT actress ANNA KENDRICK is glad she doesn’t attract as much attention as her co-stars.

“I wanted to be in an indie band and be a proper rock star.” British singer ROBBIE WILLIAMS has considered moving away from his pop roots.

“I did have therapy. They told me to concentrate on myself and realise it’s about me now. I mean… I was heart-broken.” RONNIE WOOD’s ex-wife JO signed up for therapy after her split from the rocker after 23 years of marriage last year (08).

“I took a knife class a couple of weeks ago. I feel like when I chop salad it just doesn’t look pretty. So anyway, I sharpened up.” Actress RACHEL MCADAMS is perfecting her culinary skills.

“She is pregnant. It’s twins. And both of them are going to be called Snowy. My mum is probably doing an interview about it as we speak.” British pop star ROBBIE WILLIAMS jokes about his relationship with girlfriend AYDA FIELD, after a recent prank in Australia which saw him fool the world’s media by appearing to propose on air.

“Having my relationship with Lewis in the spotlight definitely makes life interesting. Sex isn’t important to me, but making love is.” NICOLE SCHERZINGER on her relationship with British Formula 1 ace LEWIS HAMILTON.

“I like to bake and cook things and go visit the construction workers building my condo. People know I’m not a party girl. I’m not hiding some dying urge to be out clubbing right now. It’s not being concealed.” TAYLOR SWIFT insists she really as wholesome as her image suggests.

“I am nervous about giving birth to the baby. That’s probably the most nerve-wracking part of it all. Every day I wonder, ‘What happens if she comes earlier than expected?’” Pop star CHRISTINA MILIAN is wracked with nerves about giving birth to her first child with husband THE-DREAM.

“We don’t give presents to each other for the day, we exchange cards instead. It’s a very special day to us, but I really think written words on a card are the best present you can give.” DAVID FURNISH and his husband SIR ELTON JOHN have their own simple tradition when it comes to celebrating the anniversary of their civil partnership.

“I’m an asthmatic. I have to be on that treadmill singing to get my lungs right.” Superfit PINK has to go to the extreme to control her breathing.

“It’s hard to explain looking at yourself like this. They did an excellent job.” Rap mogul SEAN ‘DIDDY’ COMBS is amazed at how similar his waxwork looks to the real thing. The star unveiled his waxwork at New York’s Madame Tussaud’s museum on Tuesday (15Dec09).

“It still hasn’t happened. Our kids have grown into great, healthy adults and now it’s time for them to start having babies. But try telling them that!” SHARON OSBOURNE wants grandchildren.

?I have a live band onstage. My background singers are for real. My vocals are for real. I limit the computerisation. So my goal is to have people come to a show and say, ?Wow.?” WHITNEY HOUSTON is adamant her upcoming concerts will be completely live.

“Sexy can be sexual without having to expose a lot of yourself. Your body can express a lot without your having to take off a lot. A smile, a little glance, the way you lean back says sexy without being too open or offending anyone. Because once they’ve seen it all, they go, ‘Man, I’m bored with that,’ instead of ‘Hmm, what’s she going to do now?’” WHITNEY HOUSTON tries not to be too provocative.

“I grew up watching so much television. I’d begin with Days of Our Lives, then Another World, and finish off with General Hospital. And before dinner I’d watch Oprah. I would fake sick all the time to the point where I’d convince myself I was sick. In high school I really didn’t pay attention. I took the bare minimum to get by.” RACHEL MCADAMS skipped school as a youngster because she was obsessed with daytime TV.

“Rachel isn’t looking for a lot of friends and a big fat social life. I don’t feel like she’s drawn toward ‘everyone love me’ or ‘I want to be the richest woman on Earth.’ But of course, men fall in love with her like crazy.” DIANE KEATON lavishes praise on her THE FAMILY STONE co-star RACHEL MCADAMS.

“I remember one time I was in the park with my mom… and there was this kid and he was throwing a ball and he was with his father and I said, ‘Who’s that?’ She said, ‘That’s his dad,’ and I said, ‘Well, why don’t I got no dad (sic)?’ She said, ‘Because you’re special. You were born through immaculate conception, like Jesus.’” 50 CENT’s mum made the rapper feel OK about not knowing his father.

“I’m doing Hyundai and I ended up selling myself. I’m reading the lines in the commercials, and I’m thinking, ‘You’re kidding me! This car goes from 0 to 60 like a Porsche?’ I’m reading all the hype and I said, ‘Let me try one of these cars.’” JEFF BRIDGES is a sucker for the commercials he records, and ends up buying the products himself.

“Thirteen women and no condom! He’s a gambling man. He don’t care. I’d hate to see him at the craps table.” 50 CENT on golfer TIGER WOODS’ alleged dislike of sexual protection.

“The Hollywood Foreign Press have just given me a time out from my 20-year midlife crisis. My heartfelt thanks to them.” COLIN FIRTH on his Golden Globe Best Actor nomination.

“Playing (Nelson) Mandela was the greatest honour of my career, and I hope that I have done him proud.” MORGAN FREEMAN upon being nominated for a Best Actor Golden Globe for his portrayal of the former South African leader in Invictus.

“I did STAR TREK earlier this year and now AVATAR, so I’ve pretty much been in space all year.” Actress ZOE SALDANA is out of this world.

“Right now, who I think is really doing it and who I keep following around the world, and going, ‘Nah he’s the real deal’ is MICHAEL BUBLE. He’s like me but he can actually sing, which is amazing. I’m a big fan of the bubbles.” British singer ROBBIE WILLIAMS is in awe of Canadian crooner MICHAEL BUBLE.

“I’m kind of modelling it after Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band. It’s kind of the look we were going for stylistically on the album cover and just the project in general? He (Springsteen) pours so much passion and emotion into all of his songs every night and I hope I can capture that too.” Pop star NICK JONAS is modelling his new band THE ADMINISTRATION on The Boss.

“I wanted people to move on with me, ’cause the last thing they know about me is that night. And I don’t want that to be what people define me as.” R&B star RIHANNA doesn’t want to be remembered for the fight with ex-boyfriend CHRIS BROWN which left her battered and bruised and her former partner serving community service for assault.

“I don’t think anyone wants to see those sad old buttocks.” HUGH GRANT on appearing nude in a film.

“It was a totally cute story when I was 14. It’s not so funny and cute now that I’m 26.” Ukraine-born MILA KUNIS dismisses the story she learned to speak English by watching episodes of U.S. gameshow The Price Is Right.

“Why am I paid a million times a nurse’s wages because I came up with a formula that sold? There’s nothing to be proud of. I was lucky.” RICKY GERVAIS is convinced he earns too much.

“Apparently, Anne Hathaway and I were dating - and we were blissfully happy.” Actress EMILY BLUNT on the craziest romance gossip item she has read about herself.

“Everyone thinks royalty is so grand. It’s really hard. I wouldn’t want to live with that protocol… I’ve read her actual diaries, seen what she writes about the manipulation. I read about her dreams and how she hated this person or that. It was quite emotional. She was a young girl and in way over her head.” Actress EMILY BLUNT would never want to become a member of royalty after researching for her role as British monarch Queen Victoria in period drama THE YOUNG VICTORIA.

“I actually have a sex scene… It’s very tastefully and quickly done. I’m hoping the President speaks that night, so everything gets pre-empted. It was frightening.” Funnyman RAY ROMANO hopes his upcoming sex scene in TV show MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE never airs.

“When our manager first told us… I was like, ‘Shut the f**k up. When we got (our) tour schedule and it said Madison Square Garden, I was like, ‘You actually booked it? Are you f**king crazy?’” KINGS OF LEON frontman CALEB FOLLOWILL was stunned when the rockers booked the famed New York City venue.

“The whole thing started off like a fairytale. But then it felt like an evil fairytale. When Ronnie and I moved into a tower my friends were laughing and saying I was like the princess trapped in the tower. He went all Jekyll and Hyde. I’d be trapped there with an evil goblin king.” RONNIE WOOD’s relationship with young lover EKATERINA IVANOVA didn’t have the happy ending she dreamed of.

“The universe is too big for us to be the only life forms.” British singer LEONA LEWIS believes in aliens.

“I loved that experience. It confirmed for me that acting was what I wanted to do. I think three people saw it, but it was wonderful for me.” British actress RACHEL WEISZ on her role in flop 1998 movie I WANT YOU.

“I don’t like to put awards on show in my house, because I think it’s pretentious. So I give them to my mom and dad who are more than happy to be pretentious.” Country star BRAD PAISLEY refuses to revel in his success.

“If I didn?t act, I?d be a nutcase. Some people have to do it. They have a lot of emotion they have to get out.” RACHEL WEISZ was born to act.

“I never have talked about my personal life and I never will. It’s become such a silly game that people play, and I prefer not to. We live in such a highly sensationalised culture. Aren’t you sick of it?” ALICIA KEYS will never discuss her rumoured romance with rap producer SWIZZ BEATZ.

“I’ve been given great, weird, interesting parts well past my ‘Sell-by’ date. I remember saying to (husband) DON (GUMMER) when I was 38, ‘Well, it’s over.’” Oscar-winning actress MERYL STREEP, who leads the cast of new comedy IT’S COMPLICATED, can’t believe she’s still leading romance movies at age 60.

“It was amazing. She told me that she had my record and listened to my record and was happy to put a face to the voice. I can just imagine her walking into Tesco (U.K. supermarket) and saying, ‘Can I have one of Michael Buble’s albums.’” Canadian crooner MICHAEL BUBLE is surprised British monarch QUEEN ELIZABETH II is such a huge fan.

“The best part of the night was being sick. When I used to get p**sed and do naughty things at festivals, I always used to really enjoy being sick because you’d feel like a new person.” LILY ALLEN had a stomach-churning way of overcoming her drink and drug binges.

“Being able to laugh with another person is such an amazing gift that I think it can make things extremely fun, but it?s the only way to get through the bad times. The mind is a scary place. When you laugh it releases the tension and you can get through anything.? THE OFFICE star JOHN KRASINSKI keeps his relationship with fiancee EMILY BLUNT on track by making her laugh.

“It’s the last album that had a big effect on me before The Killers took off. It was a pivotal moment, really. I couldn’t believe how good it was. We threw away every one of our songs except Mr Brightside. It raised the bar for everybody.” THE KILLERS frontman BRANDON FLOWERS on THE STROKES’ 2001 album IS THIS IT.

“In my opinion, AMY WINEHOUSE is probably the most talented singer/songwriter to have come out of Britain in the last few years. And I’m quite impressed with LADY GAGA, too. She’s a very original songwriter with a unique overall package.” Pop star GEORGE MICHAEL names his favourite musical stars of the last few years.

“At the end of the day, I’m still in high school. And to think that people are interested in my high school relationships is kind of funny.” Youngest JONAS BROTHERS star NICK JONAS, 17, is amused by the interest in his love life.

“I am riveted by THE WEAKEST LINK but I’d be too terrified to appear on it.” DAME JUDI DENCH loves quiz shows.

“When I heard about Sting doing it, I thought, ‘Yo, is this possible?’ I studied up on the breathing techniques and the focus.” SEAN ‘DIDDY’ COMBS on his tantric sex attempts.

“I had a guy… who after he tried to discredit me, he says, ‘Besides, I’m a METALLICA fan anyways.’ And I thought, ‘What a tt.’ ‘Cause, I mean, I am part METALLICA, so what are you saying?!… That’s sandbox mentality.” MEGADETH frontman and former METALLICA rocker DAVE MUSTAINE on childish rock fans.

“Suddenly I get up out of a chair and can’t rush across the room. My energy levels are OK, but I can’t see very well. If a restaurant is too dark, I can end up talking to the backs of chairs.” DAME JUDI DENCH, 75, insists she “loathes” getting older.

“What’s my voice like? It’s like a cat being raped by a gorilla.” Grammy-winning producer MARK RONSON on why he never sings lead vocals on his records.

“I would never immortalise a guy that did me wrong. I would never give him that much credit.” CARRIE UNDERWOOD insists her song COWBOY CASANOVA is not about ex-boyfriend and Dallas Cowboy quarterback Tony Romo.

“That was the most mind-blowing experience, hearing my name called and winning that award. That is an award I had placed in an unattainable spot in my head.” TAYLOR SWIFT on her 2009 highlight - winning Entertainer of the Year at last month’s (Nov09) Country Music Association Awards.

“I was staying at the Sunset Marquis hotel in Los Angeles last year. My wife told me that I got up and walked over to the closet and went to the bathroom in there. Then I ‘flushed’ one of the hangers.” GREEN DAY frontman BILLE JOE ARMSTRONG pees in strange places.

“People can say what they want about me, but six or seven of my records are played every night. It’s All About The Benjamins is the most-played hip-hop record of all time.” SEAN ‘DIDDY’ COMBS boasts about his hitmaking skills.

“If we announce Avatar 2, we made money. If we didn’t make money, we’re a bunch of dumb fkers. But we still made 2,000 jobs for three years, and that’s a good thing.” Director JAMES CAMERON on his hopes for new blockbuster Avatar.

“She gets my juices flowing. The song Corporate Cannibal makes me want to pee myself.” LADY GAGA on her idol GRACE JONES.

“It’s fantastic! I love it! How many rappers have the courage to sing? All the best rappers always sound like they’re threatening to burst into song, but Kanye actually did it.” British rocker IAN BROWN is a big fan of KANYE WEST.

“I cried the first time I met him. Although that was because I didn’t meet him until I was 30, so when I got the chance, it was pretty emotional.” SLIPKNOT’s COREY TAYLOR had a tearful meeting with his father, who left his mum before he was born.

“His wife is gorgeous, man! She has the air of a President whereas Obama has the vibe of a laid-back surfer. He really puts you in a good mood.” FOO FIGHTERS frontman DAVE GROHL on meeting America’s First Family this year (09).

“He could be a fking politician. People listen to him, don’t they? He could be Mayor of Manchester.” Funnyman RUSSELL BRAND believes former OASIS rocker NOEL GALLAGHER should run for office.

“When I was growing up, people always said I looked like Yoda.” Model-turned-The Twilight Saga: New Moon star NOOT SEEAR.

“I am a huge Pearl Jam fan. The music, the sound, the fury. It’s like, wallop! What a journey!” Spanish actor JAVIER BARDEM reveals his favourite music.

“I want to see Catwoman. I have (a casting) idea, but it’s just an idea and I’m going to keep it to myself.” THE DARK KNIGHT star MORGAN FREEMAN wants to see the feline villain resurrected for the next BATMAN film.

“I get annoyed with people. When you’re just walking down the street, they take out their camera phones and start filming you.The only thing I can compare it to would be being in a zoo and people sort of pointing and looking.” British pop star LILY ALLEN on fame.

“Simon’s obviously very smart. But he’s not the smartest person I know.” Former AMERICAN IDOL star CARRIE UNDERWOOD takes a swipe at the show’s mastermind SIMON COWELL.

“I read that the other day, and I was like, ‘What the hell is that about?’ I haven’t seen Dan walking around naked, not on the set anyway. The changing room is a different thing - I’m joking. No, I hadn’t heard anything of it. Dan hasn’t mentioned it.” HARRY POTTER star TOM FELTON was baffled by rumours of raunchy naked scenes in the upcoming wizard movie - insisting his co-star DANIEL RADCLIFFE does not strip off onscreen.

“It’s simply about the single. It was too spongy for the rock audience. We may have just misfired with our audience.” U2 star BONO wasn’t happy with the band’s recent track GET ON YOUR BOOTS.

“Fk Twitter! That’s the biggest waste of time. If people got their face out of the internet and their head out of their a, they might fking get out and accomplish something.” FOO FIGHTERS frontman DAVE GROHL isn’t a fan of social networking sites.

“I’d invite Liam Gallagher, but then I’d secretly invite Noel, too. I’d get them together at the barbecue and make peace. I’m good at that, man. I can make people love each other.” FOO FIGHTERS frontman DAVE GROHL has a plan to reunite warring OASIS siblings LIAM and NOEL GALLAGHER.

“He’s like the invisible man.” TITO JACKSON jokes about brother JERMAINE’s no-shows for TV appearances to promote the family’s upcoming reality TV series.

“I wouldn’t exist as a singer without Joey Ramone. Blame him. When we were 17, if our songs were tanking, U2 used to play Ramones songs and pretend they were ours.” BONO pays tribute to The Ramones.

“That old motherf**ker got style… and he’s so respected. To know that I can call him right now and he’d answer the phone and we could have a nice conversation - that means the world to me.” SNOOP DOGG on his odd friendship with iconic movie composer LALO SCHIFRIN.

“I wanted to be a therapist, but at some point I also wanted to be a stand-up comedienne. (But) I don’t know if I’m joke funny.” PRECIOUS star GABOUREY SIDIBE doubts she would have been able to break into Hollywood as a professional comedienne.

“I am totally into it, the way that the spectators have taken charge. I love SIMON COWELL. I love CHERYL COLE, because she’s so beautiful. If I were straight, she would be my kind of guy, I mean girl.” Gay British actor RUPERT EVERETT loves TV talent contest THE X FACTOR and all the judges.

“We don’t talk about work, we go down the pub for a pint and talk about cars, microphones and studio gear. It’s not very rock and roll, but we’re good mates!” BOYZONE star RONAN KEATING insists there’s no rivalry between him and TAKE THAT’s GARY BARLOW.

?KELLAN LUTZ - we’re still friends. We’re still best friends, I love him to death. He’s like a big brother to me. I think he’s gorgeous, I mean who wouldn’t want to kiss him? But no, we’re just friends.” ANNALYNNE MCCORD is adamant the TWILIGHT star is still an ex - just weeks after they were rumoured to have rekindled their on-off relationship.

“It’s really upsetting, I loved that show.” JULIANNE MOORE is sad to hear U.S. TV soap AS THE WORLD TURNS has been axed by CBS network bosses after 54 years on air. The actress got her start on the show in 1985.

?I realised then that the game was up. Colin playing a gay character, that should be my role! He was fabulous but I realised that Colin was going to get the gay roles and I would have to do drag or television presenting.” Gay British actor RUPERT EVERETT is jealous of his pal COLIN FIRTH’s role in new movie A SINGLE MAN.

“I got a call that they were actually looking for RANDY JACKSON, my brother, and somehow they called up RANDY JACKSON, the record executive.” TITO JACKSON is convinced AMERICAN IDOL bosses went after the wrong Randy when they were calling up judges for the hit TV talent show.

“When I grow old there will be no one to wipe my bottom, so I might as well have a fatal heart attack on stage, playing some cameo role in Shakespeare, as my dresser wrestles off my prize amethyst ring.” British actor RUPERT EVERETT wants to die onstage.

“I always keep the clothes, always.” THE GREEN MILE star MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN has a closet full of movie costumes.

“I have a bad habit of drinking up to eight cans of cola a day. Is there such a thing as a Coca-Cola rehab? Because I need it.” Former BAYWATCH star CARMEN ELECTRA has a secret addiction.

“Have you seen him? He’s got a shaved head and he’s tense-looking. But if you’re a proper Christian, it means you’ve got to be a gentle, loving and compassionate soul.” RUSSELL BRAND wasn’t convinced by girlfriend KATY PERRY’s dad and his tough guy looks.

“I met someone who I thought was cool. I told him we should date, but he wasn’t ready yet. He was very handsome but it was just an observation really. I haven’t seen him since.” Former DESTINY’S CHILD star MICHELLE WILLIAMS was turned down by a mystery man during a recent stay in London.

“I don’t like to touch hands. You don’t know what people have done!” Actress ROSEANNE BARR is a germaphobe.

“I’ve learnt a lot of things from boyfriends in my life. I had one boyfriend who loved music - I’m very unmusical myself - so all my information about music comes from him. I had another who loved boxing. He taught me all about it, and now I love it too. I love learning new things.” DAME HELEN MIRREN enjoyed gaining new interests from past loves.

“England has a lot of kinds of food, but the actual English food, not so much. It’s like nanny food, like mash potatoes! And they have lots of sweets.” Hollywood star SUSAN SARANDON isn’t a fan of traditional English cuisine.

“On Lord Of The Rings we had these little people who were stand-ins for the hobbits. One time Dominic (Monaghan) and I mimicked this one particular guy who had a really distinctive voice and rang the producers to say that all the little people were stranded on (New Zealand’s) South Island with nothing to eat and no water. It became this big crisis and the producers sent everyone scrambling.” VIGGO MORTENSEN reveals his favourite on-set practical joke.

?She has a very bold, fearless image, I have to say, I have so much respect for original artists and artists who aren’t afraid to do what they want to do. That’s what I respect most, so she’s awesome.” RIHANNA is a big fan of LADY GAGA.

“I’d love to be an assassin. Either that or a lesbian. Maybe both! A gay assassin - there’s nothing hotter than that.” RIHANNA dreams of breaking into film with a killer role.

“The Lair of the White Worm is quite a strange film. It’s difficult to be good when you’re saying lines that have been translated from Spanish to English by someone who speaks French.” HUGH GRANT is not a fan of his 1988 film.

“Blur was playing this summer and I had food poisoning off oysters. I fainted on the stars in the hotel and had a weird fit. I don’t trust oysters.” GRAHAM COXON is wary of seafood after a bad batch nearly kept him from performing in Scotland this summer (09).

“The easiest place to be tough is in front of the keyboard. I want to punch some of them in the face.” 50 CENT can’t keep from reading comments made about him on the internet.

“All humans are born with the ability to be attracted to both sexes. I could see myself in a relationship with a girl.” RIHANNA won’t rule out a same-sex romance.

“They called me Mama from the beginning. On the one hand it’s really sweet because I love them all and take care of them, and on the other side I feel so responsible for the world.” Actress/producer KYRA SEDGWICK takes on a mothering role on the set of her U.S. TV crime drama THE CLOSER.

“When I see myself on screen, I see a withered old lesbian.” HUGH GRANT.

“I do feel guilty, about my drinking and my golf.” HUGH GRANT on his “guilty pleasures”.

“There was a deep craving for a serious, monogamous relationship within me, but I mistook it for lust. I wasn’t promiscuous, just thorough.” British funnyman RUSSELL BRAND is happy to be through with his womanising days after settling down with pop star KATY PERRY.

“He spends half his time psed out of his head in Cornwall (south west England). He really enjoys his life.” GEORGE MICHAEL on his former WHAM! bandmate ANDREW RIDGELEY.

“I have more than 20 wigs. So I can have a new hairstyle without having to keep running to the hairdresser every day. That’s great, right?” LADY GAGA has solved all of her hairstyle woes with her wig collection.

I have more kills on my record than anybody. In the last 10 years, I’ve been blamed for more school violence than anyone… I find out about the murders that don’t get noticed by the national press because I’m associated with all of them.” MARILYN MANSON on his reputation for sparking school shootings and murder pacts through his dark, twisted music.

“Ideally, I’d have beautiful long legs. I have short, fat legs.” DAME HELEN MIRREN admits her body isn’t perfect.

“I’m getting like, ‘How can I avoid going to this 21-year-old cashier at a gas station because I know that they’ve probably seen THE HANGOVER?’ I’ll just shoplift.” Actor ZACH GALIFIANAKIS hates being recognised.

“There’s one woman, she broke into my house seven times. The police did nothing. And I saw her down the road one day wearing my clothes.” GEORGE MICHAEL is stunned by the lengths his fans go to to get close to him.

“Absolutely not. Nothing. I was working hard from the age of 17, and I was too scared to be a big party girl.” CINDY CRAWFORD has never dabbled with drugs.

“SUSAN BOYLE is hot right now. I got to get her on a track, for real. We’d make a hit. I’d love to take her clubbing, show her around my world.” Rapper 50 CENT is eyeing a collaboration with the Scottish singing sensation.

“When I started, of course I wanted to be successful but I didn’t want to be famous. I don’t know if the winners of shows like The X Factor really want to be successful. What I see is an incredible drive to be famous.” Singer SEAL worries about the new generation of pop stars churned out by reality TV.

“I felt like that was fun. I would do it exactly the same way. You know, I am who I am.” ADAM LAMBERT refuses to apologise for his controversial performance at the American Music Awards last month (Nov09).

“I could see myself playing Tiger. I guess it is a drama now isn’t it?” SCRUBS star DONALD FAISON wants to play embattled golf star TIGER WOODS on the big screen.

“Some people think I’m one of the rock stars who had surgery so I can suck my own d**k… I would not want to suck my d**k. It’s been in a lot of dirty places.” MARILYN MANSON clears up one famous sex myth about himself.

“I used to have them out but now I have put them away. I won Best Actress at the Rio Film Festival which doesn’t exist any more so it’s probably a collector’s item. Now I have put them in the attic to be discovered after I’m gone.” DAME HELEN MIRREN refuses to display her many awards.

“I think when all my awards go to e-Bay, it will be the last. That’s how much I treasure it.” Funnyman MEL BROOKS was touched after receiving a Kennedy Center medallion, recognising his contributions to American culture, on Saturday (05Dec09).

“I think the only surprise in it, quite frankly, is that anybody would be surprised. If you’re a good-looking guy and young and healthy… marriage is just a convenience. It’s very nice for raising kids, but the notion that monogamy lasts forever is a wish.” Playboy boss HUGH HEFNER has a bleak outlook on marriage following TIGER WOODS’ admitted infidelities.

“Before he was Joey Ramone, Jeff dated an African-American beauty from Brooklyn that he met while they were both patients in the St. Vincent psych ward. Inspired by his love interest, Jeff got a full-blown teased-out Afro perm on his 20th birthday. It was high and round and as frizzed out as a white boy?s follicular density would allow.” Author MICKEY LEIGH recalls his late brother’s hair no-no in new book I SLEPT WITH JOEY RAMONE: A FAMILY MEMOIR.

“I’ve been making a movie with Annie Hathaway, great actress, and we’ve been having a lot of love scenes in that movie, and we’ve been baring almost all of us, so that’s not been that bad… We were pretty much naked, except for a merkin (fake pubic hair).” JAKE GYLLENHAAL on shooting Love & Other Things with his Brokeback Mountain wife.

“I would either go bald or call up ELTON JOHN and see what weaver he uses. His hair is stunning close up. It’s quite a harvest.” ROD STEWART pokes fun at his follically-challenged pal when asked what he’d do if he started to lose his famous hair.

“I’ve been asked by girl fans if I could get a lock of Rob’s hair and I was like, ‘Dude, I would sell that on eBay; I would not give that to you.’” ASHLEY GREENE insists she has a better use for TWILIGHT co-star Rob Pattinson’s hair than handing it over to adoring fans.

“We’re great friends. We’ve become really close over the show, but we’re just friends. We’re not dating.” Canadian actor CORY MONTEITH laughs off rumours he’s dating his GLEE co-star LEA MICHELE.

“What a good idea. (Would I) give her a hard time? I expect so… It would be very nice - good idea.” JAMES BOND star DAME JUDI DENCH sees EMMA THOMPSON as a perfect 007 baddie.

“One time they called me ‘Kelp’ and I had to look this name up in the dictionary… It was ‘dark, black seaweed.’ How are you gonna call somebody a name that they have to look up in the dictionary.” TAYE DIGGS on one of his school nicknames.

“It turns me on in a way I that I shouldn’t be saying, seeing women in a commanding position. It’s boring to always play the victim or the compliant little woman. Eff that! Why don’t you have my baby and wait at home while I go kill some motherf**kers? It’s just very empowering.” ZOE SALDANA on her role as an action heroine in new movie AVATAR.

“I like making house. A lot. I’m cooking more. I used to say I want to want to cook. But now I actually want to cook, which is a big step forward. I’m pretty nerdy and terrified of straying from the recipe. My friends often make fun of me for that.” Actress CLAIRE DANES is working on her kitchen skills.

“It’s a play on Elvis Costello & The Attractions … It’s also (a nod to) my fascination with the presidency. I guess this is kind of the start to my campaign.” Pop star NICK JONAS explains the meaning behind his new band THE ADMINISTRATION.

“Everyone always thinks I’m a woman. Growing up, everyone thought I was my mother on the phone… Usually it was my dad calling.” GLEE star CHRIS COLFER on his high-pitched voice.

“It’s a play on Elvis Costello and the Attractions. I’m a big Elvis Costello fan. It’s also (a nod to) my fascination with the presidency.” Jonas Brothers star NICK JONAS explains the meaning behind the name of his side-project, THE ADMINISTRATION.

“I have several people that I’d love to work with but I don’t say their names because every time I do they die the next day… BEA ARTHUR was one of them… I said I’d love to work with her, and the next week she died.” U.S. TV star CHRIS COLFER fears he’s the kiss of death for ageing icons.

“In eight to 10 years, I want to have babies for my Dad to hold, grandkids. And I want to have a husband who loves and supports me, just the way anyone else does. I would never leave my career for a man right now, and I would never follow a man around.” LADY GAGA isn’t ready to settle down with a family just yet.

“It’s a different life. Normal? I wouldn’t say normal. It’s definitely more intense, like, everyday is another curveball, but now I know how to handle it.” RIHANNA insists her life hasn’t returned to normal after the fuss over her February (09) fight with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.

“I don’t know. I don’t think I’m ready for that yet. I still have time for myself. I’ve worked so hard and I need to relax and make sure I’m ready for that and I don’t think I am.” BEYONCE wants to spend some time on her own before starting a family with husband JAY-Z.

“I get all the symptoms of a pregnant woman. I get headaches, I get tired, I get blurred vision sometimes during a really intense session with (creative team) the Haus.” LADY GAGA admits her body often buckles under the stresses of fame.

“I want to have a family, for sure. That’s definitely a dream of mine. I want to have a whole lot of kids. Like six or seven. (But) I’ve got plenty to keep me busy in the mean time.” ALICIA KEYS has big plans for when she decides to settle down and start a family.

“I’ve never really liked acting that much, but I like to be in a real world with real people.” Action star STEVEN SEAGAL on his new U.S. reality TV show STEVEN SEAGAL: LAWMAN, which charts the star’s work as a deputy with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office in Louisiana.

“I don’t have an acting bug. It’s not something that is on my bucket list. But if the right thing came up… Something small, something fun and it sounds like it would be a good time then I’d be in.” Singer CARRIE UNDERWOOD is pondering an acting career.

“I don’t consider myself a good singer, I consider myself a musician who communicates.” Veteran crooner BARRY MANILOW reinvents his job title.

“I’ve never been a baby person; babies always scared the living s**t out of me. Now every little (baby) thing I see, I’m like, ‘Ooh, my God!’ I can’t stop. In other words, I drank the Kool-Aid.” Pregnant SCRUBS star JUDY REYES is excited to become a first-time mum.

“It’s our very first time singing together - it was great fun and a great pleasure.” ALICIA KEYS on performing with country star TIM McGRAW for a TV tribute to heroes on OPRAH.

“Blake is largely responsible for every nice thing I have. She’s got great taste.” GOSSIP GIRL actor PENN BADGLEY credits his co-star and real-life girlfriend BLAKE LIVELY with his good fashion sense.

“I wanna create a space for my fans where they can feel free and they can celebrate. I didn’t fit in in high school and I felt like a freak, so I like to create this atmosphere for my fans, where they feel like they have a freak in me to hang out with.” LADY GAGA on what drives her bizarre costumes and stage performances.

“It?s incredible. I?m 60, and I?m playing the romantic lead in romantic comedies. Bette Davis is rolling over in her grave.” MERYL STREEP can’t believe she’s still fronting romance movies. The Oscar winner leads the cast in new comedy It’s Complicated.

“The producer of GREASE came on the set of HAPPY DAYS and said, ‘Would you play Danny?’ I said, ‘No thank you.’ So I went home and had a soda. John Travolta did the part - he went home and bought a plane. I now know never to say no again.” HENRY WINKLER laughs about turning down the lead role in Grease.

“No girl gets excited about getting older but I do feel I’ve achieved some of the things that I want to and I’m quite happy with the path I’m on. I’m hoping that in my thirties I’ll be older and wise, because I was a bit stupid when I was young.” KATHERINE JENKINS isn’t worried about turning 30 next year (10).

“He would look at the watch every night at 11 and say he had to go. But I can’t think of breaks. Ideas are flowing and wheels are in motion. I’m like a train that just can’t stop right now. When it does stop, it will be a baby station. But I won’t stop for long. I need to continue being creative.” SHAKIRA can outwork PHARRELL WILLIAMS in the studio.

“Maybe I just don’t meet them. Maybe they’re all married. You’re more likely to meet more single younger girls than older ones… they get taken.” Former ROXY MUSIC star BRYAN FERRY, 64, on why he prefers younger ladies.

“I think it’s terrific that someone’s dream can come true, just when you think it can’t. She’s a middle-aged woman who doesn’t look like a star, yet she has the most angelic voice. I couldn’t be more excited for her - she so deserves it.” RIHANNA is a big fan of Scottish singing sensation SUSAN BOYLE.

“I want to do it properly and be a good mum. It wouldn’t be fair to be going on tour and stuff. I totally appreciate how much work is involved in parenthood - I see friends, what they go through and how tired they are - so I think you can’t do that half-heartedly.” Welsh opera star KATHERINE JENKINS wants children - but only when she can dedicate time to raising a family.

“She hasn’t compromised, she’s excelled in every facet of her life and she’s sane, and lovely, and playful. It’s incredibly impressive and I’m so glad she’s around. There’s hope.” CLAIRE DANES is in awe of her THE HOURS co-star MERYL STREEP.

“I like me better naked. I don’t mean that in a vain way. When you put clothes on, you immediately put a character on. Clothes are adjectives, they are indicators. When you don’t have any clothes on, it’s just you, raw, and you can’t hide.” Pregnant model and TV chef PADMA LAKSHMI loves stripping off.

“I’m incredibly proud of Susan. This success couldn’t have happened to a more deserving or lovelier person. Her story is like a Hollywood film, but this time it’s real life and a really talented, nice lady who has won.” SIMON COWELL is overwhelmed by his protege SUSAN BOYLE’s international success.

“I can’t remember the last time I really worried about being appealing.” Hollywood actress MERYL STREEP isn’t concerned about her appearance.

“I arrived recently for a show and the stylist had brought this outfit and the damn thing was like f**king 100 pounds - head to toe, leather, studs. And I was wearing this famous Vidal Sassoon haircut where only one eye is showing. So basically I did this whole show carrying 100 pounds, looking out of one eye, dancing - and then my t*ts explode at the end. It’s not as easy as it looks!” LADY GAGA struggles with her outrageous stage outfits.

“We have been together through everything in the past five years. Marriage has come up a few times as we have been together for so long: it would be lovely. I am still young and there is no rush, but you never know.” JONATHAN RHYS MEYERS’ girlfriend REENA HAMMER admits the couple could one day tie the knot.

“It would be great to have him on as a guest judge. Em - I can call him that because we are on first name terms - the job is yours.” SIMON COWELL is encouraging EMINEM to join the panel on one of his TV talent shows after the rapper boasted he would make a good judge.

“I was flattered that they asked… I don’t think my mum would be too happy about that, and I have no interest to be honest.” Actor-turned-presenter MARIO LOPEZ has no interest in baring all for Playgirl.

?Led Zep was mixing The Song Remains the Same soundtrack, and we were coming into the studio after them. We were in the lobby, and Jimmy came up and he knew who I was, and who the band was. It was stunning. Not five years earlier, I was in the audience, watching Led Zeppelin with my mouth open, just not believing it.? KISS rocker PAUL STANLEY was stunned on meeting his idol, LED ZEPPELIN star JIMMY PAGE.

“I was an ugly-duckling kid. Nobody liked me. My lips were this size when I was 12. You can imagine what I looked like. I had a big-a*head, big lips, and I used to like to read so much that I would walk down the street literally with my head in a book, only looking up to cross the street. They used to call me Old Man Artis.” Rapper COOLIO, real name ARTIS IVEY JR., wasn’t always worthy of his stage moniker.

“There’s tons of fans and we hear all of these high pitch voices and we hear ‘Rah, rah, Taylor, Taylor!’ All of a sudden I hear this deep voice behind me: ‘Taylor, Taylor!’ And this guy walks up to me and he goes ‘Hey… my daughter is a huge fan, and I’m a huge fan, is there any way I can get a picture with you. I’m Jamie Foxx.’ I was like, ‘Are you kidding me? Can I get a picture with you?’” TWILIGHT hunk TAYLOR LAUTNER was stunned to find Oscar-winner JAMIE FOXX hounding him for an autograph.

“I don’t think it’s a good use of the cow, really; it’s sort of stealing (a) baby’s dinner.” Vegetarian funnyman RUSSELL BRAND keeps well away from milk.

“We did a show with Elvis Costello very early on. We still laugh about it when we get together. It was Elvis Costello & The Attractions, and us, in a 1,200-seat theatre for a buck (dollar). And we didn’t sell out.” TOM PETTY recalls a laughable early Heartbreakers double-bill.

“We weren’t ready for the kind of adulation… Looking back it’s fabulous. You forget the horrors and the bad things (and) when you really got fed up.” Former BEATLES rocker SIR PAUL McCARTNEY prefers to ignore the downside of Fab Four fame.

“I enjoy vacuuming. It’s a very satisfying noise when you hear all that grit sucked up from the floor and into the machine… It’s those simple things that keep my life grounded. It can be quite therapeutic.” Oscar-winning actress CATE BLANCHETT admits she enjoys daily chores.

“I would write his book reports sometimes, or give him a book report I’d written. Don’t do it!” Actress PAULA PATTON confesses to helping her high school sweetheart and now-husband, soul star ROBIN THICKE, cheat at his studies.

“I always had a huge confidence in myself and saw myself having a far better career than anyone thought. Not in an unrealistic, narcissistic way. I just think I was aways, you know, irrationally optimistic about it.” ROBERT DOWNEY, JR. wasn’t surprised after the 2008 hit IRON MAN kickstarted his career after years away from the limelight.

?Guys are like, ?My girlfriend watches it, so I watch it.? But sometimes they watch it on their own. Someone came up to me recently and said, ?I?m a Washington, D.C., police officer, and I tell everybody I?m busy on Monday nights - but I?m really watching the show.’” GOSSIP GIRL star LEIGHTON MEESTER is convinced the TV show has a secret male following.

“Yes, I am a fan of SUSAN BOYLE. I would love to do a duet with her - we could be the next Sonny and Cher.” Rocker ALICE COOPER is an unlikely admirer of the BRITAIN’S GOT TALENT sensation.

“I’m not sure. At the moment Frankie’s too wee (small) to be flying to New York, where it’s filmed. The doctors say don’t take him out and about too much in the first month. But it’s not out of the question. I’d love to go there and let everybody see Frankie.” Scottish star ASHLEY JENSEN hasn’t ruled out a return to her UGLY BETTY role when her one-month-old son Frankie is old enough to travel.

“I?m sitting in the audition room and the casting director says, ?Oh, Rebecca, she?s on Gossip Girl, you would love this show!? Rebecca said, ?Oh, actually, I?ve never seen it because I live on a farm in Ireland with my husband; we don?t have a TV.? And I thought, ?Goodness, somebody who lives on a farm in Ireland with Daniel Day-Lewis probably would not love Gossip Girl.” BLAKE LIVELY feared her TV show would cost her a lead role in writer/director Rebecca Miller’s The Private Lives of Pippa Lee. She plays Robin Wright’s title character as a young woman in the film.

“I think I’d be a psychologist. Most of my life I wanted to be a therapist.” PRECIOUS actress GABOUREY SIDIBE reveals her career plans before she landed her debut role in the Oscar-tipped movie.

“Was it the first time I’ve kissed a woman? Yes. It was very gentle, like kissing a beautiful statue. Very static.” Former BOND girl EVA GREEN on her lesbian role in movie CRACKS.

“I don’t give my phone number out that often. But if I’m dating I check the boy from top to bottom.” RIHANNA is fussy about the men she dates.

“I want my fans to know that it’s OK. Sometimes in life you don’t always feel like a winner, but that doesn’t mean you’re not a winner.” LADY GAGA assures young fans it’s alright to feel like an outsider at school.

“I always denied I was a feminist but I think I really am - maybe because I feel more like a woman today.” Colombian pop star SHAKIRA has changed her outlook on women’s rights.

“I always admired, and felt for, Mick Jagger. I’ve been to the Stones’ rehearsals. You gotta run that band - and he does, maybe to a fault… I thought Jagger was a great band leader, because the Stones always had a good show, and the material was well picked.” TOM PETTY credits MICK JAGGER for the ROLLING STONES’ success.

“This man speaks in such big words that you need a dictionary just to have a common conversation with him about the weather.” ZOE SALDANA was in awe of AVATAR director JAMES CAMERON’s expansive vocabulary.

“Albums don’t have the same significance they did 10 years ago. You can’t even find a record shop. My last album was in a coffee shop. If I make any more records, I may only sell them in truck stops.” ELVIS COSTELLO mourns the death of record stores.

“I got flowers from SHANIA TWAIN, and I was just like, ‘You’ve gotta be kidding me!’ And I’m gonna keep that note and frame it.” TAYLOR SWIFT has a very special keepsake after her big night at the Country Music Association Awards earlier this month (Nov09). The Love Story singer picked up four awards and became the youngest winner of the coveted Entertainer of the Year.

“I’m not going to be in the movie for no cameo stuff (sic). It’s like my ex-girlfriend saying, ‘Why don’t you come to dinner with my new boyfriend?’” MR. T refuses to make an appearance in the upcoming big screen version of THE A TEAM

“Sometimes l just put suntan lotion on in the winter so I can smell like I do in the summer. Anything with coconut in.” 30 ROCK star JACK McBRAYER on his unusual winter rituals.

“I felt so trapped. It’s so nice now that I can do what I want with my hair, have my make-up how I want it and wear what I want.” Singer KEISHA BUCHANAN feels relieved to be free of fashion constraints since she was booted out of girl group the SUGABABES.

“I am focusing on all of the things I don’t like about myself, all of my demons. So I wrote an album about my fears. Fear of alcohol, fear of sex monster, fear of love monster, fear of myself monster, fear of the truth monster, fear of death monster.” LADY GAGA has a lot of worries.

“This could have happened to anybody who played Jacob. I was just lucky enough to be the one that has the opportunity. I’m so grateful.” TWILIGHT hunk TAYLOR LAUTNER owes everything to his movie werewolf character.

“Fifteen years ago I told Harvey Weinstein I wanted to make a movie, and he didn’t laugh.” Fashion designer TOM FORD explains how came to direct his first film A SINGLE MAN, which stars JULIANNE MOORE.

?My upcoming 18th birthday will be a big day. As soon as I finish this press stuff for New Moon, maybe I?ll think about that. I?m having the time of my life, so it couldn?t be a better end to my teenage years.? TWILIGHT star TAYLOR LAUTNER has big plans for his upcoming 18th birthday celebrations in February (10).

“I was always very different and trying not to fit in too much. I got really good grades - I was like a straight A student - but I was really bad. I was very naughty, wore awful things to school. I used to roll my skirt up really high so the nuns didn’t know what to do with me.” LADY GAGA was a bad girl at school.

“If you don’t send your boyfriend naked pictures, then I feel bad for him!” R&B beauty RIHANNA brushes off the controversy surrounding the semi-nude photos of her that leaked online last year (08). The sexy images, which showed Rihanna in a pair of panties, were intended for the eyes of her then-boyfriend CHRIS BROWN.

“I don?t listen to rap radio stations and I don?t play rap songs on the jukebox, and I don?t go to rap shows… (but) I love rhyming for rhyming sake. I think that?s an incredible art form.” BOB DYLAN is an unlikely fan of hip-hop.

“I like when my girlfriends wear my sweatpants and my Ugg shoes and my tank tops and t-shirts.” TWILIGHT hunk KELLAN LUTZ doesn’t mind his partner raiding his wardrobe.

“I see a lot of children are over-parented now, over-adored and over-spoiled. I quite like children to be left alone to get on with it”. HUGH GRANT will take a relaxed attitude to parenting if he ever has his own children.

“I just have to live my life. They’re hardly accurate.” RIHANNA never lets the tabloid rumours interfere with the way she lives her life.

“I wasn’t very popular, I was the class clown. I wanted to be cool and be in with the whole football/cheerleader crowd, but I never really fitted in with that. I just showed up because I had crushes on boys. That was what got me excited at school.” Singer BELINDA CARLISLE only enjoyed school for one reason - boys.

“We instantly clicked. Aside from being beautiful, she?s extremely funny, charismatic and fun to be around.” TWILIGHT hunk TAYLOR LAUTNER on his rumoured girlfriend TAYLOR SWIFT.

“I was the worst. I was the nightmare that every parent fears. Honestly, my big fear is having a teenage daughter like me because I was the worst. I was about as bad as it gets. I ran away from home, I smoked cigarettes, did acid. I was a bad, bad girl.” BELINDA CARLISLE regrets her naughty behaviour during her formative years.

“(Beyonce) is hot as heck! I sat a couple of rows behind her (at the MTV Video Music Awards) and introduced myself.” Teenage pop sensation JUSTIN BIEBER has become the latest celebrity left starstruck by R&B superstar BEYONCE.

“I think this is probably the happiest I’ve ever been in my life and I never thought it would be from dancing… It makes me very vulnerable, it makes me really uncomfortable, it’s really challenging because most of the time I don’t know what I’m doing.” KELLY OSBOURNE has had a great experience on U.S. talent show DANCING WITH THE STARS.

“I’m just a bit jet-lagged, going back and forth to America. I’d rather just sleep. I got into this business so I wouldn’t have to do any work and it didn’t work out like that, did it?” British funnyman RICKY GERVAIS is finding his busy showbiz schedule a bit too much as he prepares to host the Golden Globe Awards in Hollywood in January (10).

“I get sent everything from artwork to fancy food and naked pictures. I also have people that sleep on my doorstep. Police try to move them but one stayed for six days. I spoke to him and realised he was crazy.” Pop star MIKA on his obsessive fans.

“My mom and I definitely couldn’t hold back tears tonight as we both watched the woman who has been such an inspiration to us our whole lives.” DEMI LOVATO was moved watching WHITNEY HOUSTON perform onstage at the American Music Awards on Sunday (22Nov09).

“I haven’t had a hangover in five years! But I have one now! What do I do?” SEAN ‘P DIDDY’ COMBS let himself go at his $3 million (?1.8 million) bash to celebrate his 40th birthday.

“Certain friends call me Jules from time to time. Never Julie - that does not seem fitting.” Actress/rocker JULIETTE LEWIS isn’t fond of nicknames.

‘I love Grace Jones but Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians is my new style icon. She’s just fly (cool). Her style is edgy, dark and hot. Just exactly what I love.” R&B star RIHANNA has an unusual fashion idol.

“Cougar is passe. I think we’re on to something else now. It’s about so much more than being a woman on the prowl - there’s a lot more going on than that. We’ve done the work, let’s enjoy the party.” SEX AND THE CITY star KIM CATTRALL is bored of chasing toyboy lovers.

“There are varying degrees of vampire fans. I met a woman who shaved her teeth to look like fangs. That?s commitment.” TRUE BLOOD star SAM TRAMMELL has been shocked by the hit show’s dedicated followers.

“It could be worse. I could be doing porn.” Actor ALEX MRAZ on taking his shirt off in THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON.

“I don’t see myself as a men’s mag kind of girl. I couldn’t do a shoot in my bikini - that just would never happen. It’s just not me. Never, no way - not even with the power of the airbrush!” Singer LEONA LEWIS repeatedly turns down offers for sexy photoshoots.

“We are working on Julian if it’s a boy, and Isabella if it’s a girl.” Father-to-be ROBIN THICKE reveals he and his actress wife PAULA PATTON have already picked out baby names for their unborn child. The stars confirmed their happy news last month (Oct09).

“I’m going to stay in California for college… I don’t know (my major) yet. I love to write… of course there is theatre too.” HANNAH MONTANA actress EMILY OSMENT is looking forward to university next year (10).

“It is legal cheating and I’m very freaked out by it!” Married actress BUSY PHILLIPS hates filming love scenes.

“I loved beating DIZZEE RASCAL to number one. Even though I’m not quite sure who he is.” Veteran British singer DAME VERA LYNN, 92, was pleased her album WE’LL MEET AGAIN - THE VERY BEST OF VERA LYNN beat her present-day rivals to the top of the British charts.

“All through my 20s I was trying to be a rockstar, but it just evaded me. I’m still trying though.” Singer-turned-actress KATEY SAGAL - who performed back up vocals for BOB DYLAN and GENE SIMMONS - still has rock ‘n’ roll dreams at age 55.

“I have to confess, I like British men… I like men in general.” SHAKIRA on her taste in guys.

“I think I might have dabbled - although I’ve never smoked anything ever, so eating it was my only option.” Veteran British actress IMELDA STAUNTON admits she has tried cannabis-laced cakes.

“They’re 16-month-old beautiful boys. They’re healthy and surrounded by love. I learn something from them every day.” RICKY MARTIN on his twin sons, Valentino and Matteo.

“I’ve got a girlfriend now so my hygiene’s improved a bit, but I didn’t used to bath that often.” Former PULP frontman JARVIS COCKER has started washing now he’s in a relationship.

“I’m like Halley’s Comet. Every four years I try to make an appearance.” SHAKIRA likes to take her time on her albums.

“My laziness is really profound. I’m really interested in where it comes from - it almost feels chemical.” HUGH GRANT just can’t get motivated.

“I couldn’t (bend down). They have this platform for you to stand on no bigger than a square tile. Well I had to tell Prince Charles’ equerry (attendant) I didn’t think I could do it.” SIR CHRISTOPHER LEE couldn’t kneel to receive his knighthood because of his bad back.

“That’s become internet Chinese whispers. I said something like, ‘Oh I’m so tired of doing all these movies,’ but that became, ‘I’m not doing any more movies now’. There’s always a time I say never again, but it’s more like a bad hangover.” THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON director CHRIS WEITZ denies rumours he’s set to quit making movies.

“It’s not based on that, but if it’s entertaining… then we can say it’s about that.” 50 CENT is coy about reports the woman who betrays his character in semi-autobiographical film Before I Self Destruct is based on his ex, actress VIVICA A.FOX

“I was a funny drunk. I never got angry, never got mean. I was on this nice, golden buzz. But then I’d wake up and throw up blood.” Rocker ALICE COOPER on his battle with alcoholism.

“The best drug for calming me down is to go out at five in the morning and run for 45 minutes.” HUGH GRANT on his pre-dawn work-out.

“My angel is going to be a year (old)!! The greatest year of my life.” ASHLEE SIMPSON-WENTZ is looking forward to her son BRONX’s first birthday on Friday (20Nov09).

“The kids were like, ‘What are you doing here?’” Rapper 50 CENT was a surprise on the red carpet at the recent THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON premiere in Los Angeles.

“I smiled myself to sleep. It was the best feeling. I drank some red wine, and just smiled myself to sleep. It felt so good.” RIHANNA was relieved after revealing all on U.S. TV about her February (09) attack at the hands of ex-boyfriend CHRIS BROWN.

“The one physical commonality my girlfriends have had is that they all have disproportionately large heads. It?s kind of weird.” British THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON star CHARLIE BEWLEY on his penchant for big heads.

“I wanted to study business law and I wanted to be an actress.” JANET JACKSON wanted to go to law school before finding fame as a child singer/actress.

“Have you seen The Wrestler? That’s what I feel like when I finish (a show). I limp back to the dressing room.” THE KILLERS star BRANDON FLOWERS puts everything into his live shows.

“It was amazing… You should have seen what it was before I edited it. It was crazy. I said, ‘This is porn’.” 50 CENT on the risque love scenes in his new film BEFORE I SELF DESTRUCT, which has been released as a companion DVD with his new album of the same name.

“It was a basic requirement of the story that I not look well fed, so I simply ate less.” VIGGO MORTENSEN on how he dropped 30 pounds (13.6 kilograms) to play a starving apocalypse survivor in THE ROAD.

“It would take me 10 years. It would kill me. Every f**king sentence” Brit actor BILL NIGHY is wary of writing his autobiography.

“Carla said he’d probably be great as a singer because apparently he’s got a nice voice! And he’s very charismatic and I think being a politician he understands the content of lyrics intimately. It might be interesting to hear how he’d sound!” HARRY CONNICK, JR. wants to hear French President NICOLAS SARKOZY sing after recording a duet with his wife CARLA BRUNI.

“I get embarrassed when people are staring at me. Crazy right?!” R&B superstar JANET JACKSON is still shy at heart.

“That single thing accounts for what they call a late flowering.” Actor BILL NIGHY’s Hollywood status soared after he starred in 2003 movie LOVE ACTUALLY.

“He looked me in the eye three times over the course of our two-hour dinner… and he told me he was going to cry for real on film for the first time in his career.” Moviemaker OREN MOVERMAN on his tense first chat with WOODY HARRELSON before the actor was cast in new movie THE MESSENGER.

“I’m in a spa just by myself relaxing… This guy walks by, and he was like, ‘Hey.’ I’m naked, very much. Bubbles blowing. And the guy is like, ‘You’re Kellan Lutz.’ I’m like, ‘Yeah.’ He’s like, ‘Big fan, big fan. You do great work in Twilight. Can’t wait to see the new movie.’ I’m like, ‘Thanks, buddy.’ He just continued to talk for 10 minutes!” Actor KELLAN LUTZ is recognised in the strangest places.

“I won’t be complete until I have kids. I was meant to be a father.” Former ER star JOHN STAMOS will never feel fully content with life until he becomes a dad.

“I never went to the gym before in my life. But, at 32, I notice that my body responds negatively to bad food, so I must make double the effort.” SHAKIRA is sticking to a diet to ensure her famous curves stay trim.

“I always call them my two dads: loving, caring, always there for me.” JANET JACKSON considers her longtime producers JIMMY JAM and TERRY LEWIS her father figures.

“In the United States if you were going to spend some time with the president, it’s something you’d probably know well in advance. Whereas in France, NICOLAS SARKOZY came in and sat back and said, ‘How’s the kids?’” HARRY CONNICK, JR. was impressed by the down-to-earth French president after recording a duet with his wife, CARLA BRUNI.

“People always come up to me and say, ‘ Oh my God, you’re Carlisle - can you give this letter to Rob?’ I’ve become the Pony Express to Rob Pattinson, but I’ve yet to get one letter from him. Maybe he’s hoarding them.” TWILIGHT star PETER FACINELLI jokes about delivering fan letters to co-star Pattinson.

“I still take out the trash and vacuum. I change my baby’s diapers.” THE KILLERS star BRANDON FLOWERS insists fame hasn’t gone to his head.

“The only thing that Katy asked for in return for featuring on our single was a massive portion of greasy chips. Apparently the grease is her secret trick for opening up the airwaves and making her voice sound great.” 3OH!3 singer NATHANIEL MOTTE convinced KATY PERRY to sing on the band’s track STARSTRUCK by serving up her favourite fried food.

“I couldn’t believe it. It felt like a dream. It’s still to this day (a dream). (I miss) his silliness, his love, how much fun we used to have together. We’d practically do everything together.” JANET JACKSON is still struggling to come to terms with the death of her big brother MICHAEL. The King of Pop died in June (09).

“It amuses me that I play educated people when I didn’t have any further education.” Actor BILL NIGHY explores his inner academic onscreen.

“As we speak right now, she?s putting in hardwood floors… She changed the carburetor in my motorcycle the other day too. I believe she?s the most perfect woman ever.” SEX & THE CITY: THE MOVIE star GILLES MARINI on his wife of 11 years, Carole.

“I adore him, absolutely adore Jermaine, love him to death. We’re still very good friends to this day, very good friends.” Newly single JANET JACKSON remains close to her ex-boyfriend, producer JERMAINE DUPRI, since their split over the summer (Jun09).

“I had my first birthday party when I was 23 years old. I never celebrated my birthday before then. You kind of feel like you miss something, but then again, how can you miss what you didn’t have?” JANET JACKSON enjoyed splashing out for her birthday after being brought up as a Jehovah’s Witness.

“We watched her grow from a child to a woman on this dancing (show). She’s just incredible.” OZZY OSBOURNE is thrilled his daughter KELLY is one of the three finalists on U.S. TV talent show DANCING WITH THE STARS.

“I want to be a fat pig after this for about a week, and go to movies, restaurants and do fun things like bowling and watching TV.” R&B star MYA has had enough of the intense training for U.S. talent show DANCING WITH THE STARS.

“I tried to think of an excuse not to do it but I couldn’t think of one fast enough… Rob Marshall could charm the birds out of the trees.” DANIEL DAY-LEWIS on fighting the temptation not to star in new musical NINE.

“If I weren’t an actress or writer, I would be happy doing hair.” TWILIGHT star NIKKI REED has a back-up career in hairdressing lined up.

“I thought I was going to be a rock chick… I used to listen to NIRVANA and METALLICA.” Singer SHAKIRA insists she’s an unlikely pop star.

“There was a time in my life when I thought I might be a furniture maker because I did a lot of that when I was younger and I love it… I like making things.” DANIEL DAY-LEWIS on what he does in his spare time.

“There’s a couple of girls from high school who get slapped by their mothers every Christmas. They tell them they screwed up big time.” Rocker JON BON JOVI remembers the women who regret turning him down.

“We were filming in the bitter cold. All around us everyone was wrapped up in sweaters and scarves and it would be like, ‘Taylor! Come out here in your little jean shorts!’ And I’d have to come out in these little shorts. I’ve never been so cold in my life.” TAYLOR LAUTNER wasn’t happy with his skimpy costumes while filming THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON.

“I am being told to gird my loins for this huge TWILIGHT fan base and how many decibels their screaming can hit.” British actor MICHAEL SHEEN is apprehensive about promoting his latest movie THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON.

“You’d be really surprised how open women are with me. The very first question out of their mouths is, ‘You taught me how to give oral sex and my husband thanks you’… I’m not a professional, it’s just something I love doing.” Porn queen JENNA JAMESON.

“That is a show I really enjoyed doing. It was a well paid suntan.” Australian singer JASON DONOVAN loved his 2006 stint on U.K. reality show I’M A CELEBRITY… GET ME OUT OF HERE!

“I get lost every day. Walking around the streets of London, every street looks the same. I get lost, I ask people where to go and they help me.” MICHAEL BUBLE has no sense of direction.

“I have a defibrillator - it’s sort of a wreckage from my past… If I was to go back and start using again, then if my heart was to go too fast or too slow, it would kick it back into the right speed. It was a safety net the doctor gave me a few years back.” Rocker SLASH has a heart monitor.

“One time me and my band did decide to trash the room… (and) glowsticks don’t leave any marks unless you turn off the lights.” Actress/singer DEMI LOVATO is more of a wildchild than fans imagine.

“I had a fantasy, when I was a lot younger, of retiring at 40 but that didn’t happen and then I wound up in this big hit show that everybody seems to love, so, retiring right now might be a bit of a mistake.” CHARLIE SHEEN assures fans he isn’t quitting hit TV comedy TWO & A HALF MEN.

“They did all sorts of things, they?d come to the house dressed as pizza delivery drivers or strippergrams. One time I was home and there were fans on my roof. I went outside with a baseball bat, I thought they were burglars, I went out there ready to kick some a**.” BON JOVI star RICHIE SAMBORA on the band’s more outrageous fans.

“We have good sex. My kids think it’s obscene that me and Sharon still have sex, but just because you get older, your d**k don’t fall off.” Rocker OZZY OSBOURNE loves getting intimate with his wife SHARON.

“It is busy, thank goodness, but I would do this job even if nobody paid me. If nobody cast me I would still be acting in my living room.” British actor MICHAEL SHEEN will never give up on his career.

“I used to (cook). My speciality was chips (fries). But last time, I set fire to the f**king kitchen. I let the oil get too hot, it exploded and that was the end of that.” Rocker OZZY OSBOURNE keeps out of the kitchen.

“You can’t tell me you haven’t gone to a karaoke bar somewhere and sung that song.” Rocker JON BON JOVI insists his band’s biggest hit LIVIN’ ON A PRAYER is the world’s most popular singalong track.

“I’ve never had an E.coli infection before, it wasn’t pleasant. It just completely knocked me out.” ELTON JOHN on his recent illness, which left him hospitalised for nine days.

“The thought that when I get home, that I’m gonna have a two-legged man in my room is so exciting, I can hardly stand.” LAUREN BACALL on accepting her first Oscar - an honorary Academy Award at the Governors Awards on Saturday night (14Nov09).

“After Sharon got over her cancer, she started this charity and threw a party in our Beverly Hills garden. Elton played at the event and our neighbour complained about having to listen to him.” OZZY OSBOURNE was shocked when his neighbours moaned about a private performance from SIR ELTON JOHN.

“I have gone beyond worrying about getting awards for acting. I deserve an award for just being alive.” Veteran British actor SIR IAN McKELLEN isn’t fussed about prize-giving ceremonies now he is in his seventies.

“Paris’ bedroom is covered with posters of her dad, Prince doesn’t want to speak about it and Blanket is just very sad - he cries.” LA TOYA JACKSON reveals her niece and nephews are still struggling to cope with the death of their father MICHAEL in June (09).

“They told me I can’t work out for a couple of days because my chest will be too big.” Well-built TWILIGHT star KELLAN LUTZ has been told to stay out of the gym as he prepares to promote sequel THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON.

“I’d love to date. I really would, I just can’t find the time with being a single mom and filming the show. But maybe when we finish taping.” GOSSIP GIRL actress KELLY RUTHERFORD on balancing work, dating and raising her five-month-old daughter, HELENA GRACE.

“Of course! You have to date. You can’t keep going out and having dinner alone. I enjoy it. I have wonderful friends and they’re very supportive.” Four-time married actress DIAHANN CARROLL is still looking for love at age 74.

“You get the news quicker than the news gives it to you.” SEAN ‘DIDDY’ COMBS on his love affair with Twitter.com.

“It seems like everyone in the world is having a baby. The last time I’d want a baby is when everyone in the world is having one.” THE HILLS star HEIDI MONTAG insists baby plans aren’t on her fame list right now.

“Robbie did actually phone them to congratulate them. He was very dignified.” SIMON COWELL reveals that ROBBIE WILLIAMS called British boyband JLS to congratulate them on their number one U.K. album - despite keeping the ANGELS hitmaker from the top spot with REALITY KILLED THE VIDEO STAR.

“I’m not going to argue that I wasn’t privileged, but do you have to grow up in a ghetto RoboCop warzone to make rock music? It’s not like I grew up a millionaire.” THE STROKES star JULIAN CASABLANCAS on the band’s reputation as rich kids.

“When I was a teenager, I tried busking. I thought that was what I was going to do for the rest of my life - busking and selling The Big Issue (homeless charity magazine).” MUSE star MATT BELLAMY never had big ambitions.

“We’d like a Sting-themed week. He hasn’t called yet, we’re waiting. Someone’s gone a little bit grumpy!” SIMON COWELL won’t give up on his pursuit to get reality show hating STING to appear on THE X FACTOR.

“I thought I was the Princess at first… ‘cos I’d just had a colonoscopy and my voice was real high at the time.” TERRENCE HOWARD on landing the role as The Father in new Disney film THE PRINCESS & THE FROG.

“I sent my first email about two months ago, I got 200 emails back… I’m not doing that again… And when I was a kid, twitterers were crackheads.” Actor TERRENCE HOWARD isn’t a fan of technology.

“I have a theory. You don’t retire. Movies retire you. I don’t have a major script now. It will come, or it won’t. If it doesn’t, I will be retired. There won’t be any fanfares or announcements. I’ll just be gone.” SIR MICHAEL CAINE will leave his Hollywood career behind quietly.

“When I met her, I thought I was high - until my grandmother saw me in photographs and saw Bette Midler. She said, ‘Baby, you made it! You’re doing good.’ ” 50 CENT’s grandmother approves of the rapper’s odd friendship with BETTE MIDLER.

“All he wanted to know was how my dad was. I said, ‘Yeah, he’s alright,’ and that was about it. He said he liked my album and I said I was a bit of a fan of his work, too.” LILY ALLEN wasn’t impressed upon meeting SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY when the BEATLE seemed more interested in her actor father KEITH.

“One was a couple of weeks and one was, like, two months. It just wasn’t right.” Rapper SEAN ‘DIDDY’ COMBS is on the lookout for a new assistant after the two finalists of his reality contest I WANT TO WORK FOR DIDDY didn’t work out.

“It’s disgusting that people would say those things. My sister has an incredible body. I feel sorry for anyone who would judge her, because she’s one sexy lady.” ASHLEE SIMPSON-WENTZ is still fuming about the recent media furore over her sister JESSICA’s weight issues.

“I’d quite like to have another look at it actually. I haven’t watched it since 1995 and even then I don’t think I watched it all the way through. I’d be quite curious to see what the fuss is about.” COLIN FIRTH confesses he’s not quite sure what made women so obsessed with his career-defining character Mr. Darcy in PRIDE AND PREJUDICE.

“I think I had 32 days off in two years and 25 were on Mondays, and then there was five Fridays and two Tuesdays… I think I just did the Tuesdays to make the Mondays more convincing.” GERARD BUTLER had a few sick days while working as a trainee solicitor.

“BEYONCE is such a force. I saw her in rehearsals and nearly pi**sed myself. She has all these anthems which have such levels of fun in them. I want to develop my music to sound like that.” KATY PERRY feels inspired after seeing BEYONCE perform at the recent MTV Europe Music Awards in Germany.

“She was trying to figure out stardom and one day she said to me: ‘How much do you get for a film?’ I said: ‘A million pounds, Mum.’ Well, she thought for a minute, and then she said, ‘How much is that then?’” SIR MICHAEL CAINE’s mother was clueless about her son’s career.

“On my gravestone I want it to say ‘I told you I was sick.’” Singer/songwriter TOM WAITS contemplates his death.

“I was trying to help this old lady with a big picture she was carrying. I offered to help and she told me to go f**k myself - twice. I said, ‘I beg your pardon?’ and she said, ‘You heard, f**k off’. I was only trying to do a good deed - that’s the last time I try and help an old lady.” LIAM GALLAGHER won’t be showing his helpful side again.

“My speciality is breakfast, but when I was in Thailand last year, I took a cooking course and learned to make amazing curries, pad thai, and coconut sorbet - and I make great homemade ice cream.” GOSSIP GIRL star BLAKE LIVELY can cook up a storm in the kitchen.

“I love to sleep… 14 hours a night… I’ll sleep until 6.30, I’ll bring my girls to school, make them a little breakfast and then I come back and I’ll kick another six hours.” HARRY CONNICK, JR. likes catching up on his sleep when he’s not on tour or in the studio recording.

“I never imagined that I’d be going back on tour again… The real material stuff and the physical stuff has become so kind of virtual that it’s not real, quite simply, and that’s why the road thing - getting on the road - is so important because it’s real.” Musician YUSUF ISLAM, formerly known as CAT STEVENS, on launching his first concert tour in 33 years this Sunday (15Nov09).

“Pete isn’t worried about stretch marks. He always makes me feel good.” PETE WENTZ is a big fan of his wife ASHLEE SIMPSON-WENTZ’s post-baby body. The singer gave birth to Bronx last year (Nov08).

“As I get older, the fear gets stronger. Some evenings it’s like 80,000 people and it doesn’t bother you and then some evenings it’s like, ‘Fking hell, it’s 80,000 people!’” ROBBIE WILLIAMS insists his stage fright increases with age.

“I spoke to Robbie and he has challenged me to a game of poker. We’re going to get together in L.A. We don’t play for money, just chips. I reckon I’ll beat him. I’m pretty good.” LEONA LEWIS is confident she’ll trounce ROBBIE WILLIAMS in a game of poker.

“Wherever I lay my head is Hole. It’s four letters. It is one of the best band names in f**king history, if I do say so myself. For a while I was a little embarrassed it was maybe vulgar, but at least it’s not phallic. It’s H-O-L-E, it’s a great band name, and it’s mine.” Rocker COURTNEY LOVE on reviving her band’s name for new album Nobody’s Daughter - the act’s first since 1998.

“I got my first place, so I’m going to put these someplace very, very centrally located! I’m not quite sure where. I might have to put up some shelves.” Teenage singing sensation TAYLOR SWIFT is having to make room for her many accolades after adding four prizes to her collection following Wednesday night’s (11Nov09) Country Music Association Awards.

“It was very itchy, hot, and and annoying. It not only was uncomfortable… But when I looked at myself in the mirror, I wouldn’t be able to recognise myself. The last day of filming with the wig, we ripped it off, put it up in the air, and the whole crew gave a standing ovation… It was amazing to take that thing off.” TWILIGHT star TAYLOR LAUTNER couldn’t wait to get rid of the fake flowing locks he had to don while filming THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON.

“It feels like just yesterday I was knocking on doors in Nashville saying, ‘Hey, would you listen to my demo?’ I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to open for all those people who were nominated with me.” Country music star TAYLOR SWIFT can’t believe how far she’s come since launching her career in Tennessee three years ago. The singer became the youngest person to be named Entertainer of the Year at the prestigious Country Music Association Awards on Wednesday night (11Nov09).

“I always wondered why Bill Cosby or people like that use the ‘doctor’ and now I know - I can operate on people, if I wanted to, and I can write my own prescriptions. So, if I need something, I can be my own Colonel Parker.” Singer HARRY CONNICK, JR. insists he plans to make the most of his doctorate from Tulane University in Louisiana.

“I knew some people in town, but wasn’t based there. So I’m basically alone (in a hotel) and the other person I’m doing all my scenes with happens to be seven doors along.” STEPHEN MOYER’s relationship with TRUE BLOOD co-star ANNA PAQUIN was meant to be.

“For a moment, he looked me in the face and I thought, ‘Jeez. In this moment in life, I wanna f**k this guy.’ Now, four years later, I don’t want to.” Funnyman LOUIS C.K. is over his crush on EWAN MCGREGOR.

“On my birthday itself I am going to have a party in London, which is great because I don’t get to spend a lot of time there anymore. The next day I am going up to Glasgow, where I am having a shared birthday party with my 11-year old niece!” Actor GERARD BUTLER will celebrate turning 40 on Friday (13Nov09) in Scotland with family and friends.

“I’ve heard her, of course. I bought her record and I thought it was great. It’s sad her life has overshadowed the music. She has a great voice.” Jazz singer NORAH JONES is a fan of AMY WINEHOUSE.

“I’m about to do the last HARRY POTTER and I’m employed from May to December, but it’s probably a day’s work. It’s so much harder to act well in it, because there’s a huge amount of sitting around.” British actress HELENA BONHAM CARTER

finds the filming process laborious.

“At school when a teacher asked me a question I would almost pass out. It overwhelms me. I can be

having dinner with people and I find I can’t say a word. So being an actress is kind of masochistic.”

BOND girl EVA GREEN struggles to overcome her shyness.

“We’re renting an apartment in New York and so I just saw my Oscar because it was moved out of storage and it’s in the closet… I was looking for some shoes and I found it there!” MATT DAMON treasures his 1997 Best Original Screenplay Academy Award for GOOD WILL HUNTING.

“I was like, ‘Can’t you just be flattered that they think you would be pregnant?’ But the next time we went out, she wore the most fitted dress.” ANNA PAQUIN was horrified to hear rumours she was expecting a baby, according to her fiance STEPHEN MOYER.

“That was confusing when we were shooting the movie. It was like, ‘Taylor to make-up… Not you, the tan one.’” Pale-skinned TAYLOR SWIFT admits she struggled on the set of new film VALENTINE’S DAY because she shares her first name with co-star TAYLOR LAUTNER. They pair is rumoured to be dating.

“It was reported that (my boyfriend) Lou was there and that he leapt up to help me. Sadly, he wasn’t even there and the idea of him leaping up like some ninja dude is really funny to me.” LEONA LEWIS found something to smile about after news broke she was punched in the face by a fan last month (Oct09).

“I get up in the morning for it, I live for it. It’s me onstage, not Jenny Humphrey or Cindy Lou Who.” TAYLOR MOMSEN hopes to one day be known for her band THE PRETTY RECKLESS instead of her most famous acting roles.

“There are women that are so independent that they feel like they don’t need a man. I don’t understand that concept because a man needs a woman.” R&B singer OMARION has no interest in independent women.

“I wanna thank every single person in this room tonight for not running up onto this stage.” TAYLOR SWIFT poked fun at her MTV Video Music Awards onstage encounter with KANYE WEST as she accepted her Female Vocalist of the Year honour at the Country Music Awards in Nashville, Tennessee on Wednesday (11Nov09).

“A few weeks ago, (my partner) Richard (Buckley) had to go into the hospital for something, and I had to carry around all these legal documents saying I could make medical decisions for him. It was insane.” Designer TOM FORD on why gay marriages should be made legal.

It’s an Underwood family tradition, the rear goes away - it goes in and out - so I have to work really hard to try and make sure it stays where it’s supposed to be.” CARRIE UNDERWOOD on her bum battle.

“In Colombia, I’m the only woman who doesn’t have those (fake breasts). Colombian surgeons are the best, along with Brazilians.” SHAKIRA insists she’s not your average surgically enhanced Colombian girl.

“I have always struggled throughout my life with depression. I’ve never made any of this public because… I’m not one to wear any of this on my sleeve. When someone would come into my office in the morning and ask me how I was I’d always go, ‘I’m great! I’m great!’ But I wasn’t great.” Designer-turned-movie maker TOM FORD. (KL/WNWCEY/MT)

“My little guy, Finn, who is three… he’s just adamant that’s not me. I can’t convince him that it’s actually me. I actually have the costume. It’s, like, in this crate. I could rock his world.” CHRIS O’DONNELL considers making his son’s year by proving he’s ROBIN in his favourite film, BATMAN & ROBIN.

“I have them create all the ‘K’s and ‘R’s on the computer, because I cannot say them with my accent.” SHAKIRA has aides who help her sound word perfect on record.

“Usually I’m not even able to frown, but my last injections are wearing off a bit and I am able to frown right now. I’d never get a full face-lift, though. Face-lifts on men are a disaster. But I’m a firm believer in Botox and Restylane. Absolutely. Why not?” Designer-turned-director TOM FORD.

“It’s nice to be called the nicest man in rock. But it’s funny because my bandmates would probably tell you otherwise. There’s a side of me that’s so f**king territorial, certain things make my claws come out and turn me into a very different person.” FOO FIGHTERS frontman DAVE GROHL admits he isn’t always Mr Nice Guy.

“American audiences are becoming complacent and stale. Every time we’ve left the country, it’s been incredible - amazing kids, amazing audiences - then we go back home and it’s f**king bored faces. Kids are spoiled in America.” ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS guitarist MIKE KENNERTY admits the rockers hate playing in their native country.

“What a selfish, miserable, s**t life that would be. It’s a terrible existence! What good are you doing? What purpose are you serving? What legacy are you leaving?” JON BON JOVI refuses to blow his fortune on luxury holidays.

“I felt a bit battered from the press. They’d been waiting for ages to give me a good kicking, and putting the boot in here and there, and then there was this collective, ‘Quick! He’s down! Jump on him. Kick him in the head. Make sure he’s gone.’ It was a moment of perceived weakness in a glittering career.” British pop star ROBBIE WILLIAMS was hurt by the reaction to his flop 2006 album RUDEBOX.

“I never had much respect for money and when you spend it like I did it soon goes. I bought six Cadillacs with cash and gave them away.” MICKEY ROURKE on his old spending habits.

It was powerful to hear him sing that song in lower New York… It was a very emotional moment and a lot of New Yorkers felt it.” Comedian BILL MURRAY bows down to rapper JAY-Z for his moving performance of hit single Empire State of Mind on Friday (06Nov09), as the pair celebrated the New York Yankees’ 27th World Series win.

“It was the biggest weight lifted off my chest… That was my first real time opening up. I had a lot of tension bottled up. So when I finally spoke about it, it felt really good.” RIHANNA found it therapeutic to tell all about the night her ex-boyfriend CHRIS BROWN attacked her in February (09). The singer opened up about the incident for the first time in a TV interview with U.S. newswoman Diane Sawyer, which aired in the U.S. on Friday (06Nov09).

“I could not pull a rant like that if I had to. I mean, I can get on a roll but not like that. I just had to bow down.” Fiery moviemaker JAMES CAMERON on CHRISTIAN BALE’s notorious leaked fury on the set of TERMINATOR SALVATION when a crewmember interrupted his concentration during a scene.

“I love Taylor, she is so sweet and so beautiful and such an amazing talent. I feel flattered.” SHAKIRA loved TAYLOR SWIFT’s impersonation of her on U.S. sketch show Saturday Night Live at the weekend (07Nov09).

“I have been married five times. I’m a perfectionist, so I kept trying until I got it right, which I have… Suzy Amis is a keeper.” Moviemaker JAMES CAMERON has found his soulmate after five attempts at married life.

“It gets confusing definitely. And it’s weird calling somebody your name.” Actor TAYLOR LAUTNER admits there are awkward moments dating someone with the same first name. The TWILIGHT star has been linked to country singer TAYLOR SWIFT.

“We’re perfect for each other. She is so beautiful and so smart and so funny, and with her, I have that sense of ‘I’m done now.’ I’m settled. I know that part of my life is taken care of. I’ve got love. I’ve got someone who will be with me till the day I die.” ELLEN DEGENERES is convinced her partner PORTIA DE ROSSI is her soulmate.

“Being on tour gets you in shape, which is good considering how I eat pretty much whatever I can get my hands on. There’s always noodles, a lot of microwave meals, endless chips and snacks and bad stuff. You work some of it off - but not all of it!” RIHANNA is excited to begin performing rigorous live shows - so she won’t have to go to the gym.

“I’ve met and sung for the royal family, but when I met Wilson Pickett… that was the greatest experience of my life.” ROD STEWART on meeting his hero - late MUSTANG SALLY singer Pickett.

“I think that’s one of the reasons I got the part, actually - they needed to record in L.A., I’ve got a work permit there, I’m Scottish and Gerard Butler wasn’t available.” GREY’S ANATOMY star KEVIN McKIDD enjoyed speaking in his native accent on video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

“The second you dress down, they’re like, ‘Wait a minute! She wore those jeans two days in a row!’” Looking good is a full-time job for RIHANNA.

You have got to have a lack of intelligence to do that to yourself. I think it’s stupid. Amy’s music is beautiful but she has to start loving the music more than she loves herself and the drugs.” British singer JOSS STONE slams troubled star AMY WINEHOUSE.

As she becomes more outspoken and independent, I pity the fool that comes to pick her up. In fact, I’ll give him 20 bucks if he makes it out of the driveway.” Rocker JON BON JOVI doesn’t envy boys who date his 16-year-old daughter Stephanie.

I do think the British press has been unfair to me. OK, if I had cocaine hanging out my nose, or I’d been running around with my t**s out or my vagina all over the place, s**ging every man in the world, then OK, they’d have stories to tell.” British singer JOSS STONE can’t understand why the media runs negative stories about her.

They’re after everything. Money, fame - they’re vampires.” AMY WINEHOUSE’s dad MITCH likens her ex-husband BLAKE FIELDER-CIVIL to a bloodsucking monster.

“We British hug ourselves and say we aren’t normal and aren’t Americans weird. But I don’t know that I’ve ever visited a country where there is such a high proportion of genuinely hospitable, likeable people.” British comic STEPHEN FRY is a big fan of the U.S.

“Nothing I wear is comfortable besides my underwear. The shoes, the clothes are pretty uncomfortable.” RIHANNA sacrifices coziness for her outrageous style.

“If I start weighing myself, I will start being like, ‘Maybe I shouldn’t eat, so I could lose some more.’ I would go to that end. I would get obsessed with that fact that I was losing it and I would keep at it. I’m two inches smaller than I was last week. I suddenly have muscles in my stomach that I never had before. It’s all hard and it never was like that.” KELLY OSBOURNE is thrilled with the DANCING WITH THE STARS diet.

“I’ve been asked to contribute to the research and development of an indestructible football by scientists. It will be an instant joy for a lot of children in the world.” STING is lending his help to an unusual cause.

“Just got CUBA GOODING JR. cleared for The R.E.D. Album. You gotta wait to see what role he played in this R.E.D. movie.” Rapper THE GAME teases fans by revealing the JERRY MAGUIRE actor is to feature on his forthcoming release.

“A gentleman is someone who can play the accordion, but doesn’t.” TOM WAITS offers daily musings on his new Twitter.com blog.

“I thought ‘Il Protagonista’ but then it was pointed out to me that was pretentious. Then I thought ‘Let Me Underwhelm You’ - I like that. ‘Him Who Sings Angels’. And a serious one was ‘Me Singing’. I really liked the idea of ‘Me Singing’.” ROBBIE WILLIAMS considered a series of bizarre titles for his new album before settling on REALITY KILLED THE VIDEO STAR.

“I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up.” Screen icon SOPHIA LOREN is considering a career change.

“It’s ridiculous and stupid. I thought I had to do it because I was in the rock business. I threw it out and just went ‘Ahh’. It landed in the mud and all that was left was a plug sticking out of the mud. Please don’t do it. You don’t need to do it.” ROBBIE WILLIAMS is ashamed of hurling a TV through a hotel window during his wildman years.

“I’d rather be dead than mellow. You might as well take me out the back and shoot me in the head before I’m going to be mellow.” MICKEY ROURKE will never quit his wildman ways.

“They write two songs a day. I often think, ‘Why don’t you write one for me?’ I’m not done yet but if my writing ever gets meaningless, it’s time to quit.” Rocker STING is hoping one of his children will compose a track in his honour.

“I figured at the age of 50, I had something to say, finally.” THE GO-GO’S star BELINDA CARLISLE hopes to inspire with her new book, Lips Unsealed, about the 30 years she spent battling with a drug addiction.

She’s barred from the cab. She throws food out of the cab and she puts her feet up on the back. I have a rule, anyone who puts their feet up on the back gets thrown out - including her.” AMY WINEHOUSE’s taxi driver dad MITCH refuses to allow his singing daughter in the back of his cab.

“I’ve been right there with a chemist mixing the formulas. I wanted this to be the fragrance no man can resist - and it is!” Singer RIHANNA smells success after testing out her perfume on men.

It had nothing to do with the situation but I could see how people could put it onto that situation. When I thought about it, I was like, ‘Yeah, let me not wear that. Let me take that off - because that’s giving off the wrong message.’” Disgraced R&B star CHRIS BROWN regrets wearing a medallion sporting the word ‘Oops!’ in the weeks after he attacked ex-girlfriend RIHANNA.

New York is alive, real people, it never shuts down, the honesty of it, the variety of it. It makes you look forward to every single season. When it gets too hot, you look forward to fall. When it’s fall, you look forward to seeing the snow. It’s just the most beautiful place in the world to me.” Brooklyn, New York native JAY-Z loves watching the city go through seasonal changes throughout the year.

“I never watched a soap before!” JAMES FRANCO has been introduced to a whole new world of cheesy daytime TV after signing up for a stint on GENERAL HOSPITAL.

I used to from her, and then it just stopped.” Actor DENIS LEARY no longer gets free check-ups from his dentist sister.

“I did that so people could see that I actually was doing, owning up to my responsibility and I wasn’t just saying, ‘Oh yeah, I’m a do it (sic), but you ain’t gonna see me do it…’ I really wanted to show people that, ‘Look, I’m doing it.’ It’s, like, eight to nine hours a day; it’s a lot of work, but it gives me a lot of time to think.” CHRIS BROWN on his decision to post photos of himself performing community labour tasks online. The R&B star was handed the service sentence after pleading guilty to beating ex-girlfriend Rihanna during a fight in February (09).

“He forgot the pain that he felt with his mum. Fame came to Chris at a very young age. And with fame comes a lot of different things. The freedom, no limits, no boundaries. You’re a kid and the word ‘no’ doesn’t exist. You become invincible and you don’t think. There’s no right or wrong, you just do what you want to do.” RIHANNA tries to understand what led to her then-boyfriend CHRIS BROWN violently attacking her during a heated argument in February (09). Brown has previously spoken out about seeing his own mother being beaten up by an abusive lover.

“I just wanted it to stop, I wasn’t interested in hurting him back.” RIHANNA just wanted to escape the horror of the February (09) attack by her then-boyfriend CHRIS BROWN.

“I get very embarrassed, very angry… I don’t like to see it. It’s humiliating to see your face like that.” RIHANNA has no desire to see the police photo of her injuries in the aftermath of the February (09) attack by ex-boyfriend CHRIS BROWN, when she was violently beaten following a heated argument. The shocking image was leaked to the press shortly after the incident.

“Fifty is the new female F-word. Still I’d rather be 50 than pregnant.” MARIE OSMOND is trying to embrace middle age after hitting her landmark half-century birthday last month (Oct09).

“They don’t have premieres in Glasgow, especially not Hollywood movies. It allows me to go back there and say ‘Thank you,’ because every part of me that goes in movies is all from my Scottishness. That is what made me who I am and brought me here.” Scottish actor GERARD BUTLER on the decision to debut his new film, LAW ABIDING CITIZEN, in his hometown.

“We were in love, it just takes time, love doesn’t go away right away. He didn’t accept that very well. Obviously he didn’t want us to be apart but I knew I had to make a decision for me.” RIHANNA admits it was a difficult decision to break up for good with ex-boyfriend CHRIS BROWN after he violently attacked her in February (09).

“John is smart and he’s got that look, like he would know what to do with you! He’s a sexy man. Even my mum was like, ‘Ooh, yes!’” THANDIE NEWTON took a liking to her 2012 co-star JOHN CUSACK.

“I grew up in L.A., but I was the only one in my family born there. I have a tight-knit Southern family, so whenever I tell people I’m from L.A., they say, ‘Yeah, but you don’t count’ - I guess because of the way I eat: The more sugary and cheesy and fried, the better!” GOSSIP GIRL star BLAKE LIVELY’s Southern roots are reflected in her favourite foods.

“I don’t know, I get maybe three to four hours sleep a day.” SEAN ‘DIDDY’ COMBS is from the ’sleep when you’re dead’ school of thought.

“I heard things like… ‘Don’t get too close, he might punch you in the face’. Anybody that says anything and you hear it, you’ll be like, ‘Damn! Damn!’” CHRIS BROWN admits he’s finding harsh comments about his attack on RIHANNA tough to take.

“If you’ve ever even contemplated that stuff and looked at what can go wrong in any of those magazines, it’s terrifying!” MERYL STREEP won’t be considering cosmetic surgery any time soon.

“I still am shy, I don’t say much… I love to sing but around your friends it’s awkward.” Grammy-winning country singer CARRIE UNDERWOOD admits she’s uncomfortable being in the spotlight among close pals.

She always told me that the amount of work you put into it, is what you get out of it.” Hip-hop mogul JAY-Z credits his mother GLORIA with reinforcing the importance of hard work.

“Fame is such a deadly drug that you can’t see the changes because you are so consumed by it. You need a close-knit group of friends and family to make sure you stay grounded.” Rap superstar JAY-Z stays humble by surrounding himself with his loved ones.

“Are you coming back to Harry Potter?” WHOOPI GOLDBERG slips up interviewing SIR IAN McKELLEN on her talk show THE VIEW. McKellen starred in the Lord of the Rings franchise and not Harry Potter.

I don’t dislike anything about myself. I know this sounds a little arrogant but I really accept what God has given me. I’ve got a short temper but I work on controlling it. I can say inappropriate things because I believe them to be true and sometimes that can be hurtful to others. But I think in the long run it is more helpful.” Rap superstar JAY-Z is happy the way he is.

53 per cent of the people that get married get divorced.” 50 CENT has no plans to get married because thestatistics don’t support happy unions.

“I take tofu everywhere with me in my suitcase. We get to these random places in Germany that don’t even know what a vegetarian is.” LEONA LEWIS struggles to stick to her meat-free diet while she is touring.

“When you see the little girls in pink jerseys and pink bobbles, it’s the cutest thing you’ll ever see.” Soccer star and model DAVID BECKHAM insists the sport is really taking off in his adopted Los Angeles.

It’s a roomful of people at tables getting drunk. That’s my crowd… This will be a roomful of drunk losers, and I’m the king of drunk losers. That’s why I got it!” RICKY GERVAIS on hosting the 2010 Golden Globe Awards.

“Mum and Dad got me a new puppy - he’s a black Pomeranian the size of a dollar bill. I’ve named him Sid.” OZZY OSBOURNE’s daughter KELLY OSBOURNE was delighted with her birthday present from her parents.

“The last time I properly cried was when I lost my dog recently. That was a real tear-jerker. I’ve got a new one now.” DITA VON TEESE bought a new pet to ease the pain of losing her beloved pooch GRETA.

“Honestly, I’ve hated every boyfriend I’ve ever had.” GOSSIP GIRL star LEIGHTON MEESTER isn’t forgiving in relationships.

“I wake up every morning and long for ‘Alien transmission received’.” Rocker DEVENDRA BANHART dreams of making contact with species on other planets.

“I saw THE BEATLES on top of Melbourne Town Hall (in Australia) and a million people below. They were so successful. We were furious!” BEE GEES singer BARRY GIBB was jealous of The Beatles’ popularity.

“I’d play with Robert any time and when we have played together he’s wonderful. Robert is a rock god and an inspiration to us all, always will be. There’s some people that remain your heroes which I rather feel good about. And (Eric) Clapton and (Jimmy) Page, Jeff Beck, those guys will always be heroes to me and that will never change, so yeah, of course I’d go at the drop of a hat.” QUEEN guitarist BRIAN MAY lists LED ZEPPELIN legend ROBERT PLANT among his ideal collaborators.

“Normally when I see the first cut I’m suicidal. I want to go to that clinic in Switzerland, Dignitas, and have myself put down.” HUGH GRANT finds it difficult to watch himself in early versions of his movies.

“Hank Williams used to own the farm… The legend is (he) bet someone he could jump over this creek, hurt his back, and then died a few weeks later. I don’t know if it’s true, but it’s a hell of a story.” TIM McGRAW on his Tennessee home’s history.

“I’d want to play Jimi Hendrix, but obviously that’s a problem. My shape would push me more towards Frank Black.” SHAUN OF THE DEAD star NICK FROST fears his size kills his chances of playing his rock hero.

“I’m leaving London to go back up north, to Manchester. I’ve been advised to do a Rod Stewart, as in a tax exile, but I don’t want to do it. But London has lost its spark.” Former OASIS rocker NOEL GALLAGHER is heading back to his home town to start a new life following the band’s break-up.

“My new relationship is helping me calm down. In the past there were some times when I didn’t like myself for what I was doing. I feel better now with who I am. I’m really enjoying myself now. It’s a beautiful thing. I think maybe I’m really happy for the first time.” RUSSELL BRAND has credited his new girlfriend KATY PERRY with changing his life.

“I swipe my friends with, like, my phone or something - I slide it in their butts. Like in middle school! You say ‘Visa! Mastercard!’ Just to give somebody a jump. I’m a prankster.” GOSSIP GIRL star BLAKE LIVELY reveals her naughty on-set antics.

“I was the guy that dabbled in soya milk, but now I’ve found out (it) has enough oestrogen for me to grow breasts. I had to put the soya milk down.” JEREMY PIVEN has given up drinking soya milk.

“(I’m) learning how to speak German by watching LIZA MINNELLI in CABARET… And picking up some make up tips!” KATY PERRY spent Monday (02Nov09) watching the movie musical classic as she prepares to host the upcoming MTV European Music Awards in Berlin.

“One of my favourite moments was when LOU REED turned around to the monitor guy and said, ‘Hey, I need more Kirk Hammett in my monitor!’ Lou Reed wants to hear more of me! That’s right on.” METALLICA star KIRK HAMMETT on his performance highlight at the star-studded Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concerts in New York City last week (29-30Oct09).

“I used to wash toilets in gasoline stations, I used to be a busboy in a Mexican restaurant.” SEAN ‘DIDDY’ COMBS on his pre-fame jobs.

“I used to answer the door with a MASK mask on. When people came to the door, I would be The Mask, and yet they never thought it was the real Mask behind the mask.” JIM CARREY on his past Halloween fun.

“My family are planning a party for me - it’s gonna be an intimate affair with just a couple of hundred people.” SEAN ‘DIDDY’ COMBS on his upcoming 40th birthday plans. Life begins at 40 for the rap mogul on Wednesday (04Nov09).

“It’s just a style choice - same reason I’ve shaved the rest of my body… It’s fantastic until it starts to grow back.” JIM CARREY on his bearded new look.

“I remember my daughter said, ‘Aro is bald’. Clearly he’s not, but that’s her picture of him. Maybe she was thinking of Nosferatu.” MICHAEL SHEEN on his daughter Lily’s vision of his new Twilight vampire character.

“It’s very chaotic and then there’s usually a game show element where somebody runs into the audience and slaps someone… bells go off; you start to feel like you’re in a little children’s Vietnam or something.” American actor JOHN CUSACK recalls the oddball antics he’s witnessed on foreign talk shows while promoting his films worldwide.

“My first real purchase was a car for my mom. We didn’t have one growing up. Then I bought her a house and I bought my dad a teepee for his land in Montana.” SHIA LaBEOUF treated his parents with his first big paycheque.

“I dislocated my baby toe, but it’s not getting in the way anymore. It’s fine. It just feels like a bruise.” KELLY OSBOURNE on her painful DANCING WITH THE STARS injury.

“I am terrible for swearing. There’s always a lot of swearing on film sets and I’m so bad that my kids say ‘Stop it Mummy!’ They’re always telling me off. I love hanging out with the boys on a set - it’s almost more relaxing than hanging out with the girls.” THANDIE NEWTON should be more careful about what she says in front of her young children.

“They paid me just $5,000 for my first film, FLIRTING. It should have been a lot more, but how was I to know? It was major exploitation.” THANDIE NEWTON hasn’t always earned big bucks for her movie roles.

“I might need to have a nip and tuck after having five children.” GIRLS ALOUD star CHERYL COLE wouldn’t rule out cosmetic surgery when she’s older.

“I follow what my gay friends taught me: you have to have sex right away. I have gay friends and they have sex before they even go out to dinner the first time. Why have a dinner if the sex is bad?” Newly-married CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM actress SUSIE ESSMAN promotes promiscuity.

The Pussycat Dolls as a brand will always continue, no matter what happens. We do understand no matter what happens it is a business and we do have to make things work so differences of opinion are not really there within the group.’” PUSSYCAT DOLLS star KIMBERLY WYATT insists the band will put their differences aside to continue their pop career.


There have been some strange things. Pants have got to be up there, certainly. Yoghurts for a while.” Time Lord DAVID TENNANT is bemused by the vast range of merchandise for DOCTOR WHO.

I was blown away by Nicole’s talent and beauty. I had a serious crush on her. When we met I mentioned her huge talent and how incredibly beautiful she is. But she also has the biggest heart, gives me nothing but love, and looks after me. Now I can say, ‘Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was hot like mine?’” British driving ace LEWIS HAMILTON is smitten with his PUSSYCAT DOLLS girlfriend NICOLE SCHERZINGER.

Everyone in the ’70s was stoned in order to get onstage, but I was afraid of drugs… Now I’ve grown to love them.” Singer CARLY SIMON is more open to experimenting with drugs since her days as an up-and-coming singer.

“It’s been a gradual evolution for me. It’s probably weird for people to watch if they have an image of me as a little girl.” ANNA PAQUIN’s fans may be uncomfortable seeing her naked in TRUE BLOOD because they know her as a child star in movie THE PIANO.

“It’s the first film that I’ve ever made in my career that I would let my daughters watch. They remain completely unimpressed with what I do for a job.” CLIVE OWEN is happy to let his young daughters watch his latest big screen offering, THE BOYS ARE BACK.

“They sent me a list of rules to observe but I was too busy taking photos of the toilet on my mobile phone.” KATHERINE JENKINS on visiting British royal residence Buckingham Palace in London.

“Divorce throws a spanner in the works as far as broody goes. Instead, I want to get one of those mini pigs - they’re really cute.” NATALIE IMBRUGLIA want pigs - not kids.

“You may find it surprising but I do do the washing up, all of it. Always have done; it’s just an accepted thing, one of ‘Dad’s chores’.” CLIVE OWEN is a domesticated husband and father.

“The neighbours can’t stand us. For some reason we’ve got two drum kits upstairs.” MAMMA MIA! star DOMINIC COOPER and his flatmate, Brit actor and comedian JAMES CORDEN, are nightmare neighbours.

“MICK JAGGER and I were both born on July 26. I actually wandered into his 60th birthday in Prague and witnessed him dance.” JEREMY PIVEN on his memorable 38th birthday.

“They’ve been doing a lap of honour for the past 13 years. There’s been the occasional gem, here and there, THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING IDLE, and well, that’s about it.” ROBBIE WILLIAMS is convinced it was the right time for British rockers OASIS to split.

“I almost could have made a career out of giving GEORGE LUCAS awards!” STAR WARS actress CARRIE FISHER was the choice awards presenter for the legendary director for many years after starring as PRINCESS LEIA in the original sci-fi trilogy.

“I believe that gender is something that’s between your ears, not between your legs.” CHER’s former daughter CHAZ BONO on his decision to become a man.

“It’s of the number nine in elvish, because there are nine members in The Fellowship of the Ring… Elijah Wood was holding my hand the entire time.” SIR IAN McKELLEN on his lone tattoo.

“When Michael did pass, he was very clean. He had been to treatment and he had nothing (drugs) in him (that hadn’t been prescribed). What he had in him was what they gave him.” LA TOYA JACKSON maintains her belief the late King of Pop’s doctors were to blame for pumping him full of unnecessary prescription drugs. The Thriller hitmaker’s personal physician Conrad Murray is currently under investigation by Los Angeles police following the singer’s death from a drug overdose in June (09).

“I’m driving him mad with questions. It’s great to know you can call somebody who has your best interests at heart and can give you brilliant advice. You’d be out of your mind not to use that.” Actress/director JORDAN SCOTT turns to her father, SIR RIDLEY SCOTT, for movie help.

“He would probably think I’d been replaced by a clone! I wasn’t even a runner in March of this year when I started the training, let alone five years ago! Before, I could barely run a block and now I’m running the New York City marathon.” CHRISTOPHER REEVE’s eldest son MATTHEW admits his late father would be stunned by his decision to enter the famous race.

“As a result of this movie, Shia’s really learned. He’s into it. He trades daily. He and Josh discuss the market between takes.” Director OLIVER STONE admits actors SHIA LaBEOUF and JOSH BROLIN are bonding over their real-life stock market highs and lows as they shoot WALL STREET 2: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS.

“I’m definitely most intimidated by the Queensboro Bridge. Everyone says that’s just the soul-killer.” Actor EDWARD NORTON is dreading tackling the landmark which links the Big Apple boroughs of Queens and Manhattan when he runs the New York Marathon on Sunday (01Nov09).

“What’s weird is when you meet a girl who is 23 and you are talking to her, even her voice is high-pitched, she’s young. You ask her how old she is, she says, ‘Twenty-three, how old are you?’ and when I tell her I’m 41 it’s like I’ve just told her I have cancer. It’s, ‘Oh my God, how long have you had that?’” JAMIE FOXX struggles to impress young women now he’s getting older.

“My daughter this morning decided she wanted to be a muffin. I said, ‘What flavour?’ and she said, ‘Chocolate chip.’” HUGH JACKMAN’s four-year-old daughter AVA is dressing as her favourite sweet treat for Halloween on Saturday (31Oct09).

“Halloween’s coming and I was thinking of Wolverine from X-Men. It’s not some play-off ritual. I’m just lazy and can’t be bothered to shave. Everybody keeps telling me to cut it and I’m stubborn.” Soccer star DAVID BECKHAM is incorporating his new fuzzy beard into his Halloween costume.

“I don’t need to be the lead singer of a band. I am, fortunately, and I love doing it. But to go and sit at the drum set and be the utility guy, like ‘Alright what do you need? How loud do you want it?’ I just wanted to blow those guys away.” FOO FIGHTERS star and former NIRVANA percussionist DAVE GROHL is relishing his role back behind the drums for his new band THEM CROOKED VULTURES.

“We’re constantly coming up with fun and exciting ideas, so it might make for good viewing, depending on who you are.” DOMINIC COOPER would love to work with his best pal, Brit actor and comedian JAMES CORDEN.

“I think they find a lot of (New York City) strange and intense. The community they come from is 7,000 people in about 300 square miles. They’re going to run a race with 40,000 people… The density of people is one of the things that’s most striking to them. They’re really just staggered by how many people are here.” EDWARD NORTON admits his Maasai warrior friends are overwhelmed by the sheer number of people in the Big Apple. The actor is running Sunday’s (01Nov09) New York Marathon for charity with three Maasai warriors he befriended during a recent trip to Kenya.

“I’ve been training for two hours a day to get ready for this. I sing on the treadmill!” LADY GAGA is hitting the gym to ensure she in top shape for her upcoming Monster Ball tour.

“I’m having another girl. So I’ll have two girls and two boys.” MARK WAHLBERG is delighted his wife RHEA DURHAM is pregnant with another daughter.

“The more you talk about it, the bigger it gets. The hard part was telling my wife when it came out! Breaking that to her was tricky. There was a lot of wine involved.” MOTLEY CRUE singer VINCE NEIL struggled to tell his wife about a leaked sex tape featuring him with two girls.

“I’m good at distilling the finer points of the deal, but when it comes to sitting and reading the contract, my stomach starts churning. It takes me back and I start having nightmares and panic attacks!” GERARD BUTLER’s days as a lawyer have put him off looking at his movie contracts in detail.

“I totally have a fetish for girls who are speaking French… I’m really excited because MARION COTILLARD is in (new film) INCEPTION. I’m excited to meet her.” Actor JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT on his love for French girls.

“It’s not so much the craziness of the craving, it’s just when she craves it - it’s usually about two or three in the morning, and that’s on me. I’m the one that has to run out - either go make her a sandwich or go to In-N-Out or whatever she wants at any given time. It’s not unheard of stuff she wants, it’s just that when she wants it, it is inconvenient for me.” JOEL MADDEN is struggling to keep up with his pregnant partner NICOLE RICHIE’s early morning cravings. The couple is expecting a second child, a sibling for one-year-old daughter Harlow.

“Its not about how you start in life! Its about how you finish! I will work day and night to be the best I can be! I’m a work in progress!” SEAN ‘DIDDY’ COMBS wants to improve his musical talents.

“You know how really famous people like to avoid the paparazzi? I like to sneak into people’s snapshots. I just try and inch my way into the edge… it’s endless hours of entertainment on Fifth Avenue.” Actor ERIC BANA developed a bizarre habit while visiting New York.

“As I get older I’m more and more comfortable being alone. The twenties can be a really formative time for anyone and if they’re documented daily as mine have been it’s extra challenging. But I feel like I’ve got to a point in my life where things are calmer and more manageable and I’m in a good place now.” British actress SIENNA MILLER is happy with the single life.

“I live like a recovering alcoholic, even though I’m not one - yet. Just one day at a time.” Award-winning actress MERYL STREEP on coping with her hectic work schedule.

“I was, like, doing all these nude scenes in the movie… so I’ve got, like, a sock and a rubber band on the business… Tell them to try to move Kraft service when you’re standing there with that… Try to get people to take you seriously when you’re standing naked with just a sock and a rubber band… You don’t have very much authority as a producer.” ASHTON KUTCHER struggled as a producer on the set of his new movie SPREAD, while filming sex scenes.

“I’m not a party girl. People like to imagine I’m wild because they want to feel somebody’s out there doing that (partying) while they’re going to bed at 9:30pm. They don’t want to think I’m washing my socks, too, or putting my kids to bed or moaning how they’ve left their room in a mess.” SIR MICK JAGGER’s daughter JADE insists she doesn’t live up to her wild reputation.

We have met a few times and he has helped me with my Swedish, but I don’t have the time to get new friends. If I saw Alexander here, I would be really happy to kiss and hug him.” LADY GAGA admits she ’s very fond of actor ALEXANDER SKARSGARD, who plays the singer’s love interest in her PAPARAZZI video.

“I am apparently about to become a Lego toy.” Punk icon IGGY POP.

“I was thinking, ‘I’ve never been high before, should I tell him that? No, be cool.’ And I think I stopped being nervous. My voice got lower somehow. For some reason they thought I was high.” Comedic actress CHARLYNE YI is still confused about how she managed to play a convincing pot-smoker in 2007 film KNOCKED UP - because she’s never smoked marijuana.

“The actor, Ryan Donowho, is not 17. I’m happy to say he’s well over 21. That was like some consolation because I’m not into kissing teenagers.” Actress LISA KUDROW on having to smooch a young co-star in her new movie BANDSLAM.

“They kept me out of the public eye quite a lot when I was young. I sometimes found having blankets thrown around me and all that a little traumatising.” SIR MICK JAGGER’s daughter JADE on the efforts of her rocker dad and mother BIANCA JAGGER to shield her from the spotlight.

“I had a date once where the girl went to the toilet, and when she was in there, I thought I’ll just pop off, and when I came back, she’d left! The bartender said: ‘S**t, I think she thought you’d gone and she left.’ I never saw her again.” Actor GERARD BUTLER on his dating nightmares.

“It was quite uncomfortable. It was skin-tight leather. I had three women (helping me). That (getting dressed) involved lying down and shimmying and hopping up and down to get the trousers (on).” Actress SIENNA MILLER was in daily combat to fit into her costume for upcoming action film G.I. JOE: THE RISE OF COBRA.

“If the fat people just gave the skinny people more food, we could all just eat… We could solve obesity and hunger at the same time.” ASHTON KUTCHER.

“You get up with one of the babies and feed and change that one and get the baby back to sleep, and the other wakes up, and then you feed and change that one. It is exhausting, but it’s wonderful.” Actress/singer MOLLY RINGWALD on coping with her new baby twins ADELE GEORGIANA and ROMAN STYLIANOS, who were born last month (10Jul09).

“I’m very passionate about cleanliness and housework. I love to vacuum. And I also like cooking. My signature dish for Victoria is grilled prawns or lobster and fresh vegetables. And for the children and for myself it’s pasta with fresh tomato sauce and olives.” Soccer ace DAVID BECKHAM is a domesticated family man.

“He took a tremendous chance on me. Like Orson Welles, he was a boy wonder, a director’s director, a writer’s writer, a filmmaker’s filmmaker. He was one of the giants.” BILL PAXTON pays tribute to JOHN HUGHES, who launched his career by casting him in 1985 comedy WEIRD SCIENCE.

“After I had Bronx I lucked out. I mean, I’m 24-years-old, (I have) the genes from my mother and I did work out for three months.” ASHLEE SIMPSON-WENTZ reveals good fortune is her secret to losing baby weight after welcoming her first son last year (08).

“The costumes were fabulous. It really was like out of Gone With the Wind. Then there were the corsets. I would try to push my stomach out when they were coming to strap me in, so I could get a little more breathing room. Their trick was to make me laugh and then they’d tighten me up. I admit breathing properly was a problem.” Actress RACHEL McADAMS on donning traditional Victorian dress for her role in SHERLOCK HOLMES.

“I hate alcoholics and AA (alcoholics anonymous).If you can’t drink responsibly, don’t drink at all. Don’t go to meetings, whine about your character flaws and blame the fact that you are a sociopath on booze.” Actress ROSEANNE BARR on dealing with substance abuse.

“I haven’t done it very much, but I’m for hire in that zone if anyone wants me.” THE MUMMY star RACHEL WEISZ is eager to star in a movie featuring romantic bedroom scenes.

I prefer the indie, arty films really. It’s not the kind of film I’d normally go and see.” SIENNA

MILLER wouldn’t pay to see her forthcoming action movie G.I. JOE.

“I think the perception of me is that I’m small and fragile. And it’s so strange because I don’t think of myself as fragile. It’s like when people tell me, ‘Oh, you’re so glamorous.’ That’s not who I am.” DIANE KRUGER wants to change people’s opinions of her.

“If women could hear what men talk about when they’re not around, it’d be over. You’d all turn gay or celibate.” THE UGLY TRUTH star GERARD BUTLER on the hidden side of men.

“We do still speak every day. We’ll often speak to each other five, even 10 times a day. He still has tons of photos of me all round his house!” TERRI SEYMOUR reveals she is still close to AMERICAN IDOL star SIMON COWELL following their split last year (08).

“It was romantic, but just like walking the plank. I don’t know if I’d describe the first girl I kissed necessarily as lucky.” British actor HUGH DANCY hopes his kissing skills have improved with age.

“‘Weird’ itself, even in the dictionary, is just something that is different and unexplainable. A weirdo is someone who follows their heart. I’m definitely weird, ain’t (sic) nothing wrong with that.” Rapper KID CUDI is unfazed by his oddball persona.

“I have to wake up in Chicago in various places stark naked. I did it myself but I didn’t really want to ’cause who really wants to see a 40-year-old butt?” Actor ERIC BANA felt uncomfortable shedding his clothes for his role in new romantic drama, THE TIME TRAVELER’S WIFE.

“My wife would be terrified, she loves the grey.” Australian actor ERIC BANA’s wife won’t let him dye his hair.

He was shorter than me and I have no problem saying that.” Actress EVAN RACHEL WOOD pokes fun at ex-boyfriend JAMIE BELL.

“I just stopped burping up jet fuel three months ago… It feels like death’s way over there, and every day I’m running away from it.” Drummer TRAVIS BARKER is still scarred by his 2008 plane crash in South Carolina, which claimed the lives of two close friends.

“It wasn’t easy for him to know I was going to the set to have sex with Ashton all day.” ANNE HECHE admits actor boyfriend JAMES TUPPER struggled with her sex scenes opposite Ashton Kutcher in new movie SPREAD.

“He can’t see any of my films - I’m either naked or on drugs in them. I had to kinda do something that was kid friendly.” SIENNA MILLER made new film G.I. JOE: THE RISE OF COBRA for her nephew.

“I’d like to think I’ll find someone to have a baby with, and that definitely won’t be Simon. Even for us, that would be just too weird.” TERRI SEYMOUR is adamant she won’t have kids with her ex-boyfriend and best pal SIMON COWELL.

“The important thing to me about a woman is proximity. A flexible woman is a good idea.” Rocker CHRIS ISAAK reveals what he looks for in a female companion.

“Everything that’s worth anything you have to fight for. You have to fight in your relationships, I have to fight for my career, I have to fight to stay in shape, because I get tempted to eat good old chocolate, and all this stuff everybody loves. It’s all a fight, but it’s worth it.” Superstar BEYONCE has to work hard at every aspect of her life.

“I was the weird little kid running around the backyard with my mum’s stockings on my head and a stick pretending I was Snake Eyes.” Actor CHANNING TATUM dreamed of life as a G.I. JOE ninja before he landed a role in upcoming action film G.I. JOE: THE RISE OF COBRA.

“Most of my groupies are spawns of the devil. They’re there to take me off track and f**k up my purpose. It’s like the dark side is trying to pull me in.” Rapper KID CUDI vows to keep his distance from his female fans to focus on his career.

“I really want to, so watch this space.” British singer EMMA BUNTON plans to have another baby, in addition to her son Beau, who turns two years old on 10 August (09).

“He had a beautiful wedding in Malibu. It was beautiful - until paparazzi showed up. In helicopters. During his vows.” Actor MARLON WAYANS blames the media for ruining a special moment during his G.I. JOE: THE RISE OF THE COBRA co-star CHANNING TATUM’s July (09) wedding to actress JENNA DEWAN.

“My grandmother is not a fan of the show. She’s from a small town in southern Missouri and so things move a little slower there. She’s a church going lady and her feedback on the show was, ‘I don’t think you’re making very good decisions…’” Actor JON HAMM’s grandmother doesn’t agree with his chain-smoking, womanising character’s actions on hit TV series MAD MEN.

“It’s really hard to come off of ten years of a show like 90210 and not hold a grudge or be bitter about the fact that you have to work really hard to get another job. You come off of ten years of something and you go ‘Hey, you’ve been watching me for ten years, give me something!’” Former BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 star BRIAN AUSTIN GREEN found it hard to get work after leaving the show.

“Nobody really cares that I go to the post office or buy deodorant at the drug store. In Toronto where I live, no one really cares.” Actress RACHEL MCADAMS insists the paparazzi isn’t a problem in her native Canada.

“I had always wanted a dog and my dad came home one day and he had something wrapped up in a towel. He was just holding it and we were talking in the kitchen for a good 10 minutes or so and he just said, ‘Oh here, can you hold this for me?’ And it was a puppy.” RUMER WILLIS recalls her favourite childhood birthday present from her famous dad BRUCE.

“As of right now, I’m growing old gracefully. But I must admit, if something should fall in the future, why not pick it up.” KELLY ROWLAND isn’t against having any more surgery as she grows older. The singer had a boob job in 2007.

“She’s the greatest actor of her generation, she’s the one to watch. She happens to sing like a bird, it’s like a true voice. She’s a very pure spirit and a very bright mind.” U2 frontman BONO is convinced EVAN RACHEL WOOD, who will sing his songs in the upcoming SPIDER-MAN musical, is a true talent.

“She’s the greatest actor of her generation, she’s the one to watch. She happens to sing like a bird, it’s like a true voice. She’s a very pure spirit and a very bright mind.” U2 frontman BONO is convinced EVAN RACHEL WOOD, who will sing his songs in the upcoming SPIDER-MAN musical, is a true talent.

I’m on time even when I try not to be. I’m German. I’m responsible. I’m neat. I iron my tablecloths.” Actress DIANE KRUGER is a control freak.

“It’s like, I’m sorry, maybe there are a lot of women who keep their bras on while they have sex. I don’t happen to be one of them. I don’t think the naked body is particularly shocking or interesting.” ANNA PAQUIN on stripping off for new TV show TRUE BLOOD.

“I guess women back then didn’t do the whole Brazilian thing, so they had to get a wig for me made. I was a little self-conscious because I thought the wig was too big, but so long as everyone knows it’s not mine, that’s OK.” Actress AMY LANDECKER on stripping off for a full-frontal nude scene in upcoming COHEN brothers movie A SERIOUS MAN, which is set in 1967.

“I was at a shoot where there were all these young celebrities - well, like me. At the end, they were all yelling to each other, ‘Let’s keep in touch!’ They think they’re going to be friends, and they don’t even know you yet.’” MEAN GIRLS actress AMANDA SEYFRIEDis annoyed by superficial Hollywood stars.

“People are incredibly literal sometimes in how they view you. You have dark hair and pale skin? You must be brooding. The second you dye your hair blond and get a spray tan, people treat you as if you’re a bit stupider and happier.” Actress ANNA PAQUIN on superficial Hollywood.

“I swear to you it’s brought out this whole new thing in me. I can be a very serious person, and I take my job very seriously, but at the end of the day, I need a break.” Actress-turned-fashion entrepreneur ASHLEY OLSEN credits interactive video game Rock Band with unleashing her inner wild child.

“By the time I’ve packed and unpacked on the way there, packed and unpacked on the way back and done all the travelling in between, I feel like I need another holiday to recover from it.” Hollywood actor DUSTIN HOFFMAN isn’t a fan of vacations.

“English guys are the world’s best - even your paparazzi sound like gentlemen. I had 10 or 15 of them stationed on me all the time, and every time they shouted at me I found myself chatting to them because I loved their voices.” U.S. country singer TAYLOR SWIFT is impressed with the English accent.

“My uterus is really flattered that everyone cares, but sorry no occupants.” ANNA PAQUIN continues to dismiss stories she’s expecting fiance STEPHEN MOYER’s baby.”

“First (movie character) THE CROW stole my make up, and now this kestrel has done it. This madness has got to stop, or I’m going to send my army of lawyers with everything they’ve got to go up against this bird. The bird has been trying to get a part in the show and will try anything to generate attention and get into our production… The only one who wants him in the show is the snake.” ALICE COOPER jokes about a rescued New York kestrel who shares his name.

“I have cellulite. I admit it. But sometimes I just say, ‘S**ew it, I am going to wear a bikini.’” Supermodel CINDY CRAWFORD is proud of her figure.

“I’m the Sexiest Man Alive’s chunky cousin.” MATT DAMON, a former People magazine Sexiest Man Alive, jokes about the weight he’s put on for new film role THE INFORMANT.

“I’m a leave-the-bathroom-door-open nudist, which is sometimes disconcerting for my friends.” ALANIS MORISSETTE lets it all hang out at home.

“My favourite thing to do when I need a break is to say to my wife, ‘Let’s pretend we’re going away, just the two of us.’ So we tell everybody we’re going to be unavailable, we don’t make appointments - we don’t even answer the phones - and we focus our attention on the city we’re in, and take it all in.” DUSTIN HOFFMAN likes to holiday in his home cities of New York and Los Angeles.

I make every character in the movie me… I show his face for the first time ever and he has really long hair and this huge beard… like he’s in ZZ TOP, I’m not kidding. Rocker-turned-moviemaker ROB ZOMBIE insists his HALLOWEEN villain, MICHAEL MYERS, looks a lot like him.

He wrote my family a very very beautiful, touching condolence letter when Natasha died. Actor LIAM NEESON has fond memories of beloved U.S. politician EDWARD KENNEDY, who died on Tuesday (25Aug09). The Senator took time to remember Neeson’s late wife NATASHA RICHARDSON when she died earlier this year (09).

I see UFOs all the time. Former KISS star ACE FREHLEY insists he’s always spotting aliens.

“I would never want the responsibility of being the prettiest girl onscreen. Growing up with a mother like mine gives you a skewed idea of what a mother should look like. My mother’s jeans are smaller than mine!” RUMER WILLIS is aware of mum DEMI MOORE’s striking good looks.

“I have girl-next-door-itis. I’m the girl who is friends with the guy who likes someone else. I’m the one they confide in and then when he gets the girl I’m on my own. I end up writing songs about it.” TAYLOR SWIFT on her boy problems.

“Flying is more expensive than drugs but better.” BLUR bassist ALEX JAMES enjoys a natural high from travelling on airplanes.

“He’s made a lot of dresses with and for me, so it’s special that this time it’s the dress.” Actress CLAIRE DANES on her decision to wear a one-of-a-kind NARCISCO RODRIGUEZ gown when she weds HUGH DANCY next month (Sep09).

“It’s weird seeing yourself on a billboard. Really weird. No seriously. I mean really weird.” HOUSE star HUGH LAURIE struggles when he sees his image on giant billboards all over his adopted Los Angeles.

I didn’t love being poor. A few years ago I had surgery and all my friends had to rally round, putting on benefit shows just to help pay for a simple medical procedure. I’m glad to be giving back to the community now.. Being able to give back to the scene that took care of you when you were sick, it’s the most amazing feeling. And if I’m only able to do these things by selling out, then I’m totally proud of selling out.” GOSSIP frontwoman BETH DITTO is repaying her debts.

“Streisand, they say she’s desperately shy. I think when you’ve got $600 million, take lessons on how not to be shy. If you’ve got $600 million, say hello to everybody. They gave it to you.” JOAN RIVERS insists BARBRA STREISAND should be more grateful for her success.

“I get pangs of jealousy when I hear people like radio presenters getting really excited about new music. I kind of feel like: ‘Oh, I’m just fading.’” British singer LILY ALLEN feels envious when she hears about upcoming female artists.

“She’s not necessarily a lesbian. Her human partner is a girl, but I’m pretty sure she goes both ways. I think vampires are like that in general.” EVAN RACHEL WOOD on her sexy new bloodsucking character, Queen Sophie-Ann, in hit TV drama TRUE BLOOD.

“This is it. Factory closed. It’s over. Now we’re just adopting dogs.” Actor JERRY O’CONNELL insists he and wife REBECCA ROMIJN have no plans to have more kids after becoming parents to twin girls Dolly and Charlie.

“Alcohol seems to bring out a lot of violence in people but it just makes me a bit merry, then tired and then sick.” Scottish singer PAOLO NUTINI doesn’t react very well to booze.

“I would love to be an AI (American Idol) judge. I’d also be hopeless.” HUGH LAURIE offers his services as a replacement for ex-judge PAULA ABDUL on the hit talent show.

“I would love to be an AI (American Idol) judge. I’d also be hopeless.” HUGH LAURIE offers his services as a replacement for ex-judge PAULA ABDUL on the hit talent show.

“I didn’t know the Queen was such a friend of gays.” Actor and gay rights campaigner ALAN CUMMING on receiving his Order of the British Empire (OBE) from British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.

“HUGH GRANT was at my table and said: ‘I don’t even know who you are. Are you on a reality show?’ I replied, ‘Well I don’t know who you are, except you f**ked a prostitute.’ Everyone went silent, including his then-girlfriend JEMIMA KHAN, and in the most posh English accent ever, Hugh replied, ‘You b**ch!’ Mum burst out laughing and then he did. It broke the ice.” KELLY OSBOURNE on her first meeting with the ABOUT A BOY actor.

“Paris and I met in 2001 at a house party. She was drunk, standing on a table dancing. I noticed her boob kept falling out of her dress and loads of people were taking pictures. They were taking advantage, so I put the sleeve back up on her dress. We’ve been friends ever since.” KELLY OSBOURNE saved PARIS HILTON’s blushes.

“Fans are almost all lovely. Trouble is, the really crazy ones don’t wear a hat that says ‘Really Crazy’.” HOUSE star HUGH LAURIE admits he can’t always spot mad fans.

“Fans are almost all lovely. Trouble is, the really crazy ones don’t wear a hat that says ‘Really Crazy’.” HOUSE star HUGH LAURIE admits he can’t always spot mad fans.

“Some bands take a year off. We’d go crazy if we did that. I’d end up weighing 300lbs, eating all the time and never leaving the house.” KINGS OF LEON guitarist MATTHEW FOLLOWILL is adamant the band will never stop touring.

“Let’s face it, if you’re older you aren’t always going to play young leads any more. It’s also a fact that in the acting world there have always been 10 parts written for men to two parts women and it’s not going to change.” Veteran British actress JOANNA LUMLEY knows older actresses struggle to land leading roles.

“I’m not a trained dancer. But I do have an unorthodox way to test my music. I’ve got to make sure I connect to it at a physical level. My body has to move and my hips have to move and if I don’t see that reaction, then I know something is not working.” Latina superstar SHAKIRA on testing out her new tracks.

“Some people have said, ‘You sound like The Edge.’ I really hate it when people say that.” KINGS OF LEON guitarist MATTHEW FOLLOWILL is not impressed when he is compared to the U2 star.

“Maybe my crazy time is coming up… But I think it’s also just my nature… and I know it’s just ’cause my parents are so strict. I mean, I’m still scared of them.” NO DOUBT rocker GWEN STEFANI reveals why she never earned a wildchild reputation.

“My house was filled with hundreds and hundreds of balloons, which was a very nice, romantic surprise.” BLAKE LIVELY was thrilled with boyfriend PENN BADGLEY’s birthday treat last week (25Aug09).

“No one watched it for at least four years. And we were only doing it for five years. While I was filming it (I thought), ‘What’s the point? No one’s watching it and no one cares.’ I was always moaning that I didn’t want to act in it any more. Now it’s very gratifying that people like it.” THE WIRE star DOMINIC WEST is pleased he persevered with the slow-burning cop drama

I turned 40 years old this week, and I feel like I’m in the body of a 10 year old.” Movie star/musician JACK BLACK was energised as his band TENACIOUS D headlined the Outside Lands festival in San Francisco, California on Sunday night (30Aug09).

“I was there for the birth but I did not look though. A friend of mine said ‘listen, I’ve looked so I’m giving you a piece of advice - I don’t think you should look’ so I didn’t actually see anything,” Actor JERRY O’CONNELL couldn’t watch when his wife REBECCA ROMIJN gave birth to twins last December (08).

“I don’t care what Mick decides his relationship with JERRY HALL is. For at least 20 years she was my daughter’s kind stepmother so she’ll always be somebody near my heart. She’ll be a part of my realm for ever.” MICK JAGGER’s ex-girlfriend MARSHA HUNT, and mother of his eldest child Karis, has vowed to stay faithful to his ex-wife JERRY HALL.

“The Killing Moon is more than a song; it’s about everything. It’s up there with Suzanne by Leonard Cohen, Blowin’ In the Wind, In My Life. Every time I sing it I feel like, ‘Whoa, something just happened there.’ I let the crowd sing along with it now too. It used to put me off… but now I really enjoy it.” ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN star IAN McCULLOCH still enjoys performing the group’s biggest hit and fan favourite.

“It’s funny. I still have this recurring dream. I’m in this room full of the National Theatre gang and I don’t feel like I belong. I’m useless. I can’t do it, and they’re all sniggering and sneering. Then I wake up and wonder what it’s all about.” SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS still frets about his decision to switch theatre for movies.

“I’d always kept Kramer’s shoes and that’s very important to the character. Once I got those shoes on, and I’m standing behind the door of Jerry’s apartment, I was ready.” MICHAEL RICHARDS on how he prepared to revive his Seinfeld character for a cast reunion on sitcom co-creator Larry David’s TV show Curb Your Enthusiasm.

“My ten year old doesn’t know what THE WIRE is and no one in my family can enlighten her because no one has watched it. My wife has tried but she can’t get past the first ten minutes. She falls asleep.” The Wire star DOMINIC WEST hasn’t received high praise from his family about the hit cop drama.

“I can pop my hip out of the joint. I think that’s weird.” GOSSIP GIRL star BLAKE LIVELY has hidden talents.

“I know because of NATURAL BORN KILLERS people think I’m all scary and stuff, but it’s really hard for me to be a bully.” Actress-turned-rocker JULIETTE LEWIS insists the hard-core reputation she’s earned since playing a travelling serial killer in the 1994 film is undeserved.


“The title is unfortunate. My boyfriend hates it. (He’s) like, ‘Oh my God, why? Why do you have to work on HUNG?’” ANNE HECHE admits her real-life beau, actor JAMES TUPPER, isn’t a fan of her newest TV role - as the ex-wife of a male prostitute.

“At the moment, I’m hyphenating it. For the next film that I do, it will probably be Jenna Dewan-Tatum.” Actress JENNA DEWAN contemplates her new name now she is Mrs. Channing Tatum.

“I eat three bananas a day, every day. On set they call me Anna Banana. I’m obsessed. If I’m tired, they make me feel better.” British actress ANNA FRIEL is a fan of fruit.

“I’ll try anything once - alligator, frog, rabbit. Korea was one of those places where you really don’t want to ask what meat you’re eating.” Actress MILA KUNIS is a very adventurous diner.

“It’s nice that we can roll with the big dogs. I think JAY-Z would be happy for us and we will earn him money, too. If you are beating Jay-Z and RIHANNA it can’t be bad.” British girl group SUGABABES are celebrating after their new single GET SEXY scored a higher mid-week chart position than their record label boss JAY-Z and his new track RUN THIS TOWN featuring KANYE WEST and Rihanna.

“The experience made me get in shape. I was fed up with having man boobs. I could see silverback gorillas looking at me and thinking, ‘How do I get moobs (man boobs) like that?’” British actor STEPHEN FRY decided to go on a diet after a recent round the world trip.

“Going to school with Busta Rhymes and Biggie was cool. We used to battle each other at lunch times. I got Busta good. I was rapping really fast and everyone was like, ‘Wow’.” JAY-Z honed his craft in playground rap battles with future hip-hop superstars BUSTA RHYMES and NOTORIOUS B.I.G..

“I said to him at the beginning, ‘I’ll f**king come after you if you turn 25 and think, ‘What the f**k am I doing?’ If he pulls that s**t, I’ll destroy him.” KELLY OSBOURNE warns fiance LUKE WORRALL not to leave her.

“How he carried himself and related to people was great. His story is real. He came from the inner city and went to Harvard. We’re all flawed human beings and he just seemed real. I think that’s why so many people like him. He is just so charismatic.” JAY-Z thinks he knows the secret to U.S. President BARACK OBAMA’s success.

“It’s all music. I may not play instruments but I have more words in one verse than you have in an entire song. I can say that, I have an argument.” Rap superstar JAY-Z isn’t fazed by claims his work can’t compete with traditional guitar music.

“I wish I had done one more year so I could have beat James Arness for longest-running characters (on television), but tying was an honour. And it was time to move on.” KELSEY GRAMMER has a few regrets about not playing TV shrink FRASIER CRANE for one more season of FRASIER.

“I’m working on it… I’m trying to remember things, which is very difficult.” KEITH RICHARDS admits his memoir is coming together very slowly.

“It’s an occupational hazard; people make up a story, and then you find yourself having to deal with this fictitious stuff. I think the worst thing that happened was that I could see people sort of looking at me more closely: ‘Were his ears always like that?’” PAUL McCARTNEY on the conspiracy theory he had died in 1966 and was replaced in the BEATLES by a lookalike called William Campbell.

“The sad part is that we offended some (people). But people who love you understand because, at the end of the day, it’s your day.” Rapper JAY-Z on his wedding day in April, 2008, which was an intimate, top secret affair at his New York penthouse apartment.

“Paparazzi will fly to the ends of the earth for some actors, but we live in Brooklyn and they’re not even prepared to cross the Brooklyn Bridge for us.” MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL enjoys living away from the bright lights of Manhattan with her husband PETER SARSGAARD and daughter RAMONA, two.

“I know I can do a lot more that I intend to do. I’m not saying that I’m above picking up litter, but I know that I can do a lot more to prove myself as a role model to young kids.” Disgraced singer CHRIS BROWN is willing to work hard to rebuild his reputation as someone youngsters can look up to following his conviction for beating up ex-girlfriend RIHANNA earlier this year (09). He was sentenced to five years probation and six weeks of hard labour.

Nobody knew how to shoot… No one really practises shooting a TEC-9 machine gun, right? And when you’re a kid with little bony arms - no wonder nobody could aim.” JAY-Z laughs off the childhood shooting incident which almost cost him his life at a young age.

“That night is one of the nights that I wish I could take back and I’m really ashamed of what I did. No one taught us how to love. No one taught us how to control our emotions. There’s a lot of stuff that I wish I could change.” CHRIS BROWN deeply regrets losing his temper and violently assaulting ex-girlfriend RIHANNA in a highly-publicised incident in February (09).

“I thought to myself, ‘This is the craziest opportunity I’ve ever been given. Who of my friends do I want to make a million dollars?’” Australian singer/songwriter and ZERO 7 vocalist SIA shared producing duties on CHRISTINA AGUILERA’s forthcoming album LIGHT & DARKNESS with struggling musician pals.

“It was very sad. I watched it and wished I had been there, but I didn’t know that was going to be the end of the documentary. I thought that was a bit cruel… I wish I had have been there.” ROBBIE WILLIAMS on the documentary that marked TAKE THAT’s reunion after a ten-year hiatus, which ended with the four group members disappointed when the ANGELS singer failed to join them.

“I’ve made fun of it before, to even talk about it is just ridiculous. I’m an accomplished musician and I’d much rather talk about my fans and my music than a silly rumour.” LADY GAGA on recent speculation that suggests she has both male and female reproductive organs.

“It’s a constant reminder that sometimes you don’t have control over it. It’s really scary because if it can happen to someone like him, it can happen to anyone.” KELLY OSBOURNE was shocked by the sudden death of ADAM ‘DJ AM’ GOLDSTEIN from a suspected drug overdose earlier this month last month (Aug09).

“We’re mates, there’s no bad feeling. It’s all good. I love him and I love his family, they’re great. You know, no problems there. It just needs to be at the right time when we’re both in the right head space.” ROBBIE WILLIAMS isn’t ruling out collaborating with former songwriting partner GUY CHAMBERS after their previous fall out.

“It really genuinely feels so good. Pop star, I like pop star. I’ve not done it in three years. I get to wear jackets and not eat chocolate and eat porridge every day.” ROBBIE WILLIAMS is enjoying life back on the pop music scene.

“I love you, Mike, and I miss you.” JANET JACKSON posted a message dedicated to her late brother MICHAEL on her Twitter.com blog, 24 hours before attending his funeral. The King of Pop was finally laid to rest in California on Thursday (03Sep09), 10 weeks after his sudden death.

“He’s such a cutie patootie. Sometimes I forget just how good-looking he is.” CLAIRE DANES on fiance HUGH DANCY.

“I’ve spent plenty of time on my own, so it’s good now to have someone to do those fun and non-so fun things with. I’m not particularly good on my own.” KYLIE MINOGUE on finding happiness with boyfriend ANDRES VELENCOS SEGURA

“Sharon’s got it down to a fine art. Her favourite place to shop is the nearest store. She’ll shop in a coal yard. She’ll be in front of 50 white shirts and she has to go through every one of them.” OZZY OSBOURNE on his wife’s love of shopping.

“There’s only room for one Mrs Gibson in this town - and that title is taken by JOAN COLLINS.” MEL GIBSON’s pregnant girlfriend OKSANA GRIGORIEVA insists the pair has no plans to marry - unlike Collins who is wed to toyboy Percy Gibson.

Australian supermodel ELLE MACPHERSON is promoting her new lingerie line Intimate with a TV ad campaign in which she reads a bedtime story dressed in stockings, bra and panties.

“People think of Phillip as somehow weird, but he is the sweetest man in the world. I did everything for him. I would pick out his clothes and style his hair pieces.

The Phillip I know is the one who wakes up with his head smooshed on the pillow in the morning. I don’t recognise the demon portrayed in court.” PHIL SPECTOR’s wife RACHELLE is adamant the convicted murderer has been misrepresented in the courts and in the press.

“Some of them are absolutely terrible, and they’re delusional, they think that they can sing really well… If you’re going to sit for 10 hours in the heat in Dallas, Texas to be in front of millions of people on television, someone has to say, ‘You’re a terrible singer,’ and I had no problem being that guy.” Actor/singer NEIL PATRICK HARRIS gave harsh criticism to reality TV hopefuls on hit U.S. singing competition AMERICAN IDOL as a guest judge.

“I have seven - I’m good. I’ve got everything I want. And, oh, it hurts. Don’t let ­anyone tell you it doesn’t. It hurts, and it hurts really bad.” Tattooed R&B singer MARY J. BLIGE has no plans to get more permanent ink.

“I could do the splits when I was nine months pregnant. I could put my leg over my head still. I used to be a ballerina!” ASHLEE SIMPSON-WENTZ carried on as normal during her pregnancy. The singer/actress gave birth to baby BRONX last November (08).

“I’m so surprised, I can’t quite believe it! It really is amazing that this has happened after all these years.” DAME VERA LYNN, 92, is shocked her “best of” album has climbed to number two in the U.K. charts.

“For this album, I’ve been Luke Moody. I don’t like the name Robbie. Bert Williams for the next album, come on!” British singer ROBBIE WILLIAMS is considering a name change.

“I still don’t drive. I ride my bike. It’s becoming less socially acceptable for me not to have a driver’s licence. The drop-dead cut-off is 30. If I’m not driving by then, I am going to have to start lying about it.” Actress ANNA PAQUIN still can’t drive at the age of 27.

“He’s letting the side down a bit. We just need him to ditch the boring trousers and t-shirts. It’s so much fun dressing up!” SIMON COWELL’s THE X-FACTOR co-star DANNII MINOGUE has launched a campaign to smarten the music mogul up.

“The first thought that came into my head was a selfish one: ‘There goes my career. Everything I have dreamed of is over.’ The men - including all of the musicians - would be going away to fight. And I’d be heading for the munitions factory. It seemed like the end of my world.” Former forces’ sweetheart and singer DAME VERA LYNN on hearing of the outbreak of World War II.

“Yes, of course they’ve airbrushed it. That’s why I look like some sort of face-lifted old queen.” British funnyman RICKY GERVAIS on the poster for his upcoming movie THE INVENTION OF LYING.

“If you had asked me a few years ago what I would change about my appearance I would have wished for boobs - but I got those.” British model LILY COLE is delighted with her new curvaceous figure.

“I’m currently reading lots of books on philosophy. It’s something that has always interested me and I am thinking of
studying it at a higher level.” Pop star DANIEL MERRIWEATHER is considering going back to school.

“Roger (McGuinn) doesn’t like me. And that’s unfortunate because I would love to make more music with him. He’s an amazing musician… (and) Neil (Young)… is extremely difficult to predict.” DAVID CROSBY on his “difficult” bandmates.

“I think a good collaboration would be THE PRODIGY. I’ve been saying that for a while but I just know for that next
level of banging sound I know I could get that from them. What Prodigy do, what they’ve been doing for the past however long, they are the pinnacle of rave (dance music) for me.” British rapper DIZZEE RASCAL is hoping to hit the recording studio with his former touring partners.

“When I’m drunk I like to cause mischief. I’ll steal props like the broomsticks from the HARRY POTTER set and bring them out to the pub for comedy value. It seems funny at the time. Trouble is I usually get too trashed (drunk) to remember what happened the next day.” DANIEL RADCLIFFE likes to joke around when he’s had a drink with pals.

“Gary and I were in a similar situation where the pressure of the band came down on us all. It was left to the brothers to sort things out. For a good 10 years with Spandau Ballet we were the pressure cooker and it was bound to explode now and again.” SPANDAU BALLET star MARTIN KEMP can empathise with warring OASIS siblings LIAM and NOEL GALLAGHER after years of feuding with his brother/bandmate GARY.

“I’m fearless. Starting a rock band at age 30, that could be called crazy to some. But skydiving, and riding with dolphins, I’m not (into).” Eccentric actress-turned-rocker JULIETTE LEWIS has limits to her daring behaviour.

“At the time, I thought the positive benefits were that I got loads of women, I could get into any bar I wanted, and I was getting paid! That was actually, honestly, the only reason at the time I was doing it.” JACK OSBOURNE on why he agreed to be filmed at home for his family’s THE OSBOURNES reality show.

“The Who was always my band. It’s academic who the leader was. But I was the person that started the band in the first place. I was the one who put John Entwistle in it, found Pete Townshend, and I was fronting the band when Keith Moon joined… I was completely consumed by it.” ROGER DALTREY insists THE WHO are, and always will be, his band.

”I would probably pick Obama. I think he’s doing a great job so far.” U.S. President BARACK OBAMA is actor MICHAEL SHEEN’s man of the year.

“Things definitely were hard at times: ‘Why did you say that…?’ ‘What’s this all about? Why didn’t you speak to me about this?’ So it can be tough at times, especially when my mum or sister come out with something in the press… (They are) a bit of a loose cannon every now and then - they’ll just blurt stuff out and it can have quite an effective backlash.” JACK OSBOURNE doesn’t like or appreciate what his mum and sister say to the media.

“A lot of people say something like the BEATLES could never happen again. I hope it can, I think it can, as long as kids continue to be inspired by music.” SIR PAUL McCARTNEY feels positive about the future of the record industry.

“I’m very against rudeness, I believe in manners, I believe in discipline, but other things that people are very
uptight about, I’m not… I’m not uptight about cursing. I won’t let my kids say, ‘You’re a f**king a**hole’ - because
that’s rude… (I say) ‘Don’t go to school and say, Teacher, pass me a f**king pencil.’” Actress JENNIFER
CONNELLY has no problems with her kids swearing at home.

“We’re planning to create a group of utilitarian-style buildings, like prisons, one for each of us, that we’re going to be locked in. They’ll look like little skyscrapers… We can

travel through them and stand on top of them, but we can’t escape them.” Rockers MUSE are lining up a spectacular live show.

“I got this pretty girl to come with me and she promised me she’d wear high heels.” MICKEY ROURKE admits his trip to the show at New York Fashion Week had nothing

to do with fashion

“I actually met with her a couple of weeks ago and the funny thing is, I actually don’t remember half of it. I remember the first half of meeting her, but then, as the night
progressed, somebody decided to drink too much Jameson.” THE ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS frontman TYSON RITTER is excited to collaborate with RIHANNA in the studio
- but can’t remember their plans after a whiskey-fuelled meeting

“There’s a particular video for Spinning Around that captured the minds of all Britain for a year. Kylie’s hot pants were all the tabloids could talk about. I think she has to take

a certain responsibility for this novel, by wearing those hot pants.” Rocker NICK CAVE found inspiration for his new novel The Death of Bunny Munro in an unlikely place.

“It had its down sides, but it has its upsides as well. I got attention, which is a wonderful gift to give any child.” British comedian MATT LUCAS quickly came to terms with
losing his hair as a child.

“Electricity freaks me out.” BONES star DAVID BOREANAZ has a fear of live currents.

“I’ve lost a little over three stone. I was fat - now I’m a bit fat, but not as fat.” MATT LUCAS has shed weight since his marriage to his longtime partner collapsed last year

“They (The U.S. government) ask you these questions (like), ‘Are you or have you ever been a prostitute?’ And I said, ‘Well, not literally. But I’ve been in a few films that have
made me feel like one.’” Scottish-born actor and CABARET star ALAN CUMMING on becoming an American citizen.

“He gets nervous about flying, which is annoying. He paces up and down and checks the luggage 50,000 times. It drives me mad.” Former SPICE GIRL MELANIE BROWN

admits her husband STEPHEN BELAFONTE is a nightmare to travel with.

“I believe that, in the most profound of ways, Mary was incapable of lying, as a person, and as an artist. That took great courage, and Mary was always equal to the task.”
PETER YARROW pays tribute to his PETER, PAUL AND MARY bandmate MARY TRAVERS, who lost her battle with leukaemia on Wednesday (16Sep09) at the age of

“I don’t really go in for wearing underwear. It’s rare that I decide to put some on. There’s no point really - and I’m not ashamed of it.” Pop sensation LADY GAGA prefers to go


She is a really, really wonderful woman. It’s nice to see my friend so happy.” MATT DAMON approves of his pal GEORGE CLOONEY’s new Italian girlfriend, ELISABETTA

“I set my bedroom on fire once. Carey wanted to have a quickie (sex), and I left a cigarette burning on an oven mitt… When Carey says, ‘Quickie,’ I get excited.” PINK really

knows how to fire up sex sessions with her husband CAREY HART.

“You do this test to become a citizen. It’s a naturalisation test, which is kind of crazy, because it seems like when you become an American, you’re natural - and anyone

else is unnatural. It explains our world view.” Scottish-born actor ALAN CUMMING on becoming an American.



“I literally stayed in my pyjamas for, like, six, seven months… see my daughter go to school… and I’d eat something, go back to bed, wake up, wait for her to get home, make sure she was OK.” WHITNEY HOUSTON on what her life was like when she first split from husband BOBBY BROWN and stayed with friends in California.

“I’m the constant underdog in America. It’s been this constant fight to prove I have some kind of talent. Every two years I hear, ‘Oh, this new girl’s going to knock you off your pedestal,’ and two years later, she’s a waitress again.” PINK fights off her competition.

“I’m not a great actor. I don’t fool myself to think that I am. Most of the work that I get is through having really good relationships with people and being dependable.” DEMI MOORE’s model-turned-actor husband ASHTON KUTCHER doesn’t think much of his on-camera skills.

“Barack professes to be this great basketball player. I can’t wait to catch him on the basketball court. I can play a bit but I don’t know if he knows that!” Rap star JAY-Z is confident he can out-hoop U.S. President BARACK OBAMA.

“I photograph fat, I know I do.” KELLY OSBOURNE insists she appears bloated in photographs - but not in real life.

“The producers keep telling me that they’re going to give me a suit with all the bells and whistles, but I still don’t have it. Maybe I should get it in my contract.” ROBERT
DOWNEY JR. is still waiting for an IRON MAN costume the filmmakers promised him.

“If you look at the lives we’re leading on the show and the lives we’re leading offscreen, I mean, they’re very similar. But it’s not weird, it doesn’t feel incestuous.” PENN
BADGLEY insists he doesn’t find it strange working with and dating co-star BLAKE LIVELY.


“I think he has already apologised… The atmosphere was very charged (and) I think people get a little bit excited… but Taylor Swift’s a young kid… You can’t make a pretty
girl cry… I know Kanye and I know he’s a nice bloke and we all make mistakes in life, but all I wanted to say was, ‘Oh come on, she’s only a young girl.’” MTV Video Music
Awards host RUSSELL BRAND on Kanye West’s stage storming antics at the prizegiving on Sunday (13Sep09).

“I want to lick him all over. I just adore him. Lick, lick, lick.” SHARON OSBOURNE is smitten by DAVID BECKHAM.

“I feel more emotional in Spanish. It’s the Latin side of me, it just flows… after my third album I didn’t want to write in English anymore. I started writing in Spanish and
everything just came out.” Portuguese-Canadian pop singer NELLY FURTADO tapped into her Latin roots with her first Spanish-language album, MI PLAN.

“If I don’t find a good script ever again, I’ll be retired. There won’t be any fanfare or statement to the press. I’ll just be like an old soldier - which I am - and fade away. I have no
anxiety about it.” MICHAEL CAINE has no qualms about ending his acting career.

“There are many wonderful memories but that was amazing. It was very cold and at the time I didn’t fully appreciate it. But when I think about it now, I feel nostalgic. It was
beautiful.” YOKO ONO loved the BEATLES final concert on the roof of the Apple Building in London in 1969.

“I feel more emotional in Spanish. It’s the Latin side of me, it just flows… after my third album I didn’t want to write in English anymore. I started writing in Spanish and
everything just came out.” Portuguese-Canadian pop singer NELLY FURTADO tapped into her Latin roots with her first Spanish-language album, MI PLAN.

“We lived awhile in Costa Rica until I realised some things in the jungle - snakes and frogs - can kill a child.” Actor WOODY HARRELSON on his hunt for the perfect home.
He now lives in Maui

“I was standing on stage because I was really excited because I had just won the award. And then I was really excited because Kanye West was on stage. And then I
wasn’t so excited anymore after that.” TAYLOR SWIFT reflects on the moment the rapper invaded the stage and sabotaged her proud moment after winning the MTV Video
Music Award for Best Female Video on Sunday (13Sep09)

“My phone calls get returned before I finish dialling the number.” Stars are clamouring to collaborate with hip-hop superstar JAY-Z.

“Already we’ve had a little bit of craziness… You can have both Beyonce and Taylor Swift on a good night when she’s old enough and if their marriage don’t last.” MTV Video
Music Awards host RUSSELL BRAND makes light of Kanye West’s event protest - he interrupted Swift’s Best Female Video acceptance speech to declare Beyonce should
have won

“How can we celebrate 2009 without that fantastic woman. There has been a lot of mud slinging and rumour-mongering and rubbish - people saying that she’s a
hermaphrodite. I think it’s a disgrace that a woman cannot be successful, sexy and have an aggressive sexuality without people going, ‘Oh, she must be a bloke.’ That is
sexist… If you haven’t worked it out by now, I’m trying to f**k her.” MTV Video Music Awards host RUSSELL BRAND got Sunday’s (13Sep09) show off to a naughty start by
professing his love to LADY GAGA.

“So far, I have committed nefarious acts, I have sung a song, and three times I have appeared naked as a jaybird.” JOHN LITHGOW teases fans with his new role as a killer on TV drama DEXTER.

“I have an old phobia of going to the movie theatre. People know where you are for three hours. People will call all their friends and they’ll find you. I’m paranoid, I used to be
a drug dealer!” Rapper JAY-Z avoids going to the cinema.


“I’m working on a fragrance, the Janice Dickinson fragrance. You’ll wear it to get laid!” Former supermodel JANICE DICKINSON has plans to help women find romance.

“When I joined it, I didn’t realise it would become a cultural phenomenon and I’d have committed to a stupid name… RustyRockets, it sounds almost as if my sex organs
have been out in the rain.” Comedian RUSSELL BRAND regrets his Twitter.com moniker.

“No, I’m not sporty enough. I won’t enjoy it.” French actress AUDREY TAUTOU has no desire to make a Hollywood action movie.

“I wouldn’t go out with anyone my age. I have sex with people my age but I wouldn’t go out with them.” LILY ALLEN likes older men.

“I do loads of road cycling. Wearing Lycra to look like LANCE ARMSTRONG is my buzz.” SPANDAU BALLET star GARY KEMP has secret sporting ambitions.

“I could listen to Kings of Leon the same way I could listen to a Drake mixtape. It gives me the same pleasure, the same feeling.” Rapper JAY-Z has a diverse taste in music.

“Ronnie’s a f**king cowboy; he’ll go camping on horseback, Wild West style, and I’m very envious. Mark has a black belt in tae kwon do. And Dave speaks Klingon - I’m not kidding. I’ve got nothing on them.” THE KILLERS star BRANDON FLOWERS on his talented bandmates.

“I freestyle off TV, ESPN. The top 10 countdown, I’ll be like, that’s pretty hot!” Rap superstar JAY-Z breaks into impromptu rhymes sitting at home, watching TV.

“That would be nice. I’ve got space for it.” MERYL STREEP would love a third Oscar.

“I play princesses with my daughters at home and it’s so different… When I go to my brother’s house, and he has two boys, I walk in the front door and I instantly get punched in the nuts!” MATT DAMON has it easy raising three daughters.

“They’ve attached a small electric device to my sex organs and then every time I go near the line a button can be pressed from backstage, so if you see me twitching during the VMAs it’s not just because I’m reacting to Lady GaGa’s bottom.” RUSSELL BRAND jokes about how producers plan to curb his outrageous ways at the MTV Video Music Awards.

“I bought my first cellphone a week ago… I didn’t like to be get-able… I get into bed at night with my iPhone over there (and I’m) waiting for it to ring - because nobody knows that I have a cellphone, so nobody calls me.” ANTONIO BANDERAS finally joins the mobile phone revolution.

“I barely talk to Lauren. We’ll text every now and then, but that’s about it. Heidi, um, keeps asking me to go to Bible study with her.” AUDRINA PATRIDGE hasn’t stayed in contact with her THE HILLS co-stars LAUREN CONRAD and HEIDI MONTAG.

“People can have rhinoceros skin, but there’s a point when something’s going to hurt you. Not everyone is stone, stone. I haven’t watched the news in weeks. I had to ask my chef, ‘How’s Obama doing?’ I haven’t read a newspaper.” MICHAEL JACKSON’s grieving sister JANET has avoided the news since her big brother died in June (09).

“I want to say I’m sorry for anything negative I said about Sam. It was totally off-colour. I appreciate that she cares about Lindsay’s health and well-being. I really see Sam in a whole different light now.” LINDSAY LOHAN’s father MICHAEL apologises for his previous negative comments about his daughter’s on/off girlfriend SAMANTHA RONSON.

“It’s not right. I put it up really close to the concert. I put it up Tuesday (to) shorten the window. I tried.” Rapper JAY-Z deliberately attempted to outmanoeuvre touts by putting tickets for his 9/11 benefit concert in New York on sale just four days before the Friday night (11Sep09) gig. His attempts failed and some scalpers have attempted to resell the tickets for the now sold out show for thousands of dollars.

“I am sure there are a lot of women that are able to do that and I am sure it comes naturally to them, but I do not possess that quality. I can’t get out of tickets, it’s not me. I got a ticket three days ago and of course I tried to get out of it. It didn’t work, I still got my ticket.” Actress MILA KUNIS hasn’t figured out how to use her womanly charms to sway police officers. .

“I’m pretty sure that this is it. We feel like the world was made for pairs. Four feels like the perfect number. Also, we’re not interested in overpopulating this world, so we feel like we don’t want to leave more than we are when we leave this planet.” REBECCA ROMIJN doesn’t want to have any more kids after giving birth to twins.

“Someone said to me, ‘Wow, best Andy Warhol performance in the worst Andy Warhol movie ever’. Oh, well.” GUY PEARCE is proud of his turn as the artist in FACTORY GIRL.

“I never actually did nude modelling, and I have always worn my top on the beach. I am definitely not comfortable taking my clothes off.” Former supermodel JERRY HALL, who strips on stage for West End musical Calendar Girls, always feels nervous about getting naked.

“This is it for me. This is my last marriage. She doesn’t bring up the other baggage.” Funnyman TOM ARNOLD insists he’s giving marriage one final shot with future fourth wife, fiance ASHLEY GROUSSMAN.

“I want a baby!!!! OK, so maybe not right now, but I can’t wait to be an aunt!” Reality TV star KIM KARDASHIAN admits her pregnant sister KOURTNEY is making her feel broody.

“My dad did not want me to do this (acting) at all. It wasn’t that he didn’t think I could, but he just thought that it was such an iffy (unsure) thing… I think there was a part of that (which) kind of fuelled my drive in a way.” JENNIFER ANISTON’s actor father JOHN ANISTON discouraged the star from pursuing a career in Hollywood.

“Now at least I know that I can step up to the plate and not crumble when I’m needed. When it comes to something like this that is so, so serious, so painful, so traumatic, I can handle it.” MICHAEL JACKSON’s sister JANET insists her grief over the King of Pop’s death has made her stronger.

“She’s doing fantastic and very little of what is being published is true.” ANTONIO BANDERAS urges fans not to believe what is being printed about the state of his marriage as his wife MELANIE GRIFFITH undergoes counselling at a rehab clinic in Utah.

“It was a huge audition. It was one of the toughest auditions I’ve had to do. I didn’t think I was going to get it!” British singer and former BLUE star DUNCAN JAMES on landing a role in the West End production of LEGALLY BLONDE.

“She’s doing really, really well. She is doing some work in England, and she’s had to take her dance partner with her to practice. She is really dedicated to it right now.” SHARON OSBOURNE is proud of her daughter KELLY’s dedication to rehearsing for her upcoming stint on DANCING WITH THE STARS.

“I just saw Matt up at the Toronto Film Festival and I was teasing him. I was saying, ‘Bring a lot of ChapStick, babe.’” MICHAEL DOUGLAS upon learning MATT DAMON will play his lover in a new LIBERACE biopic.

“So many girls have become famous for literally nothing, other than falling out of clubs in shocking clothing or going out with a different person every week.” HARRY POTTER star BONNIE WRIGHT hopes her celebrity status has a little more substance.

“We don’t like the peacocks here. They poop everywhere, and they’re loud. We’re going to try to sell them on eBay.” Playmate KARISSA SHANNON, one of HUGH HEFNER’s new live-in lovers, doesn’t approve of the Playboy mansion’s resident birds.

“I took my hair off because when I got the part I didn’t want to look like MORGAN FREEMAN.” REG E. CATHEY shaved his head when he landed a lead role in the London stage version of THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION.



“All we have to do is stay alive and we’ll always be five years ahead of THE BEATLES, five years ahead of THE ROLLING STONES - they’ve all still got five years to go before they can celebrate their 50th.” SIR CLIFF RICHARD is pleased to celebrate his 50th year in rock by touring with his old band THE SHADOWS.



“He’s scary. To go out to dinner with him is like, cross your fingers you’re not going to be embarrassed beyond belief.” Actor TED DANSON on his pal and CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM co-star LARRY DAVID.

“Once he called me to say we were going shopping. He drove us around all his favourite shops and spent £10,000 on clothes. It was as if I was his stylist. I didn’t buy anything.” MIKA struck up an unlikely friendship with KANYE WEST over their shared love of fashion. (KD/WNTMI/PAW)

“He’s endlessly interesting to me. He may not be the nicest man in the world, he may occasionally be mean - but he’s never boring.” HUGH LAURIE is a big fan of Dr. Gregory House, his grumpy alter ego on the medical drama HOUSE.

“We’ve got a few albums up our sleeves. We’ve got a whole album we started with (record producer) Rick Rubin, which is a rocking club album with beats and big guitars, and I can’t wait to get back to that.” U2 rocker BONO can’t wait to release new material.

“My nan was like my best friend. When I was thinking of what to call the label, I picked up the necklace and knew straight away that I’d call it Lioness, in honour of Cynthia.” AMY WINEHOUSE named her music imprint Lioness Records after a pendant given to her by her late grandmother.

“The voice in particular, I don’t like it. I don’t think anyone likes the sound of their own voice.” British actor HUGH LAURIE can’t stand hearing the American accent he uses in the hit series HOUSE.

“I usually date a lot younger. My son is 18, so they have to be at least 10 years older than my son because that would be embarrassing.” Colombian actress SOFIA VERGARA, 37, has a toyboy age limit.

“He’s a great guy. The women will vote for him for sure because he’s gorgeous, so he’ll do very well.” SHANNEN DOHERTY is convinced her ex-husband ASHLEY HAMILTON will do well when he competes in the upcoming season of U.S. TV contest Dancing With the Stars.

“I’ve got five dogs, three cats, two donkeys, three horses, two mini horses, four goats, a bunch of cows and a bunch of chickens. Oh, and two pot-bellied pigs.” Country star MIRANDA LAMBERT has a menagerie of pets.

“The good thing now is people come up to me and say, ‘Hey, aren’t you that guy’s father on CHEERS?’” Veteran actor TED DANSON, 61, admits his greyed hair confuses even his most loyal fans.

“I have people to this day who find me and tell me they quit smoking because of it.” Supermodel CHRISTY TURLINGTON is proud of the anti-smoking campaign she fronted in her twenties.

“It’s in my office, right next to a bathroom that lots of people use in the house. People will come up and be like, ‘I just walked past an Oscar.’ I’ll be like, ‘Isn’t that awesome?’” Hollywood actress CHARLIZE THERON’s 2003 Academy Award takes pride of place in her house. The star won the prize in 2003 for her portrayal of real-life murderer Aileen Wuornos in MONSTER.

“It’s a new rule this summer: he will not come to your house for dinner. (He says), ‘That way if I get bored, I can’t leave. But in a restaurant I can get up and go whenever I want.’ He’s bad.” Actor TED DANSON on his rude Hollywood pal, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM creator LARRY DAVID.

“I actually don’t have a driver’s license right now. The DMV

“I’d like to officially put myself forward to replace Amelle (Berrabah) in Sugababes. Please… tell (the) world so we can make it happen.” KATY PERRY tells her Twitter.com followers of her latest career plans. She wants to join the British pop trio.

“She came to my house in her underwear and I saw no hint of a penis.” MIKA is sure rumours his pal LADY GAGA is a hermaphrodite are untrue.

“It was based in Leeds, so I couldn’t say no!” Former SPICE GIRLS star MELANIE BROWN reveals the real reason she agreed to appear on new U.K. reality show SEVEN DAYS ON THE BREADLINE - it was based in her hometown in northern England.

“I wish I was better looking, I wish I had more hair, I wish I’d been in Mensa. I always just felt like a bum who ended up coming into some money.” Oscar nominee WOODY HARRELSON is uncomfortable with his achievements.

“It’s like a great prize waiting at home. He is a joy that can’t be explained. I love his smile - he’s always smiling.” New dad TAYE DIGGS is thrilled with Walker, his baby son with wife IDINA MENZEL.

“She has a really stunning look and is completely at ease with her natural beauty!” Supermodel NAOMI CAMPBELL believes GIRLS ALOUD pop star NICOLA ROBERTS has what it takes to work the runway.

“Events like festivals are so important in Europe. We don’t have that in the States, we are cultureless and I’m trying to bring it back.” KATY PERRY wants her American fans to experience outdoor music concerts.

“I want to work with him but he’s not interested - he told me he wants SHIRLEY BASSEY. Can you imagine the two of them? It would be incredible. They should do something.” TAKE THAT star GARY BARLOW is a big fan of rapper DIZZEE RASCAL.

“It’s not necessarily the case that we’re not talking. We have email… Who’s got time for a feud? Right now I have got screwdrivers inside guitars, my car broke down yesterday… I’ve got no time for a feud.” Former THE SMITHS guitarist JOHNNY MARR has ended his war of words with former bandmate MORRISSEY.

“My son goes to the school that I went to and my daughter goes to the school that my wife went to. They’re both same sex schools.” DAVID DUCHOVNY goes back in time after moving from Los Angeles to New York.

“We’ve cast three spells. One to get the show picked up, one to get some hair and make-up people that we wanted and one to get a time-slot - and they all came through.” Model-turned-actress REBECCA ROMIJN hopes to bewitch U.S. viewers with her upcoming WITCHES OF EASTWICK TV spin-off EASTWICK.

“I think the next couple of months will define the rest of my life.” ROBBIE WILLIAMS on his musical comeback. The singer will release REALITY KILLED THE VIDEO STAR, his first album in three years, in November (09).

“MAX is running. EMME is more cautious.” JENNIFER LOPEZ’s 19-month-old twins are growing up fast.

“Words can’t express the gratitude I feel right now. I’m truly thankful. I stand on the shoulders of those who came before me and I share the honour of this nomination with all those who helped me along the way.” Rapper LL COOL J is ecstatic to be a contender for next year’s (10) Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. (MJ/WNWCAH/ZN)

“Bought Spiced Pecan Pumpkin bread mix at Williams Sonoma. I baked it and made cream cheese icing. So good. Fall baking!! Eeeee!!” TAYLOR SWIFT reveals her favourite home-made food to followers on Twitter.com.

“(It) amazes me that my heart has not stopped beating for my whole life. Years and years of reliably life-sustaining spasm. I heart my heart.” THE STREETS rapper MIKE SKINNER appreciates his health.

“BRYAN CRANSTON won, which is great, but I really wanted JON HAMM to win, so I could kiss him.” DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star DANA DELANEY was hoping to smooch the Mad Men star at the 2009 Emmy Awards. She announced the winner of the Best Actor in a Drama category.

“She will be an amazing mum. She’s incredibly responsible, smart and loving. This is a huge deal for her and she’s going to take to it like a duck to water.” Scottish actor GERARD BUTLER heaps praise on his THE UGLY TRUTH co-star KATHERINE HEIGL’s parenting potential. The actress and her singer husband Josh Kelley welcomed adopted Korean girl Naleigh into their family last week (ends18Sep09).

“I wanna eat my potatoes and French fries and sponge cakes! When I play a role like this, I can’t have my carbs and it makes me crazy!” GERARD BUTLER hated having to have a ripped body for his 2009 thriller LAW ABIDING CITIZEN.

“(My girlfriend is) a fully qualified psychologist. She tells me I do have slight paranoid tendencies.” MUSE star MATT BELLAMY.

“I think it’s sad and I think that nobody in any genre of music should accommodate homophobia.” LADY GAGA takes aim at 50 CENT for comments he made about her ill-fated Fame Kills tour with Kanye West. 50 referred to the dates as “the gay tour”. The shows were scrapped last week (ends02Oct09) to allow embattled West to take some time away from showbusiness.

“I’ve never read the Twilight books. I saw the movie, though, and it was really cute.” THE HILLS star LAUREN CONRAD feels she should start reading up on the Twilight series after landing a movie deal with the the film’s producers, who plan to adapt her novel L.A. Candy into a new movie. (KL/WNWCEY/RL)


Bosses of the Heal the World Foundation have vowed to fight the lawsuit MICHAEL JACKSON’s estate administrators have filed against them - insisting they are the King Of Pop’s “friends”.

John Branca and John McClain filed suit against the Foundation officials last week (begs28Sep09), accusing them of using the Thriller icon’s name and likeness without permission.

The executors alleged the bosses had registered six trademarks and applied for 41 additional ones, all linked to Jackson, who created his own Heal the World Foundation in 1992. Jackson’s charity has no connection to the defendants.

The suit alleges the defendants cybersquatted various domain names - but foundation officials are adamant they wish no harm to Jackson’s memory.

Denying all the allegations, a statement from the charity says, “This suit has not been brought against the charity to ‘protect’ Mr. Jackson, his estate, his legacy and certainly not his humanitarian aims as has been claimed. You don’t ‘protect’ yourself from a friend and we are no adversary.”

“I felt like when I took my weave out, I wasn’t as pretty, I wasn’t as noticeable… I was spending $40 to $50 thousand a year and probably half of my life. I grew up in a hair salon.” Singer SOLANGE KNOWLES has saved herself time and money by snubbing wigs and weaves.

“It’s pleasant on the eyes… You wake up in the morning and you’re like, ‘Really? Even in the morning?’” Bollywood star ABHISHEK BACHCHAN on being married to AISHWARYA RAI, often dubbed ‘the most beautiful woman in the world’.

“Would you care for a cup of Hoffee?” DAVID HASSELHOFF reveals his favourite chat-up line.

“I discovered TAYLOR LAUTNER ran track back in Minnesota. That’s why I have him jumping hurdles in the movie.” Director GARRY MARSHALL made the most of the Twilight star’s athletic past in his new film VALENTINE’S DAY.

“She came to my hotel room to write a track for the album with only tea cups covering her nipples. That was before she was big which proves it wasn’t for the cameras!” MICHAEL BOLTON is convinced LADY GAGA’s crazy outfits aren’t for publicity.

“When I’m on the road, I go on shopping frenzies on iTunes. I buy videos, albums singles… They have everything. One day I’ll buy a kid on iTunes.” PARAMORE star HAYLEY WILLIAMS is hooked on downloading website iTunes.

“I had decided on a very short dress, and one that you couldn’t wear underwear. So obviously I was very nervous about getting up out of my seat.” Emmy Award winner KRISTIN CHENOWETH was not expecting to land the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy prize last weekend (20Sep09) after going commando for the ceremony. She won the accolade for her role in cancelled TV show PUSHING DAISIES.

“People said I threatened to punch Prince Harry at the Wireless Festival. It was just banter. He’s the exact same age as me - he’s a fan of mine and I like it. My music is for princes and paupers.” U.K. rapper DIZZEE RASCAL denies he had a run-in with British royal PRINCE HARRY at a recent festival appearance.

“I went to acting school with DUSTIN (HOFFMAN). I was the babysitter paying for my acting lessons and he was the janitor cleaning up - that’s how we paid for our classes.” BARBRA STREISAND on her humble beginnings as an actress.

“It can get a little hairy sometimes. I’ve had a few injuries, but hey, it’s rock ‘n’ roll.” Country star KEITH URBAN has some close encounters with over-zealous fans.

“I can’t say the words ’senior citizen.’ Makes me feel too old, so I pay full price, and to hell with it.” Oscar-winning actor DUSTIN HOFFMAN hasn’t accepted the ageing process at 72.

“I’ve never met a woman more focused, more exciting, absolutely gorgeous, but so real.” PARAMORE singer HAYLEY WILLIAMS enjoyed touring with GWEN STEFANI.

“My daughter - she plays drums, piano, guitar, and now she picks up the sax (saxophone) and she’s soloing with it, (now she plays) bass. She loves it. That’s all she does all day.” Latina pop legend GLORIA ESTEFAN predicts her 13-year-old daughter EMILY MARIE will follow in her footsteps with a musical career.

“As a writer, it always just seemed like the Holy Grail. I can die a happy man now.” SETH ROGEN is delighted to have had the chance to co-write an episode of THE SIMPSONS.

“When I was 15 I was completely awful: I’m surprised my father put up with me when I think back to what a brat I was.” PEACHES GELDOF is grateful for her father BOB’s tolerance.

“Sometimes I think the best thing I could do would be to get a tow truck and just drive it around. Throw a chainsaw in the back, maybe a set of jumper cables. Just look for people to help.” Rocker EDDIE VEDDER would like to be everybody’s handyman.

“People lie. They say you get this endorphin high. Or, ‘When I’m running, I get into this sort of trance-like state.’ It’s nonsense. It’s just painful.” PAUL BETTANY on the three months he spent training to shape up for new movie LEGION.

“Why would I impose this on the world. No one’s seeing what’s there and I’ll tell you why - because it’s tiny.” Funnyman RICKY GERVAIS insists no one will ever see him naked in a movie.

“I live in New York City and I ride a bicycle. Without exception, I get recognised once a month as NAPOLEON DYNAMITE.” ADVENTURELAND star JESSE EISENBERG is constantly mistaken for JON HEDER’s awkward teenage character.

“I have the f**king energy of a squirrel.” ALL AMERICAN REJECTS star TYSON RITTER.

“There isn’t much worse than being a has been, being used to sitting at the best table in the fanciest restaurant just by showing up, and then reaching a point where the restaurant won’t even take my call.” MICKEY ROURKE on the humility of fleeting fame.

“We smoked a lot of pot.” HUGH GRANT on what gave him the giggles on the set of new comedy Did You Hear About The Morgans?

“It’s over 60, but I’ve lost count.” BARBRA STREISAND can’t pinpoint how many albums she has released. Her new release, Love Is The Answer, is her 63rd album.

“God bless JADA PINKETT SMITH, who came up to me years ago and said, ‘Girl, you don’t know what you’ve done. You’ve opened the door that was shut.’ I can’t tell you how much that has meant to me.” WHITNEY HOUSTON was overcome with emotion after WILL SMITH’s wife told her she was a pioneer for successful black women in Hollywood.

“I do still drink a lot. About a bottle of Jack (Daniel’s) a day.” MOTORHEAD star LEMMY loves bourbon.

“As a kid I had the whole don’t-step-on-the-pavement-cracks thing going on. I was an awkward, paranoid child.” NELLY FURTADO is convinced she has obsessive compulsive disorder.

“We’ve spent the last four years thinking about this st. It’s not like we went with Target because we liked the logo!” PEARL JAM star JEFF AMENT on the band’s decision to exclusively sell their new album BACKSPACER through U.S. store Target.

“I always apologise - and then she goes shopping!” Rapper/actor LL COOL J reveals the secret to his 14 year marriage to wife Simone.

“SERAPHINA doesn’t really get it and VIOLET thinks I work in a trailer. She remembers when I did a play in New York and says, ‘Sometimes Mama bows on stage and sometimes she gets her hair and make-up done. She knows we give her M&Ms (chocolate) at work too.” JENNIFER GARNER’s kids can’t grasp the idea their mum is a Hollywood star.

“I’m very proud of Joel and Nicole, they’ve done a fabulous job and they delivered on time! I was leaving town and I wanted to make sure I was there for the baby and they did it exactly on time! I love the baby!” LIONEL RICHIE is delighted he was able to be present for the birth of his daughter NICOLE’s newborn son with boyfriend JOEL MADDEN.The couple welcomed Sparrow James Madden into the world on 9 September (09), a little brother for their 21-month-old girl Harlow.

“I have two pigs, two donkeys, three horses, three mini horses, four goats, two dogs, three cats and a bunch of cows and chickens. I name my animals after country song lyrics of artists, like my mini horse is named Adriana, like Pretty Little Adriana by Vince Gill.” Country star MIRANDA LAMBERT on her Oklahoma farm retreat.

“Just interviewed Karl Lagerfeld. He was so lovely. I think I’ma (sic) be him for halloween (sic). Collar, boots, gloves and all.” KATY PERRY plans to go trick or treating as fashion king Lagerfeld after meeting him at Paris Fashion Week in France.

“It’s the highlight of my career… Meeting Elmo, I love him. Honestly, I didn’t even care there might have been a middle-aged man underneath… He’s so sweet; I’d do a film with him. I’d do a buddy movie, me and Elmo going around solving crimes.” RICKY GERVAIS was thrilled to land a guest spot on childrens show Sesame Street.

“It was very abrupt… I got the phone call and I got invited and usually you get notice for these kinda things… but I had already planned a trip to New York… I would have loved to have been there, but a week’s notice is kinda soon.” Los Angeles socialite BRODY JENNER on why he was a no-show at stepsister Khloe Kardashian’s surprise weekend wedding.

“I have seen one when I was very young. It was unidentified and it was flying. It’s true, I’m intrigued by them.” GREASE star OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN if fascinated by the possibility of UFOs.

“I’ve never met a woman more focused, more exciting, absolutely gorgeous, but so real.” PARAMORE singer HAYLEY WILLIAMS enjoyed touring with GWEN STEFANI.

“I now get awards for being mentally ill. I think it’s because there’s no swimsuit portion of the competition. It’s better than being bad at being mentally ill - I’m great at it.” Actress CARRIE FISHER is amused by the success of her memoir WISHFUL DRINKING, in which she discusses her battle with bipolar disorder and addiction to prescription medication.

“(People think) we’re these serious dudes who think the world’s gonna end in the next 10 minutes.” MUSE star CHRIS WOLSTENHOLME on the leading misconception about his band.

“It’s actually quite uncomfortable knowing so many people are seeing (me gain weight). It’s a little bit embarrassing! (It took) a lot of hard work. Eating, working out - a lot of stuff.” TWILIGHT hunk TAYLOR LAUTNER is shy about his 30 pound (13 kilogram) weight gain after movie bosses forced him to bulk up to keep his role as werewolf Jacob Black in the vampire movie franchise.

“Rumer’s in lingerie… if you’re into that.” THE HILLS star KRISTIN CAVALLARI opens up about WILD CHERRY, her new movie with RUMER WILLIS.

“I can still wear them. But they’re locked away in a cupboard. I only bring them out for special occasions - my husband loves them!” OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN can still squeeze into the tight costumes she wore in GREASE.

“I love doing things with my hair, but I had an awful experience recently. I was having it dyed strawberry-blonde and the hairdresser left peroxide in for too long and it began falling out. I was so shocked, I burst out crying.” KELLY OSBOURNE on her hair disasters.

“I sent him this email that said: ‘Dear Philip, will you please appear in my new film? There is very little money involved as I spent the budget on testicular implants, but don’t look upon them as my testicles, look at them as our testicles.’ Apparently he liked the email and said yes.” How RICKY GERVAIS convinced PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN to appear in his movie THE INVENTION OF LYING.

“I think he’s more strict than me - he was always strict about sweets.” JERRY HALL insists her ex-husband MICK JAGGER was a draconian dad.

“I sent him this email that said: ‘Dear Philip, will you please appear in my new film? There is very little money involved as I spent the budget on testicular implants, but don’t look upon them as my testicles, look at them as our testicles.’ Apparently he liked the email and said yes.” How RICKY GERVAIS convinced PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN to appear in his movie THE INVENTION OF LYING.

“I liked it. I thought it was pretty amazing, those guys were amazing. Those guys don’t need good reviews, they can go as long as they want.” WOODY HARRELSON can’t understand why HUGH JACKMAN and DANIEL CRAIG’s new Broadway play A STEADY RAIN has received less-than-positive reviews.

“It’s been a devastating few weeks for me. I also did Susan Atkins’ last parole hearing about two weeks prior to her death. So it’s just been a whirlwind these last few weeks.” DEBORAH TATE, the sister of ROMAN POLANSKI’s slain ex-wife SHARON TATE, admits she has been rocked by the death of her sibling’s murderer SUSAN ATKINS and the arrest of the director on a 1978 child sex charge. Atkins, a member of Charles Manson’s notorious cult, confessed to the 1969 killing and died behind bars last week (24Sep09). Polanski was taken into custody in Zurich, Switzerland on Saturday (26Sep09).

“I just feel like I don’t need to be another notch on his belt.” THE HILLS star KRISTIN CAVALLARI reveals she turned down a date with JOHN MAYER.

“It was a mutual decision. Kanye’s going to take some time off.” LADY GAGA on her cancelled Fame Kills tour with Kanye West.

“I’ve had my fair share of very strange wake-ups in my time.” Actress and comedienne WHOOPI GOLDBERG admits she is no stranger to drunken sexual encounters.

“I happen to think that I am just extraordinarily lucky. I am doing something that I am passionate about and that I enjoy doing.” AMERICAN IDOL judge SIMON COWELL believes a lot of his success is down to luck.

“Being in L.A. has made me fascinated with guns and my bodyguard - he used to be one of the top hostage negotiators in the U.S.” British funnyman RICKY GERVAIS has hired personal security to protect him.

“They like sequels out here (in Hollywood), so I told them it was a sequel to FAHRENHEIT 9/11… All you have to do is say the word ’sequel’ out here and they’re like, ‘Check!’” Documentary maker MICHAEL MOORE reveals his tactics to get major studio bosses to back his controversial new film CAPITALISM: A LOVE STORY.

“As soon as the Mayor said, ‘We should give them a street,’ it became really controversial. People started saying, ‘We can’t give them a street; they have a song called Jesus Shoots Heroin.’” WAYNE COYNE on the FLAMING LIPS’ street dedication, Flaming Lips Alley, in the band’s native Oklahoma City.

“Why should I care? I get to be a woman and you can’t put a price on that. However much a man gets paid for a movie he’s never going to be able to give birth, he’s never going to look as good as me in a short skirt and high heels. Some things you can’t put a price on.” Actress MELISSA GEORGE is unfazed by her male co-stars’ higher earnings.

“There’s constant interest in my bottom! The paparazzi always want ‘butt’ shots, girls come up to me and grab it, and people ask to squeeze it. I sometimes think: ‘Everyone’s got a butt, why do you care about mine?’” KIM KARDASHIAN’s derriere has plenty of admirers.

“At the very simple heart of it, I’m an Italian girl from New York who really wants to make her mom and dad proud.” Eccentric LADY GAGA just wants to make her parents happy.

“I love that woman, I really do. She’s beautiful, totally fabulous. I passed by Buckingham Palace yesterday and I broke into a sweat thinking about her sitting in there, drinking her tea.” MELISSA GEORGE is a big fan of British monarch QUEEN ELIZABETH II.

“I would get in a car with him.” SHARON OSBOURNE is delighted her husband OZZY has passed his driving test, aged 60.

“Botox? No way! We’re British blokes, we don’t do Botox.” SPANDAU BALLET star GARY KEMP doesn’t fret over his appearance.

“I hear SNOOP DOGG might be teaming up with NOEL. If that’s the case then I would love to work with LIAM. Their music is tight and we could blend our styles well.” Hip-hop star JAY-Z wants to work with OASIS singer LIAM GALLAGHER.

“He is disrespectful. He needs to get that ego of his under control or it will be his undoing.” Singer CHAKA KHAN offers some advice to rapper KANYE WEST.

“I’m not a mushy person; I didn’t even like him at first! I was just like, ugh, another athlete. But the second day I hung out with Lamar, he was so sweet.” Reality TV star KHLOE KARDASHIAN realised she was in love with husband LAMAR ODOM three days after meeting him.

“I have a crush on the guy from CSI: NEW YORK - his name is EDDIE CAHILL. He played JENNIFER ANISTON’s boyfriend on FRIENDS, the assistant Tag. He’s really cute!” TAYLOR SWIFT has her eye on a Hollywood hunk.

“Throwing baby carrots to my dogs, they’re catching them in mid-air, and LOVING them. Who knew?” TAYLOR SWIFT tells followers of her Twitter.com blog about her pets’ strange eating habits.

“We’re actually at the limit, the absolute limit, when you consider the economics and the practicality of transportation. We’re really as big as we could get.” Rocker THE EDGE insists U2’s current world tour is the biggest spectacle the band could pull off.

“I have a bit of an insecurity about my forehead because someone once called it an alien landing ship pad. So I have a big forehead, but I’m good at juggling a soccer ball on my head.” JUNO actress ELLEN PAGE admits she is self-conscious.

“I’m definitely into the planning process. It’s fun and brings us together and we get to make a lot of decisions together.” KEVIN JONAS is enjoying the preparations for his upcoming wedding to DANIELLE DELEASA.

“I’ve never been more terrified in my life. I was putting on my skates (to train) and I felt like I was going to vomit and c**p at the same time. I’ve seen girls break ribs and puke during games.” Actress ELLEN PAGE was horrified during intense training sessions for DREW BARRYMORE’s roller derby film WHIP IT.

“It’s funny because in (NANNY MCPHEE AND THE BIG BANG) I have an English accent and sometimes I keep it going. Peter (Sarsgaard) and I were saying that we are going home and we are going to say little English things and our friends are going to think we are super pretentious!” MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL and her actor husband are enjoying living in London.

“I will meet a little kid who is, like, 11. I say, ‘Do you know that I am SpongeBob SquarePants’ grandma?’ They will turn around shaking all over and show me their SpongeBob underwear. Isn’t that something?” HAPPY DAYS star MARION ROSS loves playing SpongeBob’s grandmother.

“I am planning to be single for a while.” Singer NATALIE IMBRUGLIA is still smarting from the break-up of her marriage to Silverchair rocker Daniel Johns at the beginning of 2008.

“That’s a long way off yet, but who knows.” LIAM GALLAGHER would consider reconciling with brother and former OASIS bandmate NOEL - one day.

“We used to just go around with a piece of lino, doing a bit of breakdancing in town, trying to get some money.” LIAM GALLAGHER reveals his secret talent.

“They make me feel like a safari animal because they stop a van a couple of blocks away where I can’t see them and it gets really hush and quiet… the paparazzi like to hide behind trees like they’re in a war.” Actor JASON BATEMAN on being hunted by the paparazzi.

“I’m in ‘Gay Paris’ - I swear, as an Englishman, that by the time I leave tomorrow, it’ll be known as ‘Hetero Paris’. Or at least ‘Bi Paris’.” Funnyman RUSSELL BRAND is keen to give the French capital a more manly nickname.

“I’m not nervous about the big day because I haven’t planned a big day.” VINCE VAUGHN wants to keep his marriage to KYLA WEBBER low-key.

“They took a bit of getting used to. When they first made them, they put a plate on the back of them, so it’s like having a retainer in when you’re a kid.” STEPHEN MOYER struggled to get used to the mouthpiece he has to wear as a TV vampire in TRUE BLOOD.

“If I have a pimple on my face, she’ll get the doctor round and the pair of them will sit there discussing how to deal with it.” OZZY OSBOURNE on the intense beauty regime his wife SHARON has for him.

“When she’s off filming somewhere I can hardly get dressed in the morning!” OZZY OSBOURNE struggles without his beloved wife SHARON.

“He came up to me at an awards ceremony and said: ‘I used to be in a rock and roll band, you know, but I could never get the chords to Iron Man right.’ And I thought to myself: There are kids dying in Africa and our own boys are going off to war and you’re talking to me about Iron Man?” OZZY OSBOURNE isn’t a fan of former British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR.

“She’s great, I cheat off her paper all the time.” JAY-Z looks to his sister-in-law SOLANGE KNOWLES for tips on the latest good rock bands.

“They’ve got just as much right to be there as any banker or broker’s kid.” Former OASIS frontman LIAM GALLAGHER defends his decision to send his children to private school in Britain.

“I read the script backwards. If my character is still there on the last page that’s a good sign. If the part disappears then I don’t bother to read it from the front. I just send it back.” DAME HELEN MIRREN has an unusual method of picking her movie roles.

“I never made it to the school choir because the music teacher didn’t like my voice. I was pretty sad, but he was probably right. I did have a voice like a goat, but my dad told me to never give up and it’s paid off.” SHAKIRA’s musical ambitions were nearly dashed at a young age.

“When I was 12 and first started wearing lipstick, my dad would ask, ‘Are you wearing make-up?’ I would point to a photo of him in blue eye shadow and say, ‘You’re wearing more make-up in that picture than I am now!’” SIR MICK JAGGER’s daughter GEORGIA MAY on growing up as the daughter of a ROLLING STONE.

“When I first got the script, I looked it over and put it under my bed for a week. I eventually decided to do it because I liked it, but it was hard to go to those deeper places in my heart.” PIERCE BROSNAN struggled with the script for his latest film THE GREATEST, because it tells the story of parents grieving for their son who was killed in a car crash. Brosnan’s own son, SEAN, survived an accident in 2000.

“I am not a fan of AEROSMITH’s music without the live performance behind it… I have never listened to one CD all the way through. I listen in the studio when they record. I’ve never put an Aero CD on my player. I did order a few songs from iTunes.” Rocker JOE PERRY’s wife Billie admits she’s not a fan of her husband’s music.

“We had talked about it and I knew we were both kind of in agreeance (sic) with it… So Valentine’s Day rolled around and I figured, ‘This is not a ship to be missed - because I will not forget this day.’” VINCE VAUGHN on proposing to his fiancee Kyla Weber.

“We needed a chance to go and work on our own, and be excited and happy about our own lives and sleep in if we need too.” PUSSYCAT DOLLS star MELODY THORNTON on the group’s hiatus.

“When you watch the film, I look at it and I said, ‘That guy would make me nervous if I was in a room with him alone…’ I scared myself, I was a scary guy.” Former boxer MIKE TYSON on watching his new documentary Tyson.

“We are definitely going to be doing something together again soon. We’ve all been instructed not to say anything about it at all, but we speak all the time. I don’t want to say too much because I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but it’s really, really exciting.” MELANIE BROWN is finding it difficult to keep tight-lipped about plans for an upcoming SPICE GIRLS project.

“I’m just a science geek at heart. It’s amazing that I’ve been so successful in America but I’d rather be reading New Scientist than hitting the town.” U.K. singer JAY SEAN spent two years studying to be a doctor before quitting and signing a record deal.

“You know you’re getting older when the first thing you read in the newspaper is the obituaries to check they were older than you.” SIR IAN MCKELLEN on turning 70 earlier this year (09).

“My Twitter name is Final Level. Not Ice-T because that’s corny. Some idiot is named Ice-T on there and twittering about coffee or something.” Rapper/actor ICE-T has a grudge against the online blogger who has registered on social networking site Twitter.com under his stage moniker.

“It was in Manhattan, when we were shooting (the film) JUST WRIGHT), and somebody was like, ‘Is that MISSY ELLIOTT?’ Um, yeah. We look nothing alike either, which is the funniest part of it.” QUEEN LATIFAH on getting mistaken for the Get Ur Freak On rapper.

“Don’t throw (flower) petals on the floor if they have no meaning. I would rather have a fun, casual relationship than have someone pretending they’re completely in love with me.” TWILIGHT star ASHLEY GREENE advises potential lovers against showering her with fake gestures of romance.

“In this new virtual world I have a gun shop, a virtual tattoo store. My wife has a lingerie store and there’s clubs, parties.” Rapper/actor ICE-T is heavily involved in the social networking and 3D world of imvu.com, where players can create avatars and buy virtual goods with real money.

“The other night there seemed to be someone in the front row convulsing. I thought someone was having an epileptic fit on the floor. I stayed in character and carried on, which was just as well because it turned out it was just a guide dog shaking itself out.” SIENNA MILLER is easily distracted while on stage in her Broadway play, AFTER MISS JULIE.

“For me, I’ve never been a boyfriend girl, where I’ve always got a boyfriend. I was about 15 when I had my first boyfriend. We were together for a year. As far as relationships, that’s me making an exception, ’cause I’m better single. I feel like if I were to meet the right person, I’d make time for it.” Country star TAYLOR SWIFT is too busy for love.

“I came to L.A. and got a scholarship through (acting coach) Stella Adler. Part of the scholarship required that I help build a theatre on the corner of Vine and Hollywood. It’s now a subway entrance.” BENICIO DEL TORO on his humble beginnings.

“I believe I am (on Twitter). I have a wonderful assistant who makes up most of my quotes. He tells me about it afterwards and they’re very funny, he’s very good, he’s just finished 20 years working with me.” British comedian JOHN CLEESE admits his updates on the social networking site don’t come directly from him.

“I’ve been called gay, pregnant and dating NELLY. None were true.” JOSS STONE dispels some myths about her.

“They come up and they say, ‘We like Monty Python very much’ and we say, ‘That’s nice, I’m glad you like it’ and then they start saying what their favourite sketch is, and we don’t give a f**k what their favourite sketch is! It’s of absolutely no f**king interest. The show’s great, don’t tell me which f**king sketch you like!” MONTY PYTHON comedian JOHN CLEESE has a warning for fans of the iconic comedy.

“I love bright colours and I love more of an old-world, eclectic feel and mismatched chairs and a different knob on every cabinet… I love draping fabrics and I’m putting a treehouse in my living room.” TAYLOR SWIFT on her plans to decorate her new home.

“This is my first children’s book and I’m so excited about it. We really want to encourage kids to use their imagination. For me, Mud Tacos represents a time when we were in my grandmother’s backyard, creating our own little world.” Former SAVED BY THE BELL star MARIO LOPEZ hopes kids will be inspired by his new picture book, which he co-wrote with his sister Marissa.

“I’ll tell you what happened there. Me and New York came to an agreement that the world disappeared. And I don’t know where it went, it deserted us, man. And the only thing that was left was me and Manhattan.” GLASVEGAS frontman JAMES ALLAN has a cryptic explanation for going missing for nearly a week last month (Oct09).

“Literally up ’til (I was 14) he was the biggest tight a**e. He’s like an Irish potato miser.” PEACHES GELDOF slams her rocker dad BOB’s frugal ways.

“We keep our professional lives separate. Anything that we do together is for (son) BRONX’s entertainment - we’ll play a song for him. But those two worlds are separate for now.” PETE WENTZ brushes off rumours he is set to star alongside wife ASHLEE SIMPSON-WENTZ in MELROSE PLACE.

“She started playing golf! She has a little hole in the backyard.” HALLE BERRY’s 18-month-old daughter NAHLA has a sporting future ahead of her, according to the actress’ partner GABRIEL AUBRY.

“As far as the X-FILES movie I’d like to do next, if we get a chance to do it, would be a return to the heart and soul of the mythology, which is the alien-oriented conspiracy. I think it’s natural for The X-Files to have another movie in 2012, so we’ll see if we get to do it.” DAVID DUCHOVNY is urging movie producers to start thinking about a third X-FILES film.

“I have to do everything left to right. If I put on jeans, it has to be the left leg, then right. Same with shoes. It’s weird, but that’s how it’s got to be.” JAMIE FOXX is very particular about getting dressed.

“The thing about crying is you can only do it once, so that is one take. Because once you cry, you feel better.” RICKY GERVAIS found it easy filming an emotional scene in his new movie THE INVENTION OF LYING.

“I would have loved to don a white floppy rabbit suit, with a big fluffy tail.” MICHAEL SHEEN is sad he only provided the voiceover for his character in TIM BURTON’s upcoming adaption of ALICE IN WONDERLAND.

“That’s not something I’ll ever answer, because you know what - it was buried with Michael.” DR. ARNOLD KLEIN - MICHAEL JACKSON’s personal dermatologist and longterm friend - has vowed never to reveal if he is the real father of the late King of Pop’s two eldest children PRINCE MICHAEL and PARIS.

“Human nature is to blame for everything… We’re just a disease on this planet. It’s gonna shrug us off like crabs. It’s too late, anyway, with what we’ve done to the environment. Our kids are gonna be wearing gas masks. We’re all gonna fry.” Rocker LEMMY has a gloomy outlook about the future.

“It’s a very difficult time to earn money. The last commercial I did was for an Icelandic bank - and they’re not even coming back to offer me another job.” MONTY PYTHON star JOHN CLEESE admits his acting offers have dried up as a result of the worldwide credit crunch.

“It was the biggest surprise. When I told David, he had just come home and was sitting at the kitchen table having lunch. I spent all day trying to figure out how to tell him. In the end I just said it, ‘David, I’m pregnant!’ He dropped his sandwich!” JENNIFER HUDSON shocked fiance DAVID OTUNGA with her baby news.

“If the Nazis ever want to get going again, they can borrow their equipment from LEMMY.” OZZY OSBOURNE is impressed with pal Lemmy’s Nazi memorabilia, which includes various uniforms, medals, swords, the flag from Adolf Hitler’s motorcade and a monogrammed hairbrush and mirror that once belonged to Hitler’s mistress Eva Braun.

“People ask me, ‘Who’s the king of heavy metal?’ and it would absolutely be LEMMY. Lemmy, to me, is the epitome of what being a rock star is all about.” OZZY OSBOURNE has high praise for the Motorhead frontman.

“He didn’t have the artistry for it. He was lucky if he could stand up.” Rocker LEMMY on trying to teach late punk icon SID VICIOUS to play the bass.

“Of all the things I’ve done in my life, this has got the most attention!” California’s First Lady MARIA SHRIVER laughs off her recent cell phone controversy after she was caught talking on her mobile while driving. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s wife, an award-winning journalist and author, apologised for last week’s (13Oct09) violation and donated the device to charity.

“I love parading around shaking my belly for my kids and stuff. They thought it was funny, the fact that I got all squishy.” MATT DAMON’s family found his weight gain for forthcoming movie THE INFORMANT! amusing.

“I used to say I wouldn’t do nudity after the age of 30 but now I’m not so sure. I did 28 weeks of (play) Hitchcock Blonde and every night I was on stage completely naked except for a pair of high heels. Funnily enough, I was never conscious of being naked, apart from one night when I forgot to wear my heels.” ROSAMUND PIKE, 30, is proud of her body.

“I have, on occasion, actually beaten him straight up. He took my husband and me on a golf trip one time and they were surprised at the end when they added up the scores and I was one up on them. I have bragging rights for life.” JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE’s mother LYNN HARLESS will always remember beating her golf-mad son at his favourite game.

“I don’t want to stand next to a 20 year old on the runway, even if people say I can still do it. It would just make me depressed.” Supermodel CINDY CRAWFORD is happy to stay away from the catwalk.

“He would’ve been dead if he kept up that way. I don’t know if he’s happier or not, but he’s certainly still alive.” LEMMY on pal OZZY OSBOURNE’s sobriety after a hellraising life.

“I love wearing high heels, I love wearing silk stockings and I love wearing hot pants. In those three I feel like a Thirties tough girl.” YOKO ONO likes to dress up, even at the age of 76.

“I would like to play a role where I get to put on a lot of weight - I would like to eat Carbonara for three months straight.” Actress EMILY BLUNT likes the idea of piling on the pounds for a film role.

“Our kids are endlessly fascinating and soon they’re going to have problems. Now they’re innocent little beings, but soon they’ll be all changed.” NAOMI WATTS is looking forward to the challenge of seeing her two sons with LIEV SCHREIBER grow up.

“I come from a background where work seemed like a good option. But when I met LIEV, things changed. I realised what having a family meant.” NAOMI WATTS credits her partner LIEV SCHREIBER with changing her outlook on life.

“I didn’t really have a drink until I got divorced the first time, when I was 30.” Alcohol wasn’t part of MADONNA’s early life.

“I get complimented for my bike riding more than my film work, which I’m not sure is a good thing.” EWAN McGREGOR has become more famous for his motorbike trek documentaries than his filmmaking in his native Britain.

“I like it because it’s a gay film, which is to say it’s a film about two men in love… I also got to French kiss JIM CARREY a lot, and I quite like that too.” EWAN McGREGOR on playing Carrey’s lover in new movie I LOVE YOU, PHILLIP MORRIS.

“I would love to have children. I’d love to adopt. And I’d still like to find a man and have a baby with him. I haven’t given up.” SEX & THE CITY star KRISTIN DAVIS is still looking to settle down at 44.

“It’s almost embarrassing how well-behaved I was, which is probably why I do things like spit water on myself onstage as an adult.” YEAH YEAH YEAHS rocker KAREN O reflects on her mild-mannered childhood.

“I’ve been in seven HARRY POTTER films but my classmates are real movie buffs compared to me!” Actress BONNIE WRIGHT is burying her head in the books to keep up with fellow students in her university film classes.

“Amanda and I are still very much together. I’m working in Dorset (England) on my new film and she’s out in L.A. It’s tough but we talk all the time!” DOMINIC COOPER insists the only woman in his life is his MAMMA MIA! co-star AMANDA SEYFRIED.

“Everything is awesome about being a dad. The best part for me now is that I think for the first nine months mum is so essential. When they start hanging out with dad more you’re like, ‘Wow I feel like a dad.’ You go to music class and do fun stuff together, it’s cool.” PETE WENTZ loves spending time with his son BRONX, who celebrates his first birthday next month (Nov09).

“My dad is ridiculous. He’s like, embarrassingly proud. He really goes overboard, like walking around with magazines and s**t.” TWILIGHT star KRISTEN STEWART’s dad is a superfan.

“You do start to get a complex. You can never have shoes on and they kind of dig things for you to stand in. They sometimes put the ladies on boxes and you find a way around your height.” Funnyman VINCE VAUGHN admits standing six foot five inch (two metres)- tall has always been a problem for him in Hollywood.

“I think it’s a Welsh insult. I never figured it out. It just stuck.” Rocker LEMMY on his moniker, which was given to him by kids at his Welsh school.

“It’s funny, because I haven’t had one ounce of Botox or any of that. I finally got grey hairs in the past couple years. I don’t want to be one of those weird-looking guys who gets old but stays looking young.” JOHN STAMOS credits good genes with keeping him looking youthful.

“I think having so many villains detracted from the experience. I would agree with the criticism. I think I’ve learned about the importance of getting to the point and the importance of having limitations. That would be my approach to Spider-Man 4: to get back to the basics.” Director SAM RAIMI is hoping the fourth SPIDER-MAN film will improve on the mixed reviews he garnered for the superhero’s third big-screen outing.

“He said he’d heard there were 138 different types of bourbon in the U.S., and he decided to try one of each… and he did it in the end. I don’t know how the guy breathes.” OZZY OSBOURNE can’t believe pal LEMMY’s booze intake. The Motorhead rocker reportedly drinks a bottle of bourbon a day.

“Hugh could completely judge my mood by what I was reading; he knew it was a semi-bad sign if I was re-reading Jilly Cooper or any of those books we all had to read (at school), like Thomas Hardy and Jane Austen - it meant I was feeling insecure and needed attention. If I was reading modern literature, he knew I was feeling fine and good.” HUGH GRANT could figure out his ex ELIZABETH HURLEY’s feelings by checking out which titles she was reading.

“When chance plays its part, like when someone’s phone goes off in the audience, no matter what you’re trying to do on stage you’re drawn into that moment and it becomes electric.” MICHAEL SHEEN relishes taking on theatre roles.

“Asking me to choose my favourite beer is like asking me to choose my favourite child!” Former CHEERS star GEORGE WENDT has written a book dedicated to his favourite tipple - beer. Drinking with George: A Barstool Professional’s Guide to Beer was released this month (Oct09).

“It feels like I’ve reared a child. I hope no-one bullies it and everybody likes it.” Director SAM TAYLOR-WOOD hopes the public and critics approve of her forthcoming film NOWHERE BOY, about JOHN LENNON’s childhood.

“People think I’m stoned anyway. It (smoking) just stopped being fun. Last time I smoked pot, I was not a fun person to be around.” PINEAPPLE EXPRESS star JAMES FRANCO on quitting marijuana.

“I don’t really relax much. Like, I can’t go and nap, ever. I’m not interested in relaxing until I hit the sack… I wouldn’t know what to do with a week off.” Actress DIANE KEATON has no time to relax.

“I’m always mistaken for Michael Palin… and whenever I am mistaken for MICHAEL PALIN, I say, ‘Yes, I am Michael Palin, now f**k off you ugly old bastard!’ Because I’m trying to destroy his reputation for niceness one person at a time.” ERIC IDLE on his Monty Python pal.

“The others had told me that I was recognised much more than them, but I am much taller and more handsome and more striking in general… They’re a fairly nondescript, unattractive, chunky little bunch. They all have short legs and (they’re) slightly overweight.” JOHN CLEESE jokes about becoming the recognised face of the Monty Python comedy troupe.

“I loved it and I thought they did a really, really wonderful, beautiful job.” MICHAEL JACKSON’s mother, KATHERINE, was thrilled by the tribute to her late son on her favourite TV show DANCING WITH THE STARS on Tuesday night(20Oct09). The Jackson family matriarch was a special guest at the show and sat in the front row with daughter La Toya and son Jermaine.

“I equate fame with being a big, blue alien. Some people are like, ‘Look at the blue alien, she’s so cute!’ and other people are like, ‘Oh my God, don’t talk to the blue alien!’ And at the end of the day, however they treat you, you are still a big, blue alien.” Movie star-turned-punk icon JULIETTE LEWIS on learning to deal with stardom.

“It just sounds like organised stalking to me… I’ll be in a restaurant and I’ll get home and somebody tweeted and they talked about what I ordered and what I was wearing… It’s a wee bit of an invasion of privacy.” CARRIE UNDERWOOD isn’t a fan of Twitter.com.

“I couldn’t bear being married to SIMON COWELL because you wouldn’t get a word in edge ways and he’d always be right.” Marriage to the sharp-tongued music mogul would be a living hell for British pop star CHERYL COLE. The Girls Aloud singer sits on the judging panel with Cowell for his U.K. TV talent search THE X FACTOR.

“I never wanted to get married, I never wanted to have children. Look at me now. Married, (with) four step children!” CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM star SUSIE ESSMAN admits her life has not worked out quite as she had imagined.

“Me and Jay-Z grew up across the block from each other.” Comedian TRACY MORGAN was childhood friends with the rap superstar after growing up in the same Brooklyn, New York neighbourhood.

“Get him around sharks and he gets a little nervous!” Actress MALIN AKERMAN reveals her COUPLES RETREAT co-star VINCE VAUGHN’s secret fear.

“My first rap name, when I was about nine, 10 years old, was Chris Cringle until I couldn’t come up with any more Santa Claus or Christmas raps, then I had to change my rap name.” Hip-hop star LUDACRIS almost ended up with a more seasonal stage moniker.

I’ve always impressed her with a guitar in my hand. I just wasn’t as good in bed.” Irish singer/songwriter GLEN HANSARD jokes about his relationship with The Swell Season bandmate and Once co-star MARKETA IRGLOVA, his ex-girlfriend.

“Halloween, for me, is a little bit like New Year’s Eve for a drunk - I dress up in costumes all year long.” BOOGIE NIGHTS star JOHN C. REILLY can’t get spooked for Halloween.

“Lily can’t act but she thinks she can, and that’s the important thing.” TERRY GILLIAM on his THE IMAGINARIUM OF DR. PARNASSUS muse LILY COLE.

“I’ve not had any alcohol in 11 years, I’ve not had a class A (drug) in 20 years. I smoke marijuana occasionally but only when it’s dark… I never sit up talking s**t all night and forget what I was saying the next say.” Former STONE ROSES star IAN BROWN on his cleaner-living lifestyle.

“P. DIDDY was very rude, I was introduced to him and he just shook my hand without even turning around to look at me.” Former SPICE GIRLS star MELANIE CHISHOLM wasn’t impressed on meeting SEAN ‘DIDDY’ COMBS.

“I was such a fool when I met BEYONCE. But when I saw JAY-Z at Wembley (London concert arena) the other week, I was a wreck. I was backstage and he was coming towards us. He has this presence and he’s just amazing.” British pop star CHERYL COLE was starstruck meeting the hip-hop supercouple on separate occasions.

“It will be scary and fun. You have Fangoria, who will bring everyone in from the cutest little punk rock kids to men my age looking pitiful in Star Wars outfits. And Las Vegas is already where you can go look at hookers and drink. Throw it all together, and this seems like the perfect day to be in Las Vegas for me.” Moviemaker JOHN WATERS on his upcoming Halloween (31Oct09) appearance at the Fangoria convention at the Palms resort in Las Vegas.

“ELTON JOHN sent me this huge ghettoblaster (stereo) when I was there and I couldn’t have it, unfortunately. It was very sweet. People were sending me teapots and kettles!” BOY GEORGE was flooded with presents from friends and fans while he was in prison earlier this year (09).

“It (facial hair) is tough to maintain, but I’m stuck with it because I started with it earlier in my career. When I’m not working I tend to shave it off because it’s just easier.” Country singer TIM McGRAW on grooming his famous goatee.

“I don’t know if you can see me shaking in the film, but it wasn’t because of nerves. It was freezing and the heaters weren’t working.” Actress/model LILY COLE on the wintry conditions on the set of TERRY GILLIAM’s new movie THE IMAGINARIUM OF DR. PARNASSUS

“They never fight. Michael has preached nothing but love and, boy, did he instil right from wrong in those kids. He did an incredible job of raising them.” LA TOYA JACKSON praises her late brother MICHAEL’s role as a father.

“Don’t believe her when she says I have more gear than she does. She definitely has the bigger closet in our house. She’s got lots more stuff. I have to keep all my stuff in a corner and compartmentalised while she gets her glamour on.” MARIAH CAREY’s husband NICK CANNON is jealous of his wife’s extensive wardrobe.

“They are highly intelligent. Prince especially knows everything about everything. He can tell you fascinating things about the moon in great detail or where certain rocks come from. Michael made sure they were always reading books and he was very particular about what they read. I’m not even sure if they read things like Harry Potter - it was always about knowledge.” LA TOYA JACKSON on her late brother MICHAEL’s three kids.

“I’ve since discovered I speak Italian with a Geordie accent.” Newcastle-born rocker BRIAN JOHNSON on his Italian roots.

“I just don’t overly use my voice. I think talking really is, like, the worst, like going out to a club where you’re shouting because you don’t realise how loud the music is. Stuff like that I try to avoid.” LEONA LEWIS on how she keeps her voice in great shape.

“If anything I feel more, ‘Ugh!’ Sometimes I think I want to get ‘hair and make-up’ every day, but that’s just not possible.” LEONA LEWIS insists she doesn’t feel any more beautiful since becoming famous.

“I would go and sit on a farm with loads of horses and all kinds of animals. That’s truthfully what I would do - be a horse lady.” LEONA LEWIS is considering moving to a farm if her music career fails.

“I was all into showtunes. How I ended up with a wife and kids, I don’t know.” E.R. star ANTHONY EDWARDS is amazed he turned out straight.

“It’s not for me. It doesn’t feel like that for me. Not at the moment anyway. So no plans to move out there just yet, but I like to go there to escape.” GIRLS ALOUD star CHERYL COLE has no intention of moving to Hollywood to further her career.

“We’ve broken a lot of attendance records, usually ones we’ve set ourselves.” U2 manager PAUL McGUINNESS on the huge demand for tickets to see the band on their 360 tour. The show will set attendance records at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California on Sunday night (25Oct09), when 95,000 people are expected to turn up for the show.

“Richie gave me a birthday present; it’s an autographed Martin guitar from Bob Dylan (and) Leonard Cohen says his favourite version of Hallelujah is mine - pretty cool. Those are the guys I really care about.” Rocker JON BON JOVI on the support of his heroes.

“This ain’t such a romantic life at the end of the day, trust me; it’s f**king stressful. How psychotic is it to sit in an empty room like this, go onto a stage with 70,000 screaming maniacs, get back in the car and there’s total silence, and then go back to a hotel room and sit there all by yourself… That’ll f**k your head up. It’s a lonely existence.” JON BON JOVI insists life on the road is far from ideal.

“We did a song where there’s a mass crowd singalong at the end - there’s 50 to 100 people on there, but yes, she’s on it.” JAMIE CULLUM was delighted that his fiancee SOPHIE DAHL agreed to sing on a track on his forthcoming album THE PURSUIT.

“God. I hope not.” JERRY HALL doesn’t want to believe her ex MICK JAGGER is the love of her life.

“It’s really difficult and it’s really depressing having to be confined to living on that amount of money, which is nothing really. I found it very, very restrictive.” Mega-rich SPICE GIRL MELANIE BROWN struggled to survive on $422 (£264) a week for a recent U.K. reality show.

“People say, ‘Do you like playing stadiums, Jon? I don’t wanna be in stadiums, I wanna be in an intimate club.’ F**k that. I wanna play the desert and sell it out - more than once.” JON BON JOVI likes big gigs.

“Becoming a mum is the best thing that’s happened to me. I’ll be the first to admit that it can be very hard to raise two kids, but I absolutely love it. I can’t imagine what my life would be without my children.” WEEDS star MARY-LOUISE PARKER is happiest at home with her two kids, son Atticus, five, and three-year-old daughter Caroline, who she adopted from Ethiopia in August 2007.

My body feels like it is asking to reproduce, to have a huge belly and carry babies. And when the baby comes, I don’t want to be in the middle of 100,000 projects.” SHAKIRA is hoping to find time to start a family with her boyfriend, ANTONIO DE LA RUA.

“When we were doing the video, I said I want to do you. I wanna do my version of Beyonce. I called myself GEYonce.” LADY GAGA wanted to channel BEYONCE when she was invited to join the R&B superstar for her new single VIDEO PHONE.

“My doctor said I shouldn’t smile - I told him I never do.” MORRISSEY joked about the advice he received from his physician as he returned to the stage at London’s Albert Hall on Tuesday (28Oct09), just three days after he collapsed during a gig in Swindon, England.

“Maybe I’m cheap. They’re saving on presenters now because they all need goody bags… Someone must have said, ‘Is there, like, a fat shmuck from Britain who doesn’t know our ways and would think this is a real honour? Who’d do it for a giant pizza?’ My agent overheard them.” RICKY GERVAIS on his selection as host of the 2010 Golden Globe Awards. He’ll be the first proper host of the prizegiving since 1995.

“I try to tell a joke and I always get distracted. I can’t remember the important part! Maybe that’s why I’m an actor, the important part is scripted out for you!” SPIDER-MAN star WILLEM DAFOE has no comedy skills.

“I don’t think I’d be very good at acting. I find actors and actresses very talented and I think you really have to work at. It’s not something (that’s) easy to come by.” British pop star CHERYL COLE has no plans to embark on an acting career.

“If I had to choose, I would never take my shirt off again in a movie, but I guess that’s not very realistic. I certainly won’t be asking to do it, though.” TWILIGHT hunk TAYLOR LAUTNER doesn’t want to be known only for his pecs appeal.

“I’m going to be drunk and I’m not going to rehearse so it’s the perfect gig for me.” RICKY GERVAIS is taking a laid-back approach to his hosting duties for the Golden Globes in January (10).

“Kevin and his fiancee Danielle have set their wedding date, but it’s completely private. Danielle, bless her heart, is from a great little Italian family. She is everything I ever prayed for and hoped for Kevin.” KEVIN JONAS’ mum DENISE is very pleased with her son’s choice of bride - the woman the pure pop star will lose his virginity to.

“I’ve got a lot of mates out there. Those guys are doing an incredible job - we sent them there and we need to support them. So I’m going out to boost morale. I’m sorry I’m not a pretty, blonde girl, guys! But I’m coming anyway.” Former soldier JAMES BLUNT is flying overseas to entertain the troops.

“Because I’m an actor I went all out. I went as OZZY OSBOURNE. I did a lot of shuffles… People thought I was actually Ozzy Osbourne!” Scottish actor EWAN McGREGOR was so convincing in his Halloween costume as the Prince of Darkness last year (08), he fooled fans into thinking he was the real thing.

“Jimmy (Page) and I rehearsed a bit with Jason Bonham and we couldn’t really agree on singers and that fell by the wayside.” LED ZEPPELIN bassist JOHN PAUL JONES has confirmed plans to tour without frontman ROBERT PLANT have been abandoned.

“I had quite quite a fever before I went out there and waltzed… (but) my partner took all the pity. You men do that, you men are wimps. I had to go out and suck it up.” Actress MELISSA JOAN HART on catching the flu from her DANCING WITH THE STARS partner MARK BALLAS. The TV star was voted off the hit U.S. show on Tuesday night (27Oct09).

“We keep things based in reality but it’s still fiction so we use treatments that don’t exist. We make things up to keep it interesting. All the diseases are real, but how we go about treating them is a bit stretched.” HOUSE star JESSE SPENCER is hoping viewers don’t take any medical tips from the hit TV show.

“I don’t know why I take them, actually.” Happy rocker OZZY OSBOURNE is confused by his intake of anti-depressants.

“I feel sorry for Sharon because she puts on weight just thinking about a French fry.” Rocker OZZY OSBOURNE on his wife SHARON’s battle with her waistline.

“I’m aware that when I go, the billboard is going to say Gandalf dies. It’s fine.” SIR IAN McKELLEN contemplates the headlines on the day he dies.

“I would say, ‘Hey, do you see my hips moving?’ No? This is not working. My hips don’t lie.’” SHAKIRA on how her test for hitmaking inspired her hit HIPS DON’T LIE.

“It’s all nonsense really, but if you live in a society where there are civilian awards, it seems a little bit churlish to say, ‘I don’t want it’. I’m just trying to think of one advantage and I don’t think there is one.” Actor SIR IAN MCKELLEN on his knighthood.

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