Saturday night live

Dana Carvey Hosts ‘Saturday Night Live’
LOS ANGELES ( Last night's "Saturday Night Live" with host Dana Carvey turned out to be interesting one and the hilarious gigs, sketches and skits managed to keep the audience riveted to their seats.
Jeff Bridges On “Saturday Night Live”
LOS ANGELES ( Noted actor Jeff Bridges was the host of last night's "Saturday Night Live".
Paul Rudd On “Saturday Night Live”
LOS ANGELES ( The "Saturday Night Live" audience saw legendary musician Paul McCartney and comic actor Paul Rudd giving their best shots to entertain the audience to its fullest last night.
Scarlett Johansson On ‘SNL’
LOS ANGELES ( Hollywood bombshell Scarlett Johansson appeared on 'Saturday Night Live' this week for the third time and like always the actress was her hilarious best on the show.
Will Forte Leaves Saturday Night Live?
LOS ANGELES ( There is a sad news for "Saturday Night Live" aficionados as the cast member of the show, Will Forte will not be seen in the next season.
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