Lauren Budd Gets More Popular

By Reema, Gaea News Network
Saturday, December 11, 2010

LOS ANGELES ( It did not take much time for the 18 year old model Lauren Budd to witness her own share of fame at such a young age. After several modeling assignments as a lingerie model, she finally seems to get some international exposure, thanks to the Sports Illustrated magazine, who recently named her Friday’s “Lovely Lady Of The Day”.

Lauren Budd is ab Australian Model, who was hardly known to America. However, now it seems that she would be known worldwide with her grace and poise. Sports Illustrated Magazine finally identified her leashed potential and decided to give a stronger footing to Lauren Budd, so that she could be known in the wider realms too. All those who are familiar with the glamor world might have occasionally come across her due to her link ups with John Carew and David Walliams, but never for her potential as a model. Lauren Budd is 511 tall, with a remarkable vital stat of 34-25-35. Featuring her in the magazine, has made her all more famous out of the blue, amongst the general masses too, who now want to get a glimpse of her and know who she actually is, making her one of the hottest search on the net today.

The Blue Eyed beauty, is definitely here to stay, as despite her very young age Lauren Budd exactly knows what to be done in order to get famous and gather a stronger footing for her career. Being titled by the famous sport magazine, would just add to her careerscope and now it seems she can definitely make it big in the United States too.

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