Pamela Anderson To Appear In “Bigg Boss 4″

By Reema, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, November 16, 2010

MUMBAI ( “Bigg Boss 4″ is grooving the audiences with a string of surprises this season. Where in the last few seasons, guests were not allowed in the house, in this season, the show is offering more twists and turns, by inviting several TRP friendly guests for the entertainment of the audiences and the inmates. The latest to add in the list of guests is none other than the hot and sensuous Pamela Anderson. She is likely to enter the house as a guest today.

However, the pricey actress made her entourage and security personnels conduct a meticulous scrutiny of the house before she makes an entry. Sources say, that she was unhappy with the size of the toilet and lack of privacy in the house. The celebrity status that she enjoys definitely demands more luxury, comfort and privacy. She asked the entire production crew of “Bigg Boss 4″ to arrange a bigger bathing area, a private queen sized bath tub, jacuzzi and a private swimming pool, without any camera. She demanded for this private nest either in the house or outside it. This demand from the actress is expected to shed off yet another 4 crores from the production team’s pocket. A source from the production team said that they have arranged a private adobe for her, right next to the Bigg Boss’ house, which usually accommodates Salman Khan when he is shooting in Lonavla. They said that this house will meet most of her demands including a 24*7 security service outside this palatial home.

A senior official from Pamela Anderson’s management team said that he has requested the “Bigg Boss 4″ production team to allow her to shift to a different dwelling for at least eight hours, after they capture enough footage. Pamela Anderson, is extremely excited about the show and said that this is her first visit to India and her experience in “Bigg Boss 4″ will give her some good impression about the country during her stay.

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