‘Heidi Klum factor’ pushing normal mums to lose weight post-pregnancy

Monday, November 15, 2010

LONDON - Celebrity mums like Heidi Klum, who get back in shape just after weeks of giving birth are putting too much pressure on new mothers, a poll has found.

Six in 10 new mums said that celebrity culture makes them feel as if they have to slim down as soon as they have given birth, reports the Daily Express.

They also claimed busy midwives do not have the time to discuss nutrition with them during pregnancy.

Celebrities such as Mylene Klass, Denise van Outen and Heidi Klum have appeared in public weeks after giving birth looking as slim as before they became pregnant.

However, with most new mothers it can take weeks or even months for tummies to return to a normal shape, while extra pounds gained during pregnancy can often prove hard to shift.

A poll of more than 6,000 mothers, carried out by the website Netmums.com for the Royal College of Midwives, found that most think the NHS needs to offer women more advice about diet during pregnancy, with three in four women saying the NHS should run classes on how to eat and manage weight during pregnancy.

Sally Russell, co-founder of Netmums.com, said mothers are being left with low self-esteem because of a lack of support.

She said many described their bodies as “disgusting”, “elephant-like” and “fat” when pregnant and admitted to feeling down about how they looked.

Only a few said they were “happy and proud” of their bumps. (ANI)

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