New Avatar Movie Trailer

By soumitra, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, December 15, 2009

San Francisco - I don’t need to give you an introduction to James’s Cameron’s Avatar which is perhaps the most hyped 3D Science Fiction for now. Without any further ado lets take a look at the movie trailer.

The film will be released in most countries including USA in 18 Dec but it will be released on 16 Dec in French Speaking Region and on 17 Dec in German Speaking Region. Enjoy the trailer of the movie until you watch the movie at the theaters. Here is a short plot of the movie in case you want to know more.

The plot is 150 years later when human find a lush and sentient inhabited satellite called Pandora, 4.3 light years away from Earth. Pandora has incredible forms of life with some beautiful and some terrifying animals. The Na’vi s are sentient humanoid race there who are more primitive but more physically capable than humans. They live in harmony in their unspoiled world.

Humans try to encroach deeper into Pandora’s forest in search of valuable minerals. As they are unable to breath air on Pandora, they create genetically modified human-Na’vi hybrid named Avatar. Jake, the main character of the story has been recruited for a mission to know their weaknesses after he is genetically modified to become a human-Na’vi hybrid.

Over time, Jake finds himself more attracted towards the Na’vi and finds his love Neytiri, a young Na’avi female. He is forced to choose sides in the epic battle that will decide the fate of Pandora.


December 15, 2009: 10:58 pm

i am waiting till 18th. do you know why, avatar movie will release that day. i am desperate to know what will happen next?visual effects this used are really perfect. nice movie.

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