Ted Willaims Arrested, Then Enters Rehab

By Madhusmita, Gaea News Network
Thursday, January 13, 2011

LOS ANGELES (GaeaTimes.com)- The golden-voiced homeless man, Ted Williams, who became an overnight sensation after a YouTube video introduced himself to America was arrested last Monday after he had an altercation with his daughter. The Los Angeles Police Department reported that they got a call from Renaissance hotel on Monday night after Ted Williams got into a fight with his daughter. On the other hand, Stacey Luchs, the spokesperson of “The Dr. Phil Show” said that the man with the golden voice has agreed to enter rehab after he spoke with the host of the show, Dr. Phil McGraw and confessed that he suffers from drinking problem. This episode will be aired on Thursday.

The Los Angeles Police Department reported that Ted Williams was arrested, detained for sometime and then released later. Catherine Massey, Los Angeles Police Officer said that the incident was “minor”. Catherine Massey said that both the parties were angry but there were no signs of visual abuse and they were later released. However, Ted Williams’ daughter Janey Williams said that she tried to restrain her father from drinking and it resulted in the altercation.

Some media outlets are of the opinion that Ted Williams is having a difficult time, handling the pressure and sudden fame of stardom. In his interview, Ted Williams told Dr. Phil McGraw that he has become addicted to drinking now a days. However, it seems that after he got arrested, he realized his fault and hence agreed to enter rehab. A source close to “The Dr. Phil Show” said that Ted Williams has agreed that he is no more “sober” as he used to be and now he is ready to get help.

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