‘Experienced and confident cook’ Marilyn Monroe’s stuffing recipe revealed

Saturday, November 13, 2010

LONDON - Marilyn Monroe was an expert in the kitchen, according to a new book, which includes her very own recipe for stuffing.

The Hollywood glamour girl’s recipe consists of 11 basic ingredients, plus several herbs and spices, and instructions on how to make her mixture, reports the Telegraph.

It appears the list was written quickly on whatever was to hand, in this case a piece of headed notepaper from an insurance company.

The recipe started with a reminder that there should be ‘no garlic’ and went on through steps including soaking French bread and ‘wringing it out.’

Monroe’s stuffing included oregano, thyme, bay leaf, celery stalks, walnuts, chestnuts, Parmesan and what the actress described as chopped “parsarly.”

It is believed that she recorded the recipe while living in New York in the mid-1950s.

US cookbook authors Matt Lee and brother Ted, who recreated the recipe, said it bore the “unmistakable balance of fussiness and flexibility that is the hallmark of an experienced and confident cook.”

They said making the concoction was “laborious” and it took more than two hours to prepare. In total 15 vessels were need to lay out the ingredients.

However, the result was “one of the most handsome stuffings we’ve encountered.” (ANI)

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