Golden Voice Of Ted Williams Win Accolades

By Naiwrita Sinha, Gaea News Network
Friday, January 7, 2011

COLUMBUS ( Ted Williams the man with the golden voice has already become a big hit. The 53 year old who until three days back roamed about in the streets of Columbus, Ohio earned a living by flaunting a sign board where it was written that unless any one would offer him a dollar he would not talk to that person. Gone are the days of misery. Ted Williams now is the current You Tube sensation. As per the latest reports, ever since the news of Ted Williams broke out people have been searching endlessly for him.

It has been found that around eight million viewers have seen him on YouTube and were left with nothing else than other praises for him. All because of the unusual story of this man in possession of a golden voice. The story of Ted Williams is drawing the attention of many agencies who want to hire him for his God gifted voice. A spokesperson of a reputed advertising agency claim that after she heard his voice she was touched by it and considered his voice to be perfect for their cheese and mac campaign. On Thursday he appeared on a famous talk show where he announced that he has bagged a job with a reputed diary company.

On Thursday itself the man with the golden voice resumed back with his voice over job going on to record for four commercials. It was after almost a span of twenty years that the former radio announcer was once again reunited with his passion. Ted Williams has also been hired by MSNBC and Cleveland Cavaliers for voice overs.

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