Christina Aguilera’s Leaked Photos Latest Buzz In Net

By Reema, Gaea News Network
Friday, December 10, 2010

Christina Aguilera's Leaked Photos

LOS ANGELES ( Some people who were hopelessly heart broken to know that Christina Aguilera is expecting and therefore would never be able to give a glimpse of her terrific picture perfect figure, now have a reason to be happy for one last time. Christina Aguilera’s Leaked Photos, which recently took over the internet, gives the final proof of how hot the singer looked (once upon a time), when she was not pregnant.

However, the singer herself was not so happy with the news, as she has been subjected to a heinous cyber crime and technological harassments by a few hackers, who tapped her stylist’s email id, to obtain those photos and distribute them all over the net and to the press. She reportedly sent these highly sexually attractive photographs to her stylist for personal exchange only, a few months ago. But recently, some untraced hackers got hold of them to bless her fans with some intimate view of the singer’s body. In one of the photos, she was modestly studded with just chains and jewel-encrusted pasties, that made desperate efforts to cover up her dangerous torso curves, but delightfully failed. Yet in another photo, she sensuously lifted up her skin colored satin robe, to humbly flaunt her thong and legs. Christina Aguilera’s Leaked Photos would make anyone wonder why she at all had to share them with her stylist? If she could do that with him, then why not with the rest of the world all these days.

However in order to make the final defense, Christina Aguilera has decided to take some legal actions against the notorious hackers and wants the authorities to trace them soon. Christina Aguilera’s Leaked Photos are right now the most intensely searched items on the net.

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