Former NFL coach Jimmy Johnson voted off ‘Survivor: Nicaragua’

By Derrik J. Lang, AP
Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ex-NFL coach Jimmy Johnson voted off ‘Survivor’

LOS ANGELES — Jimmy Johnson won’t be adding the title of sole “Survivor” to his winning resume.

The silver-haired 67-year-old former coach of the Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins was the third person voted off the Nicaragua-set 21st edition of the CBS reality TV competition Wednesday. Johnson, the oldest member of the Espada tribe, declared himself the weakest castaway at Tribal Council and was unanimously booted by his fellow mature tribemates.

“I had fun, but I was miserable the whole time,” he said. “I still love the game, and it’s been a great adventure. This is the most stressful time I’ve ever gone through in my life, and I’m including Super Bowls and collegiate national championships. I initially said, ‘Keep your strongest members.’ I obviously wasn’t one of the strongest members.”

Johnson, always more affable than athletic, wasn’t able to lead his tribe to victory in an immunity challenge that involved rolling barrels along the beach then landing sand bags on top of them. Marty Piombo, the scheming 48-year-old technology executive, led the campaign to oust Johnson, saying he needed “to remove him so people will lose their daddy.”

“Oh, man,” Piombo earlier groaned. “Why do we get stuck with a celebrity on our team?”

This season, the tribes have been divided by age. While they weren’t forced to dismiss a team member, the younger La Flor tribe experienced their own drama after winning groceries. NaOnka Mixon, the sassy 27-year-old teacher, tussled with 26-year-old medical student and amputee Kelly Bruno over a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol found in a basket of fruit.

Mixon warned: “Don’t think that I’m gonna be nice to you because you have one leg.”

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