Remembering Jeanne Eagels

By Avik, Gaea News Network
Thursday, September 2, 2010


LOS ANGELES ( — Watch Jeanne Eagels come alive in her biopic directed by George Sidney.

Jeanne Eagels was born on June 26, 1890. She was a native of Kansas City, Missouri. She was an American actress on Broadway and in several motion pictures. She passed away suddenly post her back to back release “The Letter” and “Jealousy” on October 3, 1929 at a private hospital in New York. She was one of the very first to be posthumously nominated for the Oscars.

The movie plot was written by Daniel Fuchs. It came in as a tribute to the great actress. Kim Novak played Jeanne Eagels with Jeff Chandler as Sal Satori, Jeanne’s love. It was more of a melodrama and a sure shot entertainer.

The story sets off with Jeanne’s failure in a beauty contest. Sal picks up the scenario with his helping hand and supportive shoulder for this poor lady. Eventually, Jeanne Eagels turns in as a carnival dancer. She realizes that it wasn’t hr dream and soon manages to find herself a mentor. Mrs. Neilson, the drama teacher believes in Jeanne. Holding Neilson’s hand Jeanne sets for her stardom and within a short span achieves it. Once she gets the taste of fame, she becomes greedy for more and robs Elsie Desmond of her fame to her death. Sal, who feels the changes in Jeanne ends up leaving her. Left all alone, Jeanne switches to alcohol and drugs.

Now, that’s gonna be one great adventure isn’t it. So, what do you think, would you spare a couple of hours watching this movie?

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