Catch “Wild Child” On ABC

By Shaon, Gaea News Network
Monday, August 9, 2010


LOS ANGELES ( — The movie “Wild Child” is not a movie about deep thinking. This is a movie that appeals to every teenager. This sort of movie is ideal for taking out your girlfriend for a date.

The movie stars Emma Roberts as “Poppy”, a rebellious teenage girl in L.A. She gets into trouble for a prank and as a result she is sent to an ‘all girls’ English Boarding School. The film follows her story as she tries to fit into the school. She also falls in love for Freddie, son of the head mistress. The ending is easily predictable for this kind of movies, the spoiled brat will redeem herself and get the guy of her dreams.

The film is sloppy, but enjoyable in parts. The character of Freddie is not fleshed out properly. The film follows the old formula for a classic “Chick Flick”. These kinds of film are dime a dozen in the world of Hollywood and wont get any awards for innovation.

The interesting thing about the “Wild Child” is that even as the film is very predictable, it did not get totally negative reviews from the critics. The scenes where Poppy was supposed to rebel against the strict code of discipline in the boarding were toned down quite a bit to get the 12A certification. The movie will be shown in ABC on August 8 at 8pm. Catch the movie and tell us What you think about the movie.

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