‘Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid’ Gets Snubbed
LOS ANGELES ( SyFy Network is known for making and showing movies featuring gigantic monsters and sci fi beasts that love gorging on humans like anything.
‘Warehouse 13′ Airs Holiday Special
LOS ANGELES ( The 'Warehouse 13' fans were in for a real treat on December 7 as the SyFy aired the holiday special episode called 'Secret Santa'.
SyFy Upsets Fans
LOS ANGELES ( With the SyFy network announcing the cancellation of 'Caprica' recently, fans of the show have taken to their blogs to protest against the network.
“Caprica” On SyFy
LOS ANGELES ( The much anticipated "Caprica" episode 10 was aired on SyFy last night and it gave the audience ample entertainment to chew on till the next week.
“Sharktopus” Airs On SyFy
LOS ANGELES ( "Sharktopus," directed by Declan O' Brien premiered on Saturday, September 25 on SyFy.
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