Dakota Fanning

LONDON - After 'The King's Speech, the film industry is lining up its next blockbuster about the Royal Family - 'Girls' Night Out'.

LONDON - After her 'Twilight' fame, Kristen Stewart is racing back into the limelight for her steamy kiss with Dakota Fanning in a new movie.

LONDON - Robert Pattinson has agreed to be auctioned off for charity, with the winner getting a chance to spend time with the young heartthrob.
Dakota Fanning sheds her innocent image for ‘The Runaways’
LONDON - Actress Dakota Fanning has shed her innocent looks and taken to the big screen in a corset and suspenders, snorting cocaine, popping pills and even sharing a lesbian kiss with Twilight actress Kristen Stewart in new movie 'The Runaways'.
Kissing Stewart was comfortable, says Fanning
LONDON - Hollywood actress Dakota Fanning has revealed she found kissing Kristen Stewart "comfortable" in a new film.
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