LONDON - Rock star Rod Stewart's wife Penny Lancaster has given birth to a boy. The baby is his eighth child at the age of 66.
NEW YORK - Lady Gaga wore a 'latex condom inspired outfit' on 'Good Morning America' to promote 'safe sex'.
NEW YORK - Michael Jackson's estate has made a whopping 310 million dollars since the singer's drug overdose death in June 2009.
NEW DELHI - You can visit Kenya 20 times and still do something different each time, may be even snack on your favourite samosa! The east African nation is busy positioning itself as an upper middle class holiday destination for leisure, honeymoon and business travellers from India.
BHOPAL - Three assistant directors and more than 65 supporting artists are among the many Bhopal locals who have got a golden opportunity to be part of Bollywood, thanks to Prakash Jha's "Aarakshan". Some are just happy to feature in the crowds in film scenes.
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