Thora Birch Dropped From “Dracula”

By Madhusmita, Gaea News Network
Thursday, December 16, 2010

NEW YORK ( Actress Thora Birch, who rose to fame with her films like “American Beauty” and “Ghost World”, has been fired from off-Broadway revival of “Dracula”. Thora Birch was slated to play the love interest of Count Dracula in the Broadway drama. However, the media outlets reported that the actress has been ordered to leave the stage because her father Jack Birch threatened another actor during rehearsal. This off-Broadway production was supposed to be her debut in New York stage.

The show officials reportedly said that Jack Birch interrupted a scene where his daughter’s co-star was rubbing her back. Jack Birch reportedly threatened the actor and asked not to touch Thora Birch. He also said that the whole scene was not necessary. However, Paul Alexander, the director of the drama said that he would not have any actor on his set who is threatened by anyone’s father. The media outlets reported that Thora Birch was blindsided by the decision of the show managers. In her interview, the actress said that everything was positive and right on the sets and for about three weeks she was rehearsing on the sets. She even added that she received praises for her wonderful performances.

However, speaking about the incident Thora Birch said that it was a kind of misunderstanding and her father had no intentions of threatening anyone. The actress said that she is in a complete state of shock as she still cannot believe that she is fired from the show. On the other hand Jack Birch denied the accusations and said that he was uncomfortable on stage as the other actor was rubbing her daughter’s back. The show officials said that Emily Bridges will now play Thora Birch’s role.

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