Rekha Thapa Is The New Maoist Face

By Tias, Gaea News Network
Thursday, November 18, 2010

KATHMANDU ( It looks like the insurgency in Nepal has a new face and it is none other than the Nepali sex symbol Rekha Thapa. The queen of controversy is the latest publicity weapon of the former guerrillas. The latest reports suggest that she has recently been in close contact with several of the important Maoist leaders and is keen to boost the public image of the group that recently came overground.

Rekha Thapa said on her social networking page that she will endure fire but not injustice, thirst but not abuse. The message is clear and loud from the 20 something actress who has hogged the limelight over the years for her controversial actions. She was known to get into a fight with the veteran Indian actor Shakti Kapoor and was also seen upsetting a Hindu organization with her dressing.

Last year Rekha Thapa made headlines when she was seen dancing away with the former prime minister and Maoist Chief Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda. This year Rekha Thapa has taken her involvement with the Maoists one step further by being a part of the pro-Maoist movie ‘Jaljala’. The film is based on the actions revolving around the village of Thabang where the insurgents set up their ‘capital’. She will be seen playing the role of Maoist Combatant Comrade Jaljala. Reports have emerged that Rekha Thapa was shown how to fire a real gun by the deputy chief of Maoists’ People’s Liberation Army, Nand Kishore Pun Pasang. She has also joined recently the much criticized youth wing of the Maoists, the Youth Communist League (YCL).

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