Mary Winkler On NBC Show

By Tias, Gaea News Network
Saturday, November 6, 2010

LOS ANGELES ( The woman who made headlines for killing her husband while he was asleep in 2006 appeared in an interview that was aired on NBC on November 5. The interview, a part of the show (Dateline) that revisited the case of Mary Winkler and her preacher husband, showed that the woman faced extreme physical and mental abuse in the hands of the husband who she killed.

The Mary Winkler case received huge media attention when details of the relationship between the couple emerged and Mary Winkler was set free after less than a year in prison. In spite of the charges being that of voluntary manslaughter, Mary Winkler even went on to gain custody of her three children. During her hearing she claimed that the gun went off by mistake and she had not intended to kill her husband. On the show she said that justice was served in her case though many blogger who came across the story felt otherwise.

Mary Winkler also said that her husband raped and molested her over the years till she could not take it anymore. She said that she was glad that her daughters and even her husband’s family were supportive of her. On the show she also spoke about abusive relationships in general and said that many women are afraid to come out and tell their story. She urged women to speak up because she believes that someone will believe them. In spite of feeling that justice was served in her case, she revealed that she struggles with her own guilt on a daily basis.

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