Gyllenhaal, Hathaway developed natural ‘rhythm’ while filming sex scenes

Thursday, November 4, 2010

SYDNEY - Jake Gyllenhaal has revealed that he and co-star Anne Hathaway developed a natural “rhythm” when they filmed sex scenes for their steamy new movie ‘Love and Other Drugs’.

“Annie and I had already had sex on film in Brokeback Mountain, so I wasn’t too nervous. There’s something about the way Annie and I both work which is inherently very musical,” the Sydney Morning Herald quoted him as saying.

“It’s all about rhythm. There’s a rhythm to writing, there’s a rhythm to sports and there’s a rhythm to sex,” he said.

Gyllenhaal also admits he and Hathaway spoke in great detail about how their characters in the movie should have sex and said the conversation got quite steamy.

The 29-year-old screen heartthrob plays pharmaceutical salesman Jamie Randall who beds Maggie Murdock, played by Hathaway, when he tries to sell her anti-depressant medication during a doctor’s appointment.

In an interview with the December UK issue of Esquire magazine he said: “We talked about what we thought was sexy, about what were the things that interested us, and through the discussion became pretty intimate with each other.”

Gyllenhaal - who is believed to be dating singer Taylor Swift - loves working with 27-year-old Hathaway because she completely embraces every aspect of her characters.

He said: “I feel like she’s a comrade. The thing about Anne is that she develops her characters in absolute detail. To the point where she went down to the Lower East Side to buy fluorescent bras for her character. I knew Annie could f—ing kill it.” (ANI)

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